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Best Steak Seasoning For Sous Vide

Sous vide is a cooking technique that could bring out the tasteful flavors from your steak. As a cooking method, sous vide uses special kitchen appliances to deliver the same level of doneness with every cooking.

As such, you will invest in the best sous vide equipment to cook your steak to a precise temperature.

You could improve the taste of your steak by seasoning it before sous vide cooking. Salt and pepper are among the ingredients for seasoning a steak before cooking it using the sous vide technique.

But there are a few more ingredients for seasoning your steak for a mouthwatering taste.

If you’re looking for some of the best steak seasoning products, you have come to the right place. We will explore some of the best seasoning products that will transform your cooking and take it to the next level.

Also, we will look at things to look for when picking a steak seasoning product. So, be sure to read on for more information!

What Are the Best Sous Vide Seasoning Products for Steaks? 

Hawaiian BBQ Sauce

If you love meat such as chicken, beef, pork, or seafood, you could marinate it with this sauce. You can marinate any meat with this sauce as it works efficiently to bring out the tasteful flavors and enhance the freshness.

It is an ideal sauce for any meat, making it a must-have sauce for meat lovers.

Before sous vide cooking or grilling your meat, you should marinate it. And this BBQ sauce improves the surface texture for tasteful grill marks on your meat steak.

After marinating your steak with this sauce, you will have a perfectly cooked dinner!

Besides marinating your meat steaks, you could also use this sauce to marinate vegetables before grilling your veggies. And the results are delicious indoor or outdoor dining.

As such, there is not a single food you can’t marinate with this sauce.

Your food will have an incredible taste since this Huli-Huli Sauce adds flavors with its ingredients.

The ingredients that add flavor to your seasoned meat steak or veggies include wheat flour, soybeans, salt, sodium benzoate; all preserve your food and add tasteful flavors to your meat steak.

What’s more, this sauce also contains a 5’-Guanylate ingredient that enhances the taste of your meat steak. If you opt for this sauce, you only get a 24-ounce bottle of sauce for marinating any meat or veggies.

It is an excellent choice for marinating sous vide steak before grilling the steak.

It marinates any meat.It only includes one bottle.
24 ounces capacity.The bottle leaks easily.
It enhances the flavors.
Best Steak Seasoning For Sous Vide Reviews

Montreal Steak Seasoning

Right out of the box, you can’t help but notice the beautiful tin in which this meat seasoning product comes. The seasoning product comes in a magnetic tin that adheres to most metal surfaces. And that means your seasoning salt is always within arm’s reach.

You can season the steak with this product since it brings out natural flavors in any steak. And that is because it has ingredients such as sea salt, pepper, dried chili, and garlic, among a few more ingredients.

Besides using this seasoning on meat steaks, you can also use this product to season potatoes. Since salt is one of the ingredients, you will have a steak with salt for dinner.

The seasoning yields a nice crust while making the insides cook excellently. Whether you like a medium-rare steak or you love a completely rare steak, this seasoning product could bring out all the natural flavors.

The product weighs 71 grams and is non-GMO verified. As such, it is safe for consumption. All flavors and colors are natural, and this only makes the seasoning product safer for consumption.

The ingredients are all natural. Also, this seasoning product has no wheat, nuts, sugar, or soy. So, if you are looking to season a filet mignon, this product could be what you need.

GMO-free.It contains a lot of salt.
Natural flavors and color.It is a bit expensive.
Magnetized tin.
Best Steak Seasoning For Sous Vide Reviews

Civilized Coffee Espresso Chili Rub

If you are looking for true BBQ cooking, you will need an authentic BBQ sauce. And this chili-flavored seasoning adds a sweet and savory taste to any meat steak you rub it on for an irresistible taste.

What’s more, this seasoning product also adds a rich coffee flavor to your meal.

The rich taste comes from this seasoning product’s ingredients. It includes ingredients such as Espresso Coffee, chili, Smoked Paprika, and Mustard, among a few more ingredients.

This seasoning product also contains sea salt for enhancing the taste of your meat steak.

With all these ingredients in your seasoning product, you can also season other foods. You could season popcorn, salad, grilled vegetables, and potatoes.

You can season pretty much any food with this seasoning product. As such, it is a versatile kitchen ingredient for your home cooking.

When seasoning your meat steak, you could apply this seasoning product in many ways. First, you could dry rub it before you can cook the steak. Second, you could butt rub this essential seasoning product on your steak.

There are plenty of ways you could season your steak with this seasoning product. You only have to choose the seasoning method that works best for you. It is an excellent steak seasoning product for your food before sous vide cooking.

Natural flavors.The lid doesn’t seal excellently.
You can apply it in various ways.It only includes one seasoning product.
You can season any food.
Best Steak Seasoning For Sous Vide Reviews

McCormick Grill Mates 25% Less Sodium Montreal Steak Seasoning

This seasoning product is an iconic blend of flavorful ingredients. It contains ingredients such as garlic, coarsely ground pepper, and salt.

All ingredients are natural, and this seasoning product has no MSG added. It also has no artificial flavors, making it an all-natural seasoning product for your steak before sous vide cooking.

Also, it contains 25% less sodium than the first seasoning product from the same brand. The weight is enough for seasoning meat steak for a whole family’s meal.

The 10-ounce weight is enough for grilling a steak for your hungry guests for a delicious treat.

But you only get a pack of one seasoning product, which might not be ideal for seasoning more meat steaks for larger family sizes. But it is still an incredible seasoning product for outdoor BBQ and vegetable grilling.

You have two ways of applying this seasoner to a meat steak. First, you could use it dry to season your steak before sous vide cooking. Secondly, you could use it with oil to season your steak, whichever method works for you best.

It is also a spicy seasoning that adds flavor to your meal. So, if you want to treat your guests to a delicious meal, this seasoning product works excellently. It is an excellent choice for seasoning any steak and an authentic sauce to supplement your dinner.

All-natural ingredients.It has too much salt.
25% less sodium.You only get a pack of one product.
It seasons any steak.
Best Steak Seasoning For Sous Vide Reviews

How To Season Steak Before Sous Vide Cooking

A strip steak is a highly marbled cut with a copious intramuscular fat that delivers incredible taste with every bite. But this flavorful intramuscular fat keeps the strip steak moist while insulating the internals.

As such, you want to cook your strip steak a few degrees Fahrenheit higher than you would cook a tenderloin steak, which is leaner.

Cooking a strip steak to a precise temperature is always essential. If you love a rare steak to medium-rare steak, be sure to cook your steak to a temperature ranging from 129°F to 135°F. You also want to cook your strip steak for a specific duration, depending on its thickness.

If the strip steak is 1.5-inch thick (or less), sous vide cook the steak for 40 minutes. Also, you want to ensure you don’t cook your steak for more than 2 hours 30 minutes if you cook it below 130°F.

With everything said, now let’s dive into how to cook your strip steak using the sous vide cooking technique. But first, let’s check out the ingredients!


  • Two large strip steaks (2 pounds).
  • 12 garlic cloves. Peel and leave them whole.
  • 1 bunch of fresh sage leaves.
  • 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter.
  • 2 tablespoon olive oil.


  1. Season the strip steaks with your preferred seasoning product.
  2. Place one strip steak in one of the seal bags with 4 garlic cloves, a few sage leaves, and unsalted butter.
  3. Place the other strip steak in a seal bag with olive oil, four garlic cloves, and a few sage leaves. Then vacuum seal the bags.
  4. Place each vacuum seal bag inside a sous vide water bath at 130°F and cook for 2 hours 30 minutes. You will achieve excellent temperature control with a sous vide immersion circulator.
  5. Remove the steaks from the water baths and dry with paper towels.
  6. Finish the cooking on a stovetop.

How to finish your steak on a stovetop

After you have pat dry the strip steaks, you want to finish cooking your steaks on a stovetop. If you are looking for an excellent finish, be sure to follow the steps below:

  1. Place a stainless steel skillet on a stove and add one tablespoon of vegetable oil on the hottest part. A heavy cast-iron skillet is also excellent.
  2. Use a set of tongs to gently lay one strip of steak on the skillet at a time. You could also use your fingers in this step. If you want a dark crust on your streak, add a tablespoon of butter.
  3. Flip over the steak after 15-30 seconds. Repeat the flipping process until your steak has a nice brown sear. Your steak will quickly sear in one minute.
  4. Again, use a set of tongs to place the edges of your steak in contact with the skillet. Be sure to rotate the steak for the entire edge to get the brown texture. This will take a minute or two.
  5. Remove the steaks and place them on a wire rack with a rimmed baking sheet below it. You can reheat what’s left on the skillet and pour it over the streaks for a moist surface and re-crisp texture.
  6. You can now serve the steak with coarse sea salt.

How To Buy the Best Steak Seasoning For Sous Vide

When buying a seasoning product for your favorite steak, you will consider only a few things. And they include the following:

The ingredients

One of the things you will consider is the ingredients of the seasoning product you are planning to buy. Seasoning products contain different ingredients.

You can find some that contain soy sauce, caramel, salt, and pepper. If you are looking for a particular flavor from your steak, be sure to pick a seasoning product that enhances that flavor.

Nutritional Value

You also want to consider the nutritional value of your preferred seasoning product before buying it. The information is always on the label.

So, you only have to read the label to know the nutritional content.

The Size of the Bottle

The capacity is another essential factor to consider before picking any seasoning product. Also, you want to consider the size of the package. You can find a pack that only includes one seasoning product.

At the same time, you can find a pack of multiple seasoning products.

You will consider the meal size you want to prepare and pick a seasoning product of the correct capacity. If you want to prepare a large steak, pick a seasoning product that seasons the steak sufficiently.

Expiry Date

You want to check the expiry before seasoning your steak and seal the plastic bag with a vacuum sealing machine. Even better, check the expiry date before buying any seasoning product. That is because an expired product could potentially cause a health hazard.


What is the best temperature for steak sous vide cooking?

An immersion circulator ensures the internal temperature of your steak is consistent for excellent doneness results. But you will have to set the temperature for the sous vide immersion circulator to cook the steak to a precise temperature.

The best temperature depends on the thickness of your steak. Also, it depends on the doneness level. If you want a rare steak with a 1.5-inch thickness, you will cook it to 125°F for 2 hours 30 minutes.

But for a medium-rare steak, you will go five degrees Fahrenheit higher, cooking for the same duration.

Do I need a sous vide immersion circulator to cook my steak?

Yes, you require an immersion circulator to cook your steak using the sous vide technique. You will also need a vacuum sealer and a plastic bag for sous vide cooking.

Once you have everything you need, your steak will achieve the exact level of doneness your heart desires. You only need to set the right temperature and cook for the specified period.

What does seasoning a steak work to achieve?

Seasoning a steak makes it tender and brings out the flavors. Seasoning a steak requires the best seasoning products on the market, with all the ingredients that appeal to you.

So, if you want a soft and tender steak with flavors bursting in your mouth, the best seasoning product is all you need.

Do seasoning products have nutritional values?

Yes, these beneficial ingredients also have nutritional values. If you want sodium in your food, a seasoning product could supplement the mineral.

Also, you can be sure to benefit from additional nutrients from a seasoning product. Therefore, read the label on the bottle to know all the nutritional contents.

Wrap Up

If you want the best cooking results, you will sous vide cook your steak. But first, you will season it, then cook it to a precise temperature for a specified duration. And the result will be the exact level of doneness you were eyeing.

But seasoning a sous vide steak requires the best seasoning on the market. We have also gone the extra mile to guide you through when picking a seasoning product.

As a result, finding the best seasoning might take you a shorter time than before. Pick the best sous vide steak seasoning to make a tasteful steak for your family and guests!

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