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Best Bread Makers Reviews 2022

A bread maker machine will make delicious bread for you and ensure your homemade bread has the perfect crust shade you selected.

What’s more, it will knead the dough for you and do everything as you go about other tasks around the kitchen. If you invest in a bread maker, you don’t have to roll up your sleeves to get your hands dirty โ€“ it does everything for you.

As such, a bread maker is an excellent investment if you’re looking to have delicious bread for breakfast.

But the key is finding the best bread maker on the market to have the best homemade bread. The only problem is that the market has plenty of bread makers, and not all of them deserve to be in your kitchen.

That means you will narrow down your options to a few best bread makers. And this will require a buyer’s guide.

We have recommended some incredible bread makers featuring high-quality components for excellent performance. They also have shorter baking cycles to prepare your bread slightly over two hours.

We have even included a buyer’s guide to help you pick the best bread makers from the flooded market. So, be sure to read on for more information.

Best Bread Maker Reviews

Hamilton Beach Homebaker 29882 Review

This Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is a perfect choice for you if you want to make homemade bread without rolling up your sleeves. You only have to add ingredients to this bread maker, select the cycle, press the start button, and leave the rest to your bread maker.

Since it allows you to knead the dough, you can be sure to use it to prepare various yeast doughs for your meals!

Whether you’re looking to make pizza crust or cinnamon buns, this bread maker allows you to prepare yeast dough for your meal. 

You can then bake your prepared dough in a conventional oven to have your meal ready. This Hamilton Beach allows you to select between three crust settings as a bread maker.

Precisely, you can choose from medium to dark crust. You can also choose to make 1.5 lbs. or 2 lbs. loaves with your Hamilton Beach bread maker.

The bread maker features a large digital display for checking the bread-making progress. This particular Hamilton Beach bread maker even allows you to delay the start of the bread-making process.

Many users love how the digital display allows them to select the cycle, loaf sizes, and crust settings. 

Making bread from scratch with this kitchen appliance is easy and convenient. You have only three steps to follow, and your bread is ready.

Specifically, you have 12 cycles to choose from, and you have buttons to help select the cycles. 

You can make gluten-free bread or make bread from whole grain if you opt for this unit.

Since it offers 12 cycles to choose from and is easy to use, you should consider it when shopping for the best bread makers.

Manufacturer Hamilton Beach
Model Number29882
Product Dimensions10.43 x 14.13 x 12.2 inches
Item Weight11.88 pounds
Wattage600 watts

It is easy to use.It is not very durable.
The 12 cycles make it versatile.Unsupportive customer service.
It flawlessly prepares dough.
Best Bread Makers Reviews Reviews

Zojirushi Bb-Pac20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Review

One feature that makes this Zojirushi BB-PAC20BA bread maker last longer than the competition is its sturdy steel construction. This sturdy construction makes this bread maker handy for your kitchen.

First, this appliance features dual kneading blades that prepare your dough thoroughly. These blades also come in handy when preparing jam or meatloaf. As such, this is a versatile bread maker.

But it is in bread-making tasks that this appliance stands out the most. And that’s because it boasts a large capacity to make up to 2 lbs. loaves of bread.

What’s even more impressive is you can make gluten-free bread with this bread maker and choose the crust doneness by selecting the custom menu setting.

The featured LCD screen allows you to see the selected programs on the custom menu, while the buttons let you program the bread maker. Also, this unit features a heating element built-in the lid to offer even bread-baking.

And you get a wide viewing window to monitor your baking bread.

Specifically, you can make wheat, basic, or gluten-free bread with this appliance. And you have three custom settings for the crust. The delay start function comes in handy when you want to make bread later.

You can set your bread maker to delay by up to a whopping 13 hours.

Also, the baking cycle can last up to 2 hours. Handling your bread maker is safe since it features a cool-touch body. You can be sure to make your favorite bread if you opt for this kitchen appliance.

So, you can consider this bread maker when shopping around.

Manufacturer Zojirushi
Model NumberBB-PAC20BA
Product Dimensions18 x 10.5 x 13 inches
Item Weight22.1 pounds
Voltage120 Volts
Wattage700 watts

High-resolution LCD screen.It is not easy to clean.
2 lbs. loaf capacity.Expensive replacement parts.
It is safe to use.
Best Bread Makers Reviews Reviews

Conair Cuisinart Cbk-100 Review

This Cuisinart CBK-100 bread maker comes from a household brand that has made its name over the years. The bread maker boasts a reputable build that makes it durable and safe to handle.

As such, you can be sure to handle your bread maker even right after using it since it is cool to touch.

Since it is one of the best bread makers, it guarantees exceptional performance with its 12 programs. Of course, you get a high-quality LCD screen to display your selected program.

Also, this screen displays the loaf size and crust color you’ve opted for when making bread. 

With this bread maker, you can make three loaf sizes: 1-pound, 1.5-pound, or 2-pound loaves. So, you want to choose the loaf size you want to make when making bread.

At least this gives you the option to choose sizes that you deem best for your family.

You have three crust setting options if you invest in this kitchen appliance. You can also set the bread maker to make bread later since it features the delay start that you can delay by up to 13 hours.

The large viewing window ensures you can monitor your bread inside the bread maker. And this allows you to see the crust as it forms.

Controlling the bread maker is efficient as it features one-touch buttons. Once you’ve baked bread, you will easily clean the bread maker since the included kneading paddle is removable.

What’s more, the lid and the bread pan are also removable to make cleaning a lot easier. 

The crust setting ensures you select light, medium, or dark crust. You can even pause baking for 15 minutes to attend to something before resuming your kitchen task.

If you want a highly durable kitchen appliance with a power failure backup, this bread maker is what you need.

Manufacturer Cuisinart
Model NumberCBK-200
Product Dimensions19 x 16 x 13 inches
Item Weight16 Pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Wattage680 watts

12 programs.Non-stick coating on the baking pan wears off.
3 crust settings.It doesn't have gluten-free bread excellently.
It makes 1 to 2-pound loaves.
Best Bread Makers Reviews Reviews

Conair Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection

This Cuisinart CBK-200 bread maker also uses the stainless steel that Cuisinart appliances use in their designs. And this results in a high-quality bread maker that will serve you for many years.

Cuisinart doesn’t disappoint as it included 16 programs in this particular bread maker. This gives you a broader option to choose from when making bread.

Also, you can choose three loaf sizes if you opt for this bread maker. Like the first Cuisinart bread maker, this one also allows you to make loaves ranging from 1 pound to 2 pounds in size.

As you would expect from this excellent-performing bread maker, it allows you to choose between 3 crust settings. You can choose your bread crust to be light, medium, or dark.

The delay start function allows you to delay baking your bread up to 12 hours. This is another bread maker featuring the power failure backup and allows you to pause baking the bread for 15 minutes.

Whichever crust setting you opt for, your bread will cook evenly, thanks to the unique convection feature.

Many bread makers rush through the cooking process, but not this one. This unit takes you through special menu options that take your dough through slow dough rises to deliver gluten-free and low carb bread.

And this makes it a bread maker of choice for many users.

Also, the slow dough preparation ensures your bread has the chewy texture you crave and has a rustic crust. The audible sound allows you to add ingredients at the right time.

If you invest in this bread maker, your power supply could be off for 15 minutes, and you will still have tasty bread slices. So, consider investing in this bread maker.

Manufacturer Zojirushi
Model NumberBB-CEC20
Product Dimensions12.81 x 13.56 x 18.88 inches
Item Weight1 pounds
Voltage120 volts
MaterialStainless Steel
Wattage700 watts

High-quality construction.It might burn the bread.
16 programs.It is not very durable.
15-minute power failure backup.
Best Bread Makers Reviews Reviews

Zojirushi Bb-Cec20 Home Bakery Supreme

This Zojirushi BB-CEC20 bread maker has a control panel with buttons and an LCD screen to help you control it flawlessly. Also, it is high-quality and will surely serve you for many years.

And that’s because it boasts high-quality stainless steel construction.

Aside from durability and excellent design, the bread maker features 10 programs. These programs allow you to prepare basic wheat, basic dough, and jam, among other ingredients, with your bread maker.

Aside from the programs, the unit allows you to select between three crust shades: light, medium, and dark.

It prepares bread faster than many bread makers. Precisely, it takes a little over 2 hours to make your bread, thanks to its quick baking cycle. Also, a sourdough starter ensures your sourdough is ready in a short time for making bread for breakfast.

Other components are also high-quality and cook with sufficient heat. And one such component would be the non-stick coated baking pan. This coating guarantees effortless cleaning, meaning you will take a short time cleaning your bread maker after use.

Making rectangular loaves is a non-issue with this appliance since it features dual-blade kneading. This also means you can make bread slices of up to 2 pounds each. The delay-start function allows you to delay making bread up to 13 hours later.

Once the set cooking time expires, the timer automatically turns the bread maker off. You can always check the crush shade via the large viewing windows.

This bread maker has all the features you need to make bread from scratch in your kitchen. For this reason, you want to consider it.

Manufacturer Zojirushi
Model NumberBB-HAC10
Product Dimensions11 x 8 x 12 inches
Item Weight1 pounds
Voltage120 Volts
MaterialStainless Steel
Wattage450 watts

10 programs.It has no power failure backup feature.
Large viewing window.Unsupportive customer service.
3 crust shades.
Best Bread Makers Reviews Reviews

Zojirushi Bb-Hac10 Home Bakery Mini

Zojirushi BB-HAC10 is yet another bread maker featuring stainless steel construction. This incredible material makes the bread maker one of the most durable units on this list.

Since this unit already impresses with its build, it’s even more impressive that it features a user-friendly LCD screen for visualizing the selected programs. 

One-touch buttons accompany the LCD screen for hassle-free control. The cooking capacity is impressive since you can make up to 1-pound loaves with this kitchen appliance.

Also, you can make 1-pound cakes if you opt for this particular bread maker.

As you’d expect from a worthy contender, this unit is programmable. It even allows you to select settings for baking bread, cookies, and fresh fruit jam, among other foods.

The quick-bake cycle ensures your bread is ready in a short time. As such, this is the bread maker you want for your daily breakfast needs.

The whole unit is compact and slim to take up less kitchen space. The included handle makes portability a non-issue, even when your unit is still hot. Unlike many bread makers, this one has cord storage for more compact storage.

The delay start function lasts up to 13 hours, which is great for baking bread later.

The control panel allows you to select a menu that includes basic bread, cookie, cake, jam, soft, and French. The programs aren’t as many as other bread makers’ programs, making the unit perfect for smaller families.

Besides, it only cooks 1-pound bread loaves. 

Cleaning is also hassle-free and takes a short time because the kneading blade and baking pan are non-stick.

The bread maker suits the needs of a small family, and this is your unit if your family has a few members.

Manufacturer Cuisinart
Model NumberCBK-110P1
Product Dimensions10.25 x 13.25 x 11.25 inches
Item Weight10.56 pounds
Voltage110 Volts
ColorNew Compact Automatic
MaterialStainless Steel
Wattage680 watts

Highly durable bread maker.It has no automatic shut-off.
It is easy to use.Some users are dissatisfied with its functioning.
13-hour delay start.
Best Bread Makers Reviews Reviews

What You Should Know Before Buying a Bread Maker

You will consider a few features when sourcing the best bread maker for your kitchen. These features guarantee excellent performance and durability.

That is why you want to check for them before spending your hard-earned cash on a bread maker. When narrowing down your choices to the best bread makers, you want to consider the features below:

The Material of The Bread Maker

Many users don’t realize that the material of a bread maker impacts performance as much as it does durability. Since the material of use for making a bread maker is an important consideration, you want to check for the material quality.

Stainless steel is a high-quality material that makes bread makers very durable, easy to clean and perform excellently. Of course, other bread makers might opt for other incredible materials.

But stainless steel still stands out more, and you want to prioritize it. So, be sure to prioritize bread makers featuring stainless steel in their construction.

The Loaf Size Options

Bread makers are versatile kitchen appliances that can make other meals besides baking your bread for breakfast. Some bread makers, such as Zojirushi BB-HAC10, can even make cakes and cookies.

That’s why we say they are versatile kitchen appliances.

But you still want to check the loaf sizes your preferred bread maker can bake. Usually, bread makers can make 1-pound, 1.5-pound, and 2-pound loaves.

Of course, more pounds mean more bread for more people. So, you want to pick a bread maker that makes more pounds of loaves if your family has more members. Therefore, the loaf size is an important factor to consider before buying any bread maker.

The Crust Shade Options

The crust is tasty, and you can always set how you want it once your bread maker has baked your breakfast bread. But bread makers vary in design, meaning you can expect to have varying crust shade options.

Many bread makers feature three crust shade options: light, medium, and dark. These are the kitchen appliances you want to opt for to have the crush shade of your choice.

Cooking Programs

Bread makers are versatile since they make other foods besides bread for breakfast. They could make other foods such as cookies, meatloaf, jam, or even scrambled eggs. But their versatility depends on their featured cooking programs.

A bread maker with more programs is more versatile.

So, you want to check the available programs before buying a bread maker. You want to consider other meals you’d love to have besides bread and pick a bread maker that can cook those meals.

You will check the featured programs to know if a particular bread maker can prepare your favorite foods. Also, you want to buy a unit that can prepare different bread types.

Viewing Window

A viewing window allows you to monitor your bread and see how the crust shade forms. As a result, you can adjust the settings if the crust shade isn’t forming as you expected.

However, you want to opt for a large viewing window to have an unobscured view of your bread. Therefore, choose bread makers featuring large viewing windows in their designs for perfect bread monitoring when cooking.

Delay Start Function

This is one feature that many bread makers include in their designs. It allows you to set your bread maker to start making bread later. Once you’ve added ingredients to your bread maker, you can set it to start later.

This is essential when leaving your bread maker on the kitchen countertop overnight to wake up to freshly baked bread.

Since the delay start is an essential function, you want to ensure your preferred bread maker has it. Also, you want to check for the delayed start time.

If you can get a delayed start function that lasts up to 13 hours, that’s excellent! So, always look for the maximum delay start time to set your bread maker to bake bread at your preferred time.

Timer and Keep Warm Function

A timer allows you to bake bread for a specified duration. Usually, you will set the cooking time. Then your bread maker will automatically stop baking the bread.

Since a timer is a useful feature, ensure your favorite bread maker has it.

On the other hand, you have a keep-warm function. This function maintains the warm temperature of your bread until you take your breakfast. This feature is ideal for slow risers.

It is a great feature to have, and you should look for bread makers with it.

Non-Stick Coating

You want to clean your bread maker effortlessly after using it. Non-stick coated components such as the baking pan and kneading blades are non-stick coated for effortless cleaning.

The only reason to look for bread makers with non-stick coated parts is to clean your kitchen appliances efficiently with less effort. So, buy bread makers with non-stick components.

Automatic Fruit Dispenser

You can always spice things up by adding fruit or nut topping to your baked bread. An automatic fruit dispenser will do an incredible job in this case.

It will add fruits to your baked bread at the right time, allowing you to add a mouthwatering taste to your meal.

Also, you could consider bread makers with nut dispensers. These dispensers work the same way as fruit dispensers.

As such, you should consider bread makers with nut dispensers if you want to add nuts at the right time.


What can I make with my bread maker?

This depends on your chosen bread maker. But you can make meals such as rye, gluten-free bread, yeast bread, whole wheat bread, or cake. These are a few meals a bread maker can prepare.

The key is finding a bread maker machine that makes your favorite meals besides bread. You can check the cooking programs to know what your kitchen appliance can prepare.

How much electricity does a bread maker consume?

Bread makers use electricity to function, and they consume watts ranging from 400 Watts to 700 Watts. As such, they don’t use much electricity. Besides, they bake bread quickly, making them use even less electricity.

You can make delicious bread without worrying about driving your electricity costs up. Since they consume less electricity than any kitchen appliances and cook quickly, they are worthy investments.

How durable is my bread maker?

Your bread maker can serve you for over 10 years. But this depends on your habits. You want to clean your bread maker right after usage and keep it safe in the cupboard.

Also, you want to ensure you don’t plug it into a wall outlet when not using it. If you take good care of your kitchen appliance, it will serve you for a decade. It can even go beyond this period. So, be sure to care for your bread maker to make bread for years.

Wrap Up

If you want freshly baked bread for breakfast, a bread maker is the kitchen appliance to buy. These units have the features you require to make bread quickly.

Some even feature automatic fruit or nut dispensers to add extra taste to your bread. What’s more, cleaning them is never a chore since they feature non-stick components. As such, they are an excellent buy.

But you need the best bread maker to have the best experience making bread for breakfast. Fortunately, we’ve reviewed some incredible bread makers for you.

They perform incredibly, and we think they will serve you better. Even if you haven’t found one that works best for you, our buyer’s guide will always help you trim down your choices to a few best bread makers.

So, invest in the best bread maker and enjoy perfectly baked bread for breakfast.


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