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6 Brilliant Tiny House Storage Ideas

Less is more is an adage that resonates well with those with tiny house storage ideas. But, unfortunately, not many people do. Here are the 6 brilliant tiny house storage ideas.

While owning a tiny house can be cost-effective both on the initial acquisition and on an annual rent payment plan, finding enough space for all your belongings can be painstaking.

So, how do you make sure there is enough space for all your stuff in your tiny room? The simple answer to that question is, ‘get creative.’

In case you’re wondering how to get creative, then follow along for some inspiration on tiny house storage ideas that will leave your room breathing again.

Tiny House Storage Ideas

The rise in popularity of smaller houses has seen many people embrace a simple and minimalist lifestyle in the past two decades. However, the challenge comes in how best you can make every square footage count.

Here are a few hacks:

  • Utilize the wall space
  • Go high if you can
  • Go low if you can’t go high
  • Hang things up
  • Use a custom cabinet
  • Cabinets under the stairs
  • Use a fold-down bed
  • Create storage under the couch
  • Use bins and baskets
  • Install a bar for hanging cookware and utensils
  • Add shelves under the sink
  • Raise the bed

Note that the above hacks work well in different sections of your tiny room, which is why it’s essential to know which idea suits which location.

Small Home Kitchen Organization Ideas

Your kitchen is one critical section of your house that requires adequate space for flexible movement. Here are ideas to create that extra space.

Hang Whatever You Can

Installing a bar to hang your utensils and other cookware is ideal for creating more space in a tiny kitchen. Not only does it free up the counter and cabinet spaces, but it also gives a professional chef’s kitchen look.

Storage for tiny house

Image Credit: Papernstitchblog

Add Shelves to Cabinet Sides

Does your cabinetry open wide to the room? Put more shelves on its opening ends and use them to store everyday items like dishes and cookbooks. You may also use them for housing plants.

Use Bins and Baskets

Some shelves come without drawers. Instead of using them the way they are, buy some bins and baskets and stuff lots of your kitchen stuff without causing a mess. The kitchen stays neat while also allowing extra storage space on your shelves.

More tricks you can use to create extra space in your tiny kitchen also include:

  • Using a fold-out table
  • Use your sink as a shelf for light storage like soap and dish rags
  • Use mason jars to store extra food
  • Use a custom cabinet
  • Use a door-mounted kitchen can
  • Use a standing spice rack

Tiny Home Bathroom Organization Hacks

Below are hacks to maximize your tiny home bathroom space.

Use Floating Shelves

Storage for tiny house

Image Courtesy of Storables: Floating Shelf

Mount shelves on your bathroom walls and use them to store your bath-time essentials and other toiletries.

Folding Hooks

Instead of a large towel rack, use a folding hook to keep your towels dry while saving you more space that would be baring light and fresh air from your tiny bathroom.

Toilet Paper Holder Cabinet

Make your toilet papers easily accessible by placing them behind your bathroom cabinet space.

Other ideas for organizing a tiny bathroom to create more space also include:

  • Construct a rack over your cabinet and use it for drying hair instead of storing it in the cabinet
  • Make a paper towel holder behind the door.
  • Create small wall spaces to store your plunger, cleaning brush, and toilet bowl cleaner.
  • Buy a single bathtub with several storage compartments

Small Bedroom Organization Ideas

Your bedroom is yet another room section that requires adequate space to let in enough fresh air and sunlight.

Use the below hacks to enhance that space.

Floating Corner Shelves

Use a floating corner shelf to create more space for your bedroom nightstand. Use the frame to hold your clock, knick-knacks, and more while saving the floor space for other things.

Raise Your Bed

Use a bed riser to elevate your bed and take advantage of its wide footprint to store more items. For example, you can keep your clothes and blanket bags that you don’t use often under the bed.

Bedside Caddy

Store everything that goes in your nightstand in a bedside caddy. It hangs nicely beneath the mattress, taking very little space.

Small Living Room Organization Ideas

Many people spend their time in the living room while they’re at home. For that reason, having a wide and breathable space is essential.

Use these hacks to transform your tiny living room into an imaginary hall.

Create Storage Under Your Couch

There is plenty of storage space beneath your coaches, in case you didn’t think of it already. Create more room by installing drawers and save your shelving space for other things.

You may also consider cubbies under the couch. Storage cubbies let you stay organized, thanks to the separate storage compartments.

Consider Storage Below Floorboards

Under the floorboard is a great storage option but only applicable if you’re constructing your own house, which is why you need to think ahead during construction. Use such spaces to conceal additional items eating into your living space.

Store Beneath Spiral Staircase

Although not a common hack, tiny houses are increasingly embracing storage compartments below the staircases. You can open such a compartment on the reverse side of your staircase.

More ideas include:

  • Hanging bike shelf
  • Use multi-purpose or custom furniture (dining table as office space, couch folding to bed)

Tiny Closet Organization Ideas

Tiny Closet

Image Credit: Tiny Houses

  1. Arrow Hangers that you can fold when not in use
  2. Ultra-Slim Hangers take half the space of normal hangers hence allowing you to hang more clothes.
  3. Using S Hooks to hold your jeans

More ideas for tiny closet storage

  • Use an ice cube tray for storing your jewelry
  • Compress your out-of-season clothing in a vacuum bag


There are plenty of tiny house storage ideas you can use to create extra space. Major hacks you can use across almost all sections of your house are hanging and wall mounting utilizing the vertical space.

Floor storage systems and ceiling storage are more ideas for storage that’ll create extra space in your tiny house.

However, depending on your tiny house layout, some hacks may require you to get creative by either modifying what already exists or developing good storage plans during construction or installation.

Meanwhile, you can try out the above hacks and see what works for your tiny room.

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