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Choosing the Right Food Processor Blender Combo for Your Kitchen

Two must-have kitchen tools are a durable blender and a reliable food processor. But the unfortunate truth is that having all these small tools will take up too much space in your kitchen. Learn of choosing the right food processor blender combo for your kitchen.

For this reason, there are combination machines that are sold in the kitchen market, like a blender food processor combo.

A food processor blender combo is a kitchen appliance that will do both a blender’s job and a food processor’s job, save you money from buying two separate appliances, and save you storage space in the kitchen. It’ll also help you with food prep and blending smoothies, among other tasks.

These multifunctional combo machines are typically furnished with a powerful base that comes with separate, sharp blades, jars, and bowls for different uses. When scouring through what combination machines are available, you can choose the strength, capacity, and different settings to choose the right food processor blender combo for your kitchen.

This guide will help you in answering your burning questions on how to choose the right food processor blender combo so that you make an informed purchase.

How to Choose the Right Food Processor Blender Combo

The right blender food processor combo will perform all the duties necessary and save you money and space. Here are the factors you need to consider before making your purchase:


The motor power of a combination machine is demonstrated through “watts.” The higher a machine’s wattage is, the swifter and more efficient it functions. Basic blending and chopping can range from 150 to 650 watts. For more high-quality chopping and blending, you’re looking at machines with 700 to 1500 watts. Blenders require more horsepower to liquefy the ingredients.

When you choose a combination machine, search for one that is 700 watts or more. This motor power is efficient enough to smoothly blend all your food and solid ingredients. But if your goal is to crush ice or blend whole foods, look for a food processor blender combo that is over 1,000 watts.

Size and Capacity

A combo machine will include a jar for blending and a bowl for mixing. It may or may not come with additional fixtures to help you in your kitchen. A food processor blender combo machine will vary in capacity, depending on the various models. A blender jar can hold from 5-14 cups of material, while a food processor bowl holds about three to eight cups.

When you choose a food processor combo machine, consider why you need it and take into consideration the available kitchen storage space. If you’re planning to entertain many guests or cook frequently for a larger group of people, a bigger combo machine would be ideal for you. But if you have a smaller kitchen and only a few people in your family, choosing a smaller or portable unit may be ideal.


Blades are crucial for the blending and chopping process, whether you need to chop veggies or prepare bread dough. That is why the right food processor blender combo machine will be made of durable stainless steel. Combination machines serve more than one purpose, so it often includes two or three sets of blades that you can lock into the base before starting your processing or blending.

Food processing attachments will usually feature both an X-shaped and an S-shaped blade. X-shaped blades are more efficient for standard blending. S-shaped blades are the best option for chopping and mixing. Consider the reviews given of the blades and how sturdy it is. You want the sharpest blades for the most efficient use.

Feature settings

More experienced cooks can usually eyeball how long they have to process food or blend their ingredients. But for those that are just starting off or just don’t have much time in their busy schedules, choosing a blender food processor combo machine with preprogrammed settings may be the way to go. These options feature pre-set buttons with the time and speed to make specific items.

Another key feature to keep an eye out for is a power setting that can automatically reverse the motion of the blades to free any jammed ingredients. This is particularly useful when processing a bigger chunk of ingredients.

Other common feature settings include self-cleaning settings – where all you need is some warm water and a drop of dishwashing soap and your machine does the work for you – overheating protection, automatically turning off the machine, or a pulse button to control how fast your food gets mixed. Consider the features that speak to you the most and make sure it’s present in the combination unit you decide to go with.

Lid and Chute

Most food processors have a food chute that you can add ingredients while it is chopping or dicing your food. If you want to save time on cutting items before processing, try looking for a combo machine that has a feeding tube with the option to handle different types of food shapes. It will most likely come with a slicing disk that you can insert into the feeding tube to produce thinner cuts of your food. Another attachment is the plunger, which you can use to push ingredients down toward the blades.

When you’re looking for the right food processor blender combo machine, look for reviews and comments about the lid. It should fit comfortably on the machine without being too difficult to put on or take off. It will typically include a rubber mold to prevent any leaks when dealing with liquids. Combination units, like food processors and blenders in general, have a sensor where it won’t operate unless the safety lid is completely in place first.

Final Thoughts

A blender food processor combo is a multifunctional appliance equipped with a pitcher for blending purposes and a bowl for processing food. The combo comes with the same power base, but it uses separate blades, jars, and bowls to meet your particular cooking needs.

This combo unit is a great way to save money and save up on kitchen storage space, which makes it highly sought out by newbie and veteran home chefs alike! Choosing the right food processor blender combo can seem like a daunting task, but armed with this guide, you can hopefully make the most informed decision when choosing the best combo machine for you.

Happy cooking!

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