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Can You Wash Gardening Gloves?

Gardening is one of the best hobbies one could ever have during their free time. It is fun and enjoyable, and in the end, the result is always pleasing to the eyes.

A pair of gardening gloves makes gardening even more fun. It is considered as of the handiest and reliable garden tools available to rescue you from your worries.

When gardening gloves are used, it will surely make the dilemmas with your garden task easily handled.

Even though cleaning up your trusty pair of gloves may need a little effort, it will always be rewarded by the output it will produce in your garden.

Washing your gardening gloves is important if you want to keep your pair in good shape for a long time. The methods of cleaning your gardening gloves differ depending on their type.

Some types can easily be cleaned in the utility sink or washing machine, and some require special treatment.

Even though cleaning your gloves may take a little of your time, this will be worth it because you can use it for a longer time when you take care of it better.

How Do I Wash My Gardening Gloves?

After a long day of making use of your gardening gloves in taking care of your plants, cleaning them is a must. There are numerous ways to clean your good pair of gloves after being caked on dirt.

This entirely depends on the type of gardening gloves you own. Each type needs a particular level of care when you wash them.

Under normal circumstances, cleaning your soiled gloves can easily be done by washing them with water and soap.

Brushing off the dirt and debris on the pair can be done by using an old toothbrush or a brush from the hardware.

Leather Gloves

Cleaning leather is a tricky process because it requires special attention. However, their sturdiness, flexibility, and the level of protection they offer make up for their special care.

Using an old toothbrush or any soft bristled brush, remove the debris found on your leather work gloves. Afterward, wash your leather gloves using a bar of saddle soap.

This type of soap is used when caring for leather materials and can easily be found in any hardware store. Apply your saddle soap on your gloves using a towel or cloth.

Ensure that the entire area including the palms and fingers is covered and do circular motions.

After ensuring that all dirt has been brushed off, remove the soap but do not soak your leather gardening gloves under running water.

Get a damp towel and wipe the soap off gently on the material and leave it in an open area to air dry.

To maintain the shape and condition of your gloves, it needs to be oiled thoroughly. This will also keep your pair soft to avoid cracking and damage.

Boot oil, linseed oil, and other leather dressings may be used to coat the gloves.

Cotton Gloves

When compared to other types of gloves, cotton gloves have softer materials. This may be similar to knit gloves that may also be used for gardening.

Since dirt and stains easily attach to the fabric of cotton gloves , they must be thoroughly washed as soon as all your garden tasks are finished.

First of all, pre-rinsing the gloves under the running water of your utility sink or hose is important. This will remove the dirt that got stuck on your pair of gloves.

After the pre-rinse, you can now wash your gloves on your washing machine using cold water. This will prevent the pair from shrinking into a smaller size.

You may use any soap or detergent you prefer when cleaning them.

Latex and Rubber Gloves

Since gloves made of latex and rubber gloves do not absorb water, they are known as the easiest types of gardening gloves to wash and maintain.

These types are similar to the ones made of neoprene, nitrile, or PVC materials.

While still wearing your rubber gloves, place them under running water and wash them using your preferred soap. Do not use warm water when washing these particular types of gloves.

You can use soft- or medium-bristles if there are any stubborn spots or dirt in the gloves.

After washing, hang your gloves in a place where they can be left to air dry. Since rubber gloves are prone to accumulating mildew, proper storage after they are dried is required.

Final Thoughts

Gardening gloves are necessary to have a safer and better gardening experience. You can handle your materials with confidence when you have a handy pair of gloves.

It is also important to ensure the fit of your gloves to prevent injuries and ensure your comfort.

To ensure proper maintenance of your gardening gloves, it is best to immediately wash them after using them. This will help prevent permanent stains and damage from your working pair.

After all, your gardening gloves will make your experience more worthwhile.

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