The Best Smart Window Blinds and Shades That Work for You

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Ready to make your home a little smarter? Consider investing in smart window shades. Thanks to smart home technology, you can now raise and lower your shades from your phone — or even just by speaking aloud. Here are our picks for the best smart window blinds and shades you can buy right now.

What Are Smart Window Blinds?

Smart blinds and shades are motorized window treatments that can be controlled remotely using your smartphone or voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant. These intelligent window coverings give you the power to open and close your blinds from anywhere, whether you’re down the street or on vacation in another country.

Smart window treatments are great for security and safety: You can give the impression that you’re still at home even when you’re out of town by opening and closing your blinds throughout the day.

Motorized shades can also save you money: By automatically opening and closing according to the position of the sun, you can reduce the heat coming into your home and cut back on your air-conditioning or heating bill.

The Best Smart Window Blinds and Shades

Yoolax Motorized Smart Shades

The Yoolax Motorized Smart Shades are incredibly popular on Amazon, and for good reason: They operate smoothly, are easy to install, and can be used with voice commands. These smart shades come in more than a dozen colors to match your decor, including white, gray, dark blue, and a linen-look beige.

These are blackout shades, meaning they’re perfect for your bedroom or any room where you want to control the level of light coming in. They’re powered via rechargeable batteries and come with a remote control. But to really amp up your smart home, you’ll want to control them via voice commands, which you can do with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

These roller shades are customized to fit whatever size windows you need, and they install quickly and easily. And if you don’t want to hassle with recharging the batteries, you can also add on the brand’s solar panels in order to charge the shades.

They operate smoothlyNeeds Electricity To Function
Easy to installCharge for 6 hours
Pure natural cotton
Best Smart Window Blinds Reviews

Yoolax Motorized Window Blinds

If you’re looking for blinds rather than shades, check out the Yoolax Motorized Window Blinds. These double layer “zebra” shades combine alternating sheer and solid fabric bands in a horizontal stripe pattern. This allows them both to provide privacy and control the amount of sunlight streaming in.

These Yoolax smart blinds come in about a dozen different colors with varying levels of shading, from 80% to 95%. They come with a remote control or they can be controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. However, you’ll also need a smart hub or smart speaker such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home to use them with voice assistants. They’re rechargeable battery powered, however you can also add on a hardwired motor if you prefer to go that route.

Like the aforementioned Yoolax smart shades, these motorized blinds are made to order. They can be ordered in widths from 22 to 95 inches, and custom lengths from 22 to 118 inches.

Install quickly and easilyNeeds a smart hub to connect to Alexa and Google Home
They operate smoothlyReduced visibility
You can customize before you order
Best Smart Window Blinds Reviews

Graywind Motorized 100% Blackout Roller Shade

If you prefer smart roller shades that are hardwired instead of battery powered, check out the Graywind Motorized 100% Blackout Roller Shade. They come in 10 different colors to match your home, including white, gray, brown, beige, and black. A top valance makes them look stylish for all your windows.

Made from a combo of polyester and linen, these are 100% blackout shades to help you sleep peacefully and save on your energy bill. These run on a hardwired motor, meaning they need to be plugged in. They can be remote controlled, with one remote controlling up to 9 shades. You can also operate them via the corresponding smartphone app, or with Alexa or Google Assistant.

These roller shades are made to order to match your window measurements, so they’ll always be a perfect fit.

Install quickly and easilyNew Customers need to buy at least one remote
They operate smoothlyReduced visibility
High quality hardwired motor
Best Smart Window Blinds Reviews

Graywind Motorized Horizontal Zebra Blinds

Like the Yoolax blinds we featured earlier, the Graywind Motorized Horizontal Zebra Blinds have alternating stripes of sheer and opaque fabric. They come in a dozen colors including some adventurous ones like blue gray and apple green. These 80% blackout shades are very versatile: When raising them like normal blinds, you can match up the front and back opaque stripes for privacy, or allow some light to come through.

They’ll help shield your home from intense sunlight and UV rays during the day, and the cordless style means they’re safe for kids and pets. Like the Graywind shades, they run on a hardwired motor so they’ll need to be plugged in (or wired into a household electrical unit). They’re quick and easy to install, and can be controlled via remote control.

Or utilize the corresponding smartphone app or Google Assistant or Alexa to control your blinds, no smart hub needed. Like the others on this list, they’re made to order to ensure they’ll perfectly fit your windows.

High quality hardwired motorReduced visibility
They operate smoothlyNew Customers need to buy at least one remote
Install quickly and easily
Best Smart Window Blinds Reviews

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to add more smart functionality to your home, it may be time to invest in the best smart window blinds. Whether you want total blackout shades or zebra shades that still provide privacy, there’s definitely smart window shades out there to suit your needs. If you like the idea of being eco-friendly, look for solar powered options. And the ability to use voice commands for opening and closing your shades is a novelty that you’ll quickly become accustomed to, so look for motorized window coverings that are compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. Whatever variety you choose, motorized shades are definitely smart home devices that you’ll come to love.

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