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Best Smart Lock for Alexa

Installing the best smart lock on your doors is a sure way of protecting what’s inside your home. These smart locks eliminate the need to use a physical key to unlock the door.

And by taking a mechanical key out of the picture, they remain one of the most efficient and secure security systems.

They work with voice assistants to let you control them by voice commands. Once you’ve paired them with your Amazon Alexa or any other voice assistant, you could unlock them by voice.

They also accept a pin code that also eliminates the need to use a physical key. You could keep close tabs with your home since these smart locks send you security alerts concerning any security breach.

But you have to buy the best smart door lock for Alexa to secure your home efficiently. This article reviews some of the best smart door locks on the market. It also looks at a few things to consider when buying these smart home devices. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What Are Some of The Best Smart Door Locks?

WYZE Lock Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock

If you’re looking for a smart door lock that could lock and unlock your door efficiently, you should consider this Wyze smart lock. It grants you hands-free control by working with your Amazon Alexa to take your voice commands to lock or unlock the door.

But you will use a voice pin to unlock this smart lock with your voice. The voice pin adds a security layer to this device by ensuring no one else uses their voice to unlock the doors.

This smart lock also has an auto-lock and auto-unlock feature. It senses when you’re approaching the front door and unlocks itself for you. You can then have easy access to your home.

And once you’re inside, it also detects and locks itself automatically, adding more security layers to your smart home.

You have its Bluetooth connectivity to thank for the auto-lock and unlock feature. You only have to keep your paired smartphone on you to benefit from this robust feature. C

ontrolling the smart lock from anywhere is another convenience you get if you opt for this smart lock.

Since it has a built-in Wi-Fi receiver, it connects to your home network with ease, allowing you to control it remotely via the Wyze app. The remote control feature comes in handy when you want to let your trusted guests into your warm home.

You only need to tap the button on the app to lock or unlock the door from anywhere!

You also receive smart security alerts if you have not locked your door properly, thanks to the built-in gyroscope. Installation is also a total breeze since the smart door lock works your existing deadbolts.

Therefore, it is an excellent addition to doors with existing deadbolts.

It works with Alexa.It has no touch keypad.
Auto-lock and auto-unlock.You can't recharge the batteries.
Remote control.
Best Smart Lock for Alexa Reviews

Narpult Smart Door Lock

Narpult is a smart lock that works with multiple voice assistants, not just Amazon Alexa alone. You could also use your Google Assistant to control this smart lock by voice.

By obeying your voice commands, it eliminates the need to use a physical key to unlock them. And by doing so, this lock offers a more secure keyless entry into smart homes.

It boasts other keyless entry modes, one of which is the fingerprint unlock. It successfully scans your registered finger in less than two seconds to grant you a keyless entry.

You could also use the touchscreen keypad to enter a pin code for unlocking the door.

Some users even find the IC cards more convenient for unlocking these smart door locks. Whichever keyless entry mode you choose for unlocking this smart lock, you will secure your home more from potential burglars or intruders.

All the keyless entry modes work fine if you’re nearby or in contact with your smart lock.

But none is more convenient than the app control since it grants you remote control of the smart lock. The smart lock connects to your Wi-Fi network wirelessly since it is a Wi-Fi smart lock.

You can then use the TTLock app to control it from anywhere, and the best part is that you don’t need a hub!

It improves security with its auto-lock function that takes anywhere between 5-120 seconds. You could generate short-term passcodes for your guests. Once the passcodes have expired, no one will enter your home using the old passcodes you had earlier shared out.

It is also stylish and adds a classic look to any front door with its aged bronze casing material. If you’re looking to control your smart door lock with multiple voice assistants, consider checking out this smart lock and see if it works best for you.

It supports multiple voice assistants.You can't recharge the batteries.
Remote control.It doesn't work with existing deadbolts.
Best Smart Lock for Alexa Reviews

Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen

You could control this Yale Assure lock by voice after pairing it with a voice assistant of your choice. It works with various voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Voice control gives you hands-free control of the device, and it’s interesting what you could achieve with something as simple as a voice control

First, you could ask your voice assistant the smart lock’s status (whether you’ve locked or unlocked it). You could also unlock the door by commanding your voice assistant to unlock this smart lock. But voice controls only work if you’re nearby to give voice commands.

Fortunately, you could also control your lock remotely via the August app. The app lets you lock and unlock your front doors from anywhere. You only need to keep your smart lock connected to home Wi-Fi for the remote control to become a reality.

And it is a good thing this lock connects to your home Wi-Fi network.

If you have trusted guests looking to enter your home, you could create and share access codes with them. And this lets you know who has entered your home already and who is yet to gain access.

The touchscreen keypad comes in handy when entering those one-time passcodes you shared with your trusted guests.

When approaching your front door, the device automatically unlocks your door. Then it automatically locks the door behind you for added security. As such, you don’t need to worry about leaving any doors unlocked.

Once you have this smart door lock that is easy to install, you will receive real-time notifications on your app if your kids, dog walker, or guests have arrived. For these reasons, this smart lock might serve you better than you had imagined.

Remote control.No fingerprint unlock.
It supports various voice assistants.Warranty only covers the electronic components.
It is easy to install.
Best Smart Lock for Alexa Reviews

Schlage BE489WB CAM 716 Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock

The aged bronze casing material of this smart lock is one feature that stands out the most. The aged bronze material could add a classic taste to your home décor. The smart lock also packs serious features to complement its exceptional classical elegance.

First, it works with voice control devices for locking or unlocking the door through voice commands. You only need to pair this smart lock with your Alexa and command Alexa to lock or unlock the door for the arriving guests.

This is a helpful feature if you want hands-free control of the smart door lock.

Like other smart locks from this product line, such as the Schlage Encode, this smart home device also connects to your Wi-Fi network. As a result, you could control it remotely via the Home app.

Your smartphone becomes the key once you have this app running on it. You could also use the Amazon key feature on the Amazon app to control this smart lock in various ways.

The app and Amazon key allow you to create up to 100 access codes for your trusted guests. They can then gain access to your home even if you’re miles away from home.

The touchscreen keypad also accepts access codes to give you keyless entry into your home. The touchscreen keypad is fingerprint-proof, a feature that ensures you don’t leave fingerprints behind for prying eyes to guess your passcode.

The built-in alarm increases security by letting you know if there is a security breach. You will also get alarms if the battery power runs low, giving you heads-up to change the batteries.

Since the smart lock works with Alexa and accepts passcodes through its touchscreen keypad, it is a secure lock for gaining keyless entry.

Keyless entry modes.No fingerprint unlock.
Remote app control.No battery power backup port.
Built-in smart alerts.
Best Smart Lock for Alexa Reviews

ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro + Bridge Wi-Fi Adaptor

This ULTRALOQ Smart Lock is different from other smart locks in design and appearance. But it offers the same excellent security that other smart locks offer.

And it does that by removing a physical key out of the picture. That means you could unlock this smart lock without using any mechanical key.

The smart lock has a few tricks for granting you keyless entry into your home. First, it works with a voice assistant of your choice. You could pair it with Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTTT and control it through voice commands.

Voice control ensures you can unlock your smart lock while still performing other tasks that require hands-on execution, like cooking.

The fingerprint ID also grants you the same keyless entry, only that your registered finger will be your new key. What’s more, the fingerprint scanner accurately identifies your fingerprint within two seconds, thanks to the self-learning algorithms in the scanner.

You could also unlock your door by punching the passcode on the anti-peep keypad. When entering a passcode, consider adding random digits before or after the correct passcode to confuse any prying eyes. The keypads are backlit to let you use them at night.

The smart lock comes with a Wi-Fi adapter for connecting to your home Wi-Fi network. You can then control this door lock remotely via its companion smartphone app. This smart lock offers more smart features to secure your home more from potential burglars.

The auto-lock feature ensures your smart home device locks the door for you. You can also be sure to have your smart lock automatically unlock itself when you’re approaching the front door. It pairs with your smartphone to auto-lock and auto-unlock.

If you’re looking to replace your existing deadbolt with a smart one, then this door lock could be best for you. Besides, it has a micro-USB port for backing up battery power for keyless entry.

You will also receive smart security heads-up for any security breach. Therefore, this is another excellent smart door lock for Alexa.

Biometric unlock.The keypads are not touchscreen.
Backlit keypads.Some people face challenges installing it.
Best Smart Lock for Alexa Reviews

How Do You Buy the Best Smart Locks for Alexa?

When buying the best smart lock for Alexa, you will consider more factors than the smart home device’s compatibility with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Other features that you will keep a closer eye on include the following:

Wi-Fi Connectivity

When buying smart locks for your front doors, you want to check their connectivity. Ensure the smart door lock connects to your home Wi-Fi network. Smart locks that connect to Wi-Fi networks allow you to control them remotely via their companion apps.

And since remote control is one of the best keyless entry modes to have, ensure your smart lock connects to your home Wi-Fi network.

Smart locks usually have built-in Wi-Fi for this type of connectivity. But some use a Wi-Fi bridge to connect to your network. Either smart lock is excellent since they all let you control them remotely.

But, ensure the smart lock connects to your Wi-Fi network’s frequency.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Smart door locks with Bluetooth let you pair them with your smartphone. And once they detect that you are approaching the front door, they automatically unlock themselves for you.

You only need to have your paired smartphone on you to get the smart lock to unlock itself for you automatically.

Bluetooth connectivity also comes in handy when looking to control your smart lock using voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You could pair such smart locks with your Amazon Alexa, add the right skills, and use your voice to lock or unlock the smart door lock. Therefore, you want to ensure you buy a smart lock with Bluetooth connectivity.

Biometric Unlock

Smart door locks with fingerprint scanners let you unlock them using your registered fingerprint. No one else could unlock these smart door locks with their fingerprints since they only accept your registered fingerprints. As such, they offer reliable security.

Fingerprint ID technology lets you access your smart home without a physical key. It is another keyless entry mode that you should consider having in your smart door lock.

Therefore, consider buying smart door locks with fingerprint ID technologies to add an unbreachable security layer to your smart home.

Touchscreen Keypad

When buying smart door locks for your smart home, you want to ensure they also feature keypads for passcode entry. These smart locks also take a physical key out of the picture to make them burglar-proof.

Picking these smart locks will be nearly impossible, adding more security to your home.

Therefore, they are also an option when buying smart door locks. But, ensure your keypad is touchscreen to easy one-touch passcode entry. You could also opt for physical keypads since they also offer the same keyless entry mode.

Also, consider having fingerprint-proof touchscreen keypads that don’t leave your fingerprints behind after entering the correct passcode. Consider adding random digits to your passcode to confuse prying eyes.

Smart Features

There are also a few smart features that you want to have in your smart door lock. The auto-lock is one of these smart features. A smart door lock that automatically locks itself once you’re inside the home offers more security than you might imagine.

They ensure no one enters your home even if you have forgotten to lock the door by doing it for you automatically.

Smart security alerts are also excellent to have in smart door locks. You want a smart door lock that gives you heads-up to stay ahead of everyone walking up to your property.

Some smart door locks alert you if you have not locked your door properly. They are the models you need to ensure you secure your home more efficiently.

Weather-proof Rating

Your smart door lock will always be on the front door, meaning it will face rough outdoor temperature and weather conditions. But you want to ensure they serve you excellently no matter the weather outside your smart home.

As such, buy smart door locks with an excellent weather-proof rating. Any smart door lock with a rating of IP65 will perform excellently no matter the weather outside.

These are the models you want to keep your eyes on if you want the best performance from these smart home devices. Consider going for higher ratings for more weather-proof performance.

Battery Power Backup

Smart door locks use battery power to function. But sometimes, the battery power may reduce, forcing your smart door lock to reject keyless entry modes because of the insufficient juice.

When the smart door lock has depleted the battery power, you might want to backup this power to use the keyless entry modes, such as fingerprint unlock, to enter your home.

Smart door locks with a micro-USB port will let you do this, and they are the models you want to buy. So, consider buying smart door locks with a battery power backup plan to ensure you always use the keyless entry modes for more security and convenience.

The Design of the Smart Lock

Some smart door locks also work as deadbolts, making them ideal for replacing existing deadbolts. Some also complement your deadbolt system by upgrading them to let you use keyless entry modes.

If you have a deadbolt in your door, consider buying models that work with existing deadbolts.

The design is also evident in how a smart door lock looks. Some models have aged bronze casing for adding a classical look to your smart home. If you would love some classic taste to your home, they could be the models to seek.

The design could also include the number of keyless entry modes a smart door lock has. The more keyless entry modes a smart door lock has, the more security you will have. Once you have considered these features, you might land the best deal on the market.


Can a burglar pick a smart door lock?

Smart door locks are nearly impossible to pick. They use different technologies to make them burglar-proof. Some modes send you security alerts if someone tries to insert an object in them, sounding an alarm for the authority to respond.

Some models, such as Kwikset Obsidian, only accept keyless entry modes, removing traditional keys from the picture.

Can I recharge my smart door lock’s batteries?

It depends on the battery type your smart lock is using. Alkaline batteries are rechargeable, but you can’t recharge some models. Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable.

Whichever your smart door lock has, ensure it is rechargeable before trying to recharge them.

Can smart door locks work with other voice assistants?

Besides working with Amazon Alexa, smart door locks could also work with other voice control devices. Google Home and Apple HomeKit devices could pair with your smart door lock to give you voice control over the smart lock.

You only need to ensure the smart door lock is compatible with them. So, smart door locks could work with other voice assistants.

Do I need a Wi-Fi bridge to connect my smart door lock to Wi-Fi?

You don’t always need a Wi-Fi bridge to connect your smart door lock to your home network. Some models, such as the August Wi-Fi smart, connect to a Wi-Fi network without a hub or Wi-Fi bridge. You could then control them remotely via their companion apps.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking to add voice control to your smart door lock, consider buying models compatible with Alexa. Finding them is not much of a challenge, especially if you have a buyer’s guide to help you. We have rounded up a few incredible models that might work best for you.

We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you source the best models from the market. Since these smart door locks eliminate the need to use a physical key to unlock them, they secure your home more.

As such, you should consider buying them and installing one on every door leading into your home.

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