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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Samsung Smart Tv

Bluetooth is wireless connectivity that allows sound signals to travel between a fixed device and a mobile device. If your Samsung smart TV supports Bluetooth capabilities, you could connect it to a Bluetooth device such as Bluetooth headphones.

In this case, the Samsung TV is a fixed device, while your Bluetooth headphones are mobile devices.

Bluetooth audio devices such as soundbars, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones could connect to the tv wirelessly if your Samsung smart TV has Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Fortunately, most Samsung smart TVs are Bluetooth-enabled. This means you could connect Samsung TVs to Bluetooth audio devices and listen to your favorite music.

If you’re looking to connect your Samsung Smart TV to Bluetooth-enabled headphones, be sure to follow the steps below.

Go to The Connection Guide

Your Samsung smart tv has a source menu. You will go to the settings menu and select the “Connection Guide” option. You will then find a list of device options when you go to the Connection Guide. The fourth item on the list is “Speaker.”

Select this item for more audio connection options. Enable Bluetooth in your Samsung smart TV, and proceed to the next step below.

Activate Headphones’ Bluetooth Pairing Mode

At this point, your Samsung smart TV’s Bluetooth transmitter is on and ready to pair with the Bluetooth headphones. What’s remaining is activating the pairing more so that your TV can connect to the headphones wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Activating the Bluetooth pairing mode is simple, and you’d do it as you’d usually do if you wanted to connect your headphones to a smartphone. The headphones should appear on the Bluetooth speaker list on your TV. But sometimes, this might not be the case.

If you do not see your Bluetooth headphones in the Bluetooth speaker list, you might want to refresh the list so that the TV can re-scan for additional Bluetooth devices. You will then see your Bluetooth headphones on the list, among other Bluetooth devices.

Select the Bluetooth Headphones on the list

Once you have noticed your Bluetooth Headphones on the list, be sure to select the pair and connect button. It is as simple as that, and your Samsung TV will handle the rest of the task for you.

Once you have hit that button, you should get clear sounds from your Bluetooth headphones. Since Bluetooth works within a given range, you will move about in your living space without interrupting the sound signals!

How to Connect Various Samsung TV Models to Bluetooth Headphones

There are plenty of Samsung Smart TV models on the market. Users can always pair them with Bluetooth headphones or soundbars if they read the user manual.

Your TV model could be different from another user’s. You can connect the following TV models by following the steps below as far as finding the Bluetooth connectivity is concerned:

Samsung Smart TV Models R, N, and M (2019, 2018, 2017)
For these Samsung TV models, begin by selecting Home, then Settings, Sound, Sound Output, and then Bluetooth Speaker list in that order.

Samsung Smart TV Model K (2016)
Visit Home, Settings, Sound, Expert Settings, Wireless Speaker Manager, then Bluetooth Audio Devices in that order.

Samsung Smart TV Model J (2015)
If you have this TV model and you’re looking to connect it to Samsung SoundConnect devices, be sure to go to Menu, Sound, Additional Settings, then TV SoundConnect.

If you have the same Samsung TV model, but you are connecting Bluetooth devices such as Headphones, you can go to MENU, Sound, Additional Settings, and Bluetooth Audio.

Samsung Smart TV Model H (2014)
You might have this TV model, and you’re looking to connect it to a Samsung SoundConnect audio device. If this is the case, you can go to MENU, Sound, Speaker Settings, then TV SoundConnect.

For other Bluetooth audio devices like your headphones, you can go to MENU, Sound, Speaker Settings, TV Sound Output, and Bluetooth Headphone.

Bluetooth Audio Adapter

If your TV has no Bluetooth support, you can still pair it with Bluetooth headphones. What’s more, you can pair your TV to multiple headphones, but you’re going to need a Bluetooth Audio Adapter. You can check out the following Bluetooth Audio Adapters at a glimpse:
Avantree Audikast Plus Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter

With this Bluetooth Adapter, you can connect up to two pairs of headphones to your smart TV. It uses Bluetooth version 5.0 and lets you increase or decrease the volume.

You may go to your TV’s audio settings to connect this device to your TV and with two headphones!
ZIIDOO Visible Bluetooth Transmitter

If your TV has no Bluetooth support and you want to pair it with up to 3 pairs of headphones, this device could be your best option. This adapter uses Bluetooth 5.0 and can also work as a receiver. It also has a display.

Be sure to use Bluetooth Audio Adapters if you want to connect more than one pair of headphones to your TV. Do you have kids fighting over the same pair of headphones? Why not get one of these adapters and let each kid enjoy the booming sound from separate headphones?

Final Thoughts

Samsung Smart TVs have built-in Bluetooth transmitters. You can connect them to your Bluetooth-enabled headphones for noise-free entertainment. You only need to visit the audio settings of your TV and enable the Bluetooth transmitter.

This guide has gone through the steps you could take to enable the transmitter and finally pair your TV with the headphones.

Therefore, connecting your TV to Bluetooth headphones might now be easier than before! What’s more, you could use Bluetooth audio adapters to connect your TV to more than one pair of headphones.

We hope this guide has helped you pair your Samsung TV with Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

Be sure to check your TV’s model before going to the audio settings. You can as well follow the steps for the TV models enlisted in this guide. Connect your TV to the Bluetooth headphones, and you will make your Home a noise-free living space!

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