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Can You Plug a USB Flash Drive into a Smart TV?

If you are wondering whether you can plug your flash drives into your smart TVs to view videos on a bigger and wider platform, the answer is yes. Most of the television systems manufactured today come with a USB connection port.

Most of the televisions in this modern time are not just programmed like standard televisions. They are already considered as the central hub of entertainment that is capable of doing many things.

These include flashing photos and videos coming from different devices – like a USB flash drive.

Flash drives are inexpensive devices where you can store thousands of photos, videos, and other files. Plug your flash drives into the USB port of your laptops or computers and transfer videos and photos you want to view on your smart TV.

Being able to connect your flash drives to the televisions makes a significant difference in watching the videos you want.

This also permits you to connect even your digital cameras and external hard drives to your televisions.

Once your USB stick is detected by your smart TV, every file you have in your storage can already be seen and flashed on your television. You can already watch the movies stored in your USB flash drive on your high-definition smart TV.

How Would I Know if I Can Plug My Flash Drive into My Smart TV?

As mentioned, most televisions come with a USB port. However, the older models may not have this feature.

To know if you can plug your flash drive into your smart TV, you have to physically inspect your smart TV and look for a USB port.

If the brand and model of your smart TV are leaning towards the newer ones, it has to have a USB port somewhere. You may still have to double-check though because some ports are only used for maintenance purposes.

However, if your smart TV is a flat-screen type, you can most likely play contents coming from your USB storage.

To check if the port can be used to connect your flash drive, you may also check with the manufacturer of your smart TV set.

Big companies like Panasonic, Philips, Sony, and Samsung have FAQs on their pages that specifically answer how to play content from USB flash drives. Their pages also include the compatible and supported files that can be played on their smart TV.

What Will I Do If My Smart TV Does Not Have A USB Port?

If you find out that your smart TV does not have a USB port that allows you to play videos and flash photos, do not fret because there is still another way.

You just have to grab your HDMI cable and connect one end to your computer or television and the other to your smart TV. You can also use a DVI or S-video cable.

More often than not, modern smart TVs have built-in HDMI and DVI inputs. Computers and laptops also have this, so you will not have a problem connecting them using your HDMI cable.

They also offer good quality pictures, and the sound can also be transferred if you want to stream videos. If your laptops or computers and televisions are of the older types, you may opt to use S-video, but it does not offer the same quality HDMI cables offer.

How Do I Connect My Device to my Smart TV Using HDMI Cables?

You can do so by simply connecting your computer’s video output to your television’s video input. If you are having difficulties, you can check the user manual, or you may visit Google.

Once the connection is successful, your laptop will prompt to display its content on your television. Select the option, and in just an instant, you can now view your monitor into your television.

Start choosing the files you want to view on your television and enjoy!

How Do I Plug my Flash Drive into My Smart TV?

Before connecting your USB stick to your smart TV, you should back up your files first. If anything goes wrong, you will not damage or lose your data.

Follow these simple steps to connect your USB flash drive to your smart TV:
1. Plug your USB storage device at the USB port of your smart TV. In most smart TVs, a message will pop on the screen to let you know that your USB storage device is accepted.
2. Press the source button on your remote that shows your USB storage device. You can also press the home button on your remote and look for the “source” to click “USB connected device.”
3. Scroll through the media you have on your flash drive and pick the video or photo you want to see.
4. Click the enter button.
5. Enjoy!

What Should I Do If My Smart TV Does Not Recognize the Flash Drive?

If your smart TV comes with a USB port but it does not recognize the flash drive you have inserted, your flash drive may be in the wrong format.

Some smart TV does not support specific formats. It is best to check this on the website of your manufacturer.

You may also try to reformat your USB. You can do so by plugging it into your computer and finding it in the file manager.

Remember that formatting your flash drive would erase all of the contents it has right now. You can safeguard your other files to another location if you still want a copy of them.

Right-click your USB flash drive. Click the “format” option, and choose a particular option under “file system” and click start to begin reformatting.

Final Thoughts

Plugging your USB flash drive into your smart TV gives you more options to view videos in a better way. This is thought to increase the entertainment value of photos and videos.

If you want a smart TV that has a USB port feature, it is best to do researches before purchasing your set.

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