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Best Upright Vacuum for Frieze Carpet

They may not be the latest trend in décor – but then again, if there was ever a time to recycle old materials, it is now.

If you recently got your first frieze carpet, you may already be looking at the most efficient ways to clean it.

Here are the best upright vacuum for frieze carpet.

Just like with shag carpets, a good vacuum for frieze carpet cleaning needs to have powerful suction above everything else.

This is because the knotted, thick hairs on this carpet can often trap dirt and hairs very tightly.

So should you simply get a steam deep cleaner? An industrial machine? Fortunately, the answer will be no. Many domestic upright vacuum models easily handle frieze carpets now – and below are just four of the best options.

Top Picks for an Upright Vacuum for Frieze Carpet

Kenmore DU2015

Despite its light, Jetsons-like appearance, the Kenmore DU2015 is a heavy-duty trooper that can confidently clean most types of carpet.

This is a bagless model. Instead of a replaceable bag, it has a removable cup with a total capacity of 2 liters. This is connected to the main body using an easy twist-off lock, which allows you to remove it and empty it quickly.

Both the brush roll and the cup should be cleaned every 7 to 10 uses or after 10 hours of operation.

The cleansing power is powerful, and not just because of the suction. The Kenmore DU2015 comes with a True HEPA filter, which works with a completely sealed air path. It also comes with replaceable tools meant to clean upholstery, target pet hair, or create a rotating fan.

Now, the vacuum itself weighs just over 14 pounds. This is heavier than most people can comfortably lift. At the same time, the main roller brush is still too wide to fit beneath the furniture comfortably.

You can use this to approach your furniture from the side – but anything lower than 3 inches may need to be moved. To compensate for this, this model has a 10-foot-long expandable hose.

This may help you reach any upper corners or crevices more easily. The head also swivels easily and has an extra set of back wheels.

Mighty suction power.Heavy.
True HEPA filter.The primary brush roll is relatively thick, so it's not as easy to maneuver as other models.
Large capacity dust cup.
Best Upright Vacuum for Frieze Carpet Reviews

Shark Navigator Freestyle

“Freestyling” is not an adjective that many of us associate with cleaning our frieze carpets. So then, what is behind one of Shark’s most potent models?

The Shark Navigator Freestyle has two notable characteristics: light and works even when not directly plugged into a power source.

So let’s look at the weight first: at barely 7.5 pounds, this model barely weighs half as much as many other equivalent models. Naturally, this requires compromises in other areas: the dustbin is smaller than most of the other models on this list. 

And yet, Shark still managed to pack a powerful enough engine to target medium or high pile carpets – or even filthy, old frieze ones.

Now let’s look at the cordless function. The Shark Navigator comes with a charging station that doubles as a storage rack whenever it is not being used.

It can operate for over an hour at high suction on a single charge. On the other hand, it may require up to four hours to recharge completely.

The brush roll is a bit wide and thick, but it still deserves some congratulations. It comes with independent 2-speed control, separate from the suction strength setting.

The higher speed is beneficial for picking up pet hair. It also has a set of extra wheels which allow the brush to pivot for up to 160 degrees. These wheels can be locked whenever you need to keep them straight.

Finally, several reviewers praised this model’s durability and its ability to withstand bumps and scratches. At the same time, it seems to jam, especially if you don’t remove pet hair after the cleaning session.

Resilient and made from durable plastic.The brush roll is a bit clunky.
Long battery life.Pet hair can cause occasional jams.
2-speed settings for the brush roll.
Best Upright Vacuum for Frieze Carpet Reviews

BISSELL 2252 CleanView

There is something oddly satisfying to watching all the dirt you have managed to remove from your home – especially if you try to picture it around your lungs or walls instead.

The “CleanView” design may be this vacuum’s main draw, but it is not the only one that makes it outstanding.

The other beautiful characteristic of the BISSELL 2252 is the maneuverability offered by its brush roll. Rather than simply steering to the sides, it allows you to rotate the main stick for a full 360 degrees.

If you combine that with one of the additional tools – such as the corner brushes or crevice tools – you will instantly be able to tackle every inch of your frieze carpet.

Let’s take a look at its other characteristics. With a capacity of 1 liter, the dirt cup is slightly above average, but nothing special. When the primary brush roll is installed, it will have a cleaning path of 13.5 inches.

The Bissell 2252 is not a cordless model. As it weighs just over 15 pounds, this is not the kind of model you would want to move around the house too much.

However, the extension cord is pretty long, so you should be able to cover the entire room.

Beautiful see-through design.Pretty heavy.
The brush roll can pivot for 360 degrees.It occasionally overheats.
Long extension cord.
Best Upright Vacuum for Frieze Carpet Reviews

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series

With a retro design and a high-tech filter, the T-series is precisely what you would expect from Hoover. After all, this is the brand that first brought vacuum cleaners to the middle-class American home.

True to its traditional roots, this model offers enough suction to suck every particle of dust from your carpets – which are all then trapped into a sealed HEPA filter.

The next key behind its efficiency is the settings panel. It offers five different height adjustment settings, where most vacuum cleaners will only provide two or three. Use these to match the type of carpet you are cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner uses a reusable bag to filter all the dust trapped. You can remove the bag, empty it, and even wash it on a gentle cycle – so you won’t need to replace the bag every time.

On the other hand, the design (while pleasant) won’t allow you to see the bag’s contents directly, so you may not be able to tell right away when it’s time to replace the bag.

Although a bit heavy, the designers prioritised ensuring you can reach all surfaces without lifting the vacuum cleaner. In addition to a 30 feet extension cord also has an extension wand, a removable 8-feet hose, and a set of crevice and upholstery tools.

These can all be connected to the top of the vacuum’s body, which will allow you to reach any above-head surfaces.

This unit does have two primary defects: the noise levels are rather loud, and if you don’t let the bag dry properly, it can develop smells.

Very long extension cord and wand.You can't see the contents of the bag from the outside.
True HEPA filter.Noisy.
Pleasant retro design.
Best Upright Vacuum for Frieze Carpet Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions about Frieze Carpets

What is a frieze carpet?

A frieze carpet is a thinner alternative to a traditional shag carpet. Like shag carpets, it includes a series of upright strands on the top surface, making it very soft. However, these strands are generally thinner and longer.

What are the advantages of frieze carpets?

Frieze carpets are very cozy and soft. They also help hide any seams between pieces of fabric. The strands can also help you hide some of the dirt that may accidentally fall on them.

As a result, they work great in bedrooms, TV rooms, or other informal spaces where you may want to go barefoot.

What is the cost of a frieze carpet?

Frieze carpets are now considered a bit dated, and they are rarely regarded as a premium flooring option. As a result, they tend to be pretty inexpensive.

The final price will depend on the materials: synthetic fabrics such as polyester tend to be cheaper than softer nylon or wool options.

How do you maintain a frieze carpet?

Frieze carpets can be pretty tricky to clean. However, if adequately vacuumed and occasionally steamed, they can last for a long time. The key is to rotate them routinely to spread the effect of foot traffic.

Final Thoughts

Frieze and shag carpets may feel very soft, but they can be troublesome for people with allergies or respiratory conditions. You will need a strong vacuum cleaner to get every last piece of dust out of them.

The four models we included here offer HEPA filters, plus a few other perks to help you clean the entire house with less work.

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