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Best Smart TV Under 200

Not everyone is looking to spend as much as $2000 on OLED TVs. Sometimes, you might be working with a tight budget and still need the best smart TV within your desired price range. Even if you have $200 or less, you could still get the best smart features in TV sets. Here are the best smart tv under 200.

What’s more, these affordable TVs have impressive picture quality to heighten your viewing experience.

The smart features include voice control, among many other features, to allow you to command your TV by voice. The TV will then follow your given orders.

These smart TVs under 200 dollars are worth the investment if you are looking for an affordable TV set for your living room or bedroom.

They pack features that will transform your home entertainment, especially if you have a smart home. So, be sure to read on for more information on these affordable TV sets.

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What TV Sets Should You Consider Buying?

Insignia NS-24DF310NA21 24-inch Smart HD 720p TV

This smart TV boasts a 24-inch screen size. You might think the size is a bit small, but it’s worth considering given its 720P FHD resolution. As a result, the TV shows lifelike picture details filled with rich contrast and vivid colors.

What’s more, this 24-inch flat screen performs exceptionally well since it features a Multi-core GPU for powerful and fast picture performance. Besides, it has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

The audio performance is also phenomenal to complement your viewing experience. Your TV will fill your living room with crisp sound since it features the DTS TruSurround audio processing technology. Also, your smart TV connects to a dual-band Wi-Fi network to give you unlimited entertainment.

That’s because it also features many streaming channels on the home screen for streaming over 500K movies and TV episodes. But you will also have to connect it with your HD antenna to have live over-the-air TV watching, thanks to its Fire TV Edition.

Controlling this TV set is hassle-free. You get to receive a voice remote if you opt for this smart TV under 200. Its remote control has a voice button that you will press and say your command. The TV will then follow your orders, thanks to the voice remote with built-in Alexa.

When looking to connect peripheral devices, use the three HDMI ports on this set. It is an excellent smart TV for people with a tight budget. You can check the other options of this model if you’re looking to spend a little more.

720P FHD resolution.No HDR technology.
60Hz refresh rate.No USB ports.
Multi-core GPU processor.
Best Smart TV Under 200 Reviews

TCL 32-inch 3-Series 720p Roku Smart TV

TCL is a company that has rapidly risen in the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. They make smart TVs with excellent resolution, and this one is an existing proof. The 720P full HD resolution ensures the 32-inch screen delivers crisp picture quality and brilliant colors. So, if you’re looking for a cinematic experience, this smart TV might be best for your home.

It connects to dual-band Wi-Fi networks. You can then stream your favorite TV episodes and movies using YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu, among many other apps. Also, this TV set uses the Roku platform to give you the best watching experience. With this platform, you can access over 500K movies, especially after connecting the smart TV to your Wi-Fi network.

You might think finding your favorite content to watch is a hassle, given the many options you have. But that is not the case since this smart TV supports voice control. The TV allows you to use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control it by voice.

You can then command Alexa to search for a given content, and your TV will deliver results in seconds!

What’s more, the TV remote only has 20 buttons for easy navigation. This smart TV also has a mobile app that could transform your smartphone or tablet into a convenient streaming companion. After installing the app, you could use the phone’s keyboard to search for content to watch.

Also, you could use your phone to cast movies and internet videos on your smart TV for everyone in the room to watch. Therefore, it is another smart TV to consider buying.

720P FHD resolution.Some users can’t connect it to Wi-Fi.
The screen is 32 inches.Some channels need a subscription.
Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.
Best Smart TV Under 200 Reviews

Vizio D32F-G D-Series 32″ Class 1080p

This is an LED TV with brilliant picture quality. What makes it an LED TV is the LED backlighting of the 32-inch screen. With LED screen technology, this smart TV delivers excellent contrast and brilliant picture colors. The screen is also slim to make the TV set have a sleek design that complements your smart home.

Also, the screen boasts an FHD resolution for more picture detail. As a result, your TV set will then stream your favorite content with unmatched picture clarity. So, if you’re looking to bring even the tiniest of details to life, this is a smart TV that can work out magic.

You also get over 1000 apps for streaming over 200K movies and TV episodes. The TV also puts you in a position to stream over 30 million songs. Therefore, it provides endless entertainment right out of the box. With its built-in Chromecast, you can cast what’s on your phone on the big screen for everyone to watch.

Besides, the screen boasts a 1080P resolution for an excellent cinematic experience. Controlling it is also easier than you might think. Once you have connected this TV set with your preferred voice control device over Wi-Fi, your voice will be all you’ll need to change the channels.

Wi-Fi connectivity also comes in handy when updating the apps for streaming services. What’s more, updating the apps is free of charge! The SmartCast feature also ensures you can find your entertainment content with ease using a voice control device of your choice. Vizio is a smart TV that is smart home-ready and is worth considering.

1080P FHD resolution.Some streaming apps require a subscription.
It works with various voice controls.Audio performance is not very powerful.
Free channels.
Best Smart TV Under 200 Reviews

Westinghouse 32-inch Roku HD LED Smart TV

This Westinghouse smart TV isn’t excellent because of its 32-inch screen but rather its amazing 720P HD resolution. The screen shows movie scenes with smoothness and reduced motion blur. Also, the screen boasts LED technology for a precise picture quality. With the LED backlighting, your screen shows consistent illumination throughout your watching experience.

Westinghouse is a Roku TV with an unequaled watching experience, thanks to its streaming apps. You can be sure to find paid and free channels such as Disney +, Prime Video, and Netflix, among other channels. With such many streaming apps, Westinghouse remains one of the smart TVs that provide unlimited entertainment.

Audio performance is also unequaled. The smart TV uses Dolby Audio technology for a crystal-clear sound that fills any living room. You can also use the advanced loudness feature to maximize audio performance for larger living rooms.

It connects to dual-band Wi-Fi for faster video streaming. As a result, your videos will not buffer, which is an experience you might not have if your TV connects to a standard Wi-Fi network. Also, your apps will automatically update to keep your system working excellently.

If you’d love to share photo slides and videos with friends, you will appreciate this smart TV’s Roku mobile app. Any media on your phone will be ready for viewing on the big screen if you opt for this smart TV. Therefore, it is a smart TV that could be best for your smart home.

It supports voice control.Connecting it to Wi-Fi might be a challenge.
It has parental control.Some users complain that it is a cheap TV.
It has HDMI inputs.
Best Smart TV Under 200 Reviews

LG Electronics 24LM530S-PU 24-Inch HD

The 24-inch screen boasts HD resolution for exquisite picture quality. Also, the TV screen shows excellent visual contrast and image sharpness, not to mention improved color accuracy. And the best part is that you can view the superb pictures from the screen at a wider angle. What’s more, the color accuracy remains improved no matter your vertical or horizontal viewing angle.

Unlike most smart TVs, this one uses a state-of-the-art operating system – the WebOS 3.5. your smart TV lets you easily find your preferred content to watch, thanks to this modern operating system. Also, you can use the magic remote to search for content to watch in a short time.

Of course, you can expect to watch a wide range of TV episodes and movies from this TV set since it connects to Wi-Fi using its built-in signal receiver. Wi-Fi connectivity also ensures you can connect your TV with other smart home devices such as smart speakers for voice control.

LG uses two powerful stereo speakers to heighten your watching experience by bringing you crisp-clear sound to accompany the brilliant pictures on your screen. Each speaker is 5W-rated for powerful performance and excellent durability.

Use the VESA 75 mount to fix your TV to a wall so that everyone can enjoy crisp-clear pictures and sound. It is a smart TV that uses LCD screen technology to rival the most expensive smart TVs in performance. Therefore, it could be worth the investment.

HD screen resolution.It is not Bluetooth-capable.
Powerful stereo speakers.Some users are dissatisfied with its sound quality.
Wide viewing angle.
Best Smart TV Under 200 Reviews

How Should You Buy a Smart TV for Under 200 Dollars?

When scouting for the best smart TVs under 200, there are a few features you will consider. And they include the following:

The Screen Size

One of the factors that will inform your purchasing decision is the screen size. You can be sure to find screen sizes ranging from 24 inches to 65 inches. But you can also find screen sizes larger than 65 inches. Of course, the larger the screen size, the more money you will pay.

When selecting the best screen size for your smart TV, you want to consider the distance from which you will be watching your favorite content. Also, you want to consider the number of people watching the TV set in one moment.

So, the further you will sit from the smart TV, the larger the screen size you will need. Also, you will need a larger screen size if you will have many viewers in your TV room.

The Screen Resolution

A large screen doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t provide crystal-clear picture quality. Therefore, select a screen that is large enough and also has sufficient screen resolution. For 24-inch screen sizes, 720P screen resolution is an excellent choice.

But if your TV has a 32-inch screen or a larger screen, a 1080P FHD resolution will be the sweet spot. The higher the resolution, the better the picture clarity and performance. Therefore, you want to opt for the highest screen resolution when buying a smart TV.

Besides, higher screen resolutions deliver more explicit pictures that show all the details, including tiny ones.

HDR Performance

4K screen resolutions usually have HDR technology for showing a range of colors. Any screen with this feature shows vivid colors. Therefore, consider buying a smart TV with HDR for unmatched color performance.

But screens with resolutions lower than 4K might not feature HDR performance. If you scout the web, you might find screens with HDR. They are the models you want for excellent picture color performance.

The Refresh Rate

Your screen needs to refresh the picture it displays several times a second to give you smooth and clear pictures with no blur. The higher your screen refreshes the pictures in one second; the more explicit the pictures will be on the screen. Therefore, you want to opt for a screen with a high refresh rate.

TV manufacturers express the refresh rate in Hertz (Hz). So, if you see 60Hz on your preferred TV set, it means your smart TV refreshes its pictures 60 times per second. For 120Hz TVs, they refresh their pictures 120 times in one second. So, look for a smart TV with the highest refresh rate for smoother and more vivid pictures.

The Screen Technology

For smart TVs under 200, you can expect to find only two competing screen technologies: LEDs and LCDs. But more expensive models will feature more complex screen technologies such as OLED and QLED, among other screen technologies.

So, the main screen technology contenders for smart TVs under 200 are LEDs and LCD screens, as we’ve mentioned already. But the question is: which one is better? Before deciding on one, you should know how they all work. For LED screens, they use Light Emitting Diodes to create pictures. But LCDs use fluorescent lamps to create pictures.

Usually, LED technology is the best of the two technologies. That’s because LED screens use less power and provide brighter images. They also have better contrast and produce less heat. Therefore, LED screens are better, but LCD screens also perform exceptionally well. So, if you had to choose between the two, it would be LED screens.

Audio Performance

Also, consider how powerful the speakers are when shopping for the best smart TVs under 200. Powerful speakers produce crispier sound, and they are more durable. So, look for speakers with more power ratings. The higher the wattage indication on the speaker specification, the better the speaker will perform. Also, consider speaker technologies by reputable companies such as Dolby if you want reverberating and powerful sound.

Easy of Control

Controlling a smart TV by voice is easier than controlling it using the buttons on the remote control. So, look for a smart TV that works with various voice control devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You will only need to command your voice assistant, and it will execute the command for hands-free control. So, look for smart TVs that support voice control.


Smart TVs feature hundreds of streaming apps for watching unlimited content. But watching your favorite content will require a connection to the internet. So, look for a smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi for a hassle-free connection to the internet wirelessly.

Since you might want to connect your TV with other peripheral devices such as a gaming console, consider a set with HDMI inputs. Also, look for a TV set with at least one USB port. You will use these ports to have peripheral connections and also play media from other storage systems.


What does HDR do in smart TVs?

The High Dynamic Range is a feature in some smart TVs for improving the imaging quality and performance from the screen. Any screen with this feature shows clearer images with robust colors. So, you want to look for smart TVs with HDR when shopping for the best models.

What is the difference between LED and LCD screens?

LED and LCD are common screen technologies you will find in smart TVs under 200. But you can be sure to find that the two screen types use two panels with a liquid crystal solution. So, these two screens use the same principle to produce quality images.

But still, they use different lighting sources to create images. For LEDs, your TV screen uses light-emitting diodes to illuminate the screen and produce excellent pictures. But LCDs use fluorescent lamps to illuminate the screen and create images. So, there lies the difference between the two screen technologies.

Do smart TVs support voice control?

Smart TVs are compatible with various voice control devices to grant you hands-free control over them. But of course, you might find they are compatible with different voice control devices, with many allowing you to use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You could connect your smart TV with a voice control device of your choice over Wi-Fi. And at the same time, you could use your smart TV’s smart feature to pair it with voice controls. Therefore, smart TVs work with various voice controls to grant you hands-free control over them.

What is the best refresh rate for my smart TV?

120Hz refresh rate is the sweet spot for your smart TV under 200. But a 60Hz refresh rate is also fine for your affordable smart TV. Therefore, be sure to hunt for smart TVs with 120Hz refresh rates for better picture smoothness and blur-free performance.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get the best smart TVs. With that said, you can find affordable smart TVs with incredible smart features that rival the ones you find in $2000 smart TVs. You only need to search the web properly to land the best deals.

Fortunately, finding incredibly smart and affordable TVs is easier than you might have imagined. So besides suggesting a few models that might be best for you, we’ve also included a buyer’s guide to help you hunt for more smart TVs under 200. Therefore, invest in nothing but the best smart TV under 200 and transform your home entertainment for the better!

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