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Best Miter Saw of 2021 Complete Reviews

Miter saws are awesome cutting tools that help you make angled cuts much better than other similar saw devices. The more you get into the world of cutting, the more you realize what great choices are available. Miter saws are no exception here. Here are the best miter saw of 2021 complete reviews.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with a list of 2021’s best miter saws. Don’t rush this decision, though. First, you need to consider what you’re looking for in a miter saw. Here’s a list that will help you pick the best miter saw in 2021.

Best Miter Saw Reviews

Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw

This is a flexible, relatively lightweight miter saw that features a strong motor and is easy to operate. It can cut to a couple of different degrees at an angle.

Product Highlights

This miter saw’s angle goes from 0-52 degrees after a single button touch. The C10FCG has a very flexible arm and works with everything from floor trims to ceiling trims. The Hitachi C10FCG may not be considered lightweight in terms of reciprocating saws, but at 24 pounds, it’s very light in the world of miter saws.

Perhaps one of the biggest conveniences when it comes to the C10FCG is its ease of use. First of all, it features a hands-off experience, meaning that you won’t have to hold your hands anywhere near the board while working on it. This miter saw also has a guiding system on its saw’s tilt. This is very convenient, as it tells you what angle the saw is at. Therefore, the C10FCG is easy to use, but far from basic.

Now, this may seem like an unlikely part of a miter review, but Hitachi is widely known for how well they treat their clients. When it comes to shipping, they’re extremely fast. In some cases, you may end up getting this miter saw a day after you order it.

The Good

The Hitachi C10FCG is popular among professionals and DIYers alike because of its ease of use and efficiency. Its weight makes it very convenient for transport, further expanding this saw’s range of capabilities. With a 0-52 angle degree option, the C10FCG is versatile and capable of many cutting projects. Plus, Hitachi’s fast shipping capabilities make them a great choice.

The Bad

There are several problems with the instruction manual that’s provided with the tool. It doesn’t have too many practical uses and it does a poor job at helping you set up the C10FCG. However, YouTube is full of useful tutorials that will help you out here.

Extremely lightweight
Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs.
Battery powered, so no emissions.Have to remember to charge battery.
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DeWalt DWS780 Compound Miter Saw

From wood materials to more heavy-duty stuff, the DWS780 does a brilliant job at cutting. Portable and relatively light, this DeWalt is one of the top miter saw choices out there.

Product Highlights

At 56Ibs., the DeWalt DWS780 is definitely not the lightest miter saw available. However, in no way is it heavy and too difficult to transport. This makes performing cuts on the spot easy, which is brilliant for contractors and those who may need to carry a miter saw from job to job.

Precise cuts are the name of the game when it comes to this miter saw. The new XPS cross-cut system for alignment, accompanied with a LED light makes work very easy. You don’t need to re-calibrate with the DWS780.

Miter saws do a lot of hard cutting work, which takes its toll. You’ll be happy to know that DeWalt DWS780 is both tough and durable. It can take a punch.

Now, as for the motor, it’s a 15-amp model, capable of delivering 3,800 RPM. This is quite a solid number. The DWW780’s motor can take on the most resilient materials and prevail. It also has a relatively large bevel scale, making adjustments accurate and very easy.

The Good

The best thing about the DeWalt DWS780 is its 15-amp motor that’s capable of doing a number on materials of various types. Add portability and brilliant adjustability to the equation, and you have a more-than-solid miter saw. With the XPS cross-cut system and LED light, the DeWalt DWS780 is one of the best miter saws available on the market. We’d expect nothing less from such a reputable brand.

The Bad

One department where the DWS780 isn’t great is quite an unusual one – dust collection. The machine can get clogged from the dust, causing issues and delays. If you’re careful about keeping your workplace tidy and cleaning up your miter saw after work, this shouldn’t turn out to be too much of a problem. However, this isn’t an issue for many other miter saws on the market.

Less bulky than other pole saws.Have to remember to charge battery.
CordlessSome buyers report quality control issues.
Constant no-fade power.Flimsier construction than other pole saws.
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Delta S26-263L Shopmaster Miter Saw

The S26-263L does a lot for such an affordable price. It’s a lightweight, convenient saw that will keep most DIYers incredibly satisfied.

Product Highlights

There aren’t too many miter saws out there that are this compact and light. It’s 27Ibs., which is very impressive for a miter saw. Clearly, this Delta model is intended for people who are always on the go and don’t need a big fancy miter saw in their line of work.

The Shopmaster can tilt left as much as 45 degrees if you need to make bevel cuts. A cool thing that this miter saw also packs is a simple fence, as well as a very precise laser system. So, the S26-263L won’t disappoint you, precision-wise.

Don’t expect to be able to cut huge chunks of material, if the Shopmaster does use a sliding function to increase its versatility. If you really need to cut large pieces occasionally, but don’t want to say goodbye to this fantastic saw, the Delta S26-263L Shopmaster supports extensions.

The simple system for dust collection – basically a dust bag – does a good job of reducing the mess and increasing visibility. You also get a good blade guard system that will protect your fingers.

The Shopmaster is definitely not the fanciest model to go with, but it doesn’t aspire to be one. It’s simple to use and compact, making it one of the most portable miter saws on the market.

The Good

Small size and portability are the S26-263L’s biggest attributes. There aren’t a lot of on-the-go miter saws that can compete with this Delta model. It’s also accurate (with the laser and fence guide system) and solidly safe. The slide and bevel function successfully increases the tool’s versatility.

The Bad

The biggest problem with this saw is that it’s perhaps too light for its own good. Owing to its lack of weight, the tool may vibrate and jump when making cuts, causing more than a few problems. However, you can take certain steps that will help you keep things steady.

Huge continuous drain capacity.Some reviewers note that the unit can be a bit noisy.
Energy Star Certified and energy-efficient.Users complain that the compressor runs continuously and wears the machine out prematurely.
An innovative, smart appliance that allows you to control it wherever you are.Large and cumbersome so not easily movable.
Permanent, washable filter.Hard to get decent customer service after 12 months if you have an issue.
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Ryobi TSS702 Sliding Miter Saw

Simplicity, lightweight, and solid accuracy perhaps do the best job of explaining this Ryobi model. It’s so simple to use and portable that you’ll find its accuracy stunning.

Product Highlights

The Ryobi TSS702 isn’t aspiring to be the best miter saw on the market. It doesn’t boast huge capacity or an awesome motor power. But it is one of the cheapest quality miter saw solutions on the market – and it’s well-aware of it. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use miter saw for homebound DIY work, the TSS702 will do a solid job.

Although you won’t get rock star capabilities here, it still packs a number of solid features. At the price, this is more than acceptable.

The TSS702 has miter angles that go left and right of the 45-degree mark. The stops (on both sides) are at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, and 45 degrees. The surprisingly accurate integrated laser on this model has the stops at identical angles, which are ideal for solid bevel cuts. Oh, and, if you want to switch a blade, you don’t need anything but a simple wrench.

Although it doesn’t boast 15 amps like some stronger saws, 10 amps and 5,350 RPM is where the true surprise is at. Sure, there are saws that go way beyond these numbers, but for one this size and at this price range, these numbers are more than decent.

You get a nice blade guard and a button that will immediately stop the blade whenever needed.

The Good

Lightweight, portable, and pretty safe, the TSS702 is a fantastic choice for someone who’s looking for a simple miter saw for home and portable use. Above all, it’s very easy to use from top to bottom, which will suit a lot to people who are just getting into miter saws.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the TSS702 doesn’t slide and is, therefore, not very versatile. With such a small work table, you simply won’t be able to take on every project that you wish to. Still, at the price, what you get is more than decent.

Large, but portable capacity with 50-pints of water a day that can be removed from the air.Smart app takes some training to get to work right.
Smart appliance app to control the dehumidifier where it’s convenient for you.Issues with customer support.
Full Tank Alert to tell you when it needs to be emptied.Reviewers complain that the water bucket and drain are awkwardly positioned.
Option to switch to Continuous Drain Mode if you prefer.Not as user friendly as some models.
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Genesis GMS1015LC Miter Saw

A low price tag, portability, and solid quality is what you get with the Genesis GMS1015LC. If you’re looking for a good on-site or at-home miter saw, this one makes for a good choice.

Product Highlights

If you need to make quick bevel cuts, the GMS1015LC can easily tilt to the left by 45 degrees. It comes with an integrated laser, which will make your life significantly easier, especially if you aren’t an expert miter saw user. The Genesis GMS1015LC can also make miter cuts of up to 45 degrees to both left and right, which is where the integrated laser truly shines.

The saw itself, as mentioned, is decently portable. For that reason, you can’t expect it to feature a huge capacity. However, the GMS1015LC comes with two extensions for working on larger pieces, which is very convenient.

Motor-wise, you get 15 amps of power, which is pretty good, especially when you take the saw’s size into consideration. You also get a blade guard, as well as an electric brake to make things safer. The dust collection system will keep your workplace clean, your work more precise, and your respiratory system safer.

The Good

Considering this miter saw’s size and price, it truly does a wonderful job at cutting. You get a solidly precise miter saw that you can take with you and use anywhere. It won’t do wonders in terms of the size of the materials that you want to cut, but it does come with two extensions to get you close.

The Bad

As the case is with most light tools, instability and vibration is an issue here. Wobbling and vibration are preventable by resorting to a DIY solution. Without fixing the tool properly, you may experience accuracy and precision problems. However, for the price and given its size, it’s still fairly stable.

Smaller, compact dehumidifierReviewers complain of power cord failure.
Quiet, Peltier technologySome users note a whirring sound with the fan.
Easy to moveMay be underpowered for some jobs.
Removable tankNot as long-lasting as some units.
Washable filterThe unit overheats for some.
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Buyer’s Guide

If you want to get a miter saw, you first need to know what you’re looking for. If you need one that can take on every cutting job, you have to come to terms with the fact that portability is going to be an issue. If you don’t want to go too expensive, there are some other limitations that you’re going to have to compromise on. Here are some factors to keep in mind when looking for a perfect miter saw.

Model Variations

What’s a regular miter saw? Well, it’s one that moves up and down, performing simple cuts. Alternatively, you have compound, dual compound, and sliding miter saws. Compound saws tilt to the left for the purposes of bevel cutting. Then, you have dual compound miters that tilt to both sides, making bevel cutting a seamless process.

Sliding miter saws slide back, forward, but can also tilt. As a rule of thumb, the more features like these a miter saw has, the pricier it is.


Blades are one of the most important parts on a miter saw, if not the most important. Ultimately, although the rest of every miter saw tool is important for getting the job done, it’s the blade that meets the material. If it isn’t good enough or if it’s old, the cuts aren’t going to be satisfactory.

As a rule of thumb, carbide blades are tough and sharp enough to tackle most materials. However, the number of teeth, spacing, and pattern are also important factors when looking at miter saw blades. Therefore, you should focus your research on blades when selecting a miter saw.


When choosing a miter saw, you need to keep in mind what you need from it. If you’re only planning on doing straight and miter cuts, there’s no need for you to get one that’s capable of beveling, as they’re more expensive. However, you should also consider the fact that you may need to make bevels at some point, even though you don’t see it at the moment.

Again, it’s all about what you need now and thinking ahead. Don’t waste money on a compound/dual compound miter saw if you won’t use its bevel feature. However, don’t leave yourself with a regular miter saw incapable of making some bevel cuts, either.

Electric Brakes

Electric brakes aren’t a necessary feature on miter saws, but they’re a valuable safety feature. Miter saws without electric brakes may take a lot of time to stop spinning, which is worrying, safety-wise. Even if you’re someone who’s been working with miter saws for ages, you should consider getting one with electric brakes. Electric brakes are also useful for making quick stops, even in completely safe situations, so that’s a plus.


Amp-wise, miter saws are fairly straightforward – the more amps it has, the more RPM it’s going to be able to pull off. However, the more powerful the miter saw motor is, the weightier it’s going to be. So, in essence, it’s power versus portability.

Keep in mind that the bigger number of RPM, the more diverse a miter saw will be, so keep your needs in mind here.

Miter Saw FAQ

Can a 10-inch miter saw cut a 4×4?

In literal terms, yes, a 10” miter saw will be able to cut through a 4×4. You may even be able to do it in one step. However, from a practical standpoint, cutting through a material is rarely enough. A 10” saw might make quite a mess out the material being cut and it may take a lot of time. So, from a practical standpoint, a 12” miter saw will do a much smoother and quicker job on a 4×4. Alternatively, a 10” sliding miter saw could do a solid job here.

How to use a miter saw 45 degree

Well, first of all, unless you have a compound, dual compound, or a sliding saw, you won’t be able to do 45-degree cuts. If you do have one, turn the blade to a 45-degree angle. If your saw has an integrated laser, all the better. Once you’re done setting and aiming, turn on the saw and gradually press the blade downward. This should do a perfect 45-degree cut.

How to use a sliding compound miter saw

Most sliding compound miter saws come with a fence guide. To get things started, put the board that you want to cut against the fence and use clamps to fix it. Don’t start the blade yet. Pull the saw backward (toward you). Stop when you can see the blade standing directly above the edge of the board (the one that’s closest to you).

Once everything is in place, gently and gradually squeeze the trigger and the saw will start. Don’t start cutting yet. Wait until the tool has reached its peak rotation speed. It should take a couple of seconds. Now, push the blade into the wood. Once it’s in the wood, start pushing the saw away from you as the blade smoothly cuts through the wood.

When the blade is done cutting, raise it and release the trigger. If necessary (and if able), use the electric brake.

How to unlock a miter saw

Every miter saw comes with a safety lock. However, every separate miter saw has its own safety feature. It might be a pin, a lever, or any similar kind of switch. To unlock a miter saw head, put some pressure on it and look for the safety feature. Usually, you’ll find this behind the blade, near the main base of the tool. Pull the pin out or flip the switch. If you’re using a sliding saw, look for a mechanism that unlocks the slider, as well.

Now, you need to unlock the tool’s base. Most models feature an apparent knob for this. Use this knob (or a similar feature) to allow the base to move freely.

Keep in mind that you’re also going to need to lock the bevel if you’re using a compound or dual compound miter saw.

How does a miter saw work?

A miter saw is a tool for making angled cuts. Essentially, it’s a base with a blade that’s attached to a swing arm. This swing arm pivots right or left, producing angled cuts. The variety of angle capabilities depend on whether it’s a compound, dual compound, or a sliding saw. In essence, however, the principle remains the same across all miter saw types.

These are the main parts of most miter saws: motor, blade, miter, bevel, dust collection system. Miter deals with the edge of your cuts, while the bevel is for making accurate incline cuts.


Most miter saws from the list excel in their own departments. However, the DeWalt DWS780 presents a perfect balance between portability and motor power. At 15 amps, it’s strong enough to tackle most cutting jobs, while its 56Ibs weight keeps it stable and ensures precision. Its bevel scale is also very impressive, which is great for making quick and easy adjustments.

Alternatively, the Ryobi ZRTS1345L features fewer amps, but 5,000 RPM. This is rather impressive for a miter saw this lightweight. However, therein lies the problem – it can get wobbly as the RPM number grows. Additionally, it doesn’t slide, which makes the DeWalt DWS780 a better choice, overall.

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