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Best Way to Use A Smart Plug

If you are looking for a simple way to automate all your wired devices, smart plugs are perfect for you! It is a simple adapter that fits right into the power socket where your wired devices and appliances can be plugged.

Smart plugs are meant to turn those devices on and off when you want them to. But if you connect it to your Wi-Fi network, you can easily control all your devices whenever and wherever!

Maximizing the Most Out of Your Smart Plugs

Smart plugs can be used in any device that comes with an on and off switch. Maximize the use of these plugs by exploring their other benefits using virtual assistants and IFTTT.

Virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri can give you total voice control over the smart plugs you have. You just have to pair the virtual assistant and the smart plug to make use of this feature.

IFTTT is another platform that can help you gain better control of your smart plugs. Through IFTTT, you can easily connect your applications and devices to use them together in “Applets.”

Once successful, turning devices would be a piece of cake for you.

The Wonders of Using A Smart Plug

Aside from having all your home appliances and devices automated, smart plugs benefit you in other ways too.

Energy Saving

If you are actively looking for ways in saving electricity, smart plugs are your best friend. You can maximize its use by checking out the scheduling feature on the application installed in your smartphones.

With this feature, you can control whenever you want to turn on certain things in your home, such as your light.

Through this feature, you get to save energy and lessen your power consumption because of standby power.

Little do you know that his power is responsible for almost 10% of your entire electric bill.

The scheduling feature can be used in devices like televisions, laptops, heaters, air conditioners, computers, and other kitchen appliances.

Earth Saving

Aside from cutting down your electric bill, we also use smart plugs to control the carbon dioxide emissions from our energy-consuming appliances.

As we all know, these emissions significantly impact climate change.

A single device may not have much effect, but imagine ten devices in millions of households.

Through the use of smart plugs, you can actively contribute to saving mother earth.

Precautionary Measures

Smart plugs are known to keep your homes safer from hazards. The use of smart plugs gives you full control in turning off heat-powered devices such as clothes iron and hair straighteners with the use of your phones.

Imagine the peace of mind you get with these plugs, right?

In times when you are unsure whether you left your hair straightener at home, the smart plug can remotely turn it off for you. This device would save your day – and your house too!

Best Ideas for Using Smart Plugs

Yes, you may already know the use of smart plugs to control the devices at home powered by electricity. But what you may not know yet is there are lots of creative and innovative ways smart plugs can be used at your home!

If you are looking for the best way to use a smart plug, check this list out.

Slow Cookers

Sometimes, you become too preoccupied with other household chores and tasks, you eventually forget you are cooking. Smart plugs can help you control your cooking time.

Through smart plugs, you get to set when the slow cookers turn off to avoid overcooking meals and turning them into rubbery, burnt waste.

And take note, you can control your slow cookers anywhere you are. Cooking has never been better with smart plugs!

Air Conditioners

Whether you are coming home from a long day at the office or at work, smart plugs are here for you. Turn your air conditioners on while still on the road to come home to a cold and relaxing home.

Use of air conditions can be more economical because you can easily turn it off when you are not in the room anymore. Smart plugs offer convenience too!

Coffee Maker and Kettle

Waking up and getting out of bed can be difficult if you are not a morning person. Smart plugs can do the work in making your morning coffee. Smart plugs can get your coffee maker running even before you get out of your bed.

Before sleeping, don’t forget to fill your coffee maker up and turn them on via your phone once you wake up. Tada! A hot cup of coffee now awaits your presence, all thanks to your smart plug.

Christmas Lights

Love putting holiday lights every Christmas season? Use power plugs to help you save energy and cut down the electric bill without compromising the Christmas spirit.

Set the schedule of when you want your Christmas lights turned on and off throughout your whole day. Smart plugs give you the freedom and convenience to control these lights.


The use of smart plugs gives you the ability to turn the lamps inside your home on and off. While you are away for a vacation, turning your lamps on makes the impression that someone is inside the house.

This avoids potential burglary and theft when you are not home. Smart plugs not only bring convenience to your lives. It also brings peace of mind.

TV Games and Consoles

Having kids whose lives revolve around televisions and gaming consoles can be pretty bothersome.

Getting them to stop can be taxing too. But through the use of smart plugs, you can control their screen time with no hassle and worries.

By using the scheduling feature, you can control the exact amount of time your children can use their televisions and gaming consoles.

Final Thoughts

The use of smart plugs has changed the lives of many households. With all its features and benefits, who wouldn’t be enticed?

With all the possible ways to maximize its use, finding the best way to use a smart plug can be endless.

Try smart plugs and see its magic today!

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