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Best Wired Smart Security Camera

A wired smart security camera could help you keep close tabs on your property around the clock. With their wide field of view, these smart security cameras let you monitor a large area. And if you install a few cameras on your property, you will be sure to have eyes viewing every inch of your property.

Wired smart cameras are also more secure. That’s because they transfer data via a cable to the DVR or NVR for continuous video recording and video storage.

They are also more reliable since they never run out of power, thanks to their PoE. As such, wired smart security cameras boost security around the clock, as we’ve already mentioned.

But with a market that’s not short of wired smart security camera models, finding what you need precisely might be more challenging than you had imagined.

But worry not because this article looks at some of the best wired smart security cameras on the market. It also looks at how to select security cameras for your home. So, be sure to read on for more information on our top picks!

What Are Some of The Best Wired Security Cameras?

Reolink 8CH 5MP Security Camera System

This home security system has everything you need to monitor and secure your home from intruders. It comprises four smart security cameras. These 5MP cameras can detect approaching vehicles and people, minimizing false security alerts in the process. What’s more, the security cameras also have motion detection capabilities to send you a push notification if there are movements on your property.

Picture quality is phenomenal since each camera boasts a 5MP super HD resolution. As a result, your smart cameras record nothing short of resounding and crystal-clear images. With these smart cameras glaring in every direction, you will see every detail across the street.

The smart NVR video recorder is also high-quality and boasts some state-of-the-art features. First, it grants you reliable remote access to the live feeds. You only need to install the FREE Reolink software on your iOS or Android device to view live feeds from anywhere on the globe!

And the best part is your remote video access is highly secured, thanks to the AWS server. Therefore, this is one of the most secure home security systems with excellent data encryption and cyber-security.

You can always play back the videos from the four security cameras at once (or even separately). And this works to give you an excellent view of an event that happened a moment ago.

The NVR has a 2TB HDD storage. It can, therefore, record videos for more than 30 days before running out of storage space.

The cameras also have color night vision, making them ideal for outdoor space. Also, they have a waterproof rating of IP66 that makes them durable outdoor cameras.

Not only do you get to see what’s happening around your home, but you also hear everything as well. And you have the built-in microphones to thank for this performance. As such, these are one of the best wired smart security cameras.

Super-HD resolution.Some users face challenges during installation.
Night vision.Some users complain that the storage space is inadequate.
IP66 waterproof rating.
Best Wired Smart Security Camera Reviews

ONWOTE 16 Channel 4K PoE Security Camera System

This smart home security system comprises eight wired smart cameras. Each camera has an 8MP HD resolution for picture clarity. With 8.23 megapixels, your security cameras deliver one of the clearest pictures at 1080P resolution. And this makes them incredible for any smart home.

Besides capturing super-clear images, the cameras also capture audio. That’s because they have built-in microphones, meaning you will have eyes and ears all around your property if you install this home security system. They improve your security by incorporating smart person detection.

Even if there are multiple moving objects in the full glare of your security cameras, your smart cameras can pick out people, reducing false alarms in the process. This system also includes a PoE NVR unit that stores videos in 4K resolution. The NVR also has 16 channels, meaning you could connect up to 16 smart security cameras to this NVR unit.

And this only improves your home security by monitoring every inch of the property. The storage is also ample, though you could expand the 4TB storage to 20TB via two SATA ports. Once you have more storage, your security system will accord professional monitoring.

You don’t have to worry about powering the smart cameras since the PoE cable does that for you. Plug the cameras into the NVR, and they will be rolling, ready to record that suspicious-looking intruder.

The cameras record audio up to 15 feet away and cover a 100° field of view. This could only mean your eyes and ears cover a pretty wide area.

You can always remotely access your home security system via a mobile app. Once you’ve installed the app on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, or any Android smartphone, you can have video playback and watch live feeds to keep close tabs on your property.

Therefore, this is another excellent home security system.

8MP security cameras.No waterproof rating.
4TB storage.No night vision performance.
Remote access and control.
Best Wired Smart Security Camera Reviews

Yamla 1080P Wi-Fi Home Security Surveillance Camera

You only get two security cameras if you opt for this product. But they still do an incredible job of monitoring your property around the clock. The cameras record ultra-clear pictures with their 1080P resolution. They can also record anything happening within 90 feet at night, thanks to their night vision capabilities.

The field of view is also impressive. The 120° field of view ensures nothing escapes the full glare of your smart security cameras. Plug these smart cameras into a power supply outlet and let them roll and capture every moment as they happen on your property.

If you’re wondering where you will store all your security video feeds, the MIPC app is your answer. You can store videos on the cloud service in this app for six months. You could also store your security feeds on a 1512GB SD card, but you’re going to buy this card separately.

Therefore, you have enough storage space if you choose these two security cameras.

Since the cameras connect to your Wi-Fi network up to 65 feet away, you could add voice controls to control the security cameras. Connect Amazon Alexa to the same network as the smart cameras and use your voice to control your security cameras.

Since they will always be in the outdoor space, they boast an IP66 waterproof rating. The cameras are dustproof as much as they’re waterproof for excellent performance around the clock. Their smart human detection feature ensures you receive alerts if someone breaches your security.

You also get smart notifications if the cameras have detected sound within your property. Therefore, these cameras are ideal for boosting security in any smart home.

Smart human detection.You only get two security cameras.
Night vision.The user manual is a bit vague.
Wide field of view.
Best Wired Smart Security Camera Reviews

Lorex 1080p Wired Weatherproof Security System

This home security system comprises a 1TB DVR and four wired smart security cameras. The security cameras capture crystal-clear images since they boast a 1080P resolution. They can also detect motion, thanks to their advanced motion detection feature to send you smart security alerts if an intruder is roaming on your property.

You can always view live feeds on the Lorex Home App and stay ahead of everyone looking to breach your security. Since the cameras will always be high up on your outdoor walls, they’ll need to handle the rough weather outside.

Thanks to the excellent IP66 waterproof rating, these cameras work excellently no matter the outside weather.

The smart cameras also feature the IR night vision technology to see through the dark up to 130 feet away. Once your smart cameras are up and rolling, you will have eyes on a large area, day or night, thanks to the wide field of view and excellent night vision.

The DVR boasts a whopping 1TB of storage space. It keeps your video recording safe and private. The whole security system is easy to install, and you could install the system yourself if you love DIY projects.

You can access and control the videos from anywhere using the Lorex Home App.

You could also have a playback to see what happened a moment ago. Consider using video doorbells with your home security cameras to eliminate blind spots and increase the vision like that of a Bald eagle.

1080P resolution.The DVR is 4-channel.
IR night vision.Some users face challenges setting up the system.
Advanced motion detection.
Best Wired Smart Security Camera Reviews

Goowls 1080P Security Camera Outdoor

This security system only comprises one smart security camera with other accessories. It has no NVR or DVR, but it still performs excellently. The smart camera boasts 1080P resolution for the clearest picture quality among security cameras.

The design of the smart camera allows you to tilt it through 360° so you can point your camera in the direction you feel needs more monitoring. The 110° field of view ensures your smart camera monitors a large area. And the smart camera also has night vision to see up to 32 feet away.

Therefore, you can be sure to receive a heads-up if someone is lurking in the dark on your property.

Since it is a smart security camera that you will mount outdoors, it has a waterproof rating of IP66. It holds up excellently in the harsh weather conditions outside to give you lasting and exceptional performance. Besides, the camera also has smart motion detection capabilities.

Should someone set foot on your property, you will receive timely notifications via its mobile app. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network 2.4GHz to grant you remote access and control via the same mobile app. You can playback the video or watch live feeds from the app.

You could also connect this camera to your home’s network via an ethernet cable. You can then control it by voice via Amazon Alexa.

The app also allows for two-way audio communication. Use an SD card to store your security videos, or use cloud-based services. With all these features, this smart camera could secure your home and make it burglar-proof.

1080P resolution.It has no DVR.
Smart motion detection.You only get a single camera.
Excellent night vision.
Best Wired Smart Security Camera Reviews

How Do You Buy Smart, Wired Security Cameras?

When you have set out to buy the best wired smart security cameras, you will consider the following factors:

Picture Resolution

When shopping for smart security cameras, your biggest concern should be picture clarity. A smart security camera with high resolution usually has a resounding and crystal-clear picture quality. And these are the smart security cameras you want to select every time you’re out on the market.

Look for the megapixels (MP) a camera offers to know the picture resolution you will get from it. A 2-megapixel camera delivers an incredibly clear picture at 1080P resolution.

But there is always room for improvement. You can find 4-megapixel smart cameras with 1440P picture resolution.

As if that’s not whopping enough, some smart security cameras record nothing short of 4K resolution, thanks to their 8MP.

The more resolution a smart camera has, the better your video recording will be every time your cameras record what’s happening around them. So, always look for the highest resolution within your budget.

The Field of View

After making sure your security cameras have the highest resolution possible, you want to ensure they monitor a wide area. And that means going for a wide field of view. You will install fewer cameras if they boast a wider field of view.

Therefore, look for security cameras with a wider field of view. Any field of view between 130° and 180° is excellent. So, choose security cameras within this range.

The Night Vision

One of the reasons for installing smart security cameras around your house is to have eyes on your property all the time, including at night. As such, buy security cameras with night vision. Also, make sure the night vision works within the longest range possible.

If your smart security cameras can see anywhere from 30 feet to 300 feet, they are a good buy. So, consider the longest range possible to see what’s far out in the dark.

Audio Recording

A security camera that also records audio is an excellent choice. It gives you eyes and ears on the ground to comprehend what’s happening fully. Also, audio performance means you can communicate with whoever is outside.

Therefore, look for smart security cameras with two-way audio communication to boost your safety and security.

Motion Detection

A smart security camera with advanced motion detection will send you smart alerts if someone breaches your home security. And these are the types of security cameras you want to lay your hands on when shopping.

But look for models with smart motion detection to reduce false alarms. You don’t want an animal sending you up in quiver and panic, do you? So, look for smart security cameras that can pick out motion from vehicles and people to alert you.

The Source of Power

Smart cameras need a power supply like other electronic devices. Wired smart cameras use the electrical power from the PoE (power over ethernet) cables. They don’t need you to plug them into a wall outlet since they use the power flowing through the PoE cables to function correctly.

On the other hand, you have wireless smart cameras. These types of cameras could run on a rechargeable battery. But you could also plug them into a wall outlet using the power adapter they usually include in the package.

If you select smart security cameras that run on batteries, ensure the battery life is excellent for extended performance, even when there is a power outage.

You have to know the power source first before buying a smart security camera. Once you’ve figured this out, you can then go ahead to buy your smart security cameras.

The Storage Space

Security cameras store their videos in NVR, DVR, or cloud-based services. Some also let you store the videos on SD cards. Whichever device you choose, you want to make sure you’re getting as much storage space as possible. Always be on the lookout for security cameras that offer you more space to store your security videos.

Waterproof Rating

You will need your smart security cameras to be up and rolling every second of the day. That means they will be out in the rain at some point. So, they better hold up pretty well under the rain.

You can always tell which smart security camera models will work excellently in the rain by looking at their weatherproof rating.

A weatherproof rating of IP65 is an excellent starting point, but you could always go higher. The higher the waterproof rating, the better your smart security cameras will perform out in the rain. So, always go higher on this rating.

Consider Privacy

In this new era where cutting edge technology is the new norm, you want to make sure that your essential data is safe and kept private. Wireless security cameras are more vulnerable to cyber threats since they store data on cloud-based services.

Even if you’re selecting wired security cameras, privacy should be one of your major concerns. You don’t want anyone having your eyes and ears to gain an edge and rip you off by breaking into your home. So, select security cameras that offer secure and private live video streaming and playbacks.


How do smart security cameras communicate with an NVR?

The NVR is the unit that stores the video recording from the security camera. That means the security camera communicates with the NVR storage unit in some way. Usually, the camera communicates with the NVR via the PoE cable. But sometimes, it communicates wirelessly, as in the case of wireless smart security cameras.

How do you power security cameras?

Smart security cameras have more power sources than before. You can find some smart security cameras that derive their electrical power needs from a solar panel. And Reolink Argus 3 Spotlight Security Camera is an excellent example in this case.

Other security cameras use battery power to function. COOAU Battery Powered Outdoor Camera would be an ideal example in this case. But most security cameras use a wired connection to sip juice from a wall outlet using a power adapter or PoE cables.

What’s the best resolution from security cameras?

4K resolution is something you will get from security cameras such as Arlo Pro. But you might get better resolutions in the future since technology is ever-evolving. When buying security cameras, go for the highest resolution possible to get pictures in super-clear formats.

How far do night vision smart security cameras see?

Security cameras with night vision see up to a given distance from their installation points. Most models see within a range of 30 feet to 300 feet.

Can I communicate with the person outside via a security camera?

Some smart security cameras, such as Nest Cam IQ, have built-in microphones and speakers. They record whatever the person on the other end says through their built-in microphones and let them know what you’re saving over their speakers.

So yes, you could have two-way communication if you install some of these smart home security cameras.

Wrap Up

The best wired smart security cameras capture videos in HD formats. They also have an excellent audio recording function to give you eyes and ears on the ground. And with their wide field of view, they monitor large areas to ensure every inch of your property is under their full glare. As such, they’re an ideal solution for deterring burglary on your property.

If you’re looking for the best wired smart security cameras, we hope you’ve found one that works best for you. We have included a buyer’s guide to help with your search for the best security cameras. We have also rounded up a few incredible models that we thought might work best for you.

When it comes to protecting what rightfully belongs to you, consider installing nothing short of the best wired smart security cameras. You will be receiving smart alerts and react in time before the burglar makes away with your belongings. So, install security cameras and make your home burglar-proof.

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