5 Creative & Practical Do It Yourself Mail Organizer Ideas

Are you lost on what to do with all the mail lying around in your home or office? Worry not. You can finally find a home for it all with a simple do it yourself entryway organizer. And you don’t have to spend a fortune while at it. Just a few dollars or almost none in some cases. Here are the 5 creative & practical do it yourself mail organizer ideas.

If you receive a lot of mail and want to hold on to some of it for a bit longer, a cool DIY mail sorter will do you a lot of good in achieving easy and modest organization with your mailing letters. A wall mail organizer can include more than just a mail slot and letter holder, but also a keyholder or key hooks, a picture frame, a dry erase board, and a ton of other fun ideas.

DIY mail organizer ideas take all manner of shapes, colors, and sizes, and you might be spoilt for a choice when setting up a mail center.

That’s where we come in! Let us help you out. We have done our research and compiled a quick list of five easy-to-make, cheap do it yourself mail organizers for your office or home. You’ve got mail; we’ve got the ideas!

1. DIY Wood Block Slots Mail Organizer

All you need here is a small block of dry wood into which you will cut small linear trenches where the mail will go. For a country or farmhouse stylish look, you can let the wood stay as it is, although a bit of polishing won’t cause any harm.

DIY wood cut

Image Credit: Homemadebycarmona

This letter holder works as both a mail sorter and rustic decor, and can work in the mudroom or on the kitchen counter. Making the mail slot is easy and you make this DIY project with some scrap wood.

While the wood slots mail organizer works better in farmhouse-style homes, you can still use it in a modern home on the wall or by placing it on top of a table.

2. Old Drinks Cooler Mail Organizer

Here comes yet another mail sorter with a rustic appeal for your pile of mail. If you have an old drinks cooler lying around, you can upcycle it into a handy mail sorter with a touch of the sweet bubbly days of old. And you don’t have to alter its color in a way. So much for old looks.


Image Credit: Hometalk

If you find it too old and the rustic look unappealing, you can always paint it the same colors as the drinks brand, say Coca-Cola, or you could paint a completely different color to match your preference.

Feel free to explore modern-day mail colors like the ones in Google Mail’s characteristic email icon.

Since most old drinks cooling boxes have no partitions, you can use some pieces of smooth plywood to partition the box into various sections for grouping your mail into trash mail, your own mail, your spouse’s, and other people’s mail.

Such classifications are not mandatory, but they add a touch of class and attention to detail, not to say that they make it easier to organize your mail so you have an easy time telling them apart.

3. DIY Wall-mounted Fabric Mail Organizer

For the highly crafty with fabric, a wall-mounted fabric mail organizer center will not only give you a mail sorting solution but also a handful of other storage ideas too! Start by sewing square- or rectangular-shaped fabric cuttings onto a larger piece of clothing to form pocket-like recesses.

Organize things

Image Credit: Designsponge

You might want to keep the organizer simple by adding on just a few pockets, or you could sew many of them of varying colors, shapes, and sizes. The main fabric should be strong enough to withstand the multiple sewing points.

Be sure to introduce differentiation using different color codes for various types of mail. Note that this mail holder is highly versatile and can hold other small and lightweight items like bangles, earrings, crotchets, artificial flowers, leaflets, flyers, pens, rulers, and home office scissors.

The wall-mounted fabric mail sorter has two significant advantages. One, you can easily bring it down for cleaning. Secondly, it’s easy to resew any pockets that may tear off because of prolonged use or accidental pulling. Talk of a stitch in time saving nine!

4. DIY Modified Old Fan Mail Organizer

Perhaps you have an old non-functional fan whose motor has burned out and can be extracted? Yes? Then that’s a perfect project resource for an awesome mail organizer.

Start by taking out the motor to create more space. Next, clean it up and fasten any spikes that may have cut off.

DIY Mail Box

Image Credit: Hometalk

Cut off the upper half of the front face to make a pocket-like hole for holding your mail. For further customizations, use the spikes from the part you have cut off to partition the large pocket into smaller ones. Drive the spikes from the front face towards the rear one to create the partitions.

Note that the old fan mail organizer can be placed in different locations in the house. If you have a broken floor-standing fan, use it as it is the entryway or another strategic area.

Broken wall-mounted fans will be great for your desk or working table if they assume the same position as on the wall.

Another way to make your mail holder out of a broken fan is to cut the one hemisphere off entirely and use the removed spikes to create partitions into the remaining hemisphere. Here, each partition acts as a prop and compartment for mail.

5. DIY Window Shutter Mail Organizer

It’s incredible how easily we can turn an otherwise useless item into a useful accessory through a simple DIY process. For example, making a mail organizer station out of an old louvered window is a genius idea, and the simplicity of the process will leave you smiling at yourself.

All you need is an old window with the shutters still in place, a little paint or polish, and a hook to attach it to the wall. The shutters form pocket-like recesses into which your mail goes.

DIY Mail Box

Image Credit: Holybbaking

To categorize the mailing letters into various groups, ‘divide’ the shutter window into equal blocks with an equal number of louvers for each section.

You can even stretch creativity further by painting the sections using different colors. Care for a modern look? Borrow color ideas from your favorite mail company and paint away!

Bottom Line

Technology might have stolen the art of writing letters from us, but that doesn’t mean we get no mail.

It is important to rekindle the touch of the good old days by keeping your mail sorted with a creative DIY mail organizer. Perhaps you can hold on to a few for a while longer and show them off as vintage pieces. How do you like that?

Hey, you’ve got more mail!

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