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Best Smart Lock for Google Home

The best smart locks are ideal for any smart home since they add an impenetrable security layer to all the doors leading into your home.

Smart locks for Google Home grant you keyless entry into your smart home, making them more convenient while securing your home further.

They use various keyless entry modes for added security. First, you could add voice control devices such as Google Home and other smart speakers to these door locks and control them by voice.

You can then command them to unlock the door for your arriving guests while you attend to other matters that need your undivided attention.

Second, you could unlock these smart locks using your registered fingerprint. Most of them have a biometric unlock system for unlocking them with your fingerprint.

As a result, you will not fumble with a physical key to unlock these door locks. They safeguard your investment by ensuring no one gains unauthorized entry into your smart home.

If you want to discover more amazing keyless entry features of these smart locks and know how they could transform your home security, continue reading.

We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you spot the best models on the market. So, be sure to read on for more information!

What Are the Best Smart Locks for Google Home?

Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lever

Smart locks grant you keyless entry modes for an impenetrable security layer. And this model lives up to that expectation. First, it boasts a reputable build that ensures it will serve you for many years.

Its body comprises a one-piece Zinc alloy with a weather-proof rating of IP65 for dust-proof performance under any weather.

Away from its excellent material quality, this device allows you to unlock it with your fingerprint. It has an advanced fingerprint identification system that identifies your fingerprint in only 0.5 seconds.

The fingerprint scanner grants you the quickest keyless entry into your home while ensuring no one uses their fingerprints to unlock the front door.

You could also unlock your door using a passcode. And this device features a numeric touchscreen keypad for entering the correct passcode. What’s more, the anti-peed keypad doesn’t show worn-out numeric, which means no one can guess your passcode.

You could control this smart lock remotely or use your Google Home assistant to unlock it by voice. But you will need a Wi Fi adapter for this. So, consider adding a Wi-Fi adapter to unlock the door by commanding your smart speaker to unlock the door for you.

It runs on 3AAA batteries, and it’s good the batteries last a year before you can replace them. Also, it is easy to install this smart door lock.

The intuitive OLED display will walk you through the setup process to ensure your system is running in a short time. Therefore, it is one of the best smart locks to consider installing.

Anti-peep numeric touchscreen keypad.It has no Bluetooth connectivity.
IP65 waterproof rating.No app control.
Excellent construction.
Best Smart Lock for Google Home Reviews

Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi

If you have a smart speaker such as Google Home, you could use it to unlock this smart door lock. Google Home could also control other smart home devices such as TVs besides aiding you in unlocking the door for your guests.

You can also use Amazon Alexa to have the same hands-free voice control over this smart lock. As such, it is a versatile smart lock for any smart home.

With this smart lock installed on your front door, your finger could also be your key. This smart lock has a fingerprint scanner for unlocking it with your registered finger. What’s more, it only takes 0.3 seconds to unlock your door using your finger!

Most users also love the fact that they can control this smart lock from anywhere. It connects to your home Wi-FI network to control it remotely via the eufy Security app. But it doesn’t stop there just yet.

This smart door lock also features a touchscreen numeric keypad for entering the passcode.

The built-in sensor automatically locks the door for you, which means you only need to shut the door behind you. The build is also reputable, with a weather-proof rating of IP65.

The stainless steel and Zinc materials promise durability, and that’s what this smart lock offers. Therefore, it is another best smart lock for Google Home.

It securely stores your fingerprint data.Some users can’t install it with ease.
It has three keyless entry modes.It has no security alerts.
The 10,000mAh batteries are rechargeable.
Best Smart Lock for Google Home Reviews

[2021 Newest] Smart Lock Front Door

The Oil Rubber Bronze is a sturdy material that also makes this smart lock elegant. With such a reputable casing material, your smart door lock will serve you for an extended period.

As you might expect from a smart lock, this device has keyless entry modes for a bolstered home security.

The first keyless entry mode for unlocking this door lock is the remote app control. As a result, you can unlock the door for your guests from wherever you are! But you will need to add a Wi-FI Gateway to this smart lock to control it remotely via the TTLock app.

You could also pair your smartphone with this door lock via Bluetooth and use the app to unlock it. But this will require you to be within range. You also get to use a passcode to unlock this door lock since it features a touchscreen keypad.

The mobile app also lets you create and share temporary passcodes for your guests. Unfortunately, you can’t unlock this door lock with your fingerprint because it has no such feature. But it is still an excellent smart lock for improving your home security system.

Auto-lock.It doesn’t include batteries.
IP65 weatherproof-rating.No fingerprint scanner.
Battery backup.
Best Smart Lock for Google Home Reviews

GOODLOCK Smart Door Lock

This smart door lock has five keyless entry modes. First, you could unlock it with your fingerprint. The fingerprint scanner unlocks the door in less than three seconds, making it one of the quickest ways to gain entry into your smart home.

What’s more, the fingerprint scanner is scratch-proof for excellent performance and security.

You could also pair this smart lock with your smartphone and use your phone as a key. But, of course, your smartphone will pair with the lock via Bluetooth.

And that means you will have to be within range to unlock the smart lock using your phone. Since this smart lock has built in wi fi, it connects to your home network to grant you remote control via a mobile app.

But your guests might not have the luxury of controlling your smart lock remotely. Instead, they could use the touchscreen keypad or the smart cards to gain keyless entry into your smart home.

Either method they select, you will be the one allowing them in since you will be the one to give them the correct passcode or smart card for locking and unlocking the front doors.

Once everyone is inside, this smart lock will automatically lock itself, thanks to the auto-lock. It works with AA batteries, which, unfortunately, don’t come with the smart lock.


If the batteries run out of charge, you could back up their power using the emergency charging port. Connect this smart lock with Google Home via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and control it by voice. It is a smart lock you could count on for security and is worth considering.

Five keyless entry modes.It doesn’t include batteries.
Power backup port.Installation might be a challenge for some users.
It supports voice controls.
Best Smart Lock for Google Home Reviews

Smonet Smart Lock, Fingerprint Smart Deadbolt

Smonet is a smart lock that you could trust to grant you keyless entry by using your fingerprint. Its fingerprint scanner identifies your registered fingerprint in 1 second.

What’s more, it scans your finger correctly 99% of the time, making it a reliable and secure smart lock for any front door.

And if you need a smart lock that works with voice assistants, this Smonet smart lock allows you to control it by voice. You could voice control this smart lock using your preferred voice control device, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

But you will first need to add a wi fi bridge to this smart lock.

Unfortunately, you will buy the Wi-Fi Gateway separately since it doesn’t come with this smart lock. But the smart lock continues to present you with additional keyless entry modes.

And its touchscreen keypad ensures you can use a passcode to unlock the front door. Your guests could also use the IC cards for a keyless entry into your smart home.

The mobile app allows you to share passcodes with family members and ensures you can control this smart lock remotely. So, that means you have four keyless entry modes for securing your smart home and ensuring no one uses physical keys to unlock your doors.

Besides, this wi fi smart lock has a micro-USB port for backing up the battery power if your batteries have drained. You can then unlock your door using one of the keyless entry modes. Therefore, this deadbolt lock could help you secure your smart home from unauthorized access.

It supports voice controls.It doesn’t come with a Wi-Fi Bridge.
4 keyless entry modes.The warranty only lasts a year.
Secure data storage.
Best Smart Lock for Google Home Reviews

What Should You Consider When Buying Smart Door Locks?

When looking to buy smart locks for Google Home, you will consider a few features. And they include the following:


Smart locks offer security by ensuring no one can use a key to unlock them. They do this by taking a mechanical key out of the picture, meaning you will use keyless entry modes. And one of these keyless entry modes is the fingerprint entry system.

But there are a few things to check when buying smart locks that let you unlock them with your registered fingerprint. First, you want to ensure the fingerprint scanner is scratch-resistant for efficient unlocking function and durability.

Also, make sure the fingerprint scanner leaves no fingerprint behind for added security. So, choose smart locks with a fingerprint entry system, but ensure the fingerprint scanner is scratch-proof.

Keypad Entry

The Keypad entry system also takes a mechanical key out of the picture, meaning your smart door lock will be burglar-proof. It allows you to unlock your smart lock using the correct passcode.

What’s more, you could embed the correct passcode between random digits to confuse prying eyes. As such, the keypad entry system also adds a security layer to your smart home.

You could choose a touchscreen keypad if you want a one-touch passcode entry. Also, you want to select an anti-peep touchscreen keypad that doesn’t give prying eyes a clue of what your passcode might be.

Anti-peep keypads don’t show worn-out keypads, thus protecting your passcode. Therefore, consider a touchscreen keypad with an anti-peep design.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

You also want to buy a smart lock that connects to the internet via Wi-Fi. Smart locks could connect to your Wi-Fi network via their built-in Wi-Fi. But others require you to buy a Wi-FI Gateway separately to connect them to the home Wi-Fi network.

A smart lock that connects to the Wi-Fi network allows you to control it remotely via its companion mobile app. It also allows you to pair it with a voice control device of your choice to control it by voice.

As such, you want to ensure your smart door lock connects to the Wi-Fi network.

It is ideal to buy a model with built-in Wi-Fi since you will not incur the extra cost of buying a Wi-Fi bridge. But if you can’t find a smart lock with built-in Wi-Fi, consider investing in a Wi-Fi Gateway.

Even better, consider buying one that includes a Wi-Fi Bridge.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth wireless connection is also just as important. That’s because you could pair your smartphone with a smart lock via Bluetooth and unlock it using your smartphone.

Also, Bluetooth enables you to pair your Google Home Assistant with the smart lock to control it by voice. Therefore, consider buying a smart lock with Bluetooth connectivity.


Your smart lock should automatically lock itself once you’ve shut the door behind you. And this works to protect your home from unauthorized entry.

Fortunately, you can find smart door locks with the auto-lock feature. You should also buy a smart door lock that alerts you if the door you just shut is not locked. You will then have time to lock the door and protect your valuable items and other properties.

Waterproof Rating

Smart locks should handle the outdoor weather because part of them will be outside on your front door. So, they should handle the dust and rough weather that the great outdoors will always throw at them.

But to ensure smart locks handle the rough weather outside, they should have an excellent weather-proof rating.

A weather-proof rating of IP65 is excellent. But you could select a much higher rating if you can find a smart door lock with a much higher waterproof rating. The higher the rating, the better a smart door lock will be weather-proof and dust-proof.

Battery Power Backup

Smart door locks usually use batteries as their power source. But this power could reduce drastically, locking you outside (unless you use the mechanical key). Since you always want to use keyless entry modes, you should ensure the battery power is sufficient.

Look for smart door locks with a micro-USB port to back up the battery power if the door lock has run out of juice. You will then use your fingerprint unlock or passcode to unlock the door and enter your home.

Also, consider buying smart door locks that let you recharge your batteries. Besides, your batteries will always have sufficient power if you can charge them as needs dictate.


Can Amazon Alexa unlock my smart lock for Google Home?

If your smart door lock connects to the home Wi-Fi or has Bluetooth connectivity, you could connect it with Amazon Alexa and control it using voice commands.

But you want to ensure your preferred smart door lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa and other smart speakers. So yes, Amazon Alexa could unlock your smart door lock.

Is my data secure if I store it in my smart lock for Google Home?

Smart door locks store essential data such as your fingerprint and passcodes. They store these data in different locations. Some store them in cloud-based services, while other modes store them locally.

Whichever place they store your data, you don’t risk having someone access your data. Therefore, smart door locks are very secure and will protect your data.

Can my smart lock handle any weather?

Yes, your smart door lock will probably handle the rough outdoor weather. First, these devices have a solid casing build and have a weather-proof rating of IP65. With these qualities, your smart lock will indeed hold up in outdoor weather and dust conditions.

Can my smart lock automatically lock and unlock itself?

Yes, smart door locks such as August wi fi smart lock automatically lock themselves once you have shut the door behind you. Thanks to their geofencing technology, these smart locks could also unlock themselves for you if you’re almost reaching the front door.

Wrap Up

Smart door locks secure your home and grant you keyless entry modes. These keyless entry modes ensure you conveniently unlock the door without using a mechanical key while also securing what’s inside your smart home.

As we’ve seen already, they feature different keyless entry modes, with fingerprint, passcode, and voice control being the most common modes.

Therefore, they are ideal devices for securing valuable items inside your smart home. Fortunately, we have recommended a few smart locks that work with Google Home and other voice controls. They might work best for your smart home, given their voice control compatibility.

Check them out and see what models are best suited for your front doors. Even better, they should have an excellent weather-proof rating.. Protect your smart home at all costs, and nothing helps you better than the best smart door lock for Google Home.

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