Are Ceiling Fans Safe for Babies?

Are Baby Room Ceiling Fans Safe for Babies?

Many people carefully plan nurseries for their new babies but forget about one little detail that plays a very big role.

They think about things such as the color of their room and the bedding, but they don’t think about air circulation or regulating the temperature. So what’s the best way to do that? Are ceiling fans safe for babies?

If you’re wondering, you’re not alone! Thousands of parents wonder this each year, leading them to Google things like “sleeping with fan on with newborn” in search of information.

The answer is: Yes, a baby room ceiling fan is safe for your little ones. Most people might be wondering, why would I have a fan in my baby’s room?

Or can babies sleep with the fan on? While others may only consider ceiling fans if they are living in a hot and humid area.

However, the following is a revelation as to why fans are important and safe in your baby’s room no matter where you leave.

Using ceiling fans in your baby’s room is not just good for air circulation, but it also reduces the risk of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

What is SIDS?

Unexplained infant fatalities that take place when a baby is sleeping in its crib are called SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. These deaths are often also referred to as crib deaths.

Despite many years of research, the exact cause of SIDS remains unclear. However, there are some physical and environmental risk factors that can make a baby more prone to SIDS.

If a baby is born prematurely or born with certain types of birth defects, they will have a higher risk of SIDS.

Babies born with birth weight may have underdeveloped brains that are not able to properly regulate sleep and breathing, creating a greater risk of SIDS. Another cause of SIDS can be if a baby has a respiratory illness.

Then there are environmental factors such as a too soft bed, sleeping covered with blankets, or sleeping in a bed with parents. All of these things can potentially cause a baby’s airway to be blocked which can result in SIDS.

Finally, a too-hot room can also interfere with a baby’s ability to breathe which can cause SIDS. For this reason, a ceiling fan can be greatly beneficial in a baby’s room.

How does a fan lower the risk of SIDS?

One of the primary causes of SIDS is a stuffy room and lack of air circulation and ventilation. Ensuring proper ventilation in your baby’s room can be as easy as cracking a window and turning on the ceiling fan.

Those two things combined will create good airflow and ensure proper ventilation for small rooms or large rooms, keeping your baby comfortable and safe

When parents keeps a window in the baby’s nursery open, it’s been shown that the risk of SIDS can be drastically reduced.

A properly ventilated room with a ceiling fan circulating air helps regulate the levels of carbon dioxide in a room. This will ensure that your baby is getting the amount of oxygen that it needs while it’s sleeping.

Benefits of fans in your baby’s room

  • Reduction of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS rates. According to medical research, fans reduce SIDS by more than 70% while opening window reduces it by 36%. SIDS is caused by inhaling carbon dioxide, therefore, the fan circulates the air freely in the baby room decreasing the possibility of your baby inhaling the carbon dioxide that they exhale. Moreover, a fan improves room ventilation which is very important in SIDS reduction.
  • Fans produce “white noise” that soothes your baby to sleep and helps them stay asleep. The noise acts as a reminder of the womb’s constant sounds. Having a ceiling fan in baby room prevents the room from being too quiet and muffles the outside noises.
  • Fans reduce the temperature in your baby’s room during the hot season. High temperature causes discomfort to your baby leading to trouble sleeping.
  • Unlike air conditioning which may cause skin conditions such as eczema and respiratory problems such as asthma, a fan does not dry out the air but simply increases the circulation of the air.

Precautions to consider

  • Put your ceiling fan at low speed to reduce the noise that may wake the baby. Additionally, high speed may lead your baby to lose too much body heat.
  • Using a ceiling fan is safe because it is out of your baby’s reach. However, do not install it yourself. Seek qualified professionals to install it for you to ensure the safety of your baby.
  • For kids with a bunk bed, install your ceiling fan three to five feet away from your baby’s bed or any other furniture so that they can’t reach it when jumping on their bed.
  • Clean your fan at least once a month to get rid of the trapped dust on the fan blades. This will ensure any dirt and debris isn’t falling on your baby or being circulated in the air where it can be breathed in.
  • Never hang any decorative items on your baby’s ceiling fan because they can endanger your baby.

Final thoughts

Maintaining body temperature is very important for your baby’s growth. If your baby’s room is too hot or cold, the baby ends up using too many calories to regulate its temperature.

The room temperature facilitates the increase or the decrease in your baby’s body temperature. Your baby’s room temperature should be between 67 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, to make sure that your child is comfortable, take the time to consider your child’s environment. For example, is the room too hot during the day or too cold?

What measures should I take to ensure the room is comfortable for my baby? In cases of stuffy and hot rooms, ceiling fans will be the best solution.

Read more about ceiling fans

Now that we’ve answered the question “Are ceiling fans safe for babies?” you may be interested to learn more about ceiling fans.

Did you know that ceiling fans can reduce radon in your home, a poisonous gas that’s known to cause cancer? As you can see, a ceiling fan can be a small but valuable investment in protecting the health of your entire family.

However, you should also be aware that ceiling fans can exacerbate sinus problems. For that reason, you may want to turn it to low speed or also install a humidifier to ensure your room doesn’t get too dry.

Find the best ceiling fan for kids room

If you’re ready to look into ceiling fans for kids rooms, check out our roundup of the best ceiling fan reviews of 2022. When it comes time to install your new ceiling fan, read our article on installing a ceiling fan.

Then make sure you find out how to repair a ceiling fan to ensure a long life span for your new fan.


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