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Best Quiet Upright Vacuum Cleaners

You can quietly clean your floor or carpet if you invest in a quiet upright vacuum cleaner. If you have pets or kids, you know that they require a peaceful nap.

While many cleaning machines may disrupt their peaceful sleep, a quiet upright vacuum cleaner allows you to keep the residential space sparkling clean without waking your innocent family members. Here are the best quiet upright vacuum cleaners.

What’s more, the corded upright vacuum cleaner boasts unlimited run time for cleaning the room throughout the whole cleaning process. Also, these quiet upright cleaners have a Hepa filter to trap dust, dirt, and allergens, keeping you from breathing unsafe air.

As such, an upright vacuum cleaner with a quiet operation is priceless and is worth the investment.

But with many upright vacuum cleaners on the market, finding the best silent vacuums might be more challenging than you imagined. But we’ve rounded up some of the best upright vacuum cleaners with quiet performance.

As such, finding your preferred unit might be easier than before. Also, we’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you spot other incredibly quiet and powerful vacuum cleaners. So, be sure to read on for more information!

What Are Some of The Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaners?

BISSELL MultiClean Allergen Lift-OFF Pet Slim Upright Vacuum

If you’re looking for ultra-quiet vacuum cleaners, you can opt for this BISSELL’s MultiClean Allergen vacuum cleaner. Since it features a brushless motor, it produces low-level noise as it also guarantees a durable performance.

With its quiet operation, you can clean the space around your sleeping pet or clean your baby’s room without disrupting their sleep.

Aside from a peaceful cleaning experience, this vacuum cleaner also ensures the air is high-quality and breathable.

It features a Hepa filter that traps 99.99% of allergens from the air escaping via the exhaust port – No wonder it boasts the name MultiClean Allergen! The allergen system makes it an excellent choice for users with allergic reactions.

As you might already know from its name, this upright vacuum cleaner is a multi-care cleaning machine. You can use it for various cleaning tasks.

Whether you’re looking to clean pet hair from your furniture or vacuum dust from the floor and carpet, this multi-care vacuum cleaner does an excellent job.

It boasts a 2-in-1 design, meaning you can convert it into a hand vacuum cleaner, thanks to its Lift-Off design. You can then use it to clean dust from the ceiling, stairs, and other areas above the floor. Use the quick-release wand to enjoy a 12-ft. of cleaning reach.

The specialized pet tools included are a crevice tool and a dusting brush to deep clean the residential space. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner excellently removes pet hair, and other allergens stuck on the carpet or floor.

As such, it is a good choice for pet owners. Besides, it is quiet when picking up pet hair.

Quiet brushless motor.The cord is not retractable.
Washable Hepa filter.It has no manual-pile adjustment.
12-ft. quick-release wand.
Best Quiet Upright Vacuum Reviews

Kenmore DU2015 Bagless Upright Vacuum

This is among the corded upright vacuums with a 30-ft. power cord. Since it runs off the electricity from the wall outlet, you can be sure of uninterrupted run time.

It is nothing like cordless vacuum cleaners with limited battery power. So, if you’re looking for a non-stop cleaning experience, this corded upright vacuum cleaner will give exceptional service.

Besides the non-stop run time, this cleaner also runs quietly, thanks to its powerful brushless motor. The motor guarantees noise levels below 75 decibels, making this vacuum cleaner one of the quietest vacuums.

It is an excellent buy for users with kids or pets needing a peaceful and uninterrupted nap.

The suction power is astonishingly impressive as the unit cleans with 20kPa of suction power, thanks to a 200W powerful motor. With this sufficient cleaning power, the vacuum cleaner cleans pet hair and dust from multiple surfaces excellently.

And this makes it a multi-care vacuum cleaner.

Besides, it features four versatile tools: an upholstery tool, pet HandiMate, rotating fan tool, and 3-in-1 combination tool. Therefore, you can clean all floors, including hardwood flooring, if you invest in this vacuum cleaner.

You will have clean carpets and ceilings since the detachable wand gives a 10-ft. reach for cleaning spaces above the floor.

The floor cleaning head has LED lights for bringing all the dark spots under sufficient illumination for undiscriminating cleaning. Besides, the swivel steering makes gliding the cleaning head around all corners a breeze.

Therefore, you can bank on this vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning performance.

It weighs only 14 lbs.The LED lights aren't bright enough.
LED lights.Unresponsive customer support.
Quiet operation.
Best Quiet Upright Vacuum Reviews

Hoover Commercial HushTone 13-Inch 2-Speed

If you’re looking for a bagged vacuum cleaner with a 40-ft. power cord, this model might be the cleaning machine you seek. It is also a quiet vacuum cleaner producing only 69 decibels of sound.

It is one of the disruption-free handheld vacuums that could be your go-to vacuum cleaner if you’re looking for a peaceful cleaning experience.

The powerful motor boasts two speeds to meet your cleaning needs. If your floor has stubborn dirt, you can suck in all the dirt with sufficient cleaning power. All you have to do is select the correct cleaning power for the stubborn dirt, which is a high motor speed in this case.

Cleaning off dirt on your carpet is efficient and safe, thanks to the automatic shutdown if the brush-roll jams. The proprietary IntelliBelt guarantees a durable performance, making this unit a vacuum cleaner of choice for users looking for longevity.

The vacuum cleaner also boasts an allergen system for trapping 99.99% of allergens and dust within the dust canister. What’s more, this unit combines the highly efficient filtration system with Hexaguard Technology to guarantee safe air that’s worthy of breathing.

The vacuum cleaner requires no tool during maintenance. Thanks to the quick-change design, replacing the power cord also requires no tool. As such, you can be sure to reduce costs when replacing essential components.

Therefore, this is another corded vacuum cleaner you might want to consider buying, especially if you’re looking for a quiet operation.

The noise level is only 69 dB.Limited warranty.
Ergonomic handle.The wand is not detachable.
Hepa filter.
Best Quiet Upright Vacuum Reviews

Sanitaire Tradition Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner by Sanitaire cleans your floors quietly as it produces only 69 dB of noise. It cleans any dirt or dust lying on the floor regardless of the motor speed you’ve selected.

Since it is a vacuum cleaner boasting two motor speeds, it is powerful enough to clean dust and dirt on your carpets and floors.

As a high-grade commercial vacuum cleaner, the machine boasts a 50-ft. power cord for increasing the cleaning area. You can plug this vacuum cleaner into your wall outlet and clean all the corners of the room.

One downside, though, is that this vacuum cleaner doesn’t feature LED lights. Therefore, it doesn’t bring all the dark spots under illumination as excellent as its counterparts with LED headlights.

But it still cleans with sufficient power, making it yet another powerful vacuum cleaner on the market. The vacuum cleaner is also durable, especially if you check its motor. This spinning component can work for 2,000 hours before needing any attention.

Many stick vacuums don’t compare to this vacuum cleaner as their dustbin has less capacity. But with this vacuum cleaner, you enjoy a whopping 6.1-qt disposal bag capacity. Therefore, you can clean an entire room without stopping halfway through to empty the dust bag.

Like a few corded vacuum cleaners on the list, this one also requires no tool to maintain. You can replace its brush roll and belt without any tool. You don’t have to worry about quality performance if you invest in this vacuum cleaner.

Besides, it is Silver Certification-Approved from the Carpet and Rug Institute. Therefore, it’s an excellent buy.

69 dBA noise level.No LED lights.
1-quart dust bag capacity.It is not easy to maneuver.
50-ft. power cord.
Best Quiet Upright Vacuum Reviews

Kenmore Intuition BU4022 Bagged Upright Vacuum

If you’re looking to clean your floors and carpets with minimum noise levels, this vacuum cleaner is the model to buy. Producing below 75 dBA of noise, you can clean the baby’s nursery room peacefully without waking your little angel.

Even if you’re a pet owner, your innocent pet could use a peaceful nap after a day-long playful exercise.

The vacuum cleaner also has plenty of features rolled up its sleeves, ready to give you exceptional service. First, this vacuum cleaner is lightweight, weighing only 14 pounds.

That makes it the vacuum cleaner of choice for the above-floor cleaning exercise. What’s more, this unit features Lift-Up Technology. At the press of a button, your vacuum cleaner lifts away from the floor nozzle to allow you to clean the ceilings.

The wand is detachable to give you a floor-to-ceiling reach. That means you can clear all the webs, dust, and dirt off the ceilings and the high walls.

While cleaning the room, the 99.97% efficient filtration system traps all the dirt and allergens, ensuring your little angel in the next room breathes nothing short of clean air.

Many canister vacuums can only dream of a 3.1L dust bag capacity. But guess what! This vacuum cleaner has a 3.1L dust bag. And if this bag is full, the Bag Fill Indicator lets you know when to empty the dust bag; quite convenient!

The vacuum cleaner is quiet and powerful enough to clean your carpet, floor, and everything above the floor. Therefore, it’s another excellent buy.

200W powerful motor.The vacuum cleaner heats up.
5kPa suction power.Some users complain it's loud.
Quiet operation.
Best Quiet Upright Vacuum Reviews

What To Consider Before Buying a Quiet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Sourcing a quiet vacuum cleaner is essential, especially if you have pets or kids in your home. But you will look beyond the quiet operation when buying a unit since you also want an exceptional performance.

Before deciding on a particular vacuum cleaner, you should first consider the features below:

Suction Power

When buying an upright vacuum cleaner for your home, you want a unit that cleans with sufficient power. A powerful vacuum cleaner efficiently cleans dirt, dust, or pet air from the floor or carpet.

Since you want excellent performance, you will check the suction power of your preferred vacuum cleaner before buying it.

Usually, the suction power is in kilopascal (kPa) or Watts (W). so, if you see something like 25kPa, that is the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

You want to opt for a vacuum cleaner with a higher kilopascal rating as it is sufficiently powerful. You will also do the same thing if the suction power is in Watts.

When buying a vacuum cleaner, you might want to pick models with at least a 15kPa suction power rating. These vacuum cleaners can suck any dirt off the floor, even the most stubborn dirt.

Therefore, consider buying vacuum cleaners with higher suction power ratings, with 15kPa being your starting point. You will be sure to clean any surface in your home efficiently.

Motor Speed

A vacuum cleaner has a motor that spins fast to allow the vacuum cleaner to suck in dust off your floor or carpet. Many upright vacuums allow you to control the speed of their motors, allowing you to control the suction power in the process.

But you can also be sure to find models that don’t allow you to control their motor speed.

While units with only one motor speed are also powerful, sometimes they waste the extra firepower, especially when the floor or carpet has no stubborn dirt. As a result, they end up using unnecessarily more Watts.

On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner allowing you to control their motor speed puts you in control of their suction power. As a result, you will only use more suction power if the floor dirt is stubborn.

Therefore, consider buying upright vacuum cleaners allowing you to control their motor speeds. You will be sure to save energy, especially when there is loose dust on your floor or carpet.

Noise Level

Noise can disrupt your baby’s peaceful nap. Also, noise can shift your kids’ attention from their studies. As such, you want a vacuum cleaner producing noise levels.

Any noise below 70 decibels is low enough and will not disrupt the peaceful nap. Therefore, consider buying vacuum cleaners producing no more than 70 decibels of noise if you want a peaceful cleaning performance.

The Filtration System

The air within your residential space should be high-quality and breathable at all times, even when cleaning the rooms with an upright vacuum cleaner.

But air usually escapes from the vacuum cleaner via the exhaust port. And this air could add potential allergens into the air if the vacuum cleaner has a substandard filtration system.

Since the filtration system is an essential feature, you want to check it before opting for a particular vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filter is 99.99% efficient.

That means it traps most of the allergens, dust, and dirt, preventing them from polluting the air in your residential space. Since Hepa filters are highly efficient, consider buying upright vacuums with these filtration systems.

The Cord Length

After ensuring the filtration system is efficient and prevents pollution, you want to consider the length of the vacuum cleaner’s power cord.

A long power supply cord is beneficial as it increases the radius of the area you can clean when you plug the vacuum cleaner into a given wall outlet.

As such, always opt for vacuum cleaners with longer power cords. You will be sure to clean all corners while you’ve connected the vacuum cleaner to a far wall outlet.

But what length should you choose? Any power cord that’s at least 25-ft. long is ideal. Therefore, go for 25-ft. long power cords or longer cords.

Weight Of the Vacuum Cleaner

A lightweight vacuum cleaner is effortless to transport from one room to another. Besides, you will easily maneuver between furniture if the vacuum cleaner is light.

Therefore, you have sufficient reason for picking a lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Any vacuum cleaner weighing 14 pounds or less is sufficiently lightweight. Transporting the vacuum cleaner from one room to another is effortless if it weighs 14 pounds or less.

Also, you will easily carry the vacuum cleaner after converting it to a handheld vacuum cleaner. Therefore, consider the weight of the vacuum cleaner before buying it.


Your rooms have furniture that might obstruct the cleaning paths. But a vacuum cleaner with unmatched maneuverability cleans under your furniture without much challenge. And that means you require a vacuum cleaner that is easy to maneuver.

A swivel steering system allows for easy maneuverability since the cleaning head glides smoothly around the furniture. Also, a swivel steering system allows you to clean areas around corners efficiently and with ease.

Therefore, consider buying vacuum cleaners with a swivel steering system. Since the vacuum cleaner’s weight affects maneuverability, also buy lightweight products.

Detachable Wand

A detachable wand comes in handy when you need to clean areas above the floor, such as the ceiling or areas higher up on the wall. But the length of the wand could affect the cleaning reach.

If you want to efficiently clean the ceiling while the rest of the vacuum cleaner rests on the floor, go for at least a 10-ft. long detachable wand.

Dustbin Capacity

You want a vacuum cleaner with a large dustbin capacity to reduce the frequency of emptying the dust bag. Also, a large dust bag has enough room for more dust the vacuum cleaner is sucking in off the floor or carpet.

But how large should this dust bag be for you to pick the vacuum cleaner?

Well, any vacuum cleaner with a 3L dust bag is a good choice. The dust bag will take you through the entire cleaning process without filling up, meaning no emptying the dustbin halfway through. Therefore, opt for vacuum cleaners with sufficient dustbin capacity.

Cleaning Tools

You also want a versatile vacuum cleaner. A versatile vacuum cleaner cleans the floor, carpets, and other surfaces efficiently. You want unmatched versatility since you have many surfaces in your home that could use efficient cleaning by a vacuum cleaner.

These surfaces could include carpets, ceilings, and kitchen countertops.

But the included cleaning tools affect versatility. Usually, a vacuum cleaner is as versatile as the cleaning tools it includes. For example, a vacuum cleaner with four cleaning attachments is more versatile than a unit with two cleaning tools.

As such, you want to pick a vacuum cleaner featuring more cleaning tools.

Examples of cleaning tools to consider include an upholstery tool for your furniture and a crevice tool for tight spaces between the cushions and crevices on the floor.

Also, consider other attachments for cleaning all the surfaces in your home.

LED Lights

LED lights could help you stop dust on the floor when cleaning a room with low natural light conditions. You can then clean the dirt using your vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, consider buying vacuum cleaners with LED lights on their cleaning heads.


Can I wash the filters of my upright vacuum cleaner?

Some filtration systems are washable. For example, the BISSELL MultiClean has a three-stage filtration system comprising an inner cyclone separator, a pre-motor, and a post-motor filter.

You can only wash the pre-motor filter and the inner cyclone separator, while you can only clean off the debris on the pos-motor filter. Therefore, you can wash the filter system but in parts.

What are some of the brands with the best quiet upright vacuums?

Quiet vacuum cleaners could come from various brands. These brands include Bissell, Dirt Devil, Dyson, Eureka, Hoover, iRobot, Kenmore, Miele, Samsung, Shark, and Tineco.

But these are only a handful of quiet vacuum cleaner brands. Be sure to be on the lookout for other brands with great vacuum cleaners.

How loud is a quiet vacuum cleaner?

An upright vacuum cleaner has to produce noise below a given level to qualify as a quiet model. Usually, the threshold stands at 70 decibels. That means any vacuum cleaner producing no more than 70dB of noise is a quiet vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, consider picking models producing less than 70dB for quiet performance.

Can I clean any surface with a quiet upright vacuum?

Yes, if you have the right cleaning tools. If you’re looking to clean hardwood flooring, for example, you will require bare-floor cleaning tools. A hardwood floor brush will come in handy when cleaning a hardwood floor.

Some vacuum models even allow you to shift to a hard floor mode for cleaning floors such as vinyl and tiles. Therefore, you could clean any surface but with the right cleaning tools.

How efficient is the filtration system of an upright vacuum cleaner?

An upright vacuum cleaner traps up to 99.99% of allergens, dust, and dirt from the air escaping via the exhaust port. That leaves the air inside the room clean and worthy of breathing. Therefore, the filtration systems, especially the Hepa filter, are 99.99% efficient.

Wrap Up

When buying a quiet vacuum cleaner, you want a unit producing no more than 70 decibels of noise levels. Also, you want to check the weight to ensure you’re getting a vacuum cleaner that’s effortless to move from one room to another.

You will also want to check the suction power, motor speed, and power cord length, among a few more features, before buying your preferred vacuum cleaner.

Fortunately, we’ve included a guide with a comprehensive list of some of the features to consider first. As a result, opting for the best quiet model might be easier than before.

Also, we’ve rounded up excellent vacuum cleaners we think you might like. Check them out, or use our guide to shop for only the best vacuum cleaners producing low noise levels for the best cleaning outcome.

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