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Best Stick Vacuum with Detachable Handheld

Using cordless vacuums makes the whole process of cleaning your home a bit more bearable. Here are the best stick vacuum with detachable handheld review.

Since their batteries power them, you can carry them anywhere with you, saving you from the frustrations of plugging and unplugging to a power source.

If you want to perform some quick cleaning jobs around your house, you do not have to pull out your heavy canister vacuum and drag it to clean your walls and furniture.

Your cordless stick vacuum will handle all your cleaning needs. Here is the best stick vacuum with a detachable handheld.

The only problem with cordless models is that there are so many brilliant brands in the market. Picking the correct choice may be tricky if you do not know what to look for.

While most upright vacuums look similar, they are not created equal. To come to your rescue, we have selected the best stick vacuums with a detachable handheld that are the best in the market right now.

What Are the Best Vacuums with Detachable Handles?

Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Versatility is the reason why you are shopping for a stick vacuum with a detachable handle. The Tineco A11 Hero 450W stick vacuum is a good pick if you want a stick vacuum that you can use anywhere.

Its detachable handheld vac allows you to convert it to a lightweight handheld vacuum in a breeze. It has an advanced design that gives it a stylish look thanks to several thoughtful features, such as its LED lights.

The lights are located at its front and are helpful when cleaning dark areas around the house. It also comes with other cleaning accessories to give you an easy time when cleaning pet hairs off your floor.

Since it is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, it operates on a battery. It has a long run time of 40 minutes to give you uninterrupted cleaning, making it perfect for full house cleaning. You can use it every day around your children and pets because of its quiet motor.

Tineco A11 Hero vacuum operates in three power modes; Max power mode, Gentle mode, and Daily mode. The Max power mode delivers an ultra-powerful suction making it suitable for deep cleaning.

This mode is useful when you want to clean thick pile carpets. For bare floors, however, the Gentle and the Daily power modes are ideal for cleaning.

Tineco’s four-stage filtration system is fully sealed and delivers better cleaning results. It captures fine dust particles and expels cleaner air to prevent secondary air pollution.

Even better, the Tineco vacuum cleaner comes with abundant tools such as a crevice tool, a mini power brush, and a dusting brush for more versatile cleaning.

Lightweight and easy to maneuver.Motor filters need cleaning after every use.
Easy operation.HEPA filters require annual replacement.
It picks up debris instantly.
Best Stick Vacuum with Detachable Handheld Reviews

TOPPIN Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The TOPPIN cordless stick vacuum cleaner is perfect for families with pets. With its powerful suction, you do not have to go over the same spot twice.

It sucks away pet hair, dust, pet food, cat litter, and other messes the first time the cleaner head goes over them. The unit’s three suction modes ensure that it is suitable for all your cleaning needs. You can easily switch from hard floor cleaning to carpet cleaning.

It only weighs 3.08 lbs., making it super light and easy to maneuver around the house. Even your child can comfortably give you a hand with some of the cleanings.

It is designed to be mounted on the wall, saving you a lot of storage space. Thanks to its LED headlights, you can quickly vacuum dark areas inside your house, such as the areas around the cabinets.

Thirty-five minutes of runtime gives you an uninterrupted cleaning. Its 2200mAh is removable and only requires 4-hours of charging. For an extensive cleaning exercise, you can have a spare and charge it separately.

Using the TOPPIN cordless stick vacuum guarantees purified fresh air. Its 5-layer efficiency filtration system picks up 99.9% of all microscopic particles to prevent secondary air pollution.

One of the reasons this vacuum cleaner is popular is how easily it converts from a stick vac to a handheld vac. This feature makes it a versatile cleaner because you can bring it out to your car and clean it up as a handheld vac.

You can also clean areas that are hard to reach with a stick vacuum.

Tangle-free brush roll.Small dust cup.
Less heat and noise.Maximum mode consumes more battery power.
Detachable battery.
Best Stick Vacuum with Detachable Handheld Reviews

Laresar Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you have children, pets, or both, then there are multiple times during the week when you have to whip out your vacuum and clean up the mess.

With a cordless vacuum like Laresar, cleaning your house is no longer an annoying chore. Instead, it is an absolute breeze since all you need to do is grab your cordless vacuum and move around the house with complete freedom sucking away any dust or dirt on your way.

Laresar vacuum is equipped with a 380W brushless motor that delivers a strong suction power of 26KPA. Its suction power enables it to perform well on various surfaces, including hard floors, carpets, window curtains, and the staircase.

Being cordless, Laresar is powered by 2600mAh, which gives you 30 minutes of run time for uninterrupted cleaning. The battery is detachable, allowing you to charge it separately. You can even have a spare and achieve up to 60 minutes of run time.

Its high-density HEPA filtration system eliminates up to 99.9% of microscopic particles. You can easily detach the filters to wash them before putting them back for an excellent cleaning experience.

It operates in 2 adjustable cleaning modes to meet your different cleaning demands. LED lighting makes it possible to vacuum even in the dark.

Laresar vacuum has a 0.8L dust cup that you can quickly empty with just a push of a release button. You can also convert it to a handheld vacuum cleaner and comes with all the accessories you will need, such as nozzles and brushes.

The capacity of the dust cup is large enough and takes time to get full, saving you a lot of trips to the dust bin.

Great suction power.Short battery service life.
Washable filtration system.No battery level indicator.
Converts to a handheld vac.
Best Stick Vacuum with Detachable Handheld Reviews

BuTure 26KPa Powerful Cordless Stick Vacuum

Cordless vacuums give you the freedom to clean without worrying about the length of your vacuum cleaner’s power cord or whether there is a power source nearby.

The BuTure cordless stick vacuum is packed with several features to give you the best cleaning experience. Its 380W brushless digital motor delivers a suction power of 26KPa to instantly clean all the dust particles, debris, and pet hair on its path.

A 2600mAh lithium battery delivers a run time of between 18 to 35 minutes. Since the battery is detachable, you can remove it from the vacuum and charge it separately if you want.

You may even have an extra battery if you plan to clean for a more extended period and do not want to be interrupted by low battery warnings.

Whether you are short or tall, you can adjust the height of this stick vacuum through its retractable tube. You can also convert it from a stick vac to a handheld vacuum for above-the-floor cleaning.

When not in use, you can mount it on the wall to save you some storage space. Once the dust cup is full, you can empty it with just one click of a button. You don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Adjustable height.Short battery service life.
Detachable battery.Shorter runtime on maximum mode.
Easily convertible to a handheld vacuum.
Best Stick Vacuum with Detachable Handheld Reviews

What to Consider Before Buying a Cordless Stick Vacuum with Detachable Handheld

When making a purchase, you will consider a few features. And that’s because these features ensure you get a vacuum with the best performance.

It is easier to pick the best-performing cleaning machine when you know what to consider before spending your cash. But what are these features to consider? well, they include the following:

Detachable Handheld Vacuum

Most cordless stick vacuums have a lift-away handheld vacuum. This vacuum is usually either a stick design where you detach the floor tool and attach mini-tools for above the floor cleaning or the less common pull-out handheld vac.

Cordless vacuums with the detachable handheld feature also allow you to entirely remove the cleaning tube to convert it to a smaller handheld vacuum. This design makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Battery Life

Cordless stick vacuums run on rechargeable batteries. The amount of runtime your cordless vacuum will offer depends on the type of battery it comes with. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type because of their long battery life and quick charging time.

Key things to look at when choosing a stick vac with the best battery include run time, charging time, and whether the battery is detachable.

Battery run time varies in cordless vacuums, from 10 minutes up to 60 minutes. The charging time ranges from one hour up to 16 hours in some brands.

Still, on battery run time, you should also consider how long the battery charge lasts when the vacuum cleaner is on maximum cleaning mode and standard cleaning mode.

Models with detachable batteries are convenient since you can have a spare that comes in handy in case you run out of juice.


Nearly all cordless vacuum models have smaller dust cups as compared to their corded counterparts. When cleaning, you will require to empty the dust cups more frequently.

Since they are bagless, too, you will have more contact with dust whenever you empty the cups. Settling on a cordless vacuum model with a larger dust capacity is recommended to minimize the frequency of making contact with dust.


Filters should be removable, easy to clean, and replaceable. Choose a model with a HEPA filter to protect you from any exposure to allergens and dust particles when cleaning.


Compared to standard vacuums, cordless vacuums are much lighter. Cordless vacuums weigh an average of 3kg. As a result, they are a fantastic choice if moving around with canister vacuums feels cumbersome to you.

However, light a cordless vacuum is, how well it is balanced is key to its overall performance. Some cordless vacuums weigh less but are poorly balanced.

As a result, they feel heavier when used to clean high areas, such as the ceiling.

Other features to consider could include LED lights that are handy for illuminating dark spaces and a power trigger to save battery life.

Another useful feature is the battery life indicator to let you know how much juice you have left.


Why Should I Switch to a Cordless Vacuum?

At first, cordless vacuums were not very good when they were introduced. They had poor suction and low run times. However, cordless vacuums have dramatically improved with time.

Nowadays, cordless vacuums offer suction power that is as effective as their corded vacuums. Some cordless models, such as the Dyson Animal Cordless vacuum cleaner, have run times of up to 60 minutes.

Another reason why you should migrate to a cordless vacuum is because of the convenience they offer. Rather than doing deep cleaning weekly using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, with a cordless vacuum, you can perform light cleaning more frequently.

Even better, you do not have to deal with dust bags and power cords.

Are Cordless Vacuums Versatile?

Going through this review, you must have realized how incredibly versatile cordless stick vacuums are. Most units come with adjustable wands that you can use to push them around like normal upright vacuums.

You can convert them to handheld vacuums to clean areas above the floor, such as the ceiling or inside cabinets and drawers.

Good quality cordless vacuum brands also come with useful attachment tools such as a dusting brush, a charging station, and a crevice tool. The crevice tool, for example, is very useful in cleaning tight corners. The dusting brush is perfect for cleaning tabletops and countertops.

Should I Charge My Vacuum Battery to Full Capacity After Every Use?

It is always recommended to charge your vacuum after every cleaning session. First, it ensures that you start with a full capacity battery on your next clean.

Second, charging batteries to full capacity helps extend their service life since it ensures that the batteries do not drain completely.

How Frequent Should I Clean My Filters?

It depends on the brand of your cordless vacuum. However, cleaning the filters once every month is ideal and will ensure that your unit is always in top condition.

Wrap Up

Cordless stick vacuums are lightweight and portable, making them one of the helpful tools that you should have. Their cordless design saves you from worrying about the range or availability of a power source near the areas you are looking to clean.

Moving around with them up or downstairs is a breeze.

You may fall in love with how they feel in the hand as they are easy to maneuver around your home. That said, you can choose your best stick vacuum from the models we have reviewed above.

Our picks are selected based on their performance, battery life, feature set, ease of use, and price.

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