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Can a plumber install a gas stove?

Yes, if a plumber is Gas Safe trained and knows what they are doing then they will be able to install a gas stove.

However, your regular plumber may not know how to do all the electrical work that comes with installing a stove, so you may need to hire an additional electrician to modify the electrical circuit. 

Many companies who sell gas stoves will offer installation as well, which is normally done by a gas safe engineer who is fully trained and qualified to do this type of installation

This will sometimes come included in the price of the stove but if not, it’s still the best option to go for as they will be professionally trained at installing this type of cooker. 

Despite there being so many DIY installation guides online for gas stoves, you should never attempt to do it by yourself unless you are a registered gas-safe professional.

It is illegal for someone who is not a Gas Safe registered engineer or plumber to install gas appliances. 

A professional will be able to install the gas stove safely and will also be able to ensure that everything works efficiently and safely once it’s installed i.e no sign of gas leaks.

Gas leaks could cause devastating damage to both your home and your family so taking the risk just to save a few bucks is not worth it. 

Who installs gas lines for stoves?

A gas line plumber will be the person who installs your gas lines for your new stove. Some regular plumbers can also install gas lines, but there are also specialized plumbers who specifically install and repair gas lines for their job.

Our best recommendation is to go for a specialized plumber as they will be the ones who do this kind of work on a daily basis. 

How much does it cost to install a gas stove?

The cost will vary depending on the installer you choose to go for, working with gas is a very intricate and dangerous job so any professional will not want to undercharge for their services.

The daily rate for a gas safe engineer can vary between $40-$150 an hour depending on where you live and that’s also excluding any removal costs and extra equipment they may need to bring with them.

The labor cost of removing your already existing stove will be around $75-$100 per hour and the labor cost to install your new gas stove will be around $75-$100. 

If you didn’t already have a gas stove before this one, then the professional will need to install a gas line into your kitchen which will also boost the price.

You should expect to pay at least $120 for your gas-safe engineer to have to install a gas line into your home.

Gas line installations can take weeks and many engineers may charge per hour, so you’ll want to ask around for some quotes from local companies first.

You can also take the cost of your gas stove into consideration for the final price of installing a gas stove. Most gas stoves can cost anything from $400 up to $3,000.

So, altogether, you could be looking at paying at least $400 for the entire job of installing a gas stove into your home, and that’s including the engineer installing gas lines. 

How long does it take to install a gas stove?

Man installing a gas hob in a kitchen

Installing a gas stove can take around 1 to 2 hours. Installation of the gas stove itself can take an hour and then the engineer will need to spend at least an hour checking the gas lines for any leaks before they can leave.

However, if you don’t already have a gas line in your home, then the process to get them installed could take a few weeks.

So if you are planning on having a gas stove installed in your kitchen that doesn’t already have a gas line, then you’ll want to get your preparations in order. 

Does Home Depot install gas stoves?

Yes, Home Depot can deliver your new gas stove to your home, unload it and set it up and connect it to your gas line.

Sometimes the price of this service is included in the price of the product, but there may be additional charges if not. 

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