The Best Smart Gas Ranges You Can Control With an App

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Ready to upgrade your kitchen with smart home technology? Cooking has come a long way with smart appliances. Now you can get a gas range that combines a smart wifi-controlled gas oven with gas burners. With remote monitoring and operation from your smartphone, you can see exactly what’s going on in your oven when you’re in the next room (or still at work). When dinner is finished cooking, you can even shut off the oven via a simple voice command. Read on for our picks for the best smart gas ranges.

What Can a Smart Gas Range Do?

The ability to connect to wifi or Bluetooth is what makes the best smart gas ranges smart. This connectivity enables you to control your oven via your mobile device or tablet, whether you’re on the other side of the house or sitting in traffic. For example, say you worked late: Using your smartphone you can preheat the oven so it’s ready to cook as soon as you walk in the door. Here are some other tasks you can perform with a smart gas range:

  • Turn the oven on and off from your phone
  • Set and monitor timers via your smart device
  • Send recipes to your oven to set temperature and cooking functions
  • Use Alexa or another digital assistant for voice commands (“Alexa, preheat the oven to 400 degrees”)
  • Get text notifications to your phone when your food is done

Some smart gas ranges have features like an internal oven camera so you can keep an eye on your food. Others have sensors that can automatically adjust cooking temperature and time depending on the size of a roast, for instance.

A Note on Smart Gas Range Safety

While you can purchase a smart gas range that combines gas burners with a gas oven, note that the burners won’t have remote operating capabilities. While preheating your oven before you get home is perfectly safe, burners are another story. It would be extremely dangerous to have open flames while you’re away from home or even in another room. But with a smart gas range, you can get the best of both worlds (a smart oven and powerful gas burners).

The Best Smart Gas Ranges You Can Control With an App

Café 7.0 Cu. Ft. Slide-In Double Oven Gas Range

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or starting from scratch, the Café 7.0 Cu. Ft. Slide-In Double Oven Gas Range is a great centerpiece for your kitchen. With two ovens, you can cook dinner and dessert at the same time at different temperatures. Plus, the bottom unit is a convection oven, giving you the power to cook food quickly.

This range has a sleek design, with an LED control panel that almost disappears when it’s not in use. The six-burner cooktop means you can cook a feast for a crowd. A 21K triple ring burner provides gentle even heat for simmering sauces, while a 15K power burner boils water extra quickly. There’s even an integrated cast-iron griddle for making pancakes or other favorite dishes.

This gas range’s smart features make it a cut above: With WiFi Connect, you can control your oven via your smartphone or even via voice commands. There’s a smart temperature probe that lets you monitor the temperature of your turkey from your phone without opening the oven door. And the Chef Connect feature synchronizes all your appliance clocks and will automatically vent when a burner is in use. Overall, this is a fantastic range if you love to cook and would utilize two ovens and six burners.

Double ovensExpensive
Smart temperature probeComes in one color
Voice commands & smartphone control
Best Smart Gas Ranges Reviews

GE Profile™ 30″ Smart Slide-In Front-Control Gas Fingerprint Resistant Range with No Preheat Air Fry

The GE Profile™ 30″ Smart Slide-In Front-Control Gas Fingerprint Resistant Range is loaded with incredible features that will make your time in the kitchen easier and more fun. First, let’s look at the basic cooking features: An edge-to-edge cooktop gives you a big cooking space that can fit any cookware. A tri-ring burner gives you three different-sized flame rings on on burner, so you can cook low and slow or boil water in a snap.

There’s also a dual-purpose center burner that can be round or oval shaped depending on the cookware you’re using. The oven has a no-preheat air fryer function to cook healthier, crispy foods, and features True European Convection with a third heating element and fan for convection cooking. There’s also a reversible grill and griddle on the cooktop.

Then there’s the aesthetic qualities: This smart gas range is made of fingerprint-resistant stainless so it always looks great. It’s got backlit glass touch controls so the display disappears when it’s not in use. And what about the tech? This smart range has built-in wi-fi so you can control the oven with the SmartHQ app on your smartphone. There’s a smart temperature probe so you can remotely monitor your roast or turkey. Plus, a self-cleaning steam clean option enables you to clean your oven with less heat and odor. Overall, this is a fantastic range at a reasonable price point to fit an existing 30″ cut-out.

Air Fry featureOnly one finish option
Versatile burnersNo preheat Air Fryer
Built in wi-fi
Best Smart Gas Ranges Reviews

LG 6.3 Cu. Ft. Self-Cleaning Slide-In Electric Induction Smart Wi-Fi Range with ProBake Convection

Our next featured range, the LG 6.3 Cu. Ft. Self-Cleaning Slide-In Electric Induction Smart Wi-Fi Range, isn’t actually a gas range at all. Instead, it uses electric induction technology that focuses heat on the bottom of cookware to ensure fast even heating. And if you have small children in the house, induction is also great for safety since there’s no open flames and will only heat pans.

Other features on this range include SmartThinQ® technology so you can remotely monitor what’s going on in your oven. Plus, it integrates with recipe management apps like Innit and SideChef so it’s easier to cook delicious meals. And the ergonomic, tilted front controls means no more reaching over hot pans to adjust your burners.

Gliding racks are another great safety feature, making it easier to get hot dishes out of the oven. And EasyClean® means you can have a sparkling clean oven in 10 minutes, without filling your home with strong chemical fumes. Combined with the convection oven, this is a seriously smart and high-tech range if you’re interested in induction cooking. However, note that induction burners only work with certain types of cookware.

Ergonomic tilted controlsInduction means you may need new cookware
Induction range is very safeLargest burner is only suitable for very large pans
Built in wi-fi
Best Smart Gas Ranges Reviews

Samsung 6.0 cu. ft. Front Control Slide-In Gas Convection Range with Air Fry & Wi-Fi

If you’re looking for an affordable smart gas range that’s still got plenty of great cooking features, the Samsung 6.0 cu. ft. Front Control Slide-In Gas Convection Range might be the one. It’s got a five-burner cooktop including two high-powered 18,000-BTU burners for fast boiling or searing, plus a griddle for pancakes or burgers.

The big 6.0 cubic feet oven has plenty of space for your Thanksgiving turkey or multiple casseroles. And it’s a convection oven, so you can cook all your favorite foods fast and evenly. Then there’s the smart features and other technology: Wi-fi connectivity means you can monitor and adjust oven cook time and temperature from your smartphone via the SmartThings™ app.

You can even control your oven via voice commands with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung’s own Bixby. And illuminated glass touch controls make it easy to choose the best cooking option for whatever you want to make. While this range doesn’t have the most design-forward look, what it lacks in high-end aesthetics it makes up for with smart features and a great price.

Affordable priceFairly basic design
Air fry featureNot the highest quality
Wi-fi connectivity
Best Smart Gas Ranges Reviews

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed perusing our picks for the best smart gas and induction ranges. Bringing smart home technology into your kitchen will help you get dinner on the table a little bit easier. From preheating the oven before you get home from work to getting notifications when your food is ready, smart gas ranges can do a whole host of tasks to help you out in the kitchen. Happy cooking!

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