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The Best Six Water Activities to Stay Cool in the Summer

The summer provides families an excellent opportunity to get out. They experience the heat and immediately regret it by thinking about many water games they can play with their kids.

When the kiddie pool doesn’t cut it, we’ve got these best six water activities to stay cool in the summer below:

If you want to play with water in exciting ways this summer, we’ve got some answers.

Six of the Best Water Activities for Your Backyard

  1. Obuby Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat – The Best Overall
  2. iBaseToy Shark Sprinkler – Has a Cute Shark
  3. ThrillZoo Trampoline Waterpark – Make Your Trampoline Into a Waterpark
  4. Jambo Triple Lane Slip, Splash, and Slide – Great for Big Families
  5. Boogem Inflatable Cactus Sprinkler for Kids – Also a Ring Toss Game
  6. TURNMEON 4 in 1 Set Giant 36″ Inflatable Basketball Hoop – Great for Pool Use

Obuby Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat – The Best Overall

Obuby does a fantastic job of bringing water fun to your backyard. Among backyard water activities, the classic “run through the sprinkler” feel comes with the Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat.

Just allow your kids to run through this water mat that sprays water in a dome formation.  This mat is perfect for your kids on those hot summer days.

The smaller size of this ensures you won’t be paying any additional shipping fees. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can also return it if you like. Granted, you’ll probably have to sneak it away from your kids, given how much fun they will be having.

The toy’s diameter totals out at 68 inches, but it rolls up to the compact size. The only problem you might run into comes from the trickiness of the o-ring.

Don’t forget to install that thing; otherwise, you might end up with leaks all over the lawn. Once you get the installation down, it’s a great water toy. 

If you are looking for an inexpensive water toy for kids.The o-ring is a bit tricky to install.
If you don't want to pay extra for shipping costs .Just plug it to a garden hose or PVC tubing.
To improve upon that "running through the sprinklers" experience.
Best Water Activities to Stay Cool in the Summer Reviews

iBaseToy Shark Sprinkler – Has a Cute Shark

If you are a parent, you know that the baby shark song is something that haunts your dreams. Let it also haunt your days by being a sprinkler in your backyard.

While a constant reminder of the music may not be ultimately appealing for you, your kids will give you those extra tight hugs for getting this for them. 

In all honesty, the IBaseToy Shark Sprinkler is a fun idea for your backyard. As another sprinkler enhancer, you’ll see your kids run around the shark, creating something of a chase experience.

The shark has three spray nozzles, allowing you to spray for adjustable heights. 

As an inflatable, this thing doesn’t take up a lot of room when small. But it does grow large when you fill it with air and water. The only real disappointment is that this thing doesn’t come in adult sizes with a relatively easy setup.

While we can’t say this is quite as good for running through the sprinkler, the inflatable shark toy can be a significant part of your kid’s summer experience.

It's a giant, inflatable shark, Nuff said.This toy isn't as fun for adults.
It reminds us of the whole baby shark craze, which is very relatable for your kids.It isn't as great for bigger kids.
It has adjustable spray nozzles for multiple heights.
Best Water Activities to Stay Cool in the Summer Reviews

ThrillZoo Trampoline Waterpark – Make Your Trampoline Into a Waterpark

Have you ever done the thing where you spray down a trampoline with water? It’s great to try and catch your kids jumping around as they try to outrun the garden hose. ThrillZoo seems to have taken this to the next level with the Trampoline Waterpark.

This trampoline sprinkler hose wraps around high-gate trampolines. While they usually are built to keep neighborhood kids from being a liability, the hose transforms these trampoline cages into a makeshift waterpark.

Water sprayed out of these hoses create a tent of water overhead. This device combines two of the best outdoor activities: trampolines and running through the sprinkler.

Given that it’s an unusual sort of hose, it typically lasts about a year. Compared to some of the other less interactive items, it’s a bit of a sacrifice.

Also, higher water pressures rip weaker nets. Keep this in mind as you connect your hose to the trampoline net. With a sturdy trampoline net, this trampoline waterpark is a fantastic addition.

It combines two of the best outdoor activities: trampolines and waterparks.High water pressures can damage weaker nets.
It is a clever way to beat the summer heat.The rubber quality is a bit lacking.
It's super fun and great for all ages.
Best Water Activities to Stay Cool in the Summer Reviews

Jambo Triple Lane Slip, Splash, and Slide – Great for Big Families

For a standard slip n’ slide, your “who wants to go the first question” always starts a fight. For families of three or more, this can always be a bit of a task.

Jambo has an awareness of this, so they created three lanes for your slip and slide. Now you have to deal with the argument of kids going down their favorite slide color.

Jokes aside, the three lanes and included boogie boards make for a great family experience. Either has your kiddo go down the slide with dad or have all three of them go down simultaneously. The countdown of letting three kids blast off is a great way to keep them entertained. 

The only real issue with these devices is that the seams rip from repeated use. This issue is common with many slides of this design, as there is never enough cushion.

The result is your kids slamming themselves down the slide. The material is still durable enough to last you for a few summers. 

The slip n' slide for kids eager to go first.It doesn't have a lot of padding, so be aware of where you put it.
Great if you have a big family that all want to go down at once.Slip n' slides always have seams that tear over time.
It will last you a few summers.
Best Water Activities to Stay Cool in the Summer Reviews

Boogem Inflatable Cactus Sprinkler for Kids – Also a Ring Toss Game

If you are looking for fun water games, you can lose when bringing out water balloons and water guns. However, another unique water game to consider is a wet ring toss. If you are looking for hours of fun for your water games, take a closer look at the Inflatable Cactus for Kids

While a cactus isn’t the first fun water-based thing you can inflate, a cactus is a pretty unique idea. The idea is that the arms act as a ring-toss game, as the cactus comes with four rings.

While those four rings are a bit small for a big family, you can always supplement them with additional plastic rings. 

As something a little bit different than your traditional water balloon fight, it’s a great twist on the whole outdoor experience. The biggest drawback comes from the potential need for you to buy a pump.

Also, the material is PVC plastic (a thinner version of PVC pipe), so you can ensure that this will last you more than a few summers. 

If you want something a bit more unique than a standard water slide.They need a few more rings for larger families .
If you want to create a backyard water game .It requires a pump to fill with air .
Fantastic for kids who are looking for the exciting entertainment .
Best Water Activities to Stay Cool in the Summer Reviews

TURNMEON 4 in 1 Set Giant 36″ Inflatable Basketball Hoop – Great for Pool Use

When it comes to backyard parties, your house is immediately 100 times more fabulous with a pool. With hours of water fun and a series of inflatable furniture, it can be everything from joy to relaxing. 

While basketball isn’t typically on this list of water fun, the TURNMEON 4 in 1 Basketball Hoop set redefines what that means.

It includes three balls with the package, which feels like the right amount for your backyard pool party. However, you will need a backyard pool to enjoy this. You can do it with smaller above-ground pools, but it doesn’t feel the same. 

Despite needing the most expensive accessories, this toy is a great and fun addition to all backyard events. Whether it be a pool party with friends or a backyard excursion, it’s an easy way to entertain your kids.

Just don’t expect the littlest ones to be making a shot in this any time soon. 

Pool basketball is a fun water game.It is a toy that excludes the littlest ones .
It comes with three balls, which is enough for most families.It requires an expensive accessory: a pool.
It is excellent if you want to throw a party with a bit of competition.
Best Water Activities to Stay Cool in the Summer Reviews

What You Need To Know for Buying Water Activities

If you are buying water activities for you or your kiddos, check out these things to keep in mind when purchasing. 

What’s a Good Pump for these Toys? 

You’ll notice as you continue to read that many of these toys require air. When it comes to filling these toys, you have two different choices of pump:

  • Electric air pump: When inflating large items (pools, floating furniture, etc.), an electric air pump is your best bet. This air pump from ONG Namo is likely your best bet. 
  • Hand pump: If you don’t want to use electricity, your best bet is a hand pump. Check out this hand pump by QDH for initial consideration

Out of the two, your best bet is likely going to be an electric pump. They require a bit less elbow grease, so your arms aren’t likely to give out on more giant inflatables. They also aren’t known to be harmful to small inflatables unless you aren’t paying attention. 

If you don’t have access to an extension cord, you can use this one that takes USB charging. Otherwise, stick to a regular hand pump.

The Health Benefits of Water-Based Activities

Water-based activities and exercise (not just swimming) provide ample benefits to those who enjoy them. Whether you run through a sprinkler or swim in a pool, there are numerous mental and physical reasons to enjoy water activities in the summer. 

Here are some examples:

  • Regular exercise can help people prevent and treat chronic diseases. This situation is especially true when swimming, as they can improve physical conditions like arthritis. 
  • Swimming and water activities are known to decrease anxiety. There is specific exercise therapy that you can do in warm water known to reduce depression and improve mood. 
  • Swimming is also known to improve the physical condition of older adults. 

Encouraging your kiddos to play in the water at a young age can lead to them enjoying it into adulthood. 

Great Water Activities for Summer Fun

If you are struggling to come up with summer parties, an easy fall-back is to create a water party. A water party can involve anything, but it always includes water. Here’s a couple of examples of how that might work for you:

  • A classic water fight can include anything from water balloons to a bucket of water. Think of a variety of water weapons people can use. Have your garden hose out, including water guns, and the last one standing is the one not soaked. 
  • A water table is a great way to entertain your little kids at a party. Among water activities, it’s low impact for adults, but it’s a great distraction for your one to five-year-olds. It’s an excellent sensory activity.
  • Standard outdoor activities benefit heavily from including water balloons. Examples include water balloon piñatas, water balloon baseball, and water balloon target practice. If you have balloons with water in them, chances are your party is going to go well. Get ready to smash some water blobs. 
  • Water balloon games can also include activities with pool noodles. You don’t have to limit pool noodles to a pool; you can also use them to create unique obstacle courses in your backyard. Turn your sprinklers into part of the obstacle course, and you have a winner. 

Best Sunscreen for Outdoor Play

When it comes to outdoor play and water, you run the risk of getting burnt. To avoid this from happening to you, you need suitable sunscreen for both adults and kids. Here are a few suggestions:

Higher SPF sunscreen is usually higher quality. Stick with trusted brands to ensure you don’t receive burnt skin. Anytime you include water and sun, your chance of sunburn increases dramatically. 

The Best Water Activities Brands

This area featured a series of great Amazon brands. Here’s a list of trusted names who sell water activities on Amazon:

  • Obuby: Obuby is a popular kids brand on Amazon known for Selling toys for anywhere from babies to kiddos. Check out their Amazon store if you want to see what else they offer for summer fun. 
  • iBaseToy: iBaseToy is another brand on Amazon that encourages the imagination and outdoor play of kids. They have everything from construction tools to kitchen sets. 
  • ThrillZoo: ThrillZoo is an Amazon-based company that is known for making exciting modifications to trampolines. If you think having an outdoor trampoline isn’t enough, check their lineup out. 
  • TURNMEON: TURNMEON is a brand that specializes in patriotic materials. They include Fourth of July materials, including American flag-covered pool accessories. TURNMEON also creates celebration-based materials.

Both Jambo and Boogem appear to be pretty limited in their offerings. Regardless, they still offer great pool toys.

Water Activities FAQs

Below are some common questions people ask regarding water activities:

What Do You Wear for Water Activities?

Typically, it is more about what you don’t wear for water activities. If you are running through a sprinkler, any old pair of shorts work. When including a pool with that, try and look for swimwear and other items of that nature. 

Don’t forget to have a towel so that you might dry off quickly. 

What are Some Water Activities You (or Your Kids) Should Try?

If you are new to water activities, below are a couple of suggestions. Some of these will require access to a lake:

  • Spinnaker Flying is when you see people flying through the air, connected to sail for people. You typically see it done over an ocean.
  • Underwater Hockey is you and an opposing team trying to slap a puck underwater. Make sure you get a big gulp of air before beginning. 
  • Duck, Duck, Goose is a classic game for kiddos. Trying it underwater gives you a unique twist. Even older kids can enjoy this some of the time. 
  • Water Gun Target Practice involves you setting up a bunch of targets around the yard. It’s a unique way to practice aiming with your kids and provides hours of entertainment for families. 

You don’t need a swimming pool to enjoy water activities. It would help if you had a lot of water and a bit of imagination. 

Wrap Up

As a reminder, our favorite water activity toy was the Obuby Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat. It’s great for kids and adults who need an excuse to act like kids. For both mothers and fathers who want to splash each other, it’s a great splash pad for your family. 

Any of the items on our list would be suitable for a variety of water activities. We’ve got water basketball, water ring toss, and even a classic slip n’ slide board. Short of throwing water buckets, it doesn’t get much wetter (or more fun). 

If you liked this article and liked any of the items on this list, we would appreciate it if you clicked n our affiliate links. Those links allow us to continue writing excellent content for creating a small water park in your backyard.

So get out there and drop some water bombs on your kid’s (or friend’s) head. Thanks for reading!

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