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Best Price on Anova Sous Vide Machines

An immersion circulator is not absolutely necessary to experiment with sous vide cooking – but if you are planning to use this technique on a regular basis, then it will simplify the task considerably.

Fortunately, sous vide machines are no longer the exotic, overpriced appliances that they were just a few years ago. Brands like Anova have released a wide variety of models with different perks, target audiences, and price points.

So what is the best price for an Anova Sous Vide? The answer will depend on what type of immersion circulator you need. We have parsed the web for the top-value options available right now.

What is the Best Price on an Anova Sous Vide machine out there?

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano  | Bluetooth | 750W | Anova App Included

The Anova Sous Vide Nano was designed as a basic, portable option for chefs to use sous vide regularly. At first glance, it doesn’t seem very user friendly – in fact, it may even prompt you to wonder where the food goes.

Upon closer inspection, the Nano keeps size minimal but its functions advanced. This machine doesn’t include a bulky pot in which to set up your water baths.

Instead, it only includes the elongated water heater and temperature controller. At less than 3 inches thick, and 12 inches long, this can easily fit on any kitchen drawer alongside your regular kitchen utensils.

The Nano comes with a fixed clamp, which can be attached to any pot or metal container that is less than an inch thick. When you turn it on, it will irradiate heat and warm up the surrounding water.

A set of sensors will ensure the water doesn’t go over a certain point and will keep the temperature constant. It can handle up to 5 liters per minute.

Often, a common price to pay for minimalism is stripped down controls – and the fewer buttons you include, the harder it may be to figure out how everything works.

The control panel on top of the Nano can only display one number at a time (either the cooking time or the temperature), and the controls are kept to a minimum.

However, this is where Bluetooth (and the accompanying Anova app) come into play: rather than manually change the desired temperature degree by degree, you can use the companion app to tweak the settings or to get a timer started.

Even if you leave Bluetooth range, the timer should keep going automatically and will alert you when the expected cooking time is done. However, you will need to remain nearby if you wish to adjust the water bath’s temperature.

Easy to link with any smartphone thanks to Bluetooth.You will need your own pot, vacuum sealer, and food bags.
Wide range of temperature and time controls.The buttons on top of the device are a bit small.
Anova Sous Vide Machines Reviews

Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Sous Vide Precision Cooker (WiFi), 1000 Watts | Anova App Included, Black and Silver

If you are fond of big dinner parties, or simply wish to pre-cook larger batches of food, then something minimalistic and portable may not cut it: you will need larger water baths and more potent energy for your sous vide projects.

In this case, the full-sized Anova Precision Cooker (code-named the AN500) will offer more potency. If you are keen on being able to store anything away on a kitchen drawer, you can get the stand-alone cooker.

Its precision temperature controls can handle up to 8 liters per minute, which will cut down the time needed to pre-heat the food.

However, this model is also available as an “all-inclusive” package that includes its own instant lidded storage container and precision base. The circulator will remain detachable, so you will still be able to clamp it to your instant pot if need be.

Another prominent advantage of this model is that the circulator itself can be detached and screwed open for easy cleaning – and if you live somewhere with heavy water, this will prevent any weird mineral deposits from growing inside the circulator.

Finally, this model replaces the basic Bluetooth connectivity with full-fledged Wi-Fi connectivity. The first time you use it, it may take longer to connect it and pair it with your smartphone or the Anova app.

However, the wider range means that you will be able to change the cooking time and temperature from a different floor, or while you entertain your guests on the back porch.

Larger flow capacity, which can handle more water or bigger cuts of meat.Consumes more power.
WiFi connectivity, which enables remote controls.Some users report trouble when cooking at temperatures above 165° F.
The Anova app, included, is easy to use.
Anova Sous Vide Machines Reviews

Anova Culinary | Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro (WiFi) | 1200 Watts | All Metal | Anova App Included

The Anova Precision Cooker Pro takes the benefits provided by the standard version and brings them up a notch. This is meant to be the premium version, and it was clearly designed to leave no doubts about it.

The Pro Model is larger, longer, and smoother. Made completely from metal, you can expect it to be more durable than the plastic Nano version.

It is also dishwasher friendly: simply detach the top panel and the clamp, and you will be able to clean the heating elements safely. Plus, the device has an IPX rating of 7, which makes it immersion and shock-resistant.

Just like its two cousins, this immersion circulator also comes with the Anova app included, which will allow you to tweak the temperature and time remotely.

It will connect to your home network using WiFi, not Bluetooth. This increases the reception range, but unfortunately, Alexa or Apple Home compatibility were not included, so there’s no chance to activate voice commands.

Because of its size, this may be difficult to fit inside a standard kitchen cabinet, so you may have to sacrifice some cabinet space instead.

However, size comes with other advantages: this unit can handle water baths of up to 50 L – and if you are making roast beef, this is enough room to cook for a whole family, plus in-laws.

That power doesn’t come cheap: with a wattage of 1200 watts, running the Anova Precision Cooker Pro to its full capacity may bring your total electricity bill up by a few dollars.

High-quality finishings.Consumes more energy.
Can handle very large water containers.Does not include the option to buy it as a bundle, alongside a container or instant pot.
Full Wi-Fi connectivity.
Anova Sous Vide Machines Reviews

Why Cook Sous Vide?

The Anova Sous Vide line was designed to simplify the process to cook sous vide – but why should you abandon your regular tried-and-true roasts?

Sous vide immersion circulator is simply the culmination of a wider, fascinating trend in modern cooking: that of molecular cuisine. This encompasses a series of methods designed to use chemical and physical principles to cook dishes to perfection.

So how do sous vide accomplish this?

By cooking meat and vegetables very slowly in a warm water bath, sous vide ensures that each cut will be cooked through without accidentally overcooking the exterior.

Let’s take a T-Bone steak, for example: usually, to cook it to “medium rare”, you need to use a very hot skillet, and continuously turn it every 30 to 40 seconds.

If you take too long, the meat will overcook on one side, and you will be left with chewy, rubbery strings. If you don’t cook it enough, you risk food poisoning.

The temperature and time you use to cook the steak will also need to be adjusted according to how thick the cut is, the size of the bone, an even amount of fat in the cut.

This is something that professional chefs spend years perfecting. For amateurs, each steak is a different adventure, and you never know if you will get restaurant-quality food that will be cold by the time all your sides are ready to go.

Sous vide takes the guessing and uncertainty out of the equation. Your food will need to cook between 2 and 4 hours – but there will be no noticeable difference if you accidentally leave everything for an extra half hour.

This will give you time to get everything done just right before it’s time for a quick final sear.

How To Use the Sous Vide Cooking Method?

When cooking sous vide, your main limiting factor will be time, as you will need to plan at least 2 hours before dinner time.

First, season your meat. You can stick to the basic salt and pepper, or rub fresh herbs, a clove of garlic, or any other spice you wish to experiment with. Then, vacuum seal your food to remove all surrounding air.

Then, prepare your immersion circulator. To set the Anova precision cooker Nano, you will need to attach it first to an instant pot or container. Fill it with water and turn it on.

You will be able to set the water’s temperature and cooking time either directly on the circulator or through the app.

If you use the app, just slide your bag of food and forget about it – your phone’s alarm will go off as soon as the food is ready.

Right before serving, you will just need to sear the meat to make sure it smells like freshly grilled steak. Remove it from the water, cut the vacuum-sealed plastic bag open and let it cool. Then, get an iron skillet as hot as possible. Grill it for just 30 seconds per side!

Final Thoughts

The sous vide technique offers restaurant-quality steaks, pot roasts, and even desserts with little fuss. Cooking times may be longer, but the ability to control temperature down to half-degree means that results will be thorough and predictable!

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