How Ceiling Fans Can Help Lower Your Household Bills

How Ceiling Fans Can Help Lower Your Household Bills

Air conditioners are considered a vital part for many homes around the world. They are very useful during the hot months of summer and the cold months of winter.

With an air conditioner, home owners get to decide the ideal temperature for their home. This ensures comfort during day and night — but it comes at the expense of a higher electric bill.

But there are ways to save on your utility bills while still keeping your family comfortable. Read on to find out how ceiling fans can help lower your household bills.

Air conditioners require a lot of power to operate. When the air conditioner runs all day and night, energy bills can be sky-high.

Every homeowner is looking to reduce monthly expenses in order to get the most out of their paycheck. Even making small tweaks to your daily energy use can result in a huge impact.

How do ceiling fans save money?

The aim of the ceiling fan is to circulate both cold and hot air therefore ensuring comfortable living conditions. Ceiling fans create a wind chilling effect, therefore cooling the air around a person rather than the room.

When you compare the operation of a ceiling fan and air conditioner, a ceiling fan will cost you far less to run while making rooms feel less hot and humid.

Most ceiling fans have a power usage of fewer than 100 watts which is just the same as a lightbulb.

When turned on and in default mode, the fan blades usually run and push the air downward therefore creating a downdraft. This makes the room feel substantially cooler.

There are fans that are designed with an option of switching the blade function to the updraft. The updraft function reverses the pathway of airflow which creates an updraft that mixes the cool air and warm air.

This air is usually pushed outwards towards the walls of the room therefore making the room warmer. This is perfect during the winter when the temperatures outside are colder.

If your home has high ceilings, the fan will help to circulate the air that gets trapped at the ceiling throughout the rest of the room thanks to the updraft and downdraft functions.

Tips to save money with ceiling fans

1. Turn the ceiling fan off when not in the room

When you are not at home, you need to turn off the ceiling fan. The majority of home owners leave their air conditioners on in order to have a comfortable living condition when they arrive at home.

This consumes more energy increasing electricity bills. When you turn off your ceiling fans, you will save on energy costs.

2. Invest in energy efficient ceiling fans

To achieve maximum savings, one needs to invest on energy-efficient ceiling fans with powerful motors.

These blades move enough air in order to keep you comfortable enough to raise your thermostat by 10 degrees and eliminate the need of turning on your air conditioner.

What you need to know is that the more powerful and efficient your ceiling fans are, the higher the chance of raising your thermostat.

3. The more you raise your thermostat, the less you spend

When you run your ceiling fans without raising the thermostat to a higher temperature, you will not be able to save anything.

This means you’ll end up spending even more as you’ll add the cost of operating the fans to your air conditioning costs. 

Final thoughts

Now that you understand how ceiling fans can lower your household bills, you can see how valuable they are. By making a small investment in a ceiling fan, you can run your air conditioner less in the summer.

They can also help you use your heat less in the winter. If you want to have a comfortable home while also saving money, ceiling fans are a must.

Ready to invest in a ceiling fan?

Ready to buy a ceiling fan and make your home more comfortable while saving money? Check out our reviews of the best ceiling fans available now.

If you’re DIY-ing the installation, read our guide to how to install a ceiling fan (and how to repair a ceiling fan, just in case). And no, ceiling fans are not out of style — not unless you think feeling cool and comfortable is out of style!

Learn more about ceiling fans

Before installing ceiling fans in your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re making an informed decision.

For example, read up on whether ceiling fans can aggravate sinus problems and if ceiling fans are safe for babies. You may also be wondering if ceiling fans can reduce radon levels in your home.

Once you’ve gotten educated and decide to invest in a ceiling fan, we hope you enjoy your newly breezy and comfortable home.

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