Can Snow Blowers Break Ice?

can snowblowers break iceIf you’re looking to buy a snow blower, it’s important to know exactly what it can do. While snow blowers do come in handy during winters, it is good idea to know about its limitations. And one of the questions that you should have an answer to, is whether these snow blowers can break ice. One of the major injury causes and risks we face during winters is undoubtedly ice. Being hidden and slippery, it can even prove to be fatal at times. We should get rid of it and break it before it causes any mishap.

Can snow blowers can break ice or not?

Depending on the kind of snowblower being used and the kind of ice that needs to be broken, a person might experience a little tough situation or an almost impossible one.

How do snow blowers work on ice?

Understanding the basic mechanism of a snow blower will help us understand its efficiency. In order to clear the stuff on the ground beneath it, snow blowers come with augers in double-staged blowers and paddles in single-staged ones. The dual stage snow blowers are far efficient for breaking ice than the single ones as they are heavy duty machines. Selecting the right snow blower for the job will help improve efficiency and save time.

The 2 types of dual stage blowers which break ice are following.

  1. Electric blowers – Being cheap to operate and low on maintenance, they can help break ice but do not perform very well in extremely cold and icy weather conditions.
  2. Gas blowers – This is just what you need to break ice as they are tough and big and can get rid of any kind of ice that comes their way in the worst of weather conditions.

An electric snow blower will work best for ice up to 4 inches but you will have to use a single, dual or three-stage gas-powered snow blower for ice that is 6 or more than 6 inches tall.

Techniques to breaking ice

A gas-powered dual or triple-stage snow blower has augers attached to it which can break huge chunks of ice with ease. The ice ridge in your driveway can be broken by the snow blower but this will depend on its length and size. A good idea would be to whack the ridge of ice into chunks of ice and then run over the snow blower to break it up.

Snow blowers are designed to run on the ground and pick up all the loose material and blow it away. So if you experience a sheet of ice on your driveway, the snow blower will find it difficult to segregate between the ground and the ice on it, thereby unable to do its job efficiently.

Safety Tips

  • Read all the safety precautions given in the manual before use
  • Never stick hands in the churning blades
  • Do not run behind a snow blower
  • Keep children away

All you need to do is find an apt and efficient snow blower and it will surely break ice the way you want it to.

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