Best Outdoor Bug Zapper

If you are tired of being bitten by a host of bloodsuckers as you try to enjoy your patio, you are not alone, and luckily there are some great solutions. This article reviews five of the best outdoor bug zappers, so you can go back to eating your dinner in peace instead of being eaten for dinner.

Best Outdoor Bug Zapper Reviews

Flowtron BK-80D Electronic Insect Killer

If you need a simple, effective, and affordable way to get rid of those pesky flying insects, the Flowtron BK-80D Electronic Insect Killer is an excellent option to consider.

This unit comes with a simple loop on the top, so you can hang it anywhere. There is a stable base, so you can also place it on any flat surface.

Moreover, this zapper is suitable for outdoor use, as it is totally weatherproof, rustproof, and should not crack or break due to extreme temperatures.

The Flowtron BK-80D Electronic Insect Killer will lure insects using a combination of blacklight and a special insect attractant, which are shown to be a very effective combination. However, keep in mind that the Octenol, the insect attractant, lasts for about 30 days, at which point you will need to replace the cartridge.

The killing grid is powered by a high-voltage transformer which will instantly fry any insect that comes in contact; the grid is mess-free, preventing clogging from occurring.

Effective.Octenol will require replacement.
Won’t clog.Bulbs can blow out pretty fast.
Energy efficient.
Best Outdoor Bug Zapper Reviews

Black & Decker Bug Zapper

Black & Decker is always a great brand to consider, and whether bug zappers or power drills, they make superior products. This model is long-lasting, it works well, and it doesn’t need much maintenance.

This bug zapper is quite convenient, as you can choose to either hang it up or place it on a flat surface. It uses UV light, which helps to lure the bugs, and it’s pretty bright, so it can do so from a relatively far distance; when bugs hit it, the noise is not too loud. This unit can lure bugs from half an acre away.

The Black & Decker Bug Zapper features a relatively high voltage zapping unit that can take care of both big and small bugs, plus it also has a clog-proof grid to prevent the bugs from caking onto the unit. We like how this model doesn’t need batteries, although the power cord could be longer. The easy-to-remove collection tray makes the clean up a little easier.

Stand or hang.Could use an on/off switch.
Low maintenance.May stop working with prolonged use.
Fairly quiet.
Best Outdoor Bug Zapper Reviews

TBI Pro Bug Attractor and Zapper

If you need something to lure mosquitos and other bugs from a distance, something that can be used indoors and outdoors, you may want to check out the TBI Pro Bug Attractor and Zapper.

The TBI Pro Bug Attractor and Zapper feature a very bright 20-watt lamp, combined with a refillable insect attractant to lure in mosquitos, flies, and other insects from far distances. This unit will cover 2,100 square feet. The lamp’s brightness helps attract bugs, although some people may not like how bright it is.

The TBI Pro Bug Attractor and Zapper features a 4,250V zapper that can take care of any bug that comes into contact with it, and the clog-proof grid helps to keep things reasonably tidy, not to mention that you get an easy bug removal tray as well.

What is also worth noting is that this model is rainproof, so inclement weather shouldn’t cause any issues. What’s also really cool is that the TBI Pro Bug Attractor and Zapper can be used indoors, which is not often the case for these bug zappers.

Good coverage.Limited durability.
Dual attractants.Limited longevity.
Strong zapping grid.
Best Outdoor Bug Zapper Reviews

HEMIUA Bug Zapper

If you are looking for a simple and affordable bug zapper that gets the job done without being too expensive, the HEMIUA Bug Zapper is an excellent option to look into.

The HEMIUA Bug Zapper is designed to attract mosquitos, flies, and gnats using a 15-watt bulb with a relatively bright blue glow. It doesn’t use other attractants, but it seems to work well enough. It’s bright enough to cover about 1,000 square feet, or maybe a little less, depending on the conditions.

You can choose to use the hanger ring to hang it up or place it on a flat surface. This unit is waterproof, although we would not put this to the test too much.

The HEMIUA Bug Zapper features an internal 4200V electric grid that will kill all insects on contact. It comes with a guard to help prevent accidental contact; the guard is relatively clog-proof, although larger bugs may get caught in it. The removable tray, along with the included brush, allows for easy cleanup.

Decent coverage.Quite noisy.
Strong zapping grid.Very bright.
Easy to clean.
Best Outdoor Bug Zapper Reviews

GLOUE Bug Zapper

Here we have a small, compact, and discreet bug zapper that gets the job done without getting too much in the way.

Unlike the other zappers we have looked at so far, this model uses a purple light to attract bugs instead of blue light, and it seems to work just fine. The UV light should attract mosquitos and other insects from quite a distance, although the exact coverage is unknown.

It’s a very simple zapper with a grid that can take care of virtually any insect, not to mention that it’s pretty durable too. It is splashproof, so a bit of water shouldn’t affect it, although we would not try leaving it outside during a rainstorm.

The GLOUE Bug Zapper is a bit smaller than most others that we looked at today, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. This zapper is designed with user-friendliness and ease of cleaning in mind.

User-friendly.Not 100% weatherproof.
Compact.Range could be better.
Best Outdoor Bug Zapper Reviews

Buyer’s Guide

Before you shop for a bug zapper, here are some essential factors to keep in mind.


Some bug zappers can cover nearly 3,000 square feet, and some can barely cover 100 square feet. Always pay attention to the coverage rating, and keep in mind that models that use an insect attractant, instead of just a light, generally work better.


Always get a bug zapper with a solid shell, so it won’t break if it drops. Even more important is that the bug zapper be waterproof, as chances are that it will get rained on at some point.

Ease of Use

A bug zapper should be plug-and-play. If there is more work involved than plugging it in and turning it on, find something better. In terms of cleaning, it should have a removable tray or a bottom that you can unscrew.

Noise Level

There is no avoiding a bit of noise with bug zappers, particularly when an insect comes into contact with it. There are louder and quieter ones, and generally speaking, how loud the unit is will depend on the voltage; stronger zappers zap louder. Some may also make a constant buzzing noise, which can be annoying.

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If you want the best outdoor bug zapper out there, our recommendation is the Flowtron BK-80D Electronic Insect Killer, as it has excellent coverage, it is long-lasting, and it can zap any bug that dares to come close.

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