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Best Motion Sensor for Alexa

A motion sensor is a smart home device that you could trust to keep your home burglar-proof. That’s because a motion sensor will pick up movement from many feet away and send you a real-time notification.

You will then have sufficient time to act against the intruder.

What’s more, you could control these motion sensors from many miles away via a mobile app on your smartphone. You could also control them remotely via IFTTT.

Even better, you can pair them with Alexa to control them by voice and receive voice notifications if there is an intrusion.

Therefore, they’re one of the best smart home devices to install in your home. But their reliability depends much on the type you’re selecting. With so many motion sensors on the market, finding a top-performing one might seem to be quite a challenge.

This article will look at some of the best motion sensors that could help secure your home. So, be sure to read on for more information!

What are some of the best motion sensors?

YoLink Smart Motion Sensors

This motion sensor uses LoRa technology to detect motion across a 1,000-foot area. With this kind of area under your radar, you can be sure to keep the entire home safe from intruders.

Once you’ve installed these motion sensors, you can be sure to keep your basement, kitchen, and free-standing garages safe from intrusion.

When you opt for this product, you receive two motion sensors plus their YoLink hub. The smart motion sensors run on AAA batteries. The non-rechargeable batteries provide 3V of electric energy for two years due to the motion sensors’ low-power consumption.

Therefore, you can be sure to secure your home from intrusion for at least two years before changing the batteries. The YoLink hub has its mobile app that you will download to your smartphone or tablet.

The YoLink hub sends real-time notifications if the motion sensors have picked up movement within the monitored areas.

You can set the app to send notifications in the forms of banner alerts, text messages, or emails (whichever works best for you). However, the motion sensors don’t chime when they detect movements.

If you’d love a siren to blare when your motion sensors have picked up movements, you could install YoLink Siren Alarm.

These motion sensors are compatible with Amazon Echo smart speakers. After pairing them with the YoLink hub, your Amazon Echo smart speaker will announce that there is movement in a given place (kitchen, bedroom, or basement).

Connect the hub with Amazon Echo and get voice announcements if someone is in your living room.

Since these motion sensors also work with the IFTTT, you could connect them with other smart home devices to trigger actions when there is movement on your property.

Connect the YoLink hub to smart lights and have it turn on the lights when an intruder sets foot on your property. These motion sensors work excellently and could add impenetrable security layers to your smart home.

Long-range monitoring.They don’t include the YoLink Siren Alarm.
Long-lasting batteries.Batteries are non-rechargeable.
They work with smart speakers.
Best Motion Sensor for Alexa Reviews

OURLiNK Wireless Mini Contact Sensor

This is another motion sensor that you could rely on for a secure and burglar-proof home. The motion sensor runs off a 3V battery for 24/7 home monitoring.

Since the motion sensor has a low-power consumption design, the batteries run for at least two years before you can think of replacing them.

Besides having a durable battery, the motion sensor also performs incredibly well. It monitors up to areas 7 meters away, giving you excellent movement detection across your hallway and other essential rooms in your home.

The motion sensor comes with its app – the OURLINK Home app.

You can download the app on your Android and iOS smartphone and receive real-time notifications if the motion sensor has picked up movements in the monitored area.

Once you’ve connected the motion sensor to the OURLINK hub, you will receive notifications on your smartphone regardless of where you are.

The motion sensor connects to the OURLINK hub wirelessly using the Zigbee connection. And since the OURLINK hub connects to your home Wi-Fi network, you will receive notifications about detected movements from anywhere, just as we’ve already mentioned.

You can connect this motion sensor to smart home devices via the OURLINK hub and control the smart devices from the same app. Connect the smart light to this motion sensor and have the lights turn on if the motion sensor has detected movements in one of the rooms.

You can also connect this motion sensor to Amazon Alexa smart speaker to let the speaker make voice announcements if your door is open. But this will be possible if you’ve also connected the motion sensor to door and window sensors.

Fortunately, the OURLINK hub can support up to 32 smart home devices from OURLINK.

With this kind of device connectivity, you can connect the motion sensor to many smart sensors for a more secure home! It seamlessly integrates with other smart home devices and is a great investment for a secure home. Therefore, it is worth considering.

Remote control.The battery is non-rechargeable.
It works with Alexa.It requires a hub to function.
It works with up to 32 devices.
Best Motion Sensor for Alexa Reviews

SENCKIT Smart Motion Sensor

You could use this motion sensor as a standalone smart home device for detecting movements in your residential space. The motion sensor monitors a wide area with its 110° detection angle that sweeps up to 12 meters away.

You can install multiple motion sensors to improve security.

Consider installing one in each room. The device uses passive infrared technology and a Fresnel optical lens to detect movements from intruders.

It is incredible how movement detection is so accurate that you never receive false alarms or notifications.

The motion sensor is pet-proof. This means your pet will not trigger a false alarm as long as it’s below 25kg in weight. The motion sensor also works in strong sunlight to give accurate results.

Your motion sensor runs off electric power from two AAA batteries.

When it’s time to change the batteries, you will receive low battery warnings via the Tuya app. If you need to add voice control to your motion sensor, you could pair this home automation device with google assistant, Alexa, and Siri.

With your motion sensor connected with your preferred smart speaker, you will receive voice alerts if your door or window is unlocked.

The SENCKIT motion sensors work with plenty of smart home devices to make your home more burglar-proof. Once you’ve connected this motion sensor to your home’s Wi Fi network, you will receive notification in real-time.

Therefore, it’s a great motion sensor to consider.

Durable batteries.The batteries are non-rechargeable.
It accurately detects motion.Your home might require multiple devices.
It works with various voice assistants.
Best Motion Sensor for Alexa Reviews

Ring Indoor Cam

This is not an average motion sensor. It is a compact and powerful camera that you plug into a power source for non-stop home monitoring.

After plugging it into a wall outlet, you connect it to your Wi-Fi network so that you can see and hear what’s happening in the monitored area.

You will download the Ring app on your smartphone and watch a live feed of what’s happening in your home. This camera is like no other when it comes to clarity.

With its 1080p resolution, you can be sure to watch HD videos of the monitored area.

This smart camera also boasts a two-way talk feature, meaning you can talk to your guests and receive feedback in real-time, all via the Ring app.

The camera sends motion-activated notifications as soon as it picks up movements within your residential space.

You can also add voice control to it using Alexa devices such as Amazon Echo. But you will need to set it up before adding voice control to it.

Fortunately, the set-up is a complete breeze, and you will be through within a minute of placing the smart camera on a flat surface.

Open the Alexa app on your smartphone to pair this smart camera with Amazon Alexa smart speaker.

You will then receive voice alerts if the camera has picked up movements in your residential space.

This is an excellent motion sensor that also lets you see who the intruder is. But you will need to subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan to watch live feeds or even store the videos for later viewing.

But it remains to be a motion sensor worth considering.

Two-way communication.It requires a subscription plan.
Real-time notification.It requires a corded power supply.
Constant power supply.
Best Motion Sensor for Alexa Reviews

BroadLink Smart Motion Sensor

This motion sensor comes with a smart hub for connecting it with other smart home devices. It is amazing how this device detects motions from 29.5 feet away.

With this kind of long-range motion detection, this motion sensor is capable of monitoring your rooms.

It runs off AAA batteries for 24/7 area monitoring. It consumes low battery power, thanks to its power-saving design. It, therefore, runs on batteries for more than a year.

Connect this motion sensor’s hub to a smart plug. After which, you can switch on/off the appliance you’ve connected to the smart plug remotely.

The hub works with IFTTT giving you the chance to control your motion sensor remotely. You could also use the IFTTT connection to control all the devices connected to the hub.

Get real-time notifications via IFTTT if there is a water leak in your residential space. You only have to add water sensors to the hub.

Also, receive a notification when the temperature sensor has detected temperature rise above normal. You can also add voice control to the hub by pairing it with Alexa.

You can then ask Alexa to turn on a given smart home device.

Also, you could add Alexa routines to program the hub to perform given tasks without your intervention. Once you’ve added the right skills, Alexa will initiate commands to enable the hub to execute the trigger routines.

It is another excellent motion sensor with a 120° detection angle.

5 feet long-range detection.Non-rechargeable batteries.
120° detection angle.Some users face challenges setting it up.
It works with Alexa.
Best Motion Sensor for Alexa Reviews

What You Should Know Before Buying A Motion Sensor

When buying motion sensors, there are a few things you will need to check first. And they include the following:

The Motion Detection Range

Motion sensors can excellently pick up motions up to a given distance. You can be sure to find motion sensors that can detect movements that are up to 1000 feet away. However, some motion sensors only detect motion up to 200 feet away.

When looking to buy a motion sensor, you want to check the motion detection range. You can then select a given motion sensor, depending on an area you need to place under surveillance.

If you’re looking to monitor a larger room, you want to select a long-range motion sensor. But for a smaller space, a short-range motion sensor will work just fine.

Electrical Power Source

There are plenty of motion sensors on the market today. You can find some that use solar power when the rest use battery power for operation.

There are plenty of electrical power sources for motion sensors. The battery is the best power source. That’s because a battery provides stable electrical energy for 24/7 monitoring of your residential space.

Besides, motion sensors have energy-saving designs, meaning your battery will last at least two years before needing to replace them. Battery power supplies reliable electrical energy to motion sensors.

Therefore, be sure to select motion sensors that use battery power.

Motion Detection Angle

Motion sensors also have angles through which they sweep for signs of movements. Of course, these angles vary from one motion sensor to another.

Some motion sensors only sweep through 110°, but some cover 360°. You want to get a motion sensor with a larger angle since they monitor more extensive areas.

But the price might be an essential factor here because you might pay more with an increase in the motion detection angle. So, always look for a motion sensor with a large motion detection angle.

Motion Detection Technology

Motion sensors use different technologies to detect motions in your living space. It could be a great idea to know about these motion detection technologies. Your motion sensor could be using one of the following motion detection technologies:

Passive infrared (PIR)

These motion sensors detect the body heat from an intruder. By checking the heat signatures, it excellently detects the presence of a person in your smart home.

The motion sensor then communicates with a hub that sends you motion-activated notifications to your smartphone in real-time.

Microwave (MW)

The first thing you might need to know is that these types of motion sensors are quite expensive. And it’s how they work that makes them worth quite a huge amount of money.

So, these motion sensors send out microwave pulses to their surroundings. Then they measure the reflection time. If there is someone in your room, the motion sensors will detect a change in the reflection of the microwave pulses.

It will then send you alerts to your smartphone.

Dual-Technology Motion Detection

Some motion sensors use the two technologies above to detect movements in the monitored areas. They work better to reduce false alarms.

And they’re your go-to units if you’re looking for accuracy and exceptional performance.

Ultrasonic Technology

These motion sensors send out ultrasonic waves and measure the reflection time. That way, they excellently pick up motions within your residential space. They are also an excellent choice for securing your home.


Since motion sensors are one of your smart home devices, you also need to control them from wherever you are! That means you will consider their controls when buying them.

Since you could be anywhere but still need to control your motion sensor, you should consider installing a hub in your smart home. Then connect the motion sensor to this hub to control it remotely via an IFTTT.

Also, look for motion sensors that support voice controls. Such motion sensors work with Alexa or any other voice assistant to let you know if an intruder has breached your home security via voice alerts.

Besides, you could also turn your motion sensor on/off by voice. So, look for motion sensors that also support voice assistants.

FAQsphoto of thermostat

Can Alexa pick up movements in my residential space?

Alexa is an excellent home assistant. It could make voice announcements if the motion sensors have detected movements in the monitored area. But you will need to set up motion sensors within the Alexa app first for this to happen.

So yes, Alexa could detect movements but with the help of motion sensors.

How does a motion sensor work?

Motion sensors use passive infrared waves to detect movements in their surroundings. When an intruder enters your home, the motion sensor picks up the heat signatures from the intruder.

Then the motion sensor communicated with the hub that sends you motion-activated notifications to your smartphone in real-time. These sensors also use ultrasound waves to detect motion from other objects.

With two motion detection technologies, motion sensors remain very accurate in their functions.

Can I control my motion sensor remotely?

You could control your motion sensors remotely via the IFTTT or their mobile app on your smartphone. The IFTTT lets you control the motion sensors and other smart home devices from the same mobile app.

But the motion sensors’ app restricts you to control only the motion sensors.

The app lets you set your preferred notification type (text, emails, or pop-ups) and activate the motion sensors after leaving your home. There is so much more that you could do with the mobile app.

What area can a motion sensor monitor?

First, motion sensors vary in terms of the area they can monitor. Some motion sensors can sweep through a 110° area, detecting motion that is 30 feet away.

On the other hand, some motion sensors sweep through 360° and detect movements from 1000 feet.

When looking for a motion sensor, these are a few things you will need to check.

And your selection for a given motion sensor should come from the room size you’re looking to secure.

Where does a motion sensor derive electrical energy for operation?

Motion sensors use battery power to function. They usually use AAA batteries, although the number of batteries they require varies. Some units use only one battery, while others need two batteries.

The great news is that motion sensors use less battery power. And this means they will go for years before you can think of replacing their batteries.

Wrap Up

Motion sensors improve your home security by monitoring your property around the clock. They also work with smart hubs such as Samsung Smartthings to send you motion-activated notifications to your control panel (smartphone or tablet) in real-time.

What’s more, you could also control them alongside other smart home devices from the same mobile app that controls the hub.

As such, motion sensors are worth the investment if you’re looking for more than smartening your home. We have presented you with a few motion sensors that might add an impenetrable security layer to your smart home.

Even if you’re looking to source motion sensors for your residential home, you could use our buyer’s guide to land the best deal. Invest in the best motion sensors to monitor your home round the clock!

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