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Best Rated Video Doorbell System

Having security cameras recording everything happening on your property could significantly deter crime. While there are dedicated security cameras for the job, the best-rated video doorbell system will also secure your home.

At least your home security cameras will help you identify porch pirates if they didn’t prevent crime because the pirates chose to ignore them.

And that’s what this article will talk about – the best-rated video doorbell systems. Also, this article will look at a few factors that should inform your purchasing decision.

So, if you’re looking for some of the best smart video doorbell systems, be sure to read on for more information!

What Are Some of The Best-Rated Video Doorbell Systems?

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wired

This video doorbell system is one of the best-rated because of its HD video quality. Not only that, this smart video doorbell system has a 180° field of view for recording the visitor at your front door from head to toe.

With such an impressive field of view, your camera will record everything when you might need it to focus on a given area.

Fortunately, you can customize the activity zone for where you want the camera to focus when monitoring what’s in front of it. So, for example, you could customize the camera to monitor your porch more than it monitors other zones, thus alerting you of porch pirates.

This video doorbell system could also alert you if someone has delivered a package for you. What’s more, the camera has night vision to monitor your front door during the day and night.

The two-way communication also ensures you can talk to the visitor at the door in real-time.

You can be sure to see visitors via the app on your smartphone. This model connects to your Wi-Fi without requiring a hub to grant you remote monitoring, like other Arlo video doorbells.

You could also control it by voice since it is compatible with Alexa. Given its impressive smart features, it is worth considering if you need to monitor your smart home.

HD camera.You have to wire it to low-volt AC power.
Weatherproof-resistant.Some users face installation challenges.
Night vision.
Best Rated Video Doorbell Reviews

HeimVision Wireless Video Doorbell

Well, this is a wireless video doorbell system that is battery-powered. You can be sure to monitor your smart home for an extended period since the battery has a whopping 9600 mAh charge capacity. The camera records video clips in HD, thanks to its 1080P resolution.

What’s more, the camera has a 166° field of view. As such, it records larger images as it also monitors a large zone. Night vision performance is another beneficial feature you enjoy from this video doorbell system.

The device uses its IR sensor and LED to light up what’s in front of it for crystal-clear images during the night.

And since it is one of the smart home devices that connect to your Wi-Fi network, it sends you notifications if someone is in front of it. That’s because it has a PIR motion detector for sending motion alerts.

Also, the device has a human detection feature to alert you if someone is at the front door.

Wi-Fi connectivity also comes in handy when looking to access the video recordings remotely. Also, you can communicate with the visitor at the front door since this video doorbell system boasts two-way communication.

The full-duplex microphone and speakers ensure you can listen and hear the visitors while they also listen to you.

When it comes to storing the recorded video, this device allows you to use an SD card for local storage. Also, you could use the highly-encrypted cloud storage.

Therefore, it sorts your storage needs excellently. Besides, it is rated IP65 for excellent performance under any weather.

1080P camera resolution.It doesn't come with an SD card.
Night vision.Other objects could trigger motion alerts.
166° field of view.
Best Rated Video Doorbell Reviews

Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro

First, this video doorbell isn’t wireless since it requires a wired connection to your doorbell wiring system. But it requires low voltage ranging from 16V – 24V, which your doorbell wiring system will provide.

Therefore, consider wiring it to an existing doorbell system for excellent functionality.

You can also buy a power supply unit for this video doorbell system if your smart home has no existing doorbell wiring system. Aside from all these, this device boasts a 1080P camera that continuously records everything happening on your property.

With such an impressive camera resolution, you can only expect HD videos. And that’s what this video doorbell delivers. The HD camera also has a wide field of view, 140° to be precise. As such, this device monitors more ground than you might imagine.

You can communicate with the visitor at the door since this video doorbell has a built-in microphone and speaker. So, if you’re looking to verify the visitor’s identity before letting them in, this is a smart video doorbell system you need.

It connects to Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz to grant you remote access as it also allows you to control it by voice.

It is compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Also, you can customize motion detection zones to focus motion detection on a given zone, which is excellent for targeting porch pirates.

You will then receive smart alerts via the app on your smartphone. As such, this is another video doorbell system you might want to consider installing.

1080P camera resolution.It is not dual-band.
Night vision.It doesn't come with an SD card.
140° field of view.
Best Rated Video Doorbell Reviews

Eufy Security, Video Doorbell

This Eufy video doorbell system has the best camera resolution so far. The 2K camera ensures you see your visitors in picture-perfect resolution. As a result, you will be sure to see details in unmatched sharpness.

Besides featuring one of the best resolutions, this video doorbell system also features two-way communication.

This feature allows you to respond to the visitor at the door in real-time. What’s more, you can talk to your visitor from anywhere since this device gives you remote control over it.

And remote access is possible since this video doorbell connects to your home network wirelessly via its built-in Wi-Fi.

The camera monitors a large area, which it owes to its large field of view. But not everything deserves monitoring. Fortunately, you can customize detection by drawing an activity zone that you want this device to monitor.

For example, you could draw an activity zone around your porch to receive smart alerts if porch pirates visit the activity zone.

Controlling this video doorbell is easier than you might imagine. You could control it by voice after pairing it with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

And since this device is compatible with smart home devices, you could pair it with your Echo Dot for chimes if someone is at the door. As such, you could improve your home security system with this video doorbell in many ways.

Another feature that you might appreciate is advanced person detection. Your device detects people in the frame to alert you if someone is at the front door. Besides, it also features facial recognition for alerting you if someone familiar is at the door.

Data privacy is another feature you will appreciate. This device uses 256-bit military-grade encryption to protect your data. It also uses 58% less battery power for elongated performance. Therefore, it is another best-rated video doorbell to consider installing.

2K camera resolution.Activity zone customization needs improvement.
Activity zone customization.The setup is a bit challenging.
Military-grade encryption.
Best Rated Video Doorbell Reviews

WUUK Video Doorbell Camera

This is another video doorbell camera with 1080P resolution.The HD resolution performs excellently to reveal every detail in your video recordings.

And with such an impressive resolution, you can expect your video doorbell camera to perform in all light conditions. Fortunately, this is one of the home security cameras that perform excellently in the dark, thanks to its long-range night vision.

The camera features ultra-sensitive IR technology to see up to 16 feet away at night. As a result, you can monitor your front door both day and night if you opt for this video doorbell camera.

Communication is also just as efficient and state-of-the-art. This device features two-way communication for added security. You can also pre-record a message for your visitors. Your video doorbell will send you security alerts if it detects motion around your home.

The PIR technology makes this device pick out humans from the background to alert you if someone is at your front door. And the good news is you will receive this notification from anywhere since this device connects to the Wi-Fi network.

You can also add your preferred voice assistant via the same Wi-Fi network to control it by voice.

This video doorbell works with popular voice control devices such as Amazon Alexa, Echo Dot, and Apple HomeKit, among other devices, for efficient control through voice commands.

What’s more, the rechargeable battery has a high charge capacity for extended performance. Therefore, this video doorbell could monitor your home round the clock!

6700mAh batteries.The batteries drain faster.
AI motion detection.Some users face challenges setting it up.
Two-way communication.
Best Rated Video Doorbell Reviews

How To Buy the Best-Rated Video Doorbell System

If you’re looking to install the best-rated video doorbell system on your front door, you will consider a few smart features. And they include the following:

Video Resolution

When looking to buy a video doorbell for your front door, you want to ensure you can see details in unmatched sharpness, however small they might be. But that’s only possible if your video resolution is impressive.

So, if you want an impressive video resolution, look for a camera with HD performance.

1080P cameras ensure the recorded video clips are of quality. As such, look for cameras with this resolution. But you can go higher to opt for better resolutions.

You can be sure to find cameras with 2K resolutions. For example, the Eufy video doorbell boasts a 2K resolution. So, you want to opt for the highest resolution to get impressive video quality.

Two-Way Communication

You also want a video doorbell that allows you to communicate with the visitor at the door in real-time. Such a video doorbell comes in handy when looking to verify the visitor’s identity before letting anyone into your home.

Usually, these video doorbell systems have a built-in microphone and speaker for real-time communication.

Once your visitor presses the talk button on your video doorbell, this device initiates an in-app call. You will then see and talk to the visitor from anywhere.

Besides, video doorbells with this feature connect to your Wi-Fi network to access and control them from anywhere. So, ensure your preferred video doorbell has this feature.

Night Vision

You also want to monitor your property at night. And night vision performance will help you greatly in this case. But if you want excellent night vision performance, ensure your smart video doorbell system supports color night vision.

The Skybell HD Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera and Ring video doorbell Pro are a few examples of video doorbell systems with color night vision. Therefore, consider color night vision for excellent night vision performance.

Field of View

The field of view ideal for a video doorbell depends on the area you’re looking to monitor. For example, if you only need to see the person at the front door, a small field of view will work fine.

But if you need to see an entire area and everything in the background, you will need a larger field of view.

It is ideal to opt for a larger field of view. Your device will monitor a larger area, meaning it will record everything happening in the background. Besides, you could customize the motion detection to focus on a place you feel is prone to porch pirates.

Motion Detection

PIR motion sensors work excellently to detect humans in the background. And since some people are porch pirates, you want a video doorbell that can tell humans apart from many objects in the background.

If that’s what you want, opt for video doorbells with PIR sensors. Besides, these devices will alert you if someone is on your property. For example, a video doorbell with this feature will send you alerts if someone is at the front door.

Also, you could receive notifications if someone is approaching your front door. Therefore, consider video doorbell systems with smart motion detection.

Activity Zone Customization

A video doorbell system with a large field of view monitors a large area for sure. But sometimes, you might need to focus more attention on a given area.

If this is the case, you need a video doorbell system that lets you customize an activity zone. You will then monitor your preferred zone more often so that you can receive alerts if someone visits that zone. So, consider buying a video doorbell system with this feature.

Facial Recognition

Some models could recognize a visitor if they’re visiting for a subsequent time. The Kami Vision Doorbell is one such model with facial recognition capability.

It uses AI technology to recognize visitors. As a result, your device will notify you if someone is visiting for the second or third time. Consider video doorbells with this feature to always stay ahead of familiar visitors.

Wired vs Wireless

Video doorbells need around 16 volts (or more) to function. While most batteries provide sufficient power, you can be sure to find other batteries that don’t provide sufficient juice.

So, you want to ensure the batteries are powerful enough to provide at least 16V if you’re opting for a wireless video doorbell.

Also, if you’re opting for a wired video doorbell, you want to ensure the existing doorbell wiring system provides at least 16V. Usually, newer homes have doorbell wiring systems with a transformer to provide 16V – 24V for efficient video doorbell functioning.

But older homes might lack these transformers. So, consider upgrading your doorbell wiring system to provide the needed volts.

Storage Options

Video doorbells store the recorded video on an SD card or in the cloud. And that means you have two storage options. If you’re looking to opt for SD card storage, ensure the video doorbell supports SD cards with larger storage capacities.

128GB is ideal, but you could go higher to store more videos on your SD card.

But you will consider more than the storage capacity if you’re opting to store your videos in the cloud. First, you will be looking for the storage space available.

Second, you will be looking for privacy. Your video doorbell should keep your data private and secure. So, look for one with the highest encryption standard.


What is a Pre-roll feature?

Usually, Ring video doorbell systems have this smart feature. So, pre-roll is a smart feature that allows your Ring video doorbell pro to record videos seconds before an intruder triggers the motion sensors.

As a result, your device will let you see what happened moments before the intruder triggered motion detection.

Do video doorbell systems have color night vision?

Yes, some video doorbell systems have color night vision. Unlike infrared night vision that records videos in black and white, color night vision is superior.

And color night vision records videos in HD while making sure the videos are colored. So, if your video doorbell has this feature, you’d think it recorded the video during the day. As such, they offer excellent monitoring during the night.

Can any moving object trigger my video doorbell motion sensor?

No, video doorbell systems have advanced motion sensors to eliminate what’s not essential as far as motion detection goes. For example, SimpliSafe video doorbell Pro is a video doorbell system with dual-sensor tech to eliminate false alerts.

So, this video doorbell system uses a PIR sensor for detecting heat signatures from humans.

Additionally, it uses another sensor to detect the human form in the background. And the result is more accurate alerts since vehicles will not trigger motion detection. So, not every moving object will trigger your video doorbell’s motion sensors.

Can I communicate with the visitor at the door in real-time?

Yes, video doorbells have built-in speakers and a microphone for communicating with the visitor at the door in real-time. The visitor only needs to press the talk button, and the device will initiate an in-app call.

What’s more, you can communicate with your visitor from anywhere since your device connects to the Wi-Fi for remote access and control.

Do video doorbells keep the recorded videos safe?

Yes, video doorbells highly encrypt your videos stored in the cloud to keep your data safe and private. Some even go the extra mile to use military-grade 256-bit encryption to secure the videos stored in the cloud.

As such, they are safe to keep your data secure and private.

Wrap Up

The best-rated video doorbell systems outperform substandard video doorbells in every way. First, they have High-Definition cameras for impressive video quality.

What’s more, they have night vision, with some having color night vision for more detailed video clips recorded at night.

Also, they feature two-way communication with powerful speakers and microphones that listen to everything from up to 1000 feet away. The wireless models even feature powerful batteries to monitor your property for many months nonstop.

As such, they are a great addition to home security cameras.

We have rounded up a few best-rated video doorbells that might be best for you. You can check them out and see which models suit your smart home best. And if you haven’t found your preferred video doorbell, be sure to use the buyer’s guide to find other best-rated models.

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