Can Gas Stoves Explode?

Have you been playing a game like The Sims, and watching them freak out over that flaming stove? Perhaps you’ve seen one too many movies where the stove has blown up the house. Whatever the reason, you’re wondering if your gas stove can explode.

Now, while the explosion of a modern gas stove would be rare with its updated devices:

  • Flame Failure- Stops gas from going to the burner if the flame goes out.
  • Auto reignition- relights burners
  • Timers- Shut off gas if the burner doesn’t light in seconds.

Without gas accumulating, there can be no explosion.

However just because explosions of modern gas stoves are rare doesn’t mean it’s entirely possible. When a stove fails to light for over an hour, that’s when there is a possibility that the room fills with gas. If left unseen this could potentially cause an explosion. Keep in mind, smelling gas over the stove is completely normal, but smelling gas the moment you walk into the house is not. , Smelling gas throughout the house is highly dangerous and if you smell gas in your house do not do so much as flip a single light switch as just this tiny spark could ignite an explosion. We don’t recommend you touch anything metal inside the house either, including the phone. Whenever this happens evacuate the house immediately and call 911 only when you are away from the house.

How to Avoid Gas Stove Explosions

Sometimes we leave the stove on by accident or turn the buttons on just walking by. When this happens the oven fills with gas, and then the room. After which all it really takes is the slightest spark to trigger a very violent explosion. Even with the modern stoves, safety features which can malfunction, gas stove explosions are more common than one might first think.

If you ever hear a hissing sound in your house or if you ever smell gas when there is no reason that you should, keep in mind that there are things you can do that might prevent an explosion from happening.

  • Keep all light switches off, if you need light use a flashlight
  • Open all doors and windows
  • Check the stove to make sure that all burners are off.
  • Know where your gas meter is and check it
  • Evacuate the house
  • Call 911

If you own a gas stove than you must take these precautions seriously. If a gas leak is not noticed and the proper measures were not taken there could be a horrible explosion that could injure or even kill your loved ones due to something like turning on a light. Using the microwave, opening the fridge. Any time you touch anything metal inside your house during a leak it chances explosion. Anytime you use any device that produces the slightest spark, it doubles the chances of an explosion. The best thing you can do is make yourself aware. Know the signs and remember what you need to do in order to prevent such a thing from occurring. If you’re going to own a gas stove then you are taking on that responsibility of keeping your family safe from an explosion.

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