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Best Sous Vide Container for a Joule

If you are recently ordered your Jule first immersion circulator, there’s a good chance that your gadget came with a surprise: many models only include the main tube that controls the temperature.

That means that your sous vide cooker will require a separate container for the water bath.

Naturally, this is a pretty easy problem to solve: all you need is a container. Technically, any big-enough pot can do the trick in a pinch. However, a specially-designed sous vide container will significantly improve your cooking experience.

Below are some of the models that will help you the most during your early attempts at sous vide.

Our Picks for the Best Containers Jule Sous Vide Cooker

EVERIE Sous Vide Container

The EVERIE sous vide container is not officially tied to any specific brand, although it is perfectly compatible with the Breville Joule immersion circulators.

They achieve this by keeping the features practical and straightforward: with no special hooks that would only fit one model, they still manage to provide a way to save energy and shorten long cooking time.

The most prominent feature is the collapsible hinged lid. This will help keep all the heat inside the container and provide tighter control over its temperature.

Plus, the side mount hole is slightly flexible, which means it can fit snugly around many different models and hold the immersion circulator upright without the need for a clamp.

There is another advantage to the hinged lid: it can be easily opened to check water levels or remove any ingredients mid-cycle, should you need to inspect them more closely.

Just make sure you don’t accidentally pierce any food bags, and take the opportunity to spread the marinade or seasonings evenly around your meat.

This model’s wide mouth and regular shape can fit a good amount of meat pieces, despite only having a capacity of 12 quarts.

If you get a rack divider or mount, you may be able to add a few extra steaks while keeping everything organized – but unfortunately, these are not included.

It fits tightly around the immersion circulator.It does not include a rack divider.
The hinged lid opens easily.It may not hold an entire beef rib rack.
It will help reduce energy consumption.
Best Sous Vide Container Reviews

VÄESKE Insulated Sous Vide Container

If your goal is to get all necessary accessories for your Anova Joule in one package, then the Väeske should be the first option to consider.

It may not be large enough for an entire roast beef or rack of ribs, but it will help you keep a series of smaller steaks or chops well-organized.

First, let’s take a look at the material: where most brands would simply use BPA free plastic, this model is made from polycarbonate. It also comes with a removable neoprene sleeve meant to provide additional insulation.

It will keep the temperature stable and prevent you from scalding yourself if you touch the container. Unfortunately, the inside of this lining slides relatively quickly, which could’ve been fixed with a few non-slip ridges.

The Väeske sous vide container comes with a retractable cover with a dual lid. The larger one will help you insert the aluminium rack holding all the food.

The smaller one will support the immersion circulator, although the side clamp will also hold some weight. Although the hole is large enough to fit various models, it will also help conserve heat and prevent water from evaporating, even during long cooks.

The rack is surprisingly well-designed. It was built with space-saving in mind: it can let you squeeze an extra food bag, but it’s not so wide to let them float.

All the aluminium edges are rounded, which will prevent scratching the internal insulation. Finally, the cross-bar in the middle will help you support a smaller bag of vegetables closer to the top, where it can be removed halfway through.

It includes a stainless steel rack.Small.
Additional neoprene sleeve.The insulating sleeve can slide off easily.
Made from quality polycarbonate.
Best Sous Vide Container Reviews

EVERIE Universal Sous Vide Container

This is another premium option for anyone who prefers to buy their accessories as a bundle. At first glance, it is very similar to the first EVERIE we reviewed. In reality, it is a significantly uplifted version with improved versatility.

This model has a slightly wider opening in the lid, which can fit a wider variety of models. For added stability, a small adjustable clamp can help secure the immersion circulator, although it may not fit models with very high or thick handles.

On the other hand, the inner side of this clamp will also allow you to secure the rack to one side of the container, preventing it from wobbling.

The edges are trimmed with rubber, which helps ensure a tight fit that will let no steam escape. The hinges also lock tight, although they remain easy to collapse and remove afterwards.

This will also help you save space in your drying rack or dishwasher.

This model also includes a removable neoprene sleeve, which provides additional insulation. Unlike the main container and the rack, this sleeve is not dishwasher safe.

Includes an insulating sleeveThe corner mount clamp may be too small.
It can fit a variety of modelsThe insulating sleeve can slide off easily.
Dishwasher safe
Best Sous Vide Container Reviews

Why Can’t You Use A Generic Container?

Sous vide cooking relies on avoiding high temperatures, replacing them with very long cooking times. Technically, you can do this on any regular pot.

However, most pots are designed to withstand temperatures for only a short period. But over the 8 to 10 hours that it takes to cook a sous vide roast beef? Often, what ends up happening is that some of the water will unavoidably overheat past 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, the water levels will drop, leaving some of your meats uncooked.

Plus, if you are working with very large cuts, you may not have a pot large enough to handle the task. Most round pots actually waste space, so even one with a capacity of 26 quarts may not be able to take an entire dinner party.

There are other advantages of investing in a sous vide container. Many are designed to maximize the internal capacity without overtaking most of your counter.

They are also more likely to distribute weight better and will prevent the pot from tilting over.

The Keys to Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide works on an elementary principle: lower temperatures are easier to manage and prevent the risk of overcooking the outside of your meat while attempting to cook the inside.

Therefore, instead of placing the meat directly onto the fire or in a scorching oven, they are vacuum-sealed in plastic bags. Then, they are placed in warm water – usually between 130 and 150 Fahrenheit – for several hours.

After fully cooked, the meat should be taken out of its plastic wrap and left to cool. Then, it can be seared on a cast-iron skillet for less than 20 seconds per side. This will give its edges a “fresh off the grill” effect.

Final Thoughts

A sous vide machine can technically be used with any large water container. However, a regular pot will not fit as many pieces of meat, and it may also be unstable or let the water evaporate.

A lidded and insulated sous vide container will help you make the most of your Joule.

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