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Best Outdoor Smart Plug for Alexa

Did you know that you could smarten non-smart electronic devices with a smart plug? All you need to do is plug the smart plug into a wall outlet. Then connect your non-smart electronic devices to the smart plug.

You could control a smart plug remotely and switch the connected device on/off from anywhere.

Also, you could pair a smart plug with a voice assistant of your choice and use voice commands to control the connected devices. What’s more, some smart plugs can handle the outside weather, making them ideal for outdoor use.

As such, smart plugs offer convenience when it comes to controlling non-smart devices in your home, such as a lamp, fan, and Christmas lights, among other devices.

But with many models on the market, finding the best smart plugs for outdoor use might be quite a challenge. This article reviews some of the best outdoor smart plugs that work with the Alexa voice assistant.

It also looks at a few things to check before selecting a given smart plug. So, be sure to read on as we dive deep into this matter.

What Are Some of The Best Smart Plugs for Use Outside?

Meross Smart Outdoor Plug

One thing that qualifies this smart plug for use outdoors is its weather-resistant design. Also, it is rugged to take on anything you throw at it. The Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material is durable and solid, with a waterproof rating of IP44.

That means your smart plug will perform excellently in the outdoor space despite the weather condition outside.

Besides the unmatched durability, this smart plug also boasts smart features, one of which is the long-range built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

This smart plug uses the Mediatek IoT chipset to connect to your network wirelessly from great distances and sections that might have poor Wi-Fi network coverage.

This smart plug could be inside your garage or garden and still connect to your Wi-Fi network. At least this makes sure you can still remotely control your smart plug, even if it is far outside the home.

Use the Meross app to control your smart plug from anywhere.

If your smartphone or tablet uses iOS, be sure to download the Home App Control to control this smart plug remotely. It works flawlessly without any hub, which is a great advantage.

With two separate sockets, you could plug two non-smart devices into this smart plug at the same time.

Since it connects to your Wi-Fi network from afar, you could add your favorite voice controls to your smart plug. It is compatible with voice controls such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

But you could also add Apple HomeKit and Smartthings if they’re your preferred voice assistants. You can also set schedules for your connected devices to turn on/off at specific times. Therefore, it is a great outdoor smart plug that you should consider buying.

Long-range Wi-Fi connectivity.No energy monitoring information.
It is compatible with various voice controls.It requires GFCI receptacles.
IP44 weatherproof rating.
Best Outdoor Smart Plug for Alexa Reviews

Kasa KP400 Smart Outdoor Smart Plug

If you’re looking for another outdoor smart plug with two sockets, then this Kasa KP400 Smart plug is for you. What’s more, you can control the sockets separately, meaning you could control two connected devices independently.

You could control the sockets separately from anywhere. That’s because this smart plug connects to your home network wirelessly via its built-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

Once your smart plug has connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can use the Kasa app to control it from anywhere. And the beauty of it is that your smart plug connects to the home network up to 300 feet away.

It also works with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant to give you voice control over the connected devices. You can control each socket separately by issuing voice commands. The app also lets you have this type of control.

Since it is a smart plug that you intend to use in the outdoor space, it should handle the weather outside. Fortunately, it has an IP64 weatherproof rating, meaning dust and water splashes will not affect the performance in any way.

Therefore, it is another excellent smart plug for outdoor use.

Most users love the smart actions that you could have with this smart plug. You can connect smart lighting to this smart plug and pair it with your Kasa smart camera.

The smart lighting will then turn on if the camera detects motion in your outdoor space. This only works to improve your home security.

It also has a countdown timer for setting when the smart plug will turn the connected devices on/off. As such, you could use this smart plug at sunrise and sunset to control security lights.

It is an excellent outdoor smart plug that also improves security with its Away Mode. Therefore, you should consider looking for this smart plug.

Long-range Wi-Fi connectivity.It doesn’t work properly in adverse weather conditions.
It has two sockets controlled independently.Some users face challenges setting it up.
IP64 weatherproof rating.
Best Outdoor Smart Plug for Alexa Reviews

Minoston Outdoor Smart Plug

While other outdoor smart plugs are bulky, this one boasts a mini-size for portability. It is an excellent smart plug for anyone looking for a small smart device to control outdoor lighting from anywhere.

Despite its mini-size design, this smart plug excellently powers any reasonably sized device you connect to it. It is a smart device for controlling electronics such as landscape lighting, LEDs, and porch light.

Anything that doesn’t require more than 15 Amps of electricity could sip the juice from this smart plug. Unlike the first two outdoor smart plugs on the list, this one only has a single outlet.

Yes, you get only one socket for your electronic device. But it still performs excellently to let you control the connected device remotely via the Smart Life app.

It connects to your home network via a 2.4GHz wireless frequency to let you add your favorite voice control. Whether you’re looking to add Alexa or Echo Dot, you could do it over the same Wi-Fi network.

You don’t need a hub to control this smart plug from anywhere.

Since it boasts an IP65 weather resistance, it makes sense that this smart plug is suitable for outdoor use. Its resistance to dust and water splashes is excellent, meaning no such elements will hold it back once it starts performing out in your yard.

If you’re likely to forget to turn on/off the connected devices, be sure to use the scheduler to help you out. All these features make it one of the best outdoor smart plugs to consider buying.

It supports voice control.You only get a single outlet.
Compact-sized.The load capacity is low.
IP65 weatherproof rating.
Best Outdoor Smart Plug for Alexa Reviews

T TECKIN Outdoor Smart Plug

You can control your holiday lights with this smart plug for outdoor use, provided your home has a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network coverage. It connects to your Wi-Fi network to allow you to control the connected device from anywhere via the Smart Life APP.

You can do interesting stuff with this smart plug’s mobile app. First, you can control the two sockets separately. This means you can turn on/off two connected devices at different times.

Second, schedule when you want the connected device to turn on/off using the mobile app. Therefore, the app allows you to save energy when powering your electronic devices from this smart plug.

You can also add your voice controls to this smart plug over the same Wi-Fi network.

It works with voice controllers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to give you voice control over the connected devices. You can also control the two sockets separately by issuing voice commands.

The smart plug holds up under any weather, thanks to its IP44 weatherproof rating.

Since its energy output is only 15 Amps, be sure to draw less amperage from this smart plug; otherwise, you will overload and damage it. If you have security lights that need not more than 1875W of electrical power, this smart plug will serve you well.

The material of use in the construction of this smart device is also durable. The Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material can withstand high temperatures, making this smart plug only more ideal for use outdoors.

With all this resilience, this smart plug might be suitable for you and is worth considering.

IP44 weatherproof rating.Low load capacity.
You can schedule the time.The app doesn’t run on certain Android and iOS versions.
It supports voice assistants.
Best Outdoor Smart Plug for Alexa Reviews

HBN Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Plug

This Wi-Fi smart plug connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network wirelessly to grant you remote control of the connected devices from anywhere.

You will use its TuyaSmart app to control it remotely once you’ve connected it to your Wi-Fi network. You can instantly switch the connected device on/off via the app or set a schedule for when you want the connected device to turn on/off.

You can also add voice controls to this smart outdoor plug via the same home network. It supports Alexa and Google Home Assistant to let you use voice commands to turn the connected device on/off.

But this voice control only works if you’re at home. Anyway, it is still an excellent control method for hands-free control of your non-smart device.

One downside of this smart plug is that you can only connect one device to it. That’s because it only features a single socket for your non-smart device. But it remains one of the best outdoor smart plugs for wall outlets that need a remote control.

It is a weatherproof smart plug that holds up pretty well in the weather outside. But that doesn’t mean you should let water get into the socket. Be sure to position the smart plug such that the socket is facing downwards.

This will minimize damage from excess water that might wet the socket. As such, this is one of the best smart plugs for outdoor usage.

Hands-free control via voice assistants.Low load capacity.
Weatherproof design.It only has one socket.
Remote control via a mobile app.
Best Outdoor Smart Plug for Alexa Reviews

What Should You Look for When Buying a Smart Outdoor Plug?

When looking to select the best outdoor smart plugs from the market, you will consider a few things first. These will be the features that your smart plug will have to serve you excellently for an extended period. And they include the following:

Wireless Connectivity Standard

Outdoor smart plugs need to connect to your home network wirelessly to grant you remote control over them. They use one of three wireless connectivity: Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Wi-Fi.

While the first two wireless connectivity requires a hub, Wi-Fi connectivity doesn’t require a hub. That means you can control Wi-Fi smart plugs remotely without needing a hub.

But Wi-Fi smart plugs require certain wireless frequencies to connect to your home Wi-Fi network. So, it is important to make sure your smart plug of choice meets your Wi-Fi frequency requirement.

Since most smart plugs for the outdoors need a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency, ensure your home network is in this frequency.

Compatibility with Voice Assistants

You can always connect voice assistants to outdoor smart plugs. But not all voice assistants will work with your smart plug. You might find some voice assistants that are incompatible with your smart outdoor plug.

As such, you want to make sure your smart plug works with your preferred voice assistant.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistants are common voice assistants that work with smart plugs. But they aren’t the only options you have. Apple HomeKit is another excellent voice assistant that could let you use voice commands to switch your smart plug on/off.

Strive to buy a smart outdoor plug that is compatible with multiple voice assistants. Besides, this will increase the chances of the smart plug working with the voice assistant you have back at home.

Load Capacity

Smart plugs for outdoor use are an excellent solution for controlling the connected devices remotely or via a voice assistant. But they limit you on what you can plug inside them. You can only draw up to a given Amps from these smart home devices.

Most smart plugs allow you to draw up to 15 Amps from them. And exceeding this amperage will damage them. But they come in various models, with some letting you draw more juice from them.

So, you want to check this rating and make sure the connected device doesn’t draw more than the rated amperage. Always keep it below the rated amperage.

Weatherproof Rating

The reason why you’re selecting an outdoor smart plug is to use it outside in the open. But the outdoor space experiences adverse weather conditions. Rains, snow, and dust are some of the elements that plague anything out in the open.

Since your smart plug will be in such conditions, it should hold up pretty well no matter the weather. You can always select smart plugs that will withstand such conditions.

Be on the lookout for the weatherproof rating when buying smart plugs. IP65 is an excellent weatherproof rating. But you can find some ratings that are higher (or even lower).

The higher the rating, the better the weatherproofing. So, make sure you select the highest possible weatherproof rating.

Number of Sockets

Outdoor smart plugs could be a smart wall outlet for any smart home. They function pretty much like any wall outlet, except you can control them remotely via a mobile app or use your voice commands to control them if you’re nearby.

They also come with a different number of sockets for plugging your non-smart electronics inside them.

If you’d love to control more than one non-smart electronic device using a smart plug, look for one with more sockets. The good news is you can always find outdoor smart plugs with two sockets.

Besides, they let you control the sockets separately, which is incredible! They are an excellent option if you want to control multiple non-smart electronic devices. You could also consider smart power strips for more devices.

Energy Monitoring

Your smart plug should give you heads-up when it comes to energy consumption by the connected devices. But this is only possible if it monitors energy consumption and reports back to you.

When you know how much energy the connected devices consume, you can always turn them off to save energy. Therefore, ensure your outdoor smart plug of choice has an energy-monitoring feature.


Can an outdoor smart plug act as a surge protector?

Some smart plugs for use outdoors have a surge protector that will protect the connected device from fluctuating electrical power. A good example is the POWRUI Outdoor Smart Plug that protects the connected device from up to 1080 joules of energy.

Do smart plugs for outdoors use any wireless network frequency?

Your home router could be transmitting a Wi-Fi network at different frequencies: 5GHz, 4.9GHz, 3.65GHz, and 2.4GHz. But smart plugs don’t connect to all the frequencies.

Usually, they require a 2.4GHz frequency to connect wirelessly to your home network. So, you need to check to make sure your home router is broadcasting the Wi-Fi frequency that your smart plug will need (2.4GHz).

Can I add voice controls to my smart plug?

Voice controls also connect to your home network. They can then execute your voice commands over the same Wi-Fi network. Since your voice assistant will be on the same network as the smart plug, it can control the smart plug.

You only need to add the right skills to have hands-free control of the smart plug. So, you could add your favorite voice control to your smart plug, but only if it is compatible with the plug-in smart plug.

Can I control the smart plug sockets independently?

Some smart plugs have two sockets for plugging in two different non-smart electronic devices. Some models even let you control the sockets separately via the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. So, you could control the two smart plug sockets independently.

Wrap Up

Since smart outdoor plugs connect to Wi-Fi networks to grant you remote control over them, they are an excellent device for smartening your wall outlets. They have different numbers of sockets, with most of them having two sockets.

They also let you control their sockets separately. And all these features make them ideal for your wall outlets, especially if you’d love to control your high-priced electronics from afar.

But with so many models hitting the market now and then, it might be quite a challenge finding the best outdoor smart plugs. You don’t have to face challenges anymore since we have included a buyer’s guide to help with your search.

We have also rounded up some of the best smart plugs for outdoor usage that might work for you. So, check them out and control your high-ticket electronics conveniently from anywhere.

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