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Best Portable Blender 2021: Cordless Mini Blenders

Health and fitness enthusiasts know the importance of a good blender in the kitchen. The battery-powered portable blender is a newcomer to the health scene. Here are the best portable blender 2021: cordless mini blenders.

It’s often confused with the personal blender or bullet, which are efficient at blending heavy ingredients to make drinks and smoothies.

The main difference between those blenders and a portable blender is that a portable blender doesn’t require the main power to operate, unlike a personal blender, and the portable blender is used with batteries or a power pack that can be charged via USB.

Portable blenders – whether you’re looking for a small blender or a mini blender – are cheap to buy, and you can charge them using a USB-based power pack, which makes it completely on the go.

It may seem unnecessary to make smoothies on the go, but this article will provide reasons why you should get a portable smoothie blender, and which three portable blenders are the best of 2021.

Why Do You Need a Portable Blender?

Portable blenders are perfect for health enthusiasts who are always on the move and want the freedom to whip up smoothies anywhere. This cordless mini blender is best suited for outdoor use, office use, picnics, camping, and even right after a workout. Another immaculate use for this mini blender is to puree baby food while you’re busy travelling or flying, where you usually wouldn’t have an option for it.

Portable blenders are low wattage and voltage, which means you should select the ingredients you drop into it carefully. Make sure you cut it up into small chunks beforehand. It may seem like extra work, but when you’re going to travel, camp, or be on the move, it does sound like a good bargain.

Since portable rechargeable blenders aren’t as powerful as main plug blenders, most portable blender manufacturers fit a filter in the lid to stop chunky bites from lipping through as part of your smoothie. It’s a thoughtful add-on given the urgency of on-the-go dining and low wattage.

Bottom line, if you are an outdoorsy person and a health enthusiast, investing in a portable blender will give you the choice to carry around a personal smoothie maker while on the move.

All you have to do is charge it before you leave and if you don’t, you can always charge it in your car or computer using the USB charger. Impress your friends by making smoothies, cocktails, and other mixed drinks without even needing the main plug.

The 3 Best Portable Blenders of 2021

Cuisinart RPB-100 EvolutionX Cordless Blender

The Cuisinart Compact Blender is the best cordless blender on the market. It comes with a rechargeable battery and is strong enough to crush ice and make smoothies and protein shakes while you’re on the move.

It comes with a cup that is 16 ounces and a travel lid along with the blender attachment. The battery can last a few weeks even with frequent use. It has a single-speed motor and runs on 7.4 volts.

The dual kneading blades facilitate a better, quicker dough making process.The non-stick surface of the bread pan is not very durable.
Additional heater on lid for even baking and crust.Doesn’t have an automatic ingredient dispenser.
Quick baking cycle.Large in size.
13-hour delay timer.Loud noise during the kneading and mixing process.
Best Bread Maker Review

Hamilton Beach Personal Creations Blender

The Hamilton Beach Personal Creations Blender is the best mini portable blender for smoothies. It’s highly praised, compact, and has stainless steel blades to crush ice for smooth consistencies.

The cup is 14 ounces, and both the lid and jar are dishwasher safe. Its one-touch blending is useful and can create smoothies, shakes, baby formulas, cocktails, and more. An efficient 175-watt motor and 110 volts will provide all the power for a solid performance each time.

Removable lid with viewing window.The alarm is quite noisy.
15-minute Pause Bake-Only option.The power cord is very short.
13-Hour Delay Start Timer.Low durability.
Power Failure Backup.
Best Bread Maker Review

Portable Blender Personal Mini

This L-Bulice Personal Mini Blender is a highly reviewed, rechargeable blender for smoothies and other concoctions. The material and blade are made of powerful stainless steel and have a pure copper motor, which ensures durability and efficiency.

The maximum capacity is 380 ml, so it’s perfect for personal or couple use. The blender is made of eco-friendly, good-grade, non-toxic material, which makes it a popular choice for health enthusiasts. The USB rechargeable, high-quality battery can be recharged through a power bank, AC adapter, and computer.

Convection Fan and BPA Free.The LCD display doesn’t include an internal light.
15-minute Pause Bake-Only option.The paddle is not collapsible.
12-Hour Delay Start Timer.
Best Bread Maker Review

FAQ about Portable Blenders

Q: Are portable blenders any good?

Portable blenders are just as capable of whipping up a great smoothie or shake as a full-size or bullet blender. The only difference is that it’s smaller in size to travel with it, it’s a little less powerful, and it requires you to charge it before you use it.

It’s a convenient blender to use on the go, either at home, at the office, or on adventures


Q: How much should I spend on a mini blender?

Since portable blenders are more compact and less powerful than a full-size blender, the prices tend to be much lower. You can find a great portable blender for under $50 that will help you whip up a basic smoothie with soft fruits. If you want a more powerful blade or motor, you can opt for a model that reaches about $150, which will come with more accessories. In the end, choose whatever you think is the best fit for you.

Q: What should I look for in a portable blender?

The three things you should focus on when buying the best portable blender for you are size, battery life, and power.

The size should be compact enough for you to carry around with you when you travel, but it should also be big enough to hold all the ingredients you want.

Most portable blenders are charged using USB cords. So, you should pay attention to how much use you’ll get per charge. Buying a cheap one that needs to be charged every time you use it may not be the best bet.

Lastly, power can be determined by looking at the blender’s wattage. The higher the wattage, the more powerful your blender will be. If you’re intending to blend hard ingredients like ice, you’re going to want a more powerful portable blender.

Final Thoughts 

Portable blenders are emerging in the market now and are becoming popular for health and fitness enthusiasts who are constantly on the move. These practical, mini blenders are easy to carry along with you when you go to the gym, work, or if you go camping. They come in handy when you want fresh smoothies, cocktails, or shakes when you’re on the move and don’t have time to make them at home.

If you’re looking for the best portable blender of 2021, it would hands-down be Hamilton Beach Personal Creations Blender. It’s powerful, easy to charge, and durable enough to last a long time. It has a very reasonable price and is worth every cent you pay. With the extremely high reviews, there is no doubt it’s the best portable blender of 2021.

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