What Color Should Gas Stove Flames Be?

We all hate that moment when you get home from work or even school and all you need is some food to eat. You might find that the microwave is not working and you need to fix or warm up something to eat. All you need at this point is a quick-fire system to help you through this time of need. That is why most homeowners have settled for the gas stoves. Gas stoves system is so resourceful and quick when it comes to preparing meals. They have a controllable temperature, superior heat, and it is fast compared to other fires.

Aspects of a Gas Stove

Gas stoves come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some have four burners while some have one or two. The models too are different in their unique ways such as LG LRT4115ST, Samsung Chef Collection NX58H9950WS, Frigidaire FPGH3077RT and many others. These gas stoves have one thing in common which is, they light in a blue flame when properly adjusted. The need to adapt is to make sure that enough amounts of oxygen air flow into the burner. When the rate of air getting into the stove is low, it leads to an incomplete combustion which brings out a yellow or orange flame.

Disadvantages of Orange/Yellow Flames and their Cause

Why is the yellow glow in other terms called a luminous flame an obstacle in stove gas to use? It is because of its characteristics which include;

  • Slower when cooking compared to the blue fire which takes less time
  • Forms soot on cooking pans which uses a lot of time to clean
  • Burn is slower compared to a blue flame that burns fast
  • Produces too much smoke which is not needed

The yellow/orange flame is not advised to use when cooking due to those few reasons. These types of fire are caused by;

  • Blockage of burner ports by food debris
  • Modules are not working as expected
  • Correcting yellow flames gas stove

How to Achieve a Blue Flame in a Gas Stove

When burning gas gives a yellow flame, it should not provide any danger or urgent alarms as you can easily correct it.

  • Simply adjust the burner and you will be set to use your gas stove again
  • If the gas is not ignited at all, it means that the gas tube may have been tampered with by the food debris and needs to be unblocked
  • In case of sparks when trying to light, this means that the modules have failed and need to be replaced
  • When the flame is yellow/orange in color, it means that the air passage has a problem or not well adjusted. That can be corrected by unblocking and tweaking the knobs

Before attempting to do all this, it is advisable to take safety measures first. It includes turning the knobs to the off position. Secondly, call a well-certified repair person to go through the process in case of any uncertainties. From all this, it is sure to get that pleasant blue flame that is required.

Importance of a Blue Flame

  • It is an indication of complete combustion of air. Complete combustion of air shows that there is no production of carbon monoxide which is a poisonous gas
  • It burns fast
  • It does not produce soot
  • It does not produce smoke
  • A blue flame is the best hottest and advised flame

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