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Can You Put A Stove In A Kitchen Island?

Yes! If you happen to have an appropriate surface, you can install a stove with a built-in oven, or just the stovetop itself, directly integrated into your island.

With the right know-how, you can even do it yourself, though you’ll need some tools.

This is a great way to open up space and bring some warmth into a room where often if you’re cooking, it can feel like you’ve got your back to everybody.

Now, you’ll feel like the host of your very own TV food show!

Your primary considerations are width and depth: the island needs to have enough space to accommodate the stove neatly and without causing any obstructions.

Of course, if you’ve already got an island, it’s the stove’s size you need to focus on.

Do bear in mind that you’re going to want to install a hood with an extractor fan above any cooktop if you put one in, as this will clear away the majority of smoke, steam and fumes produced during the cooking process.

Although the concept of a stove in an island can look both unique and attractive, you don’t want a cramped kitchen.

If you’re in danger of making your new island too large for the sake of fitting a stove, consider using the space differently.

You could be getting in the way of what is often referred to as your ‘working triangle’ – the journey between your fridge, sink and stove, AKA the appliances you use most frequently in the kitchen.

Impede this and slow down the entire cooking process!

Other than size, you can do whatever you like in terms of the design of your island. Looking to show off your creative flair?

It’s a great place to add a pop of color to the room, as well as giving yourself some additional countertop space.

In order to make sure you have a full view of exactly what you’re doing, it might be worth installing a couple of spotlights directly above the island.

Consider dimmable bulbs: not only is it attractive, but also makes for an atmospheric place to eat!

What Else Can You Use A Kitchen Island For?

Photo of Kitchen island

So, you know that a stove on your island will work if you do it correctly.

Depending on how much room you’re working with, you could even have a variety of appliances and even utilize seating to create a breakfast bar style seating area.

A sink is another great choice, especially if you’ve always wanted a larger, deeper one but never had the room.

Don’t overdo it though – remember, we’re trying to avoid the crowded look and achieve kitchen harmony!

What else is an island good for? Well…

Storage is a great way to utilize your island and your imagination. Whether it’s drawers, cupboards or shelves, you can conceal or artfully display all of your accessories and ingredients away.

Like to be organized? This is a godsend.

You can either get an island that comes with storage solutions already integrated, or find one you like and DIY your storage formats of choice.

Alternatively, hire a professional to do it for you, especially if you’re not particularly handy!

Preparation is another primary purpose for the kitchen island! No matter the size, whether it’s a butcher block on wheels or a spacious countertop with room for all of your appliances, when you’re lacking in counter space this is a lifesaver.

From chopping vegetables to kneading dough, it’s also easier to get the kids involved when you’re cooking at an island; you have a full three-sixty view on what they’re doing, and no need to take your eye off of them at any point.

Cooking on your island doesn’t need to involve a stove, either. You could get a hot plate, set up your stand mixer or blender, whatever you’re making.

This is similar to prepping, yes, but it’s worth mentioning that you can do both!

Serve your meals on the island! Don’t have a dining room? No problem, just clear some room and lay a table. If you want to class up the joint, you could even throw a tablecloth over the top.

You’ll probably need stools over chairs, just based on height.

Others prefer a coffee or breakfast bar style approach, where you can serve just two or three of you a lighter meal as opposed to a full-scale dinner spread.

Depending on how much room you’re working with, it’ll be obvious which is best.

And there you have it.

There are countless reasons why installing a kitchen island can pay off, especially if you also integrate additional appliances! If you’re looking for a sign to go for it, consider this a giant thumbs up.

Don’t have any DIY skills? Hire a tradesperson to do it for you!

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