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Best Smart Door Locks with Deadbolt

When smartening your home, it’s ideal to start with your home security. A smart door lock is the smart home device to use when adding extra security layers to your home security.

But not any smart door lock is best for your smart home since you can be sure to find substandard locks on the market. Here are the best door locks with deadbolt.

We have taken the time to bring you some of the best smart door locks with deadbolts. The smart door locks on this list allow you to unlock them remotely via their respective mobile Apps.

As such, they are convenient, especially if you’re looking to let your guests into your home when you aren’t around. 

They also have other keyless entry modes that make them burglar-proof.

If you want to smarten your home security, you should consider installing a smart door lock on your front door and any other door leading to your home

This article will look at some of the smart door locks you might find are best for your smart home. It will also look at the features to keep a closer eye on when shopping for smart locks.

So be sure to read on for more information. 

What Smart Door Locks Should You Invest in For Smart Home Security?

SECURAM Touch Smart Lock Deadbolt

If you’re looking to boost your smart home security, going keyless could save you from potential burglars. Fortunately, Securam smart door lock grants you keyless entry into your smart home with its one-touch fingerprint access.

What’s more, the smart door lock allows you to unlock it remotely via the SECURAM App. Install the App on your smartphone or tablet and unlock your door from anywhere on the globe!

The smart door lock also has two other control options: a touchpad and physical keys. Enter a unique code by touching the touchscreen keypad to unlock the door lock or use a physical key to gain entry into your smart home.

The remote control feature via the App comes in handy when allowing guests into your home when you’re not around.

You can also unlock the smart door lock by issuing voice commands since it’s compatible with voice control devices such as Amazon Alexa. Once you’ve paired it with Alexa, you can be sure to unlock the door by commanding Alexa to open the door.

The best part is your smart door lock has an auto-locking mechanism that means you don’t have to lock the door lock yourself once you’ve entered.

Installation is quite a breeze, and you can do it yourself. Replace your existing deadbolt with this smart door lock to add extra security layers to your smart home.

Given its premium quality construction and impressive performance, this Securam smart door lock could be the device to install on your front door. 

Remote control from anywhere.It requires a smart hub to send one-time codes.
High-security fingerprint entry.Installation might be a hassle for some users.
Smart alerts via the App.
Best Smart Door Locks Reviews

FZG Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt 

FZG smart door lock boasts an Aluminum metal construction that makes it strong and durable.

With such premium-quality construction, you can be sure that your smart door lock will handle everything you throw at it.

As one of the smart locks that grant keyless entry, this smart door lock comes with four keyless entry options.

First, you can control it remotely via an App on your smartphone or tablet. The TT Lock App unlocks the smart door lock from any location, giving you remote control of your home security system.

Second, you can unlock the smart lock using its IC card. 

You can also use access codes to unlock this smart door lock. What’s more, you can create one-time access codes for the service delivery staff and other guests.

The App allows you to share the eKeys with your guests with lots of conveniences. The smart door lock has an intuitive touchpad that is scratch-resistant. And this only adds to its durability.

And if you’d love to use the mechanical keys to unlock your smart door lock, why not? Besides, this smart door lock is easy to install. Install it on your front door or bedroom doors and make your smart home burglar-proof.

The App helps you boost security by letting you see all the access logs.

You can replace an existing deadbolt with this smart lock and unlock the door using a traditional key and other door unlocking options such as IC cards and codes, as we have seen.

It uses AA batteries to provide power even when there is a power outage. If you’re looking for a smart door lock with a deadbolt for your smart home, consider this FZG smart door lock.

Premium quality materials.It doesn't come with batteries.
Remote control via an App.It requires a hub to unlock it remotely.
Micro-USB charging interface.
Best Smart Door Locks Reviews

Reagle Smart Lock, Bluetooth Keypad Deadbolt

If there is one feature that makes this Reagle Smart Lock special, it is its auto-unlock feature. Approach your front door with your smartphone on your, and this smart lock auto unlocks itself.

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, your smart door lock detects your smartphone’s presence and auto unlocks the door for you. Therefore, you don’t have to fumble with a traditional key on your hand anymore!

The lock also lets you control it from any place. Convert your Apple TV, HomePod, or iPads into smart home hubs to control this smart door lock remotely from anywhere on the globe.

You can also use the Reagle Gateway as a smart hub to control your door lock remotely via an App.

Since controlling this smart lock is easy (and you can do it from anywhere), you can invest in a Reagle Smart Lock when shopping for other smart home devices.

The lock has keypads for entering access codes. That means you can use access codes to gain keyless entry into your smart home. 

The keypads are backlit, making it easier for your guests to enter access codes once you’ve shared the customized access codes with them via the App.

The App also lets you see who has entered your smart home using the customized user codes. If you’re looking for a smart door lock with a deadbolt, you can also consider this smart door lock.

As you’d have guessed, this smart door lock uses batteries to operate. But it does what most smart locks don’t do: it alerts you if the battery is low via push notification on the App.

It works with Siri to allow you to command it through voice commands. 

Auto unlock performance.No USB charging interface.
You can share customized access codes.No touchscreen keypad.
Smart hub versatility.
Best Smart Door Locks Reviews

Schlage Encode Smart WIFI Deadbolt

Schlage has a touchscreen keypad that isn’t only intuitive but also hack-proof. Once you have programmed your Schlage smart lock, you can gain keyless entry using access codes that you’ve set up.

You can also control your smart lock remotely via an App on your smartphone or tablet.

Schlage smart lock has a built-in Wi Fi, meaning it connects to your Wi Fi network to let you control it remotely from any location.

What’s more, you don’t need a hub to control your smart lock remotely via the Schlage Home app. 

With your Schlage Wi Fi smart lock, you can let craftsmen and other guests into your home without them needing a traditional key.

You also have the option to unlock your door by voice, thanks to the smart lock’s compatibility with an Alexa device!

Schlage has improved its smart door lock both in design and style. Their door lock has a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen to eliminate any possibility of burglars guessing your access codes.

The Aged Bronze material only complements your home décor, while Camelot style makes your front door look contemporary and elegant at the same time.

You can also detect intrusion with the smart lock’s built-in alarm. The alarm also warns of low battery, making sure your home security is never vulnerable to breaches.

Therefore, this Schlage smart door lock has what it takes to boost your home security by granting you keyless entry into your smart home.

Fingerprint-resistant touchpad.No USB charging interface.
It is easy to install.Installation might be a problem for some users.
Remote control via App.
Best Smart Door Locks Reviews

Kwikset 99390-001 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Kwikset smart door lock comes in a beautiful Satin Nickel finish to make your front door elegant and burglar-proof.

But underneath that beautiful finish are state-of-the-art security features that make this smart door lock worth considering when smartening your home.

As a Wi-Fi-enabled smart door lock, this smart lock connects to your home Wi-Fi network to let you control it remotely via an App.

Once you’ve installed the Kwikset app on your smartphone or tablet, you can be sure to unlock the smart lock from any location.

The smart door lock is also compatible with Amazon Alexa to grant you voice control over it. Command Alexa to unlock the door when you’re expecting a visitor and watch your smart lock unlock itself without further input.

You can also choose to enter the access code on the touchscreen pad to gain keyless entry into your smart home. 

Additionally, the smart door lock also accepts a traditional key entry mode. Therefore, you have options for entering your smart home.

Like other smart door locks, such as the August Wi Fi smart lock, Kwikset smart door lock also allows you to customize access codes for the guests.

The best part is the access codes only last for 24 hours, meaning one once can breach the security without your permission.

Therefore, this smart door lock offers excellent home security with its three keyless entry modes.

Besides, the touchscreen is secure and doesn’t leave fingerprints behind for someone to guess your access code. 

Three keyless entry modes.No Bluetooth connectivity.
It works with voice assistants.No USB charging interface.
Secure touchscreen.
Best Smart Door Locks Reviews

How to Choose Smart Door Locks with Deadbolts

Schlage smart lock

Communication Protocol

A smart door lock will need to communicate with your smartphone or tablet that acts as the control panel. There are three communication protocols for smart door locks: Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and Wi-Fi.

Each one has its use, meaning you have to consider a smart door lock’s communication protocol before buying it. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to unlock a smart lock remotely. However, it covers a limited range, usually 300 feet radius. That means you can’t remotely unlock your smart door lock from over 300 feet away.

Bluetooth smart locks have long-lasting batteries since this communication protocol doesn’t require a lot of battery power. You can be sure to replace the batteries after a year or longer. 

Another benefit of smart locks with Bluetooth connectivity is that they auto-unlock the door when you’re within range.

A good example is the Reagle Smart Lock that we’ve reviewed on the list above.

August smart door locks also have this feature (auto-unlock). If you’d love your smart lock to auto-unlock itself when you’re approaching the front door, you should get a Bluetooth-enabled smart door lock.

Z-Wave Connectivity

Z-Wave communication protocol allows you to unlock your door remotely from any location on the planet.

Z-Wave smart door locks, however, need a Z-Wave hub to translate their signals into a language your control panel can understand.

You will then control the smart locks successfully from any location via a mobile App. Your Z-Wave smart lock should be within a 120-feet range to communicate with the Z-Wave hub. 

But you can add range extenders to help the hub communicate with smart locks that are further away.

Z-Wave smart door locks are easier to control since you can control them from a single App.

You can as well download a dedicated App to control your smart lock. If you’d love to control other smart home devices from the same App as the Z-Wave smart lock’s App, then select these smart door locks.

But you will need to invest in a hub, as we’ve already seen.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Some smart door locks have built-in Wi-Fi. They can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network to allow you to control them remotely via a mobile App.

What’s more, these smart locks don’t require a hub to unlock them remotely. They have a cloud-based service to allow you to unlock them remotely once they have connected to your Wi-Fi network.

They are your go-to smart locks if you’d want to let in the delivery guy with your package. 

Keyless Entry Modes

Besides controlling your smart door lock remotely, you should also have other keyless entry modes. Access codes are great for keyless entry.

Also, your smart lock could let you use IC Cards, which also grant you keyless entry into your smart home. 

The more keyless entry modes a smart lock has, the better! Your home will be more burglar-proof if you have more keyless entry options.

Therefore, look for smart door locks with plenty of keyless entry modes to add more security layers to your smart home.

Geofencing Technology

You can find smart door locks with geofencing technology.

Once your smart door lock has detected that you’re on your way back from work or any other place, it prepares to unlock when you’re within an acceptable range.

What’s more, geofencing never unlocks the door when you’re still far since this leaves your home vulnerable to burglar attack.

Geofencing also initiates an automatic lock when you’re out of a given range. As such, you don’t need to worry about coming back to check if you have locked the doors.

Therefore, be sure to consider a smart door lock with geofencing technology if you want your device to lock and unlock the door automatically without much input.

Voice Assistant Compatibility

You could also control your smart door lock by voice, thanks to their compatibility with voice control devices.

Smart locks are compatible with various voice assistants, with Amazon Alexa being the common voice assistant smart for smart door locks. 

Once you have paired the lock with your favorite voice assistant and added the correct skill, you can command the voice assistant to open the door.

You can then gain keyless entry into your home with hands full of groceries since you will not have to use mechanical keys to unlock the door.

Voice command is also great when you’re busy attending to other tasks requiring urgent attention, like cooking when you also need to get the door. 

With a voice control device, you can unlock the door from the comfort of your sofa.

Therefore, consider buying a smart door lock compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Siri, among other voice assistants. 

Access Code Sharing and Management

Sometimes, you might not be around to command Alexa to open the door for your guest or in-home delivery guy.

You might also want to avoid remotely unlocking the smart lock because you wouldn’t be sure that it’s your guest who has entered your home and not someone else.

You might want to send a one-time access code to your guest because you will be sure that your guest has entered your warm and welcoming home.

Fortunately, you can find some smart door locks that allow you to customize access codes for the guests. And the best part is the access codes only work for a duration according to your settings. 

After that, the codes expire, meaning no unwanted guest will enter your home. You can create a one-time access code for a guest and send it via a mobile app on your smartphone.

Therefore, be sure to consider buying a smart door lock that lets you create or customize a one-time access code for a guest.

Power Backup

When shopping for a smart door lock, you need to consider its battery performance. You want a battery that lasts longer to provide extra security layers for an extended period.

But sometimes, your battery might drain faster than you had anticipated, and your smart door lock won’t unlock the door without battery power. 

But with an external pot through which you can connect a 9-Volt battery, you can provide the extra juice to unlock the smart door lock by entering an access code.

These external pots provide efficient battery backup power for unlocking the door after the main battery power has died. Therefore, consider buying smart door locks with power backup plans.

The Design

A smart lock’s design could also be a deciding factor when shopping for smart door locks for your front door. You can find smart locks with a touchscreen keypad.

You can also find others with physical keypads. When buying a smart lock with a touchscreen keypad, make sure the keypad is intuitive and fingerprint-proof. 

But should you decide that you want to buy a smart lock with physical keypads, make sure the keypads are backlit.

You will conveniently enter your access codes even when it’s dark outside if your keypads are backlit.

There are other design details to consider, but they depend on your taste and preferences. 

If you’d love to have a contemporary taste to your door, you could choose a smart lock with aged Bronze material construction. It all boils down to the design you find attractive.

There is always a smart door lock that meets your aesthetics standards. So, be sure to look for such a smart door lock. 


What exactly is a smart door lock?

A smart door lock is an electromechanical device you install on your front door to perform the locking and unlocking functions with little input from the user.

It lets you unlock your door remotely via an App on your smartphone. You can be sure to find various smart door lock models on the market.

Therefore, you are free to choose the model that works best for your smart home. 

Can Alexa unlock my smart door locks?

You could pair your smart door lock with Amazon Alexa and program the voice assistant to execute specific commands after uttering some words.

Smart door locks can also work with other voice assistants like Apple HomeKit.

Therefore, your choice for a particular voice assistant is not limited. Your smart door lock could connect to Alexa through a Wi-Fi network. It can also connect via Bluetooth.

Once you have paired a smart door lock with Alexa and you’ve added the right skills, you can command Alexa to open the door for a guest.

Therefore, Alexa can unlock your door if you install a smart door lock and you’ve paired it with Alexa. 

Can I connect my smart door lock with other smart home devices?

There is not a thing you can’t do when it comes to your safety in your smart home. It is now possible to connect a smart door lock with other smart home devices like CO2 alarms through a smart hub.

What’s more, your door will auto-unlock when the CO2 alarm goes off, giving you an easy time to exit the room for safety. So, your smart door lock can work with other smart home devices to boost your home security.

Can I charge a smart lock’s battery?

It depends on your smart door lock’s model. Some smart door locks come with disposable batteries. On the other hand, some come with rechargeable batteries.

These smart door locks usually include a mini USB charging interface for adding extra juice to the batteries. So, you could charge your batteries if the smart door lock has a mini USB charging interface. 

How long can my battery last?

Smart door locks continue to undergo significant updates that see them get better with each update. They continue to use less power, which means they can work for an extended period.

With advanced battery technology, you can be sure to have impressive battery performance from your disposable battery. Today’s smart door lock’s battery can run for 3-5 years before you can replace it.

Wrap Up

Keyless smart locks are an excellent way to add extra security layers to your smart home. By removing the need to use keys to enter a house, smart door locks make homes burglar-proof.

They connect to your Wi-Fi network to allow you to control them remotely from an App on your smartphone or tablet. 

Besides, they have durable batteries to ensure they provide excellent security throughout the year. As such, they are great for any smart home.

You can find various models on the market for your home. Whether you need a smart lock that automatically unlocks the front door when you approach it, you can find the right smart door lock. 

We have taken the time to present you with a few smart door locks with deadbolts to help you secure your home. They work efficiently and might surpass your expectations.

We have also included a guide to help you spot the best smart door locks, such as Yale Assure Lock SL.

As such, sourcing a smart door lock for securing your home might be simpler than before. Boost your home security by going keyless. 

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