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Bolaball Rollors Lawn Game – A Review Including Tips for How To Enjoy This Game

If you are looking for an outdoor game, it’s easy to fall back on old classics like bocce, lawn darts, or horseshoes.

But if you are like the little girl from the Old El Paso Tacos commercial, you are probably wondering: why not both? If “porque no los dos” is on your mind, Bolaball Rollors Lawn game seems like a great substitute. 

Among fun games for the entire family, this one is unique in that it combines a game of skill with a bit of chance. If you are looking for a fantastic party game to add to the list, we’ve got a review of one of the best options for this game. 

Rollors Backyard Game – The #1 Lawn Game for Summertime Fun

To clarify, this is the title of our reviewed item. Despite this having all the charm of bocce ball with additional interest, is this iteration the ultimate summertime game? The short answer is yes, and part of it comes with the element of chance. 

Yard games always have a chance to ruin some fun, feeling a bit overly competitive. If you’ve ever played dizzy waiter and your extremely competitive fend almost made a new gap in your friends, you probably get the idea.

With Rollors, you don’t have to worry about this as much.

Because a small chunk of noticed grass can help or hinder you, there is about as much skill as chance. Both parties are satisfied as a result. When we focus that upon this version of the game, the instructions make that clear. 

Your goal is to roll a series of wooden discs towards two pyramids. The closer you get to the pyramids, the better off you score. If your discs manage to rest on the pyramid, it feels like a bit of a miracle.

For that miracle, you get some extra points. You will have to make some house rules, as the rulebook is a bit vague on points. 

The game’s construction is made of regular pine wood. That makes it more high quality than most games out there, but it isn’t over the top. As a result of this unique game and high-quality colored finish, this game costs more than other lawn games you could invest in. 

Thankfully, they were thoughtful enough to include a carrying case. Given that it is pretty easy to transport, you can turn any location into a play zone. If you are looking for fun games for the summertime season, this is a solid investment. 

The materials are made of high-quality lumber and have excellent paint.The "how to play" pamphlet is vague, meaning you will need to create house rules. 
The carrying case makes this easy to move to other homes.It might be a bit too close to other games for people looking for a unique experience.
It's a fresh breath of air for those looking for a unique yard game. 
Bolaball Rollors Lawn Game Reviews

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Bolaball Rollors Game

This section will delve into our house-made rules for Rollors. We will also get into other aspects of taking care of rollers and setting them up successfully.

How to Play Rollors

Rollors is a game perfect for backyard parties and beach days. But when it comes to playing it, you’ll find that everyone has their own house rules. As a result, don’t be surprised to see people saying, “you play it that way? That’s weird.” Imagine if the shoe is on the other foot. 

If you want to find your favorite method, you might want to compare yours with your friends. It’s alright to adopt strategies for how to play rollors. Here is how we recommend starting: 

  1. Ensure you have all of your supplies: Two goals (pyramids), three red discs, three blue discs, measuring tape (optional). 
  2. Find a flat surface to place your goals on. Make sure you have a marked location anywhere from 20 to 25 feet away from the goal. You will be standing at this line; make it as far away as you feel comfortable with. 
  3. Create two teams of players. Groups can be anywhere from one player to four players. Any more extensive, and you risk the game taking forever. 
  4. From the line, have the two teams roll their discs. You can choose to do this at different or the same time. As long as both the red and blue players go before the following two players go, you will easily track it. 
  5. To score, you must at least be within a five-foot radius of the goal. If you can, mark the score location with a piece of tape easily removable from the ground. You can also roll a large portion of plastic on the floor that you can color on. 

Typically, scoring is one point for those within five feet and two points for leaning against the goal. However, you can also choose to increase points for proximity to the goals. For example:

  • One point within five feet.
  • Two points within two feet.
  • Four points if leaning on the goal.

You also want to be sure the disc does not leave the ground. Typically, the rule ensures the disc hits the ground after five feet of being in the air. This means nobody is throwing the roller at the goal, giving them an unfair advantage. 

If you have a firmer surface, you may make the rule that it should never leave the ground. Tweak any rules you find to meet your needs. Because there’s nothing too official here, you can make it up as you go. 

Is the Expansion Set Necessary to Play the Game?

If you’ve already clicked the link, you may have noticed an expansion set available. The expansion set comes with 12 additional discs. This expansion will bring your color options to red, green, yellow, and blue rollors.

Unless you want to create your own giant lawn game party, you don’t need extra discs. Two discs can easily manage up to eight people.

If you have more than eight people who want to play it and find yourself falling in love with the game, the expansion set is worth it. Otherwise, stick with the standard set. 

Can You Play This Game Indoors?

Rollors is very much an outdoor game. However, if you have well-behaved guests and ample enough space, you may be able to excuse rolling this across wooden floors. 

If you want to play a smaller version of this, you may consider investing in small golf balls and upside-down red solo cups. You can still mark a score area, but the smaller size makes it easier to manage smaller size constraints. 

What are Some Alternative Games To Rollors?

If you are looking for some extra games similar to Rollors, here are some options:

Yard Dice Game: If you want to play Yahtzee or Farkle but don’t want to sit indoors, consider the large version. Giant yard dice are a great way to mix up your regular games to get people moving. 

Ladder Golf Toss Lawn Game: If you like the idea of throwing golf ball bolas across the lawn, consider investing in Ladder Toss. This game is excellent, especially if all of your backyard party has never thrown bolas. 

Kubb Toss Yard Game: Kubb toss is another unique lawn game that demands special rules. Since it’s a game originating from a foreign land, it’s another way you can mix up the old-fashioned yard games. 

Bocce Ball Yard game: Bocce ball is a game popular enough to have an Amazon Basics version. It’s a bit more popular and has more defined rules. If you are looking for something similar to Rollors, this is a great substitute. 

Croquet Lawn Game: If you’ve wanted to play Bocce Ball but were disappointed by the lack of hitting things with sticks, the game your thinking of is croquet. Your goal is to hit your ball through a series of rings, making it a great combination of challenge and fun. 

A Closer Look At The Brand

Rollors is a bit of a unique brand because it is part of Bolaball. Bolaball has a massive amount of games behind it that cover the gambit on amazing yard games. It appears they specialize in the field. Rollors itself is a veteran-owned business

The story behind Rollors is Matt Butler, the inventor who created this between deployments. If you’ve ever wanted to support a veteran-owned business while playing yard games, this is your opportunity. 

Wrap Up

To reiterate, if you want to play a unique game that feels like a mashup between bocce ball and horseshoes, this Rollors game is a great place to start.

It’s pretty impressive compared to other lawn games, and the rules are vague and straightforward enough to reduce arguments. You can keep it simple by giving the win to those who had the closest rollors.   

Otherwise, we’ve mentioned a few different alternatives if Rollors doesn’t sound like your game. Whatever you choose, make sure that you remember to have fun. 

If you think Rollors is suitable for you, we would appreciate it if you would click our affiliate link above. That link pays us, which means we can continue to write reviews on summer fun. Thanks for reading!

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