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The Best Smart Plugs to Connect Your Home

While smart home devices are becoming more and more widespread, some things in your home are still “dumb.”

Think of the floor fan next to your bed that you use for white noise while sleeping, for example:

You have to manually turn it on and off at the desired times, including climbing out of bed if you forgot to turn it on before you got in bed.

But what if there was a way to convert it into a smart device you can control with your phone? With smart plugs, there is. Read on to learn more about the best smart plugs to connect your home.

What Do Smart Plugs Do?

Smart plugs can help you automate just about any device in your home that plugs in. Simply plug the smart plug into a wall outlet, then use the smart plug’s smartphone app to connect it to your wi-fi network.

Then plug the device — like the aforementioned fan — into the smart plug. Now you can turn it on and off from your smartphone!

And with the addition of a smart hub like a Google Echo, you can even manage your devices with voice control. Imagine simply saying, “Hey Google, turn on the bedroom fan.”

The Best Smart Plugs to Connect Your Home

Smart Plug Esicoo

If you’re ready to smarten up your home on a budget, the Smart Plug Esicoo should do the trick.

Priced around $25 for four, these smart plugs allow you to control all your home appliances remotely via phone or tablet with the Smart Life app.

The Esicoo smart plugs are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so you can manage all your home devices via voice assistant.

Utilize the timer function to switch your appliances on/off automatically at a certain time.

For instance, you can make a schedule for your air conditioner and make sure your house lights are on when you get home at night.

The applications for these smart plugs are really only limited by your own imagination. Use them for lamps, fans, air-conditioners, coffee makers, etc. — the sky’s the limit for your smart home.

Very affordableCan only fit one on a double outlet
Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google HomeNeed internet connection(2.4Ghz)
No smart hub required
Best Smart Plugs Reviews

Gosund Smart Power Strip

If you’ve got numerous devices you want to turn into smart devices, the Gosund Smart Power Strip is a great option.

Priced at just $20, this power strip has three outlets as well as 3 USB ports, and all can be controlled separately.

Not only you can turn on/off the appliances connected to the socket individually, you can also turn off all the electrical appliances connected to it with one click.

This smart surge protector is great for small spaces where you have multiple devices, such as a home office or behind the TV in your living room.

(And the USB ports function as a place to charge your phone, which always comes in handy.) Control your connected devices from anywhere with the Gosund app, no smart hub needed.

These smart power strips have a circuit breaker which automatically breaks off when the current exceeds its threshold, preventing damage to your devices.

Plus you can use voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your devices.

If you’re looking to smarten up several devices in one small space, this is a great place to start.

Can fit several devicesConstantly flashing lights can be distracting
Very affordable way to connect multiple devicesSetup takes some time
Includes USB plugsNo power monitoring feature
Best Smart Plugs Reviews

TECKIN Smart Plug

If you’re ready to be awoken by the smell of freshly brewed coffee every morning, the TECKIN Smart Plug can do the job.

This set of four smart plugs is under $25 and allows you to set daily schedules and timers to control all your home devices.

For instance, set your coffee maker up to start brewing at 7 a.m. daily, or set your kitchen lights to go off at bedtime.

Can’t remember if you turned a lamp off? Using the TECKIN smartphone app, you can turn devices off and on from anywhere and see real-time device status.

A handy “Travel Away” feature will randomly turn devices and lights on and off to deter any potential intruders.

These sleek-looking smart plugs have a modern design to blend with your home decor and don’t require a smart hub. Plus, they work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

Using voice commands, you can turn devices on and off from wherever you are, whether your hands are busy in the kitchen or you want to turn off the light without getting up.

Sleek modern designHave to download TECKIN app
Travel Away mode2.4GHz WiFi network is required
Best Smart Plugs Reviews

Meross Smart Plug Mini

If you need to plug in multiple devices but are tight on outlet space, the Meross Smart Plug Mini can help you out. Its compact cube shape allows you to stack two plugs in the same outlet so you can double up on smart devices.

With a 4-pack of these smart plugs for just $40, you can transform your home into a smart home in just a few minutes.

The Meross smart plugs have a long list of third-party integrations: They work with Apple HomeKit, Line Clova, Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT.

They’re also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control devices just by speaking.

These smart plugs work with your home wi-fi network and don’t require a smart hub to operate.

Download the Meross app and you can turn your devices on and off from anywhere, anytime.

Using the app you can create schedules or put devices on a timer. For instance, if you’re going to bed and want the TV to turn off automatically in an hour, simply schedule it from the app.

There’s even sunrise and sunset settings so you can set all the lights and lamps in your home to turn on and off depending on whether it’s bright or dark outside.

Plug multiple devices in one outletHave to download Meross app
Apple HomeKit compatibleBuyers report some quality control issues
No hub required
Best Smart Plugs Reviews

UltraPro Smart Plug

If you’re ready to automate your home appliances, the UltraPro Smart Plug has tons of features to help you do exactly that.

With a set of four smart plugs for under $30, this is a quick and easy way to get full control over all your electronic devices.

One-step scheduling makes it easy to set schedules for your lamps and other devices.

And as dusk and dawn times shift throughout the year, your schedules can be automatically adjusted — no need to reprogram your smart plugs to accommodate ever-changing daylight times.

Another great feature is the ability to group two or more devices for control on the same schedule (think Christmas lights, or anything else you can imagine).

The UltraPro Smart Plugs are easy to set up and control with the UltraPro app for iOS or Android.

Plus, these smart plugs are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control.

Just imagine saying, “Hey Google, turn off bedroom lamp” instead of getting out of bed to do it yourself.

Alexa & Google Assistant compatiblePlugs aren't the most aesthetically appealing
Timers can automatically adjust2.4GHz Wi-Fi Compatible
One-step scheduling
Best Smart Plugs Reviews

Final Thoughts

Now that you know more about the best smart plugs on the market, are you ready to get your home connected? With the power of smart plugs, you can turn any wired device in your home into a smart device:

Turn your coffee maker into a smart coffee maker and your lamp into a smart light in an instant.

If you’re ready to automate as much of your home life as possible without buying a ton of smart home products, smart plugs will do the job. Enjoy your new smarter home!

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