Cooking food using electric grill

Best Outdoor Electric Grill

If you want to grill food but cannot or do not want to use gas or charcoal, an electric grill is your only real option.

There are many models to consider, but we are here to help you narrow down the choices. Let’s take a closer look at the five best outdoor electric grills.

Best Outdoor Electric Grill Reviews

Weber Q2400 Electric Grill

Suppose you are looking for a simple, small, affordable, and practical electric grill to cook burgers for a few people. In that case, the Weber Q2400 Electric Grill is an excellent option to consider.

In terms of durability, the Weber Q2400 Electric Grill features a cast aluminum body and lid, which is more than enough to deal with the heat created when grilling, plus it has a bit of impact resistance.

This is combined with the glass-reinforced nylon frame that holds the grill in place, keeps it steady and straight. It’s no tank, but it’s pretty durable for a small electric grill.

The Weber Q2400 Electric Grill weighs just over 40 pounds, which is not overly heavy. As long as you have a power outlet, you can use it anywhere.

The porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates prevent food from sticking while providing you with 280 square inches of cooking area or about enough space to cook about six to eight burgers at once.

This unit features a 1,560-watt heating element and has an aluminum heat retention liner. It also comes with a removable tray to make cleanup time a bit easier.

Durable.Difficult assembly.
Retains heat well.Poor customer service.
Decent space for a small family.
Best Outdoor Electric Grill Reviews

George Foreman GIO2000BK Electric Grill

George Foreman was a great boxer in his day and an even better grill master, which can be seen by this affordable yet functional electric grill.

What is nice about this grill is that it comes with a stand, which most electric grills do not, so you can grill at waist height without needing a table or bench to place the grill on; the stand is removable, so you can use it however you like.

The George Foreman GIO2000BK Electric Grill features 240 square inches of grilling space, big enough for six burgers.

It has a special non-stick coating, so your food never sticks, making cleanup time easier.

A unique fat-removing slope is built into this grill, so excess fat drains away into the collection area.

The temperature is straightforward to control using the integrated dial, although this model can take some time to get up to full temperature.

Stand included.Takes a while to heat up.
Easy cleanup.Limited durability.
Easy to control.
Best Outdoor Electric Grill Reviews

Char-Broil 20602107-01 TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

If you are looking for an affordable yet functional electric grill that’s the perfect size for keeping on a patio or balcony, the Char-Broil 20602107-01 TRU-Infrared Electric Grill is one we recommend looking into.

Something that really stands out is the TRU-infrared heat that this grill uses because it heats up very quickly, so controlling the temperature is very easy and accurate; it’s a very clean heat, it doesn’t cause flare-ups, it’s quiet and eco-friendly.

Infrared is an excellent cooking method if you want good results.

The fact that it comes with a rolling stand is pretty nifty, although the grill cannot be removed from the stand from what we can tell.

The Char-Broil 20602107-01 TRU-Infrared Electric Grill has a 320-square-inch cooking area, with 240 square inches on the main grate and another 80 on the warming rack.

It’s a good size for a small family or gathering. Keep in mind that the grates are porcelain-coated, so food won’t stick, and they’re easy to clean.

Great infrared heating.Not very portable.
Fast and even heating.Does not retain heat well.
User-friendly design.
Best Outdoor Electric Grill Reviews

Techwood Electric BBQ

This Techwwood Electric BBQ is a budget-friendly, portable, and convenient little grill that’s perfect for a BBQ with a few friends or family members.

One of the best features of this grill is how portable it is. It’s just a little tabletop grill that you can set up anywhere, and it does have small legs, so it is pretty steady.

It weighs just over 10 pounds making it portable, although you need a power source. The stay-cool carrying handles help with the portability.

It features a 1,600W heating element, so it does heat up pretty fast, plus its interlocking design allows it to retain heat reasonably well.

We like the venting system and the temperature dial, as both allow for accurate temperature control.

You may also like the non-stick, easy-to-clean grates that this grill features, which provide 240 square inches of cooking space, enough for a small group of people.

Super portable.Limited durability and longevity.
Easy to use.Does not retain heat well.
Ideal for a few people.
Best Outdoor Electric Grill Reviews

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Grill

Here we have another electric grill that is perfect for patios and balconies where gas or charcoal are not options.

The Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Grill has a user-friendly temperature control dial, a temperature gauge, and a removable storage rack.

This grill comes with its own rolling stand, so you can easily move it around; it is at waist height, so you don’t need to place it on a bench or table like many other electric grills.

This grill also features TPU-infrared cooking, which allows for very fast and even heating, not to mention that it does not consume much power; it won’t flare up either.

That said, this grill does not retain heat very well.

This unit comes with 320 square inches of cooking area, mainly on the main grate, and 80 square inches on the heating rack.

Keep in mind that the grates are porcelain-enamel coated, so food won’t stick; it also helps makes cleaning more manageable.

Affordable.Stand is not removable – limited portability.
Decent amount of cooking space.Poor heat retention.
Has storage space.
Best Outdoor Electric Grill Reviews

Buyer’s Guide

Before you head out to buy an electric grill, here are some essential factors to consider.


Pay attention to how large the grill is. As you can see, the grills reviewed today are between 200 and 320 square inches.

Of course, the more people you plan on feeding, the larger it needs to be, with around 240 square inches being fine for about four people.


Make sure that you get cast-iron grates that are preferably coated with porcelain enamel. You want the cast iron for its durability and the enamel for its non-stick properties.

Power Consumption

In all reality, the power consumption of these grills is relatively minimal. Keep in mind that the stronger the heating element, the more power it will take, directly related to performance.

If you want a grill that doesn’t use too much power, a model with good heat retention is needed.


When it comes down to it, you really cannot go wrong with a George Foreman Grill, which is our recommendation for the day.

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