Can Above Ground Pools Be Converted to Saltwater?

You probably have heard of above ground pool, and also heard of how salt water swimming pools are eco-friendly and low maintenance. A traditional above ground pool is not as efficient and secure when it comes to cleaning and maintenance; you probably will find yourself spending too much time and putting in a lot of extra effort to do the task. However, you should note that your pool contains some chemicals like hydrochloric acid and chlorine gas, which is not the case with salt water. At this point, you will probably think of transforming your above ground pool into a salt water swimming pool. Of course, it is possible, and I am going to explain to you how it can be done.

Determine Which Type of Saltwater System Best Suits You

When it comes to saltwater, there are two options for water systems that you have to choose between. The first and most reliable one involves an installation of a generator which hangs merely over your pool wall. The second option is the inline generator which is mounted next to your filter outside the pool. When you’re choosing a saltwater system, you need to take into consideration the following key points:

  • Size of the pool
  • Maintenance needs
  • Budget
  • Personal preference

Draining Water from Your Pool

Use a pool pump or a hose to entirely drain water from your pool. There are pumps in the market that are specifically designed to remove water from above ground pools. These pumps can either be purchased or hired from your local pool supply store. You should take note of your city’s regulations when it comes to dumping large amounts of water in alleyways and streets. If you are uncertain, it is advisable to seek guidance from your local water conservation department.

Installing Your New Saltwater System

Installing the water system that you have chosen is very simple. What you only need to have with you is the manufacturer’s manual. You should then slowly fill the pool with fresh water. According to the manual, you should be able to know whether you need to add some salt to the pool once it is filled, or during the filling process. However, you should not turn on your salt water system on, until your pool is filled. At this stage, you should be able to precisely determine the ration of the amount of water to that one of salt. This ratio varies, and this is primarily because of the pool size and the quantity of water it is capable of holding.

Turn on Your Saltwater System and Monitor

Once you have achieved your saltwater level, you should then proceed to turn on your saltwater system and take your time in monitoring it. Most salt water systems can track the level of salt in the water. If your specific design cannot do this, then purchase a monitoring system and install it. Once installed, you can always maintain your pool at a minimum salt water level.


It is true that saltwater swimming pools are easier to maintain and are mostly self-cleaning. This does not mean that your above ground chlorine pool doesn’t have its benefits too. Before you decide to change your above ground pool to saltwater, do a little bit of research on the same.

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