How Ceiling Fans Can Help Lower Your Household Bills

Do Ceiling Fans Save MoneyAir conditioners have become part and parcel of many homes around the world. They are very useful during the hot months of summer and the cold months of winter. With an air conditioner, home owners get to set the right temperature for their home therefore ensuring comfort during day and night at the expense of having a higher electric bills. Let us tell you a quick hack that would let you and your loved ones be comfortable but still get your electric consumption at minimum. Read on to know how ceiling fans can help lower your household bills.

Air conditioners require power in order to run and each comes with a different power rating. When the air conditioner runs the whole day and night, it will increase the energy bills eventually. Every home owner is looking to reduce monthly expenses therefore getting the most out of their pay check. Checking how much the utility bill costs one is the first thing majority of home owners get to do. Why? Because the smallest things one does usually results in a huge impact.

The real question remains, do ceiling fans save money?

Ceiling fans just as the name suggests is a machine that is fitted on the ceiling of a home and has four fans which are controlled by a switch. The aim of the ceiling fan is to circulate both cold and hot air therefore ensuring comfortable living conditions.

Summer not only presents a good opportunity for people to go out and sun bathes at the beach but at the pool too. While the pool water or the ocean acts as the best cooling system, at home, the temperatures usually soar therefore creating an uncomfortable living condition.

People get to sweat, drink a lot of water and wear light clothes all in the name of cooling themselves. While many homeowners have air conditioners in their homes, many are opting for ceiling fans in order to save money when it comes to energy bills.

Before one has made the purchase, the one question they always want answered is do ceiling fans save money? When you compare the operation of a ceiling fan and air conditioner, a ceiling fan will cost you less while the air conditioner will cost you 10 times.

Majority of ceiling fans have a power usage of less than 100 watts which is just the same as a bulb. When turned on and in default mode, the fan blades usually run and push the air downward therefore creating a downdraft. This makes the room to feel substantially cooler.

There are fans that are designed with an option of switching the blade function to updraft. The updraft function reverses the pathway of airflow which creates an updraft that mixes the cool air and warm air. This air is usually pushed outwards towards the walls of the room therefore making the room warmer. This is perfect during the winter when the temperatures outside are colder. If your home has high ceilings, the fan will help to circulate the air that gets trapped at the ceiling throughout the rest of the room thanks to the updraft and downdraft functions.

Tips to save money with ceiling fans

1. Turn the ceiling fan off when not in the room

When you are not at home, you need to turn off the ceiling fan. Majority of home owners leave their air conditioners on in order to have a comfortable living condition when they arrive at home. This consumes more energy increasing electricity bills. When you turn off your ceiling fans, you will save on energy costs.

2. Invest in energy efficient ceiling fans

To achieve maximum savings, one needs to invest on energy efficient ceiling fans with powerful motors. These blades move enough air in order to keep you comfortable enough to raise your thermostat by 10 degrees and eliminate the need of turning on your air conditioner. What you need to know is that the more powerful and efficient your ceiling fans are, the higher the chance of raising your thermostat.

3. The more you raise your thermostat, the less you spend

When you run your ceiling fans without raising the thermostat, you will not be able to save anything. This means you will end up spending more as you will add the cost of operating the fans to your air conditioner. Ceiling fans create a wind chilling effect therefore cools the air around a person rather than the room.

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