Are Ceiling Fans Safe for Babies?

Are ceiling fans safe for babies? Yes, they are safe for your little ones. Using ceiling fans in your baby’s room is not just safe but it also saves you from lots of troubles including a death of your infant child.

Many people plan everything about their children’s’ room and forget about one little detail that plays a very big role. They plan for things that do not matter to their babies such as the color of their room, the toys and they forget to install ceiling fans that have many benefits to your baby. Most people might be wondering, why have fan in my babies room? While others only consider ceiling fans if they are leaving in a hot stuffy area. However, the following is a revelation as to why fans are important and safe in your baby’s room no matter where you leave.

Benefits of fans in your baby’s room

  • Reduction of (SIDS) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) rates. According to medical research, fans reduce SIDS by more than 70% while opening window reduces it by 36%. SIDS is caused by inhaling carbon dioxide, therefore, the fan circulates the air freely in the baby room decreasing the possibility of your baby inhaling the carbon dioxide that they exhale. Moreover, a fan improves room ventilation that is very important in SIDS reduction.
  • Fans produce ‘white noise’ that soothes your baby to sleep and stay asleep. The noise acts as a reminder of the womb constant sounds. Moreover, this noise prevents the room to be too quite and muffles the outside noises.
  • Fans reduce the temperature in your baby’s’ rooms during the hot season. High temperature causes discomfort to your baby leading to the lack of sleep.
  • Unlike air-conditioner that may cause skins conditions such as eczema and respiratory problems such as asthma, a fan does not dry out the air but increases the circulation of the air.


  • Put your ceiling fan at low speed to reduce the noise that may wake the baby. Additionally, high speed may lead you baby to losing too much body heat.
  • Use a ceiling fan because it is out of your baby’s reach. However, do not install it yourself seek qualified professionals to install it for you to ensure the safety of your baby.
  • For kids with a bunk bed, install your ceiling fan three to five feet away for your baby’s’ bed or any other furniture so that they won’t reach it in an event where they are tempted to jump on their bed.
  • Clean your fan at least once a month to get rid of the trapped dust on the fan blades.
  • Never hang any items on your baby’s ceiling fan because they can endanger your baby.

Maintaining body temperature is very important for your baby’s growth. If your baby’s room is too hot or cold, the baby ends up using most of its calories in balancing the temperature. The room temperature facilitates the increase or the decrease of your baby’s body temperature. Your baby’s room temperature should be between 670 and 720. Therefore, to make sure that your child is comfortable, take the time to consider your child’s environment. For example, is the room too hot during the day or too cold? What measures should I take to ensure the room is comfortable for my baby? Well, in cases of stuffy and hot rooms ceiling fans will be the best solution.


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