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Best Upright Vacuum with Detachable Handheld

Upright vacuums boast 50% of the market share, making them the most common vacuum cleaner type on the market. And there are a few reasons why their popularity has shot through the roof.

First, upright vacuum cleaners are the champions for cleaning carpets, and they pack sufficient cleaning power to pick up dust particles hiding deep between the carpet’s fur.

Also, an upright vacuum cleaner has a cleaning head that picks up dust from bare floors.

Second, upright vacuums are easier to store. Some models even include a charging dock doubling up as a storage dock for easier storage. As such, they don’t demand more storage space.

What’s more, they could also run off battery power. With their battery packs being detachable, you can easily replace the depleted battery with a fully charged battery to resume cleaning in seconds! As such, they are worth the investment in every sense.

But the market is never short of upright vacuum cleaners. And not all of these cleaning machines pack sufficient cleaning power.

But we’re presenting you with a few best upright vacuums to help you keep your home looking its best all the time.

We’ve also included a guide to help you spot other top-performing upright vacuums on the market. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What Are the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners for Cleaning Your Home?

ROOMIE TEC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

First, this upright vacuum cleaner features a 2200mAh Li-ion battery pack since it is a cordless vacuum cleaner.

However, the battery takes 4 hours to charge despite giving you only about 30 minutes of run time, which is a bit of a downside.

But the vacuum cleaner makes up by giving you impressive suction power. The vacuum cleaner excellently picks up dirt and dust particles from the floor and carpet, thanks to the two powerful motors it features.

The vacuum cleaner features two power settings: ECO Mode and Turbo Mode. You will use the ECO mode for daily cleanings, like cleaning your hard floors, such as tile and hard surfaces.

But the Turbo Mode comes in handy when you want to boast excellently cleaned carpets. Therefore, you can be sure to extend your battery life by selecting the ECO Mode.

The floor cleaning head has LED lights since these are the new industry standards. But it even gets better as the cleaner head also features rubber wheels that could protect your pristine flooring by not leaving behind streaks.

Of course, the LED lights illuminate the way for excellent cleaning, even at night!

Also, the cleaner head swivels through 180° making your vacuum cleaner easy to maneuver. As a result, your cleaning machine turns around the sofa legs with precision for improved cleaning performance.

Also, the cleaner head has a removable beater bar to avoid hair twine. The vacuum cleaner makes a case for itself and is one of the best upright vacuums.

Two suction power levels.The battery takes 4 hours to charge.
6 LED lights.Unresponsive customer support.
4-Stage Cyclone Filtration System.
Best Upright Vacuum Reviews

BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum

If you’re a pet owner, this is a bagless upright vacuum you want to buy for cleaning your home. It works excellently to remove pet hair and other debris from carpets.

But your vacuum cleaner also handles bare floors and other hard surfaces. The floor cleaning head boasts a powerful pet hair pick-up design, thanks to a Triple Action brush roll with Scatter-Free Technology.

The Triple Action brush roll loosens pet hair and, of course, dirt before sucking them up to leave the carpet clean. As such, you can be sure to clean embedded dirt from your carpet.

On the other hand, Scatter-Free Technology comes in handy when cleaning bare floors with less pet hair scatter.

Many users love battery powered upright vacuums for their portability. Unfortunately, this is a corded model that features a 27-ft. power cord.

But on the flip side, you don’t have to worry about limited battery life if you opt for this upright vacuum cleaner. And this makes it an excellent choice for users looking for extended cleaning tasks to deep clean their living spaces.

The cleaner head swivels to improve maneuverability. And this translates to more efficient cleaning since the vacuum cleaner moves quickly across floors and around furniture legs.

The foot height is adjustable for a customized cleaning task.

Since this is one of the bagless vacuums under 15 pounds, it is a lightweight unit. It features Hepa filters that trap pet hair and allergens from the air.

As a result, everyone in your home breathes clean, unpolluted air. What’s more, the foam filter is washable for excellent filtration performance every time you clean.

The1L dust cup is easy to empty and mess-free, making this unit an excellent choice for people with allergic reactions.

This is the best upright vacuum, especially if you own pets, since it cleans pet hair from carpets, area rugs, or bare floors. Therefore, consider buying it.

Multi-level filtration system.The power cord is only 27-ft. long.
Swivel steering.It features no LED lights.
It includes pet tools.
Best Upright Vacuum Reviews

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Tempo Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This upright vacuum cleaner precisely cleans hard floors, carpets, and upholstery, leaving your cleaned surfaces looking their best.

Since it is a multi-surface upright vacuum, it is a vacuum cleaner to consider having in your home. And it boasts a few features to clean any surface you use it on for a cleaner home.

First, it features a 30-ft. long power cord for a powerful, extended reach. You can plug your upright vacuum cleaner into a wall outlet and still have room-to-room reach.

As a result, you can deep clean your home with this cleaning machine. Besides, its corded design guarantees power supply reliability.

The vacuum cleaner beats many types of vacuums with its powerful suction, making it one of the best cleaning machines for your home.

And where does this incredible suction power come from, you might ask? Well, this cleaning beast boasts the brand’s WindTunnel® Technology.

Besides cleaning with sufficient power, the vacuum cleaner has one of the best filtration systems.

It features a HEPA Media Filter that traps 99.99% of dirt, dust, and allergens. Even if the dust particles are 0.3 microns in size, this filter leaves nothing to chance.

Since this is another multi-surface cleaning machine, it comes with all the cleaning attachments you need to clean various surfaces.

These cleaning accessories include a crevice tool, a pet tool, and a dusting brush.

The vacuum cleaner is more reliable than any cordless stick vacuum since it is a corded unit. Therefore, you can rely on it to deep clean your hard floors, upholstery, and carpets. As such, it is another excellent buy.

WindTunnel Technology.The warranty is limited to two years.
Incredible suction power.It features no LED lights.
Multi-surface cleaning.
Best Upright Vacuum Reviews

What To Know Before Buying an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking to buy the best upright vacuum cleaner, you will consider a few features first. And that’s because the features of a particular vacuum cleaner can tell you how powerful and versatile it is.

As a result, the features will guide you to choose the best vacuum cleaner for the task at hand. Therefore, always check for the following features before buying any upright vacuum cleaner:

Electrical Energy Supply

All types of vacuums, including your upright vacuum, need electrical energy to function. Vacuum cleaners use either energy from a battery pack or electrical energy from a wall outlet to function.

As such, you have cordless and corded cleaning machines from which to choose. You will have to choose between these two broad options as they have their upsides and downsides.

However, vacuum cleaner types such as robot vacuums are always cordless as they feature built-in batteries.

But other vacuums such as a canister vacuum could be corded or cordless. One upside of corded upright vacuums is that they have an unlimited electrical power supply, making them more reliable for extended cleaning performances.

But their corded designs restrict portability.

On the other hand, cordless vacuums are more portable but are unreliable for extended cleaning performances.

So, if you’re looking to deep clean your home with uninterrupted performance, a corded upright vacuum is your best choice.

But if you’re looking for unmatched portability, a cordless vacuum cleaner is the model to seek.

Cleaning Power

Besides looking for a vacuum cleaner with power supply reliability or unmatched portability, you also want to ensure your preferred cleaning machine packs sufficient cleaning power. And the only way to do this is to check the suction power.

Always strive to look for a more powerful vacuum cleaner. An upright vacuum cleaner with sufficient cleaning power picks up dust particles no matter their sizes.

And this leaves the cleaned carpets dust-free. But manufacturers express the suction power in kilopascals (kPa) or Air Watts (AW).

So, if you see digits in the product specifications section with kPa or AW accompanying them, that suction power of the unit.

When looking for powerful suction power from a vacuum cleaner, ensure the suction power in kilopascals is at least 20kPa or 100 AW.

As a result, no dust particle, dirt, or pet hair will remain behind after cleaning with your powerful machine.

Dust Cup Size

Upright vacuums are usually bagless. Instead, they use a dust cup to collect the dirt and dust particles they suck up from the cleaned surfaces.

As such, the dust cup is an essential component of an upright vacuum cleaner. You want to look for a large dust cup to reduce the frequency of emptying the collected dirt into a dustbin.

Also, vacuum cleaners tend to clean with a decreasing cleaning power as the dust cup fills up.

But if the dust cup is large enough, the vacuum cleaner will always clean at its optimal cleaning power. Therefore, you have enough reasons to look for an upright vacuum cleaner with a large dust cup.

Since you’re likely to use your upright vacuum cleaner for a few minutes, a dust cup that’s at least 1L large works great. So, only pick vacuum cleaners with 1L dust cups or larger dust cups for optimal cleaning power at all times.

The Filtration System

Air usually flows through a vacuum cleaner during cleaning performance since vacuums use this air to pick up dust particles and dirt from the cleaned surfaces.

Then this air exits via an exhaust port. Since air with dirt flows through a vacuum cleaner, your cleaning machine should have a highly efficient filter to trap dirt and dust particles in the air flowing out via the exhaust port.

The good news is that cordless sticks and upright vacuums have filters for trapping allergens from the air. As a result, you will breathe clean, unpolluted air when working.

Or even better, your family members will have clean air to breathe. But these vacuum cleaner filters vary in filtration efficiency.

You want to choose 99.99% efficient filters for cleaner air to breathe. Fortunately, Hepa filters are this efficient. And they leave nothing to chance, even for dirt 0.3 microns in size.

Therefore, consider upright vacuums with Hepa filters. Also, ensure the filters are multi-layered for improved filtration efficiency.

Swivel Steering

After checking the suction power, filters, dust cup, and a few more features, now it’s time to take a closer look at the floor cleaning head.

When looking at this particular component, ensure it swivels excellently through 180° sideways and 90° up and down.

A floor cleaning head that swivels maneuvers easily across the floor and between the sofa legs to collect each speck of dust.

As a result, your carpets and hard floors will be dust-free for a clean home environment. Even if you’re looking for a stick vac, ensure it boasts swivel steering.

You will not miss even an inch of your carpet or bare floor when cleaning with an upright vacuum with excellent swivel steering.

LED Lights

Looking for a vacuum cleaner that is easy to maneuver is a noble idea. But do you know what else is noble? A vacuum cleaner with LED lights on the floor cleaning head.

The LED lights will light up the way, allowing you to see dust particles in underlit areas. As a result, you will efficiently clean your surfaces. Therefore, consider buying upright vacuums with LED lights.

Cleaning Versatility

Besides cleaning your floor or carpet, an upright vacuum cleaner could also convert into a handheld vacuum to clean above-floor surfaces. These surfaces could include your stairs, shelves, and ceiling.

But this is only possible if your chosen upright vacuum is a versatile cleaning machine.

If you’re opting for a versatile vacuum cleaner, i.e., a vacuum cleaner that converts into a handheld vacuum, ensure it comes with all the cleaning attachments you need.

If you need to clean your furniture, your vacuum should include an upholstery tool. If you need to remove dirt from tight spaces, a crevice tool is excellent.

But for cleaning shelves, a dusting brush is all you will need. Therefore, ensure your preferred vacuum cleaner includes an upholstery tool, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush.

Weight of the Vacuum Cleaner

A lightweight upright vacuum is more portable and easier to maneuver. Moving a lightweight cleaning machine from one room to another is effortless.

As such, look for a lightweight vacuum for improved cleaning results. A vacuum cleaner weighing no more than 15 pounds is a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Therefore, consider buying units that don’t exceed 15 pounds in weight.


Can I wash the filters of my upright vacuum cleaner?

Some Hepa filters are washable, while others are not washable. As such, you want to be sure the filters are washable before attempting to wash them.

Washing the filters could remove the accumulated dust, thus improving the filtration performance. So, consider washing the filters, but only if they are washable. For non-washable filters, consider replacing them after a given period.

After how long should I replace my non-washable filters?

If your vacuum cleaner features non-washable filters, you want to replace the filters after a given period. Usually, you will replace the filters after 3-6 months.

And this is essential for highly efficient air filtration resulting in clean air flowing out via the exhaust port. Therefore, consider replacing the filters after the 3 to 6-month period.

What does the airflow mean on a vacuum cleaner?

Airflow is the movement of air through the vacuum cleaner. Of course, this airflow rate varies from one vacuum cleaner to another. Some vacuum cleaner models have a higher airflow rate than other vacuum models.

When picking an upright vacuum for cleaning your home, look for one with a higher airflow rate. And your starting point should be at 100 cubic feet per minute (100 CFM).

Can my vacuum cleaner remove dust particles from a shelf?

Vacuum cleaners are versatile cleaning machines. First, you could convert them into handheld vacuums with cleaning attachments for above-floor surfaces.

Second, some models have detachable wands that reach the ceiling to clean such surfaces. Vacuum cleaners with a pivoting dusting brush in the package excellently clean shelves and other similar surfaces.

So, consider buying a cleaning machine with a pivoting dusting brush if you intend to clean a shelf.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking to clean your carpets and hard floors, not so many cleaning machines work as excellently as an upright vacuum cleaner. First, an upright vacuum cleaner comes with a floor cleaning head for your carpets, area rugs, and bare floors.

Also, your vacuum cleaner has sufficient suction power to leave your cleaned carpets or bare floors dust-free. Some models even feature LED lights to light up the way for late-night cleaning tasks. As such, a vacuum cleaner will clean your home excellently.

But the market has plenty of vacuum cleaners. Fortunately, you don’t have to look further since we’ve rounded up some of the best models on the market.

Our selection criteria revolved around suction power, reliability, and cleaning results. As a result, we came up with the top three vacuums with astonishing cleaning power for impressive cleaning results.

But we didn’t stop there as we’ve also included a guide to help you spot other best models on the market. Our guide lists down all the features to keep a closer eye on when shopping.

As a result, your search for the best upright vacuum will be shorter, and you will find the unit you want. We encourage you to invest in the best vacuum cleaner for the best cleaning result.

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