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Best Prices on Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners

How did we use to handle dusting and cleaning before upright vacuum cleaners? For many of us, the thought of returning to the days where we had to kneel and scoop the dirt is a frightening one.

And yet, what happens if your Dyson vacuum gives out or is damaged by your kids or housemates? Learn more about the best prices on Dyson upright vacuum cleaners.

The answer is – you would have to head straight for a new one. Dyson vacuum cleaners are not the cheapest ones in the market but are usually considered worth it.

They tend to combine quality, durable materials, potent engines, and flexible accessories.

This is why we have scoured the web to find the best prices on Dyson stick vacuums. Whether you want to replace yours on short notice or need a housewarming gift for someone else, these options will all provide budget-friendly convenience.

The Best Prices for a Dyson Stick Vac Right now

Dyson Ball Multi Floor

With a powerful engine and a broad set of accessories, the Dyson Ball Multi Floor is meant to help you achieve a total clean status for your entire house.

This function relies on two small sensors close to the main brusher roll, which can detect whether you are sliding on hard floors or carpets. In this sense, its self-adjusting head goes a long way in simplifying the task.

Then, it will help adjust the intensity accordingly.

As this is a corded model, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice while trying to deep-clean a carpet.

On the other hand, you will need to remain relatively close to an outlet: although the main cord is 35 feet long, it is rather heavy and could be unwieldy.

Fortunately, this is countered by a very maneuverable brush roller. It comes with an additional set of pivoting wheels at the back, which will help you direct it towards tight corners or slide it under the furniture.

This is a great vacuum cleaner for anyone with allergies or respiratory conditions. Its Radial Root engine will help capture dirt and microscopic air particles, trapping them inside a smaller container included within the main canister.

Although the filter is only HEPA-like, it will still help you purify your home’s air. Plus, it’s washable so that it will generate fewer expenses later on.

This trim includes a combination tool that can work for corners or crevices, a stair tool, and an extendable wand

A responsive self-adjusting head.The cord is a bit heavy.
Washable HEPA filter.It does not work well with a high pile or shag carpets.
The brush roller has an additional set of pivoting wheels.
Best Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Dyson Ball Animal

Although it keeps the same characteristic balloon-like design as the Multi Floor Dyson Ball, the Animal trim brings a little bit more punch to its engine, as well as extra tools for families with kids and pets.

This vacuum cleaner model includes a rounded container nestled between the main cleaner head and the dust container.

Inside, its radial root cycle can increase the suction power and trap a larger amount of dust particles than a regular, long-tubed stick vac would. This also makes the overall gadget shorter and lighter, which can be very comfortable for anyone under 5’8’’.

On the other hand, some users report that the ball provided an uneven weight and that it made their wrists hurt when trying to turn or reach a corner.

Once the dust passes the radial root ball, the air is sent through a HEPA-like filter that will trap everything inside. This will also prevent any tiny dust particles from spreading around, even when removing the canister for cleaning.

Finally, in addition to the same essential toolset as the Multi Floor trim, the Dyson Ball Animal also includes a pet hair tool and a detangle setting, which will keep the turbine from jamming due to long clumps of hair.

The extendable wand also comes with an “instant release” function, allowing you to extend it by clicking the side button. However, we found this feature tended to bounce back, especially when you use it to clean ceiling corners.

Additional tools for pet hair.It may be hard to maneuver.
Radial root cycle system that increases suction power.The “instant release” wand often bounces back after extending.
HEPA-Like filter.
Best Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Dyson Ball Animal 2

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is very similar to its predecessor – just made stronger. The same radial suction technology is now used to create a robust air current that can safely handle high pile carpeted floors.

Although slightly heavier, the Animal 2 also comes with a somewhat longer retractable wand. If you are not very tall and would prefer to keep it all short and close to the ground, then no matter: you can still collapse the wand.

However, the instant release function has been revamped and now includes a more intuitive way of locking the wand length. This will prevent it from bouncing back.

The main cord is very similar to that of the base model or the Multi Floor trim. This is to say, it is rather heavy but unlikely to tangle. Fortunately, the internal spring that allows you to roll it out of the way has been improved.

Finally, this model also comes with two separate pet hair tools (one for upholstery and furniture and another one for the floor), alongside a crevice tool, a mattress tool, a dusting brush and a tool storage bag.

A wide selection of accessories.The cord remains heavy.
Increased suction power.The main ball makes the vacuum hard to pivot.
The retractable wand is easier to use.
Best Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

If you prefer a more traditional design for your home appliances, the Dyson DC33 may be an attractive option for you.

It includes most of the advantages of the Dyson Ball line – although doing away with the suction-boosting balloon will unavoidably cost you some suction power.

Nevertheless, this is a reliable stick vac that will help you deal with various carpet models or clean hardwood floors without accidentally scratching them.

Its automatic height adjustment takes a bit longer than the Dyson Ball models, although users report that it is remarkably accurate.

This model also includes a HEPA filter, certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. If you or anyone at home suffers from respiratory allergies, you will get the peace of mind of knowing that your new vacuum will have a tangible benefit on your health.

The final perk we would like to highlight is that the DC33 is very easy to clean. The main dust canister comes with a simple button release that immediately expels the canister without opening it.

In this way, you can then carry it outside and dispose of the dust without the risk of spilling dust around your home.

However, there are two significant flaws in this design: first, at 17 pounds, this model ranks on the heavy side. Second, its extendable wand tends to get jammed.

It can handle different types of carpet.Less suction power than Dyson Ball models.
Certified HEPA filter.The extendable wand may get jammed.
The dust canister is easy to clean.Heavy.
Best Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

About Dyson

Established in 1991, Dyson Limited is a British household brand that specializes in household appliances.

It is perhaps best known for its bagless vacuum cleaners, although it also manufactures fans, heaters, lights – and even electric vehicle parts.

The company’s commitment to research has helped it play a significant role over the last couple of years after investing heavily in developing new cheaper medical ventilators.

In addition, through a partnership with Imperial College London, they are also researching the capabilities of a new robot vacuum.

Although the company has yet to launch any AI-powered products, they seem to have placed most of their eggs in the cordless basket.

Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaners are well regarded for their predictable run times and strong suction.

What do All These Buzzwords Mean?

If you are a new Dyson fan, finding products or evaluating their differences can be confusing. This is because the company has a surprisingly vast catalog: in addition to various corded and cordless models, they also diversify by offering each model in different “trims”.

For example, you may have noticed that many Dyson models have similar names: the Dyson v11 Torque Drive should be the same as the V8 Torque Drive, right? In reality, these are different models.

The term “Torque Drive” refers to the trim, the accessories included with each product.

Some of the most popular Dyson models include:

  • The V15, a very light cordless stick vacuum
  • The Omni-Glide, a cordless model, meant for hardwood and cement floors
  • The V8, a mid-range filtering model
  • The V10, a multipurpose model
  • The V11, a recent upgrade on the V10

Now, let’s look at the trims:


Best exemplified by the Dyson V8 Animal, this trim includes an additional combination tool designed for handling pet hair.


Motorhead models usually keep accessories to a minimum, with only one extra cleaner head.


The Outsize trim is only available for specific models. This was created for people with larger homes. First, you will get a complete accessory set, including a crevice tool, upholstery brushes, and a spare soft roller.

The Outsize also features larger dust containers.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot more to choosing a vacuum cleaner than the listed price.

Even with a highly-reputed brand such as Dyson, it is essential to look at the actual features and extra tools that are often bundled with your purchase – and contrast them against what you actually need.

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