A clean gas range stove is achievable in a few easy steps

How to Clean a Gas Range Top

When you first purchase a brand new gas range, it’s all shiny and clean. However, as you continue to use your range to cook delicious meals, grease and food particles begin to accumulate.

At this point it’s time to give your range a thorough cleaning. Here we’ll explain how to clean a gas range top to keep your home tidy and pest-free.

Any cook knows that gas ranges are superior to electric for their quick and even heating. But cleaning a gas range top is difficult compared to cleaning an electric range top due to all the crevices for food and liquid to settle in.

It requires patience, skill and the right tools to restore your range to its original look.

Supplies for Cleaning a Gas Range Top

  1. Sponge or cleaning cloth
  2. Scrub brush
  3. Dish soap
  4. Paper towels, kitchen towel or clean rag

Step 1: Prepare your gas range top

After gathering your supplies, the next step is to prepare your range top for cleaning. Start by removing all the large particles and food remains.

Remove the grates and the knobs as well and leave only the permanent parts that can’t be removed in place.

Step 2: Soak the knobs

As you continue wiping your gas range top, soak your knobs in soapy water. This will loosen up the dirt, making it easier to wash them in the end.

Step 3: Get your soap to water ratio right

At this stage, you will need to mix your cleaning agents in the right ratio and use your sponge efficiently. Start by squeezing some drops of your dish cleaning liquid onto your cleaning cloth or sponge.

Dip your cloth in water and squeeze out the excess. Soap and water are very important at this stage. However, excessive amounts of these commodities will turn your cleaning escapade into a nightmare.

If anything, too much water can drip into the crevices, therefore, causing more problems.

Step 4: Scrub and wipe

Using a scrubber, scrub all the dirt that might have formed on your gas range top. These can be splatters, spilt sauces and other food stains. After scrubbing, wipe your surfaces repeatedly while rinsing your cleaning cloth until the surface is clear.

Step 5: Buffing

Even though your gas range top might seem clear at this stage, some traces of water might still be present. Use a dry kitchen towel to buff away all the remaining water streaks.

Repeat the procedure severally for maximum effectiveness. The direction to which you will buff depends on your model of the gas range.

Pro tip for cleaning a gas range top

If you find your burners hard to clean, dismantle them and clean them in the sink. However, you have to be sure that you are willing to go down this road because it can result in water getting into unwanted regions of your gas range.

Also, in some cases, the heat might have solidified the dirt on your burners, rendering them impossible to clean.

Final thoughts

Cleaning your gas range top is not a hard task. However, if you neglect cleaning it for too long, the dirt might toughen up, rendering the gas range top impossible to clean.

All you need to do is have the right cleaning agents plus a brush, scrubber and plenty of warm water. A kitchen towel or clean cloth will also come in handy. Following the steps provided here will give your gas range top its original look.

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