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Best Silicone Bags for Sous Vide

Sous vide is one of the most common ways of common in modern times. It is common amongst those seeking to live healthy lives free from excess calories and certain chemicals associated with certain types of cooking, such as deep-frying. One of the most common questions people deal with is how to get the best bags for sous vide.

If you want to try sous-vide cooking, you need to have the right tools. For this review, we focus on getting the right bags for sous-vide cooking to ensure you have a smooth cooking experience.

The best bags for sous vide are silicone bags; however, there are various types to choose from in the market. I will highlight some of the top bags that will help you with your cooking needs and the benefits of buying them.

I will also guide you on how to purchase the right silicone bag for your cooking experience.

 Sili Sous Vide Silicone Bags

The manufacturer has concerns about the environment and has made it eco-friendly than other manufacturers. The reusable silicone bags are designed to help you vacuum meals easily and fast.

For those interested in weight and calories reduction, this bag helps you reduce calories consumption since you have to vacuum most of your meals. You also get to eat a healthy diet free from spices and fats.

The bag is perfect for sous-vide cooking since it is designed to survive high boiling temperatures up to 185F, depending on the meal you are cooking.

The bag is manufactured from sustainable and safe silicone materials that have no cancerous effects, even if the bag comes into contact with the food.

If you need slow, tender cooking, this bag covers all your needs while allowing you to preserve the juicy flavors that would otherwise be lost in other methods of cooking, such as boiling and frying.

Most sous vide bags are designed to be used for one-time cooking. However, you have the option to reuse this bag hence saving on money and preserving the environment.

However, you need to be cautious since the seal-tight property reduces the more you reuse it. You can use it probably twice or thrice before getting a new one.

It is compatible and can be used in different immersion circulators such as Anova, All-clad, Vacmaster, etc. You can also use it in a water oven, but the valve does not submerge to prevent any accidents during cooking.

Other features such as seal-tight properties ensure chances of accidents are minimized. Before using, ensure no liquid enters the valve. If you find any, dry it using a paper towel.

Instead of using plastic bags, you can buy this BPA free bag and reuse it for different meals. The bag is refrigerator and dishwasher safe, meaning you can keep it in either place without worrying about stains or the food going bad.

The bag is suitable for food storage but is not designed to last longer in the freezer or refrigerator, you can only store it there for a short while.

The vacuum sealer bags come with instruction manuals on how to use them. You do not need the manual to learn how to use the bag, they are easy to use and require no additional elements.

You are advised to use the cooking clips to keep the top sections afloat to make cooking easy. You can also buy cooking twines if you do not love the clips.

The clips are essential during commercial water bath to avoid the risk of the valves submerging into the water. The round shape makes the bag compatible with pots and cooking pans you have in the house.

There are many manufactures making sous vide bags; however, this manufacturer offers exemplary services. You get a full refund if the bags have faults, and in case of any accidents, you can contact them for a replacement.

They have excellent customer service. The bags also come with additional accessories such as a pump, spare slider to help you with your cooking.

It comes with additional accessories.The slider that holds the top of the bag is made of brittle plastic, which can break easily.
Excellent customer services.They are rare and difficult to find.
Best Silicone Bags for Sous Vide Reviews

 Platinum Pure – Large Reusable Sous Vide Bags

The reusable silicone bags surpass all the silicone sous vide bags since they are made from platinum pure LFGB silicones with no fillers. It is certified by organizations such as European LFGB standards since it is PVC BPA free.

During the manufacturing, the platinum curing process ensures no bi-products or chemicals with BPA and PVC properties. Some traditional plastic bags leave behind odors that can mess with the flavor, this bag has no odor, and your food retains the original flavor.

The bags are large and wide enough to accommodate large meals for families. If you are preparing a meal for your friends or family, this is the bag to go for. The size also makes them suitable storage bags.

They are suitable for preparing various sous vide recipes such as meat, fish, vegetables, and steak. Instead of using vacuum sealers, the bag is designed with heat exchange and air displacement technology that keeps air and any fluids from the food while dipping in the pot.

However, the bag is designed not to be fully submerged when cooking. Ensure the food is fully submerged while the opening stays above water. This technology ensures the food cooks evenly hence solving a challenge common in zipper seal bags.

The thin design also ensures the heat has maximum contact with the food and all sections are properly cooked. The bag is eco-friendly since you can recycle it and is dishwasher safe.

The round bottom corners make it easy to clean by eliminating the tough to clean corners. It is compatible with all immersion circulators, you do not have to worry about the pot or the circulator you are using.

It is different from other bags, you need to read the manual and instructions before using it. Here is a simple guideline for using the bag: Put the desired meal in it and do not seal it.

Lower it into the water and allow the air to escape. You will know the air has fully escaped when the bag warps on the meal, then seal the bag. When cooking, ensure the opening is above the water on the sides of the pot.

You can achieve this by using clips. Alternatively, you can seal the opening using a silicon fastener which is part of the package when you buy the bags.

No vacuum sealer needed.The bags float easily, and you have to anchor them down.
Compatible with all immersion circulators.The displacement method does not work perfectly well.
Best Silicone Bags for Sous Vide Reviews

 Stasher Platinum Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag

These storage bags are suitable for keeping meals safe and free from contamination since they are PVC, Latex, and BPA free. Unlike traditional single-use plastic bags, you can reuse them for cooking and as sandwich bags to store sandwiches.

You can also store other snacks apart from sandwiches. The sandwich bag is made from platinum food-grade silicone to ensure no chemicals, even if you store the food longer.

With these stasher bags, you become a part of the global community committed to environmental preservation by limiting the dumping of bags. You are indirectly a part of the ‘keep our oceans clean initiative.’

When cooking, you do not have to worry about leakages. The bags are leakage-proof and are self-sealing to keep away any air or liquids when cooking.

The bags are designed with unique technologies to keep the food safe and improve the cooking experience. The innovative air-tight Pinch-Loc TM feature makes it suitable for food storage, cooking, and marinading.

The reusable silicone bags ensure the flavors and juices remain intact when cooking and storing your food. To eliminate the air, burp the stasher, and you can seal your food to begin cooking.

The stasher bags are microwave and dishwasher safe. You can warm your food in the microwave without worrying about PVC or BPA stains since the bags are eco-friendly and do not burn even in high temperatures.

It can survive in high boiling temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. They are refrigerator and freezer friendly and can last longer in frozen conditions than other silicone bags.

This attribute makes the perfect storage bags for foods stored in freezing or cold temperature conditions.

The stasher bags are manufactured in different sizes for different functions. Sandwich bags have a different capacity compared to snacks, pockets, and bags for sous vide.

There are other variations such as ½ gallon bag suitable for cooking, or the stand-up, and the go bag, which is portable and you can use to carry food. The capacity ranges from 4 ounces to 103.9 ounces; hence you have the freedom to choose any depending on your needs.

These bags are more reliable than Ziplock bags and be used for different reasons such as freezing, heating, cooking, or thawing. They are also compatible with different immersion circulators.

They come with additional accessories, such as the pump have a superior seal to ensure the food is safe during storage and cooking. They are the perfect everyday bags since you can use them for many activities and help you easily reheat your food.

Microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher safe.The volume inside is not enough for large foods.
Suitable for storing food eve those that require refrigeration.Difficult to clean and can easily rip off when cleaning.
Available in different sizes for different purposes.
Best Silicone Bags for Sous Vide Reviews

Guide to choosing the best silicone sous vide cooking bags

Choosing a bag should be easier as long as you follow the right procedures and focus on certain features. From the reviews, we have focused on certain benefits of having the right bag. Consider the following factors when selecting the bags.

Bag type

We live in the moments when the greatest focus is on the environment and conservation. A good bag should be eco-friendly to reduce the dumping of plastic wastes into the sea and the dust bins.

The bags should be manufactured from environmentally friendly products such as silicone. They should be PVC, Latex, and BPA free. Based on the bag type, silicone bags are more eco-friendly compared to plastic bags.

Plastic bags are manufactured from PVC, which contains harmful chemicals to your health and can damage the environment during disposal.


A good bag should be used for multiple cooking. Silicone bags are heat resilient; they are manufactured from technologies that enable them to last longer.

They are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe, meaning you can reuse them or recycle them for other needs. A plastic bag is not very resilient when exposed to high temperatures.

They begin to burn and shrink at a certain point and can release PVC chemicals into the food. A single use plastic bag is only useful for one-time cooking, after which you have to dispose of them and buy another one.

The ability to recycle and reuse silicone sous-vide cooking bags enable you to save on the money spent on buying bags all the time.

The size

Sous vide bags come in various sizes. They vary in terms of the capacity of food they can contain. Before selecting a bag, consider factors such as family size and the intended use.

If you have a large family, buy large or extra-large sous vide bags. Otherwise, you can select the medium or the small size. If you need the bag for food storage, you can also select based on the size. They come in various sizes depending on the food you want to store or cook.

The intended function

Sous vide bags have various functions. They can also be used for multiple functions such as food storage, carrying food, preheating, cooking, and thawing.

Some bags will perform all these functions without any challenges; however, most are suitable for cooking and storage. If you need a bag for storage, you should consider using it to store foods in various conditions, such as refrigeration.

Most bags are not designed to stay long in freezing conditions; however, you can get a few suitable for freezing.

Storage bags are also suitable for preheating since they are microwave safe. When buying cooking bags, consider those that will allow you to cook under high temperatures.

Each bag has a maximum temperature limit. If you pass the limit, the bag begins to crumble; water will leak into the food, interfering with the cooking experience.

Ziplock or classic

The rivalry between classic and Ziplock bags exposes the advantages and disadvantages. Ziploc bags are easier to open and close compared to classic bags.

This feature enables them to provide maximum suction when vacuuming up and is also suitable for food storage. They can be resealed if you feel you have not vacuumed all the air in the bag.

This feature also makes them suitable for reducing or eliminating freezer burn effects. This explains why most freezer bags are ziplocked.

Classic bags can only be sealed once, and you cannot reseal them even after realizing some air is still trapped in the bag. Most of them are single use plastic bags. Silicone classic bags are suitable for cooking foods that require high-temperature boiling.

The price ranges

The bags should suit your budget and should be reliable. Before buying the bags, you can research the price range and select one that is cheaper but offers all the required benefits. It should also have the features you need in a bag.

Customer services

Buying a sous vide cooking bag requires you to focus on customer services. First, consider the bags that offer a warranty, though most do not offer a warranty.

The bags are sometimes very fragile and can tear, or you can find certain faults even before using them. You need to buy from a provider who will allow returns and give a replacement or fully refund your money.

You should also consider additional support services such as free delivery or shipping. The bags should also have manuals to help you understand how to use them, especially for new users.

Ease of use

Consider the ease of using the bags without any complications or accidents. Easy to use bags have fewer accessories, and they have manuals detailing how to use them.

They should also be easy to clean for reuse purposes. They have design modifications to enable the buyers to cook without worrying about the bag and the food submerging. The modifications should also prevent water from entering into the bags through the top sections.

 More Features

sometimes sous vide cooking bags require additional features for cooking. Some may provide all the features, such as pumps and clips, and others may not. You should choose only those that offer all the features hence saving you from additional costs.

 Our verdict

Overall, Sili Sous Vide Silicone Bags are the best silicone sous-vide cooking bags. They are ecofriendly and are designed with silicone to ensure they are PVC, Latex, and BPA free. They are reusable hence enabling you to save on costs of buying single use plastic bags which are expensive in the long run. These bags can be used to store food and cook at high temperatures without leaking. The seal vacuum seal bag keeps your food safe during the heating, and the manufacturer also provides clips to ensure the top section stays afloat. They have a round edge design, making them easy to clean, and a thin design maximizes heat exchange and contact with the food enabling the food to cook evenly. You also get a full refund in case of any faults with the bags.

If you want to lead a healthy life by reducing weight and reducing calories consumption, silicone sous vide bags have you covered.

They are made from silicone which is friendly and does not have harmful chemicals. The materials also ensure they are leak-proof and can be used for multiple functions.

However, before buying silicone sous vide bag, consider the price, reusability, size, and additional cooking accessories.

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