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Best Solar Flood Lights with Motion Sensor

Did you know that you could illuminate the whole outdoor space using solar flood lights? Yes, solar flood lights give off hundreds of lumens in bright light. And in the process, they light up every section of your home.

You could use them to light up your patios, backyards, front door, or even the garage.

They have a wide application, and where you put them depends on your lighting needs. Some models even have motion sensors that automatically turn on the lights if they’ve detected movements from many feet away.

As such, they’re an excellent addition to your home. Besides, they have solar panels for charging their batteries, giving you light all night long.

But with many models on the market, finding the best solar flood lights might be quite a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be anymore because we’re presenting you with a few models we think might work best for you.

We’ve also included a few things to know before buying a solar security light. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What Solar Flood Lights Should You Consider Installing?

Aigleya Solar Lights Outdoor

Since you will place these solar-charged flood lights outdoors, your device should perform excellently under any weather. The good news is these Aigleya solar flood lights are weatherproof, with a rating of IP65.

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside because your flood lights will still illuminate the outdoor space as excellently as possible.

The flood lights are super bright, giving out 1500 lumens of light brightness. The flood lights owe this superior performance to their 230 LED beads, each giving off super-bright light.

So, it is easy to see why this unit performs excellently. Besides, each light head has a reflective panel for providing glare-free lighting.

This unit has three light heads. The heads are adjustable for focusing lighting on areas you feel are under underlit or need monitoring. You can adjust and position the three light heads to achieve a 270° lighting angle.

And this allows you to light an entire outdoor section excellently.

Besides serving the purpose of lighting the outdoor space, this unit also acts as a motion sensor. Your flood lights come armed with PIR sensors for detecting motions up to 26 feet away.

What’s more, the motion sensors detect movements within a 120° angle.

Of course, it is a solar-charged flood light. As such, it comes with a newly-designed monocrystalline silicon solar panel. This solar panel makes sure your 2200 mAh lithium-ion batteries always have sufficient charge.

The powerful battery makes sure the light stays on for 50,000 hours. If you’re looking for an easy install, you have a reason to pick this unit.

IP65 weatherproof rating.The casing isn't of the best quality.
1500 lumens of light.Some users face challenges installing it.
Anti-glare lighting.
270° lighting angle.
It detects motion from 26 feet away.
Powerful rechargeable battery.
Best Solar Flood Lights with Motion Sensor Reviews

FARRIDE Solar Lights Outdoor 102 LED with Lights Reflector

If you opt for this FARRIDE Solar Lights Outdoor product, you receive a pack of four solar-charged flood lights. You can use each flood light to light up your home sections, such as the front door, garage, yard, and stairways.

The flood lights have such a wide application that you could use them almost anywhere within your home.

The flood lights have highly efficient solar panels for charging their 22000mAh batteries. The solar panels have a 22.5% conversion rate. This means they convert the solar energy into battery power for powering your flood lights throughout the night.

The solar panels only need 6-8 hours to charge the batteries that power the LED lights for 8-10 hours.

Each flood light has 102 LED beads. The LED beads are spread out in the flood lights to give you a 270° illumination angle. The brightness level is also superb, with each flood light giving off 1000 lumens of light.

Therefore, this is a solar powered lighting solution for anyone looking to illuminate their property with sufficient brightness.

As you’d expect from these flood lights, they have motion sensors. Each sensor detects motion from up to 16 feet away. The PIR motion sensors are accurate and detect movement within 120° sensing angle. Place these flood lights in areas that could be possible hideouts.

The IP65 weatherproof rating is no exaggeration since the flood lights hold up well under any weather. It can be raining outside, and your flood lights will still detect movements and give off super-bright light.

They have three lighting modes for excellent lighting and motion detection. Therefore, they’re worth considering.

2200 mAh battery and 102 LED beads.They don't include 3M adhesive tapes.
1000 lumens of brightness.Adverse weather might affect their performance.
270° illumination angle.
120° sensing angle and 16 feet detection range.
Weatherproof design.
Easy installation.
Best Solar Flood Lights with Motion Sensor Reviews

Westinghouse Security Light

This Westinghouse Security Light outdoor solar lighting solution provides bright light all night long! It comes with its High Power Amorphous solar panel that can charge the batteries even when the sunlight intensity is low.

It is difficult to find solar panels that can charge batteries in low light conditions. But this one can!

The adjustable head boasts 40 SMD LED beads. As a result, it gives off 1000 lumens of light brightness, making it ideal for lighting up underlit home sections.

The 2000mAh lithium-ion battery makes sure your property is under a bright light from dusk to dawn. That’s 8 hours of light right there.

This unit also has a motion sensor that can pick up movements from 26 feet away. The sensor has a 120° sensing angle. So, anyone walking up to this flood light will trigger the 1000-lumen light.

But after 30 seconds, when the intruder is gone, the lights turn off automatically.

Since this flood light will always be on the outdoor space, it is weatherproof, with an IPX4 rating. Therefore, it is an excellent solar security light for any home. Installation is also easy since you don’t need to wire it to a power source because it has a built-in rechargeable battery.

It is an excellent flood light for your front door, patios, garages, and backyard. You never know from where someone might want to invade your privacy.

So, it is better to be prepared than to be sorry. Install one of these motion sensor lights to increase your home security.

1000 lumen of light brightness.The plastic materials aren't of the best quality.
22000mAh battery.You will need multiple units for a larger home.
IPX4 waterproof rating.
26-foot motion detection range.
Easy installation.
Battery charging under low light.
Best Solar Flood Lights with Motion Sensor Reviews

KERNOWO Solar Lights Outdoor

This package includes two black flood lights for your outdoor space. Each flood light has three LED heads, each having 210 LED beads. The heads are adjustable so that you can always set them in any direction.

The LED heads can also rotate, covering 360°. So, it is easy lighting up those areas you always feel need bright illumination.

With each LED head having 210 LED beads, it completely makes sense that you get 2500 lumens of light brightness on your property. If you’re looking to light up the yard, patio, or any other section on your property, these flood lights could help you greatly.

They have PIR motion sensors that automatically turn on the flood light if they detect movements from up to 25 feet away. What’s more, these PIR sensors have a 360° sensing angle.

Now, your flood lights will illuminate any intruder walking up to your front door from any direction. As such, these flood lights boost your home security.

The LED heads illuminate an extensive area, 1000 square feet, to be precise. The flood lights have two modes: Mode 1 and Mode 2. If you select the first mode (Mode 1), your flood light will give off 100% bright light if the motion sensors have detected movements.

But on the second mode (Mode 2), your flood lights give off only 20% of light.

The 2400mAh battery can power your flood lights from dusk to dawn. And it only takes the solar panels a few hours to charge the battery to full capacity.

The flood lights are also waterproof, with a rating of IP65. Therefore, they could serve you excellently under any weather.

Adjustable LED heads and 210 LED beads per head.Undetailed user manual.
2500 lumens of light brightness.Solar panels don't perform excellently in low light.
360° sensing angle.
1000 sq ft illuminated area.
IP65 weatherproof rating and 2400mAh powerful batteries.
25-ft motion sensing range.
Best Solar Flood Lights with Motion Sensor Reviews

XMCOSY+ Solar Security Lights

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One incredible feature of this XMCOSY+ Solar Security Lights flood light is that its motion sensor can detect movement from up to 50 feet away.

The PIR motion sensor also has a 180° for detecting motion from a wider angle. The flood light also automatically turns off in daylight and turns back on at night. Therefore, it always keeps your property brightly lit and well monitored.

It features two light heads, each having 180 LED chips. With this kind of LED beads on each LED head, it only makes more sense when your flood lights produce 1600 lumens of brightness. You can always adjust the LED heads to illuminate a 270° angle.

Another reason why you should have this flood light as one of your outdoor light fixtures is its 1800mAh batteries. These batteries are a true “powerhouse.” They provide the energy for the LED beads for an amount of time that’s just impossible to beat.

The solar panel charging the batteries is advanced and can still charge your powerful batteries even in low sunlight conditions. Adjust the light heads to the direction you feel needs 1600LM of bright light.

The flood light is also weatherproof and dust-proof. No atmospheric condition in the outdoor space will keep this device from illuminating your property once it is up and running.

Given its incredible performance and weatherproof design, it is another flood light that you should consider buying for your home.

1600 lumen light brightness.Light delays after motion detection.
180° sensing angle.
Adjustable LED heads.
Some users complain about poor packaging.
180 LED beads per head.
1800mAh battery power.
Low-light charging performance.
Best Solar Flood Lights with Motion Sensor Reviews

Buying Guide for The Best Solar Flood Lights

When looking to find the best solar flood light, you will have to consider a few features. And they include the following:

Brightness of Light

The main reason for buying a solar flood light is to illuminate your property with super-bright light. Bright light increases visibility in the dark, and that’s why you want super-bright light performance from your solar flood light.

So, you want to select a solar flood light that gives off super-bright light that illuminates far and wide. Usually, these units rate their brightness in lumens (LM).

The higher the rating, the more brightness a solar flood light gives. Therefore, look for higher lumens if you want the best solar flood light.

Illumination Angle

Solar flood lights usually have LED heads that focus the light on a given area. But this light travels in such a way that it covers a given angle from the LED head.

The area under illumination increases with an increase in this angle. So, if you have a wide property, you want to make sure you’re selecting a model with an increased angle.

270° is an excellent angle for people with a larger property. Therefore, select this illumination angle. But if your lighting needs are not much, you could step down a bit. But it still doesn’t hurt to look for solar flood light with a considerable illumination angle.

Number of LED Beads

The more LED beads a solar flood light has on its LED head, the brighter the performance. More LED beads will shine brighter light, and the reflective light panel will easily focus that light on the area under illumination at the designed illumination angle.

So, check to make sure your desired solar flood light has more LED beads per lamp head.

The Solar Panel

The solar panel converts the solar energy into electric energy for storage in the batteries. So, it is a vital feature to consider when shopping. You want to check the conversion rate here.

The higher the conversion rate, the faster your batteries will be full of charge for nighttime lawn illumination. This conversion rate is in percentage (%). So, check for solar panels with a higher conversion percentage.

Battery Charge Capacity

Solar flood lights store the sun’s energy in their batteries. So, the battery is such a huge deal when selecting your unit. The charge capacity is in milliamp-hour (mAh). The more capacity a battery has, the more power it can provide.

That means you want to select a unit whose battery has more mAh value. Besides, a powerful battery will provide energy for your LED beads and motion sensor throughout the night for a secure home.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor is another reason for getting one of these solar flood lights with a motion sensor. When selecting the best model, select one with a PIR motion sensor. These sensors are great at detecting movements from intruders.

Also, you want to check the motion detection range. How far away does the motion sensor pick up movements? You want to select units with long-range motion detection. You can find flood lights that can detect movements from 50 feet away.

Another thing to check is the sensing angle. There are units with a 360° sensing angle. These flood lights pick up movements from any direction around them and are your best chance. So, always check the sensing angle and remember to choose the highest you can find.


man installing an outdoor lights

Should I buy a solar flood light with a motion sensor?

Yes, buying a solar flood light with a motion sensor is a noble ideal. These solar flood lights automatically turn on the lights if they’ve picked up motion from as much as 50 feet away, keeping your property safe from intruders.

Besides, the motion sensors also delay the lights for 30 seconds after the movements cease, which only adds convenience and security.

What area do my solar flood lights cover?

Solar flood lights come in various designs. And this could only mean they cover varying areas with their bright lights. Some models can illuminate as much as 1000 square feet of an area.

But you could find other models that cover an area that’s slightly under 1000 sq ft.

So, you want to consider your lighting needs before selecting a given solar flood light. The bigger the area you need to illuminate, the more illumination coverage you will need. Finding a model that meets your needs is no longer a challenge despite many models out there on the market.

How do solar flood lights charge their batteries?

First, they have solar panels facing the skies for that sunshine. These panels then convert solar energy into a battery charge that your solar flood lights store in the built-in batteries.

Some models have advanced solar panels that could charge the batteries even under low light. So, it is the solar panels that charge the batteries for use at night.

Are solar flood lights weatherproof?

If there is one thing you will be sure of, your solar flood light will always be on the outdoor space. And the outdoor space experiences fluctuating weather conditions.

Sometimes it rains, but most of the time, it shines. So, your solar flood lights better handle all the weather conditions outside. Fortunately, they are weatherproof, with a rating of IP65. Some are even dust-proof, meaning dusty conditions will not affect them.

What light source do solar flood lights use?

Solar flood lights use super-bright LED lamp heads as their light source. But they have different numbers of LED beads. When these LED beads glow together, they produce super-bright light of up to 5000 lumens.

But this light brightness unit varies from one solar flood light to another.

Wrap Up

If you install the best solar flood lights on your property, you will add another security layer to your home. That’s because these solar flood lights have motion sensors that help deter crime by automatically turning the lights on.

What’s more, the motion sensors delay the lights for some seconds after the movements have ceased.

Your solar security light also doesn’t need wiring, making installation quite a breeze. With bright lights illuminating your property, you can be sure to keep possible hideouts safe from threats. Therefore, solar flood lights are work adding to your outdoor lighting fixtures.

If you were looking for the best solar flood lights, we hope you’ve found them. But if this is not the case, you can always use our buyer’s guide for a bit of help finding the best models.

Since this article participates in the Amazon Services LLC associates program, it contains links to the product pages. So, purchasing solar flood lights from our links will help us earn commissions. Install solar flood lights and make your home more secure.

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