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7 Creative Organization Hacks for Your Home

Looking for some creative home organization hacks to inspire you to make the best use of your small space? You are in the right place. Keeping a home well organized is not an easy task, and freeing up that junk drawer, counter space, or shelf space is easier said than done. Here are the 7 creative organization hacks for your home.

But with the right home organization idea, you can make some extra space in your home, and feel a sense of organization in your small space (or big space!). This article explores seven simple ideas for organizing your home that you can try without milking your wallet dry.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Use Lazy Susans in the Fridge and Cabinets

Lazy Susans are an excellent addition to your home when you want to make the best use of enclosed spaces like cabinets and fridges by eliminating the annoying dead corner space.

In a kitchen cabinet, preferably in the lowest compartment, a Lazy Susan will come in handy for various kitchen items.

a lazy Susan kitchen cabinet

You can use a Lazy Susan in the cabinet as a kitchen utensils holder you can easily spin or roll around to pick the specific item you want to use.

When you place a circular one in the fridge, it eliminates the dead corner issue, meaning that you use more of the space in the refrigerator to store your food.

A Lazy Susan with rolling wheels is suitable when you want to use more space in your kitchen cabinet since there is less risk involved because it can only roll out to the floor.

2. Pegboard and Pallet for Garden and Garage Tools

If there is a garden in your backyard, you probably do some gardening and need to find some garage organizational tips to organize garden tools you keep in the garage. While a pegboard is suitable for small metal tools for your garage or garden, a pallet works best for bigger implements.

Pegboard and Pallet for Garden and Garage Tools

Be sure to secure the pallet on the wall using long screws that can withstand the weight of tools you keep in the pallet.

3. Label them up!

Labeling things is one of the best organization hacks you will ever come across. It is an easy way to identify things in your house, with each container label showing what type of items are in it.

a labeled container

The one good thing with this hack is that it is versatile and will work for many spaces in the home from the bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, garage, and even the bedroom.

It especially works magically in the kitchen and bedroom for organizing simple kitchen utensils and vanity items.

Since vanity organization tips fill Internet spaces globally, you may be spoilt for choice. The trick with most of these tricks is to group things according to their related purposes and place them in labeled storage containers indicating what items have been placed inside.

Other vanity organization tips you could try include collecting and arranging your small items in open units like wine racks, pegboards, and magnetic organizers.

For example, you can easily use a magnetic organizer to hold your beauty and makeup products. But you will need adhesive magnets for them.

If the labels you buy from the store keep falling off, consider simply writing on the container with a marker pen. Alternatively, you can paste a piece of colored tape onto the container and write its name.

4. DIY Spice Rack

Do you have so many spice containers lying around in no particular order? Give them a new home with a DIY spice rack. You will need a sizable piece of plywood, some wood for the frame, and thin wood boards for the partitions.

a DIY Spice Rack

To get the best from the DIY spice rack hack, ensure all the spices you place in it are well-labeled for easy identification. Otherwise, you will spend a whole century trying to find the right spice for your next meal.

5. Hang Things Up with Closet Hooks

Closet organization tips open a whole new world of possibilities.

The closet is one important piece of furniture that you can hardly run out of genius organization tips for no matter how many you try. The most common one is the use of hooks and hangers to suspend clothing.

Many wall hooks also work well in the closet, especially when you attach them to the sides or the inner side of the closet doors.

Belts, handbags, and clothes are the main things most people hang on these hooks, but some have used them as a shoe organizer for hanging soft footwear like carpet shoes.

If there is plenty of vertical space in your closet, you can try the tension rod idea, where you hang clothes and other items from hangers held by the tension rod.

a hanging hook for bags

6. Bathroom Command Hooks for Towels, Toilet Paper, and Cleaning Materials

More often than not, there always are some disorganized towels, toilet paper, and cleaning products floating around in the bathroom. To put an end to this menace, you can bank on the extensive use of hooks to hang various items up against the wall.

Bathroom Command Hooks for Towels, Toilet Paper, and Cleaning Materials

Shower hooks will come in handy for holding your bathing towel on the bathroom’s tension rod. If the shower curtain hooks are strong enough, consider hanging your towels on them, preferably on the outer side, where they won’t get wet.

7. Use an Organizer Under the Kitchen Sink

Kitchen hacks usually revolve around kitchen drawers, the pantry, above-the-sink kitchen cabinet, and the fridge, which means that most of us overlook the hidden storage space under the sink.

There aren’t many items that would go into the space in the cabinet under the kitchen sink if you don’t come up with a clever organization hack. To make the best use of the vertical space there, go for a small piece of furniture to hold simple kitchen utensils.

an Organizer Under the Kitchen Sink

The trash bin can be kept here also to reduce the possibility of flying insects invading your kitchen because of the odor of exposed waste food items.

Bottom Line

It is easy to keep your home tidy and well organized if you pick the right clever organization hacks that will best work for your house organization needs.

From the vanity organization tips to kitchen hacks and closet organization tips we have explored, you can’t go wrong with your endeavor to live in a beautiful, well-kept home that is free of clutter. Be sure to go for hacks you can do easily, even by yourself.

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