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Chefmaster Smokeless Indoor Stovetop Barbeque Grill

If you own an apartment or condo, you’ve probably seen people use a charcoal grill. There’s a twinge of jealous anytime you see someone use it.

But with a stovetop grill, the indoor/outdoor jealousy doesn’t have to be a thing. So, what is a smokeless indoor stovetop barbeque?

A smokeless indoor stovetop barbeque is an indoor bbq grill that connects to the top of any stovetop. It uses the heat from the stove top to warm the surface of the grill pan.

A smokeless stovetop barbeque grill is a weird device, so let’s explore using it with some simple steps below.

Benefits of a Stovetop Nonstick Grill?

“Enjoy your favorite grilled foods any time of year with the Chefmaster smokeless indoor stovetop barbeque grill” At least, that is what it says on the Amazon page of the KTR5 13-inch Smokeless Stovetop

A stovetop grill connects to the top of a standard stovetop and behaves like a giant pan. The extended pan surface is comparable to the size of the grill. 

Those interested in buying one will find Chefmaster and TaChef to be the bigger providers. Both of them provide an excellent product, but many people make mistakes that ruin their pan.

A Step-By-Step Process on Using A Stovetop Grill

Step One: Choose a Burner for the Ring

The spot you will cook is typically going to be one of the smaller burners.  Rarely will your ring be large enough to cover a wide burner. Be sure the burner is not on at this point.

You can use both standard gas stovetops, electric stoves, or glass tops. Either way, be sure that your ring is not sitting on the heated surface. 

Step Three: Add Moisture to the Ring  

Once you find a ring to fit your plate, you will want to add moisture to the surface. Adding water allows the ring to create something of a steaming effect.

You can also add different juices or marinade to steam the flavor into whatever you are cooking. 

You’ll want the moisture in your ring before you place it on the stovetop. This is a common mistake that can cause significant damage if forgotten. 

Step Three: Turn on the Burner

Once your burner is on, you can test the top by adding moisture or oil to see if it’s hot enough. Much like your standard pan, you’ll be able to tell if the pan is hot enough based on evaporation or sizzling. 

Be sure that the burner doesn’t exceed medium heat. Many of these pans are not built to handle high temperatures, so you’ll want to check the owner’s manual before getting too hot. 

At this point, you can follow standard cooking instructions for standard electric grills. A stovetop grill works just like any other common form of a grill.

Electric Ranges vs. Stovetop Grill – Which is Better?

Electric range

At this point, you are probably wondering what your better option is: indoor smokeless grills or stovetop grills.

Most of the answer to that question depends on your budget and attention to detail. 

Like the Chefmaster Smokeless Indoor Grill, stovetop grills are great if you are working on a budget. At most, those grills don’t typically exceed $40. As a result, they are far more approachable to pay for. 

These stovetop grills are also better if you are cooking fast, as stovetops have reliable high-power heating elements. Consider stovetop grills to be a giant grill plate.

Meanwhile, other electric smokeless grills are more convenient. You don’t have to eat up an entire stovetop to use them. A contact grill also has a higher potential to handle high temperatures. 

Both stovetop grills and contact grills are easy to clean and typically are machine-washable.

Neither have the same size capacity as outdoor grills, but stovetop grills are usually bigger. So stovetops generally are less expensive but also less convenient. 

Are Stovetop Grills Good Replacements for Outdoor Grills?

Stovetop grills are a form of the smokeless grill, meaning you can use them all year-round. As a result, they do act as a solid substitute for your traditional grill.

However, you will still want to return to the outdoor grill when the right season comes around. 

The standard grill still holds a soft place in our hearts with outdoor cookouts and time with family. 

Final Thoughts on Stovetop Grills 

Stovetop girls are great, but always remember to add water to the ring so you won’t burn out the unit. Much like electric smokeless grills, water is the key ingredient to making them smokeless. 

If you are looking for another new product in your kitchen, check out these instructions for making oatmeal cookies with your oven toaster. Thanks for reading!

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