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The best smart plugs for Apple HomeKit could bring non-smart electronic devices up to speed to march the rest of the devices in your smart home. You could do plenty of stuff with one of these smart plugs. You could create automation and scenes in the Home app to turn on your coffee maker at sunrise.

You could also turn a smart light on/off by only issuing voice commands. The Home app comes in handy when looking to control your smart plug from anywhere. And this means you can control the connected device remotely to reduce energy consumption. Therefore, smart plugs for Apple HomeKit are ideal smart home devices for smartening any wall outlet in a home.

If you’re looking for the best smart plugs for Apple HomeKit, you have come to the right place. This article will explore a few smart plugs that might work best for you. It will also look at a few things to consider when buying smart plugs for Apple HomeKit. So, be sure to stick around for more information.

What Smart Plugs for Apple HomeKit Should You Consider?

Meross Smart Outdoor Plug

If you’re looking for a smart plug that can accommodate two separate electronic devices, this Meross Smart Outdoor Plug is an excellent choice. It features two sockets that you could control separately via the Meross app. That means you could control your smart light and Christmas light separately from each other.

The powerful Mediatek IoT chipset ensures your smart plug connects to Wi-Fi 2.4GHz from up to 300 feet away. This long-range Wi-Fi connectivity makes the smart plug ideal to place in your backyard, porch, garden, and basement. Once you have connected it to your Wi-Fi, you could add voice controls to it.

The smart plug is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant to give you voice control over it. Add Apple HomeKit device and command Siri to turn the connected device on/off. Apple HomeKit puts you in control as much as the Meross app. You can set schedules via voice commands.

You could also control the two sockets separately using Apple HomeKit voice control. Therefore, you can do pretty much everything you could with the Meross app except controlling your smart plug remotely. Since it is an outdoor smart device, it has a weatherproof rating of IP44.

The fire-retardant housing holds up well under any weather, making this smart plug ideal for outdoor use. More durability also comes from this unit’s ability to stop you from overloading it, thanks to its overload protection circuit. It is an excellent outdoor smart plug that works with Apple’s HomeKit to let you control it by voice. As such, consider checking it out and see how it performs.

Remote control.The app doesn't support other iOS versions.
It has two sockets.The power cord is a bit short.
IP44 weatherproof rating.
Best Smart Plug for Apple HomeKit Reviews

Kasa KP400 Smart Outdoor Plug

This Kasa smart plug also has two sockets that you could control separately via the Kasa app. You could also control the two sockets together via the same app. So, if you have two appliances that you need to control remotely, this Kasa smart plug will help you greatly.

Its built-in Wi-Fi is long-range and could connect up to 300 feet away. This makes your smart plug ideal for placing in your garage, porch, and garden. Once the smart plug has connected to your home Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, you can add an Apple HomeKit voice controller to it.

And there are plenty of things you could do with your Apple HomeKit device to control this smart plug. You can set a timer for essential appliances such as a coffee maker and let the smart plug turn it off after the time runs out. You could also control the sockets together or separately via Apple HomeKit.

The voice control also lets you group this smart plug with other Kasa smart devices and control them together through a single voice command. Besides, you can set up this smart plug with other Kasa products, such as a Kasa smart camera. Then your smart plug will turn on security lights if the camera has detected movements, thanks to its motion sensor.

This smart plug also lets you set schedules via voice commands. You have plenty of voice assistants that you could use with this smart plug. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant to let you have hands-free control over it. It is an excellent outdoor smart plug with a weatherproof rating of IP64. With all these conveniences, you could smarten your wall outlet excellently with this smart plug. Therefore, it is worth checking out.

Remote control.It is only ideal for light-duty usage.
It supports multiple voice assistants.Not surge protector.
It has smart actions.
Best Smart Plug for Apple HomeKit Reviews

Minoston Outdoor Smart Plug

Since most smart plugs feature two sockets, this one is a bit of a downgrade with its single socket. But it still packs plenty of features to smarten your outdoor power outlets. It boasts a mini-size that makes it a highly portable smart plug for use anywhere.

Since it is a smart plug that you will use outside in the open, it has a weatherproof rating of IP65 to handle the outdoor weather. You can expect incredible performance from this mini-size smart plug despite the rain or dust outside.

It connects beautifully to your home Wi-Fi 2.4GHz to grant you remote control over it via the Smart Life. Its Wi-Fi connectivity also lets you add your favorite voice control to it for hands-free control. You could connect it with Amazon Alexa or google to control it by issuing voice commands. You can also connect it with Apple HomeKit to control it by voice. You only need to choose a voice assistant that works best for you.

You can control this smart plug remotely via the app without requiring a hub. You can also set schedules for when you want your porch lights to turn on/off. Since its load capacity is only 15 Amps, ensure you only power light-duty devices such as LEDs, fluorescent bulbs, and xenon from this smart plug. It performs excellently and could smarten your outdoor wall outlet.

Compact-sized design.Low load capacity.
Remote control.Only one socket.
It is compatible with Apple HomeKit.
Best Smart Plug for Apple HomeKit Reviews

T TECKIN Outdoor Smart Plug

This Wi-Fi smart plug has two sockets for plugging in two separate appliances. What’s more, the sockets have waterproof button caps to protect them from moisture, making this smart plug even more suitable for outdoor usage.

You can plug in any appliance drawing 15 Amps of electricity in each socket. And the best part is you could control the sockets together or separately via the Smart Life app. You could also control the sockets via Apple HomeKit, but more information in a bit.

Since the load capacity is low, you want to make sure you keep it light-duty. You can power security lights with this smart plug and other similar appliances. Porch lights, Christmas lights, and LEDs are examples of appliances that could sip juice from this smart plug.

Since it connects wirelessly to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, it lets you control it remotely via the app. You could also add Apple HomeKit and other voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Smartthings to this smart plug. You can then control it by voice, just as you would with the app.

So, if you’re looking for hands-free control, connect this smart plug to your network and add Apple HomeKit. It works excellently in the outside weather since it boasts an IP44 weatherproof rating. It fends off water splashes and dust excellently, making it one of the best smart outdoor plugs you can ever find on the market. If you’d love to turn your lights on/off automatically at specific times, you could set a timer. All these features make this smart plug worth considering.

Remote control.The app doesn't support some Android or iOS versions.
It supports Apple HomeKit.Its cord is a bit short.
You get two AC sockets.
Best Smart Plug for Apple HomeKit Reviews

HBN Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Plug

This smart plug only has one socket. But the grounded socket works excellently to let you power essential appliances such as lamps, fans, radios, or any appliance that only draws 15 Amps from the smart plug. Whether you’re looking to decorate the outdoor space with decoration lights or you want to charge your other electronics, this smart plug is ready to serve you in every way possible.

It only connects to Wi-Fi 2.4GHz to let you control it remotely via the SmartLife or TuyaSmart app or add Apple HomeKit and other voice assistants. You could also use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control this smart plug through voice commands. Therefore, it is a versatile smart plug for any smart home.

As with all outdoor smart devices, this smart plug is waterproof. Position it vertically and 2 feet above the ground to protect its sockets from moisture. And when not in use, be sure to close the button cap for extra protection against dust and water splashes.

While voice control is convenient for hands-free performance, sometimes you might be doing more urgent tasks, and this could make you forget to control the smart plug. Fortunately, you can set a scheduler for when you want the smart plug to turn the connected device on/off. You can use your Apple HomeKit voice controller or use the app. Therefore, this is one of the best smart plugs for use with a voice assistant of your choice, including Apple HomeKit.

Remote control.It only has one socket.
It supports multiple voice assistants.You can't plug heavy-duty appliances inside.
Excellent weatherproof design.
Best Smart Plug for Apple HomeKit Reviews

How Should You Select the Best Smart Plugs for Apple HomeKit?

Finding the best smart plug for outdoors could be easier if you knew what to look for when shopping. Keep an eye out for the following features every time you’re searching for the best smart plugs for outdoor use:

Wi-Fi Frequency

Smart plugs connect to specific Wi-Fi frequencies to grant you remote control from anywhere via their mobile apps. Most smart plugs connect to Wi-Fi networks broadcasting signals at 2.4GHz frequency. So, you want to make sure your router is broadcasting Wi-Fi signals at a 2.4GHz frequency.

Also, you want a smart plug with long-range Wi-Fi connectivity. Such a smart plug will still connect to your Wi-Fi network from a great distance, say 300 feet away. You could place your smart plug out in your garden and power up your smart sprinkler. So, consider long-range smart plugs.

Compatibility with Apple HomeKit

Smart plugs work with various voice controllers, including Apple HomeKit speakers. But you might find other smart plugs that don’t work with Apple HomeKit. So, you want to make sure your smart plug of choice supports an Apple HomeKit speaker for hands-free control.

Once your Apple HomeKit speaker is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the smart plug, you can have hands-free control of your smart wall outlet for outdoor usage. You will use the Home app to set up everything until your setup is up and running. So, look for a smart plug that works with Apple HomeKit if you want hands-free control.

The Number of AC Sockets

Smart plugs for use outdoors also feature different numbers of sockets. Some come with only one socket, but others come with two sockets. Smart plugs with two sockets are ideal for controlling multiple appliances in a smart home, with Apple HomeKit as one of your preferred home ecosystems.

But if you select a smart plug with multiple sockets, make sure you can control each socket separately. Sometimes, you might want to turn off one appliance and leave the other appliance on, and sipping the juice. And that’s why you should look for smart plugs that let you control their sockets separately.

Waterproof Rating

Your smart plug will always be outdoors powering up essential appliances such as radios, fans, and security lights, to mention a few outdoor appliances. As such, it should handle the weather conditions outside your home excellently.

Manufacturers rate their smart plugs based on their performance under different moisture conditions. An IP65 is an excellent point of reference, and make sure you select a smart plug with this rating. But you might find a lower rating. Always try to look for a better rating, such as IP67. The higher the waterproof rating, the better your smart plug will fend off water splashes and dust.

Smart Features

There are a few smart features that you should also keep a closer eye on when hunting for the best smart plugs for Apple HomeKit. Smart schedulers are excellent when it comes to automating the connected non-smart devices. You could schedule the security lights to turn on/off at specific times. So, look for a smart plug with a time scheduler.

Also, look for smart plugs with grouping and scenes. You could group such a smart plug with other smart home devices to make your home more secure. If you’re looking to save energy, consider grouping your smart plug with a smart camera and security lights. Then the smart plug will only turn the security lights on if the smart camera has detected movements.

Energy monitoring is another smart feature that you should consider in smart plugs for an Apple HomeKit speaker. If your smart plug is reporting back on the energy consumption by the connected devices, you can control them better to save energy. So, this is a must-have smart feature for smart plugs.

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug – An Honorable Mention

Wemo Mini Wi-Fi smart plug is another excellent option for users looking to control their wall outlets via voice commands. Since it connects to Wi-Fi2.4GHz, it also lets you control it using voice assistants such as Apple HomeKit speaker, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

You could also control it remotely via the Wemo app on your smartphone or tablet. Since it has an electrical rating of 1800W, it is ideal for powering light-duty appliances such as coffee makers and lamps. You could use Apple HomeKit to set schedules for turning the connected device on/off at a time of your choosing. It is another excellent smart plug that you should consider plugging into one of your wall outlets.

Remote control.Low load capacity.
It supports various voice assistants.No energy monitoring.
Elegant white color finish.
Best Smart Plug for Apple HomeKit Reviews


Can I plug any appliance into my smart plug?

Electrical appliances draw different electrical currents from smart plugs. But smart plugs can only handle up to a given current level flowing through them. Exceeding this current by drawing more will damage your smart plug.

So, make sure you don’t exceed the load capacity to prevent your smart plug from damaging. Ensure your electrical appliance draws less than the recommended electrical current (Amperage rating on your smart plug).

Can I control my smart plug remotely via Apple HomeKit?

One thing you can be sure to do is to control your smart plug remotely via its mobile app. But what you might not know is that you could also remotely control the smart plug via the Home app. You only need to set your HomePod, iPad, or Apple TV as a home hub. So, it is possible to control your smart plug remotely via Apple HomeKit.

Can I control my smart plug sockets separately via Apple HomeKit?

Apple HomeKit lets you control your smart plug just as you would with the smart plug’s mobile app. That means you could also control the two outlets in your smart plug separately. You could also set a timer to automate the connected devices. So, you could do pretty much everything with your Apple HomeKit.

How far outside can my smart plug connect to Wi-Fi?

Long-range smart plugs could connect to your Wi-Fi network even if they are far out in your garden. But as you might expect, they connect up to a given distance, which always varies from one model to another. You can find some models that connect up to 300 feet away.

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Wrap Up

Not all smart plugs work with Apple HomeKit. But you can find some that work with this voice assistant to grant you hands-free control. What’s more, the Apple HomeKit speaker does everything that the smart plug’s app does. The Home app also lets you control your smart plug remotely after converting your Apple TV into a home hub. So, there is not a thing you can’t do with Apple HomeKit.

If you had trouble finding the best smart plugs for Apple HomeKit, we hope this article has greatly helped you. We have rounded up a few smart plugs that could work best to help you control your wall outlets. We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you find other best smart plugs on the market. So, take your time to use the best smart plug as a starter kit for smartening your wall outlets.

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