The Denqir Mini Chainsaw is the perfect tool for all you small wood cutting and tree pruning needs.

Denqir Mini Chainsaw, The Right Chainsaw For The Small Stuff

Garden and Landscape equipment can be the difference between days of work and hours. Clearing brush, overgrowth, and shaping plant life by hand is difficult and taxing on your body.

Unless you have the right tools.

When it comes to working on smaller details and care, hedge cutters and chainsaws can become unwieldy and lead to mistakes. Mistakes that many of us have likely already experienced a few times in the past.

While our beloved core tools can handle the job, it’s far better to have flexibility.

Enter the Denqir Mini Chainsaw.

There are no tools more flexible than handheld power tools. From angle adjustability to the smaller and easier to control size, handheld power tools are an excellent addition to every homeowner’s toolbox.

The Denqir Mini Chainsaw brings power, portability, and precision to pruning, shearing, and trimming your landscape projects and gardens. With either a 4-inch or 6-inch chain, The Denqir is actually two wireless chainsaws in one. 

For more user power and cutting jobs, it comes with two rechargeable 2000mAh battery packs.

A proven perfect tool for quick cuts and pruning at home and even on the job. 

Mini Chainsaw Cordless Handheld Chain Saw Battery Powered 21V 2000mAh, 6-Inch 4-Inch Mini Chainsaw Electric Rechargeable Small Wood Cutting Portable Pruning Shear for Tree Trimming Branch -2 Batteries

The chainsaw has a familiar handle shaped similar to most other handheld power drills and other tools. The bottom of the handle slides into a rechargeable battery.

The blade adjusts to fit either the 4-inch or 6-inch chains that come in the box.

The guide bar on the chainsaw can be easily tilted to 130 degrees to accommodate the different chain lengths. A guard shield at the top of the guide bar provides user protection.

As a cordless mini chainsaw, safety is a heavy focus. Denqir includes safety goggles and gloves for personal protection.

What To Consider In A Mini Chainsaw

If you’re on the hunt for a good handheld chainsaw, you’ll want to break down the various purposes you may have for it to ensure you pick up the tool to fit your needs.

Debranching, cutting boards and lumber, trimming bushes, and shearing leaves usually require different tools depending on the job. Rounding a bush corner is most often a job for a bush trimmer.

Mini Chainsaw Cordless Handheld Chain Saw Battery Powered 21V 2000mAh, 6-Inch 4-Inch Mini Chainsaw Electric Rechargeable Small Wood Cutting Portable Pruning Shear for Tree Trimming Branch -2 Batteries

However, clearing small branches and newly formed branches from trees and bushes can sometimes be too tough on trimmers. That’s where a cordless mini chainsaw like the Denqir Mini Chainsaw can do the job.

Before you decide to pick up the first one you see

  • What are you cutting?: Different plants and materials have different strengths. Cutting hickory or applewood is a much more difficult task than cutting pine or spruce.
  • Diameter of object: The size of the object you are cutting will play a heavy factor in the blade size you’ll want to use.
  • Where the object is: Location matters. Holding a fast cutting power tool above your head isn’t always the best position to be in. Especially if it’s higher in the air and you are on a ladder.
  • What power source will you use?: Corded devices leave you tethered to the nearest outlet or extension cords. Cordless options allow for full portability but can be heavier.
  • Angle of the desired cut: Cutting blade length, cutting guides, and movement stability are all great things to consider when choosing how to make your desired cut.

For example, to cut a hickory log with a three-foot diameter, I would use a full-sized gas-powered chainsaw to angle in cuts.

A blade too small with only battery power would find it difficult to apply the power required to cut through hardwood.

What power source is better? It depends

What power source is better is detrimened by the work you are using it for. 

Cutting a large tree down requires a lot of power and chainsaw use.  but pruning a small tree limb can be done in quick spurts which will require lower power. The more power and motor speed, the larger the power source you will need. 

Mini Chainsaw Cordless Handheld Chain Saw Battery Powered 21V 2000mAh, 6-Inch 4-Inch Mini Chainsaw Electric Rechargeable Small Wood Cutting Portable Pruning Shear for Tree Trimming Branch -2 Batteries

For bigger jobs and longer periods of work, gas-powered engines always work best. 

Mini chainsaws are versatile workhorses 

Cordless mini saws work great for landscaping or gardening projects like pruning trees, debranching, and shaping bushes, With less power required to run, cordless mini saws are very universal. Especially since they can just be picked up, operated, and put back.

Electric chainsaws and power drills present another choice between corded and cordless. Corded connections offer a constant stream of power, but limit the range of your workspace.

Cordless tools are great for working anywhere and anytime. Just keep an eye on the batteries being charged.

Of course, you can always carry extra batteries with a full charge for battery powered cordless hand tools. The Denqir comes with two batteries. 

Blade shapes and sizes are other factors to consider. Achieving angled cuts with a wide blade can be difficult.

Just the same, length can sometimes be a hindrance as well. Small branches that are in between other branches you want to keep are easy to cut into with the wrong saw.

What Is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is a common horticulture practice where specific parts of a tree are removed. More specifically, branches, buds, and roots often need to be removed to maintain a healthy tree.

Why prune trees?

Most gardeners and landowners prune trees for a couple of reasons. The most common is to remove dead or dying branches. This helps trees to grow healthily.

Damaged branches can become a safety hazard when left unattended. Pests can make their home in overgrown tree branches.

In some cases, trees can cause the shade to fall on consistent places in your lawn and kill the grass.

Another common reason to prune trees is to improve curb appeal. Many communities employ landscapers and gardeners to maintain the physical appearance of their town and public spaces.

The same can be done and is done to homeowner properties.

Common signs you need to prune your trees

  • Broken branches: Tree branches can sometimes grow in a way that the body of the tree can’t support. This can cause the branch to splinter or bow its root. If the branch is left to grow, it can become too much weight for the tree to support and become hazardous.
  • Misshapen trees: Trees that have grown to unusual shapes or at improper angles may seem appealing, but the way they grow may be causing problems to the tree’s health. Pruning trees can help to promote new growth in a better more horizontal direction.
  • Dead limbs: Dead branches are a hazard to another that walks by. One windy day or heavy storm can be the reason it falls and hits whatever is nearby.
  • Proximity to power lines: Trees can grow too close to power lines. This is a serious fire hazard. These branches must be trimmed to prevent possible fires.
  • Cracks in the bark: Tree bark cracking typically indicates something is wrong with the tree. It is usually caused by a pest that has made its home in a branch or knot.
  • Storm damaged trees: Heavy winds, rain, and lightning can cause permanent and serious damage to your trees. This damage can lead to the tree splitting and falling on nearby objects.

As a side note, pruned branches can be used as projects or firewood. Even deadwood can be made useful if properly treated.

What do you need to prune a tree?

To prune a tree, you need to use a pruning saw. If you don’t have one in your set of gardening tools, you can get a battery-powered electric chainsaw like the Denqir Mini Chainsaw to do the job.

Once you have the right tool, identify any overgrowth, overweight, or dead branches. Then cut them.

What Are Mini Chainsaws Used For?

Mini chainsaws have found a variety of tasks it can cut through.

From cutting small logs and cutting small tree limbs to cutting lumber for home carpentry projects, a strong chainsaw can make quick work of carpentry cuts, gardening tasks, and landscaping jobs.

Pruning branches from growing and full-grown trees with a manual saw are dangerous and tough work. Cutting through the same branches with an electric chainsaw takes no time at all.

The falling branch may be just as dangerous, make sure to use some rope support and have a landing plan.

Cutting branches may seem like a yard chore, but it is dangerous work. The combination of dense, heavy wood and height can lead to accidents with fatal results.

Can a mini chainsaw cut the treetops?

Yes. You will need a ladder to get up the tree. If you plan on cutting a lot of high-up branches, it is a good idea to keep people clear underneath the tree for the falling angle of the debris and aim your cuts. 

If you are thinking about cutting and pruning a large mature tree, expect some excessively large debris to pile up.  You may also think about getting professionals to handle getting rid of it and most definitely do not work alone.

Mini chainsaws for carpentry

Chainsaws can also be used for carpentry. Lumber can be cut with a variety of tools, but chainsaws allow for more control and power than circular saws or jigsaws.

Using a chainsaw to cut out construction materials requires precision and practice. Some take that practice even further.

Wood sculptors often use chainsaws as their main cutting tool for turning logs, dry wood, and found lumber into statues, totems, signs, and just about anything they can think up.

Cut firewood with a mini chainsaw

Alongside sculpting, chainsaws are also excellent tools to quickly cut firewood. If you’re not as efficient with an ax as you’d like to be, you can always take a chainsaw to your firewood.

Just remember when cutting firewood to properly secure the wood because the chain blade can cut through any of the other pieces in your work area.

The Denqir includes its own toolbox

Homeowners keep chainsaws in their gardener tool shed for easy pruning and yard management. Maintaining proper yard maintenance can be a harsh requirement from HOAs or just a habit for proud homeowners.

Either way, keeping the bushes, trees, weeds, and every other bit of plant life in its place takes a wide variety of tools.

Mini Chainsaw Cordless Handheld Chain Saw Battery Powered 21V 2000mAh, 6-Inch 4-Inch Mini Chainsaw Electric Rechargeable Small Wood Cutting Portable Pruning Shear for Tree Trimming Branch -2 Batteries


What comes included with the Denqir Mini Chainsaw? 

Denqir’s Mini Chainsaw doesn’t just come at a great price. This ergonomic designed electric chainsaw comes with a complete care package to get you to work right away.

  • Mini Chainsaw – Of course, the package includes the handheld power chainsaw itself.
  • Tool Box – A hard case to hold the chainsaw, wrench, and screwdriver.
  • 4” Chain with guide plate – one of two available chains lengths included with the purchase.
  • 6” Chain with guide plate – the second and longer chain included in the box.
  • 2 Batteries – Two 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries. Each battery has a 1 and a half to 2 hour charge time and can run for 120 minutes.
  • Wall Charger – Standard wall charger unit for refilling battery capacity.
  • Adjusting Wrench – For removing the guide bar nut.
  • Screwdriver – Included for removing the chainsaw panels.
  • Work Gloves – Safety gloves for working with power tools and wood cutting equipment.
  • Pair of Googles – Safety goggles for personal protection.
  • User Manual – Guide to operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting the Denqir chainsaw.

The price is right

For the competitive price, the included products and the chainsaw are a great deal. Manufacturers rarely include extra products in like an extra rechargeable battery and personal protection equipment.

It’s a nice touch. The toolbox included makes it a complete package.

About the Denqir Mini Chainsaw

Denqir’s chainsaw has a 550W pure copper motor powered by a 21V rechargeable battery. The motor can speed up to 19.69ft/s (6 M/s). That kind of power in the palm of your hand can cut through 4-6 inch diameter logs within 5-10 seconds.

Mini Chainsaw Cordless Handheld Chain Saw Battery Powered 21V 2000mAh, 6-Inch 4-Inch Mini Chainsaw Electric Rechargeable Small Wood Cutting Portable Pruning Shear for Tree Trimming Branch -2 Batteries

Of course, wood isn’t all the same. Different breeds of trees lead to different densities. Hickory wood is much denser than pine. In some cases, hardwood can damage chainsaw blades.

Denqir mini saw details

Denqir’s electric chainsaw can still handle hardwood branches, but it may take some time and extra care. With a lightweight of 2.62 lbs, the chainsaw is easy to handle while dealing with more difficult problems.

Its light weight is also great for using as one-handed. The ergonomic designed handgrip helps to keep it steady.

Easily change out the blades

The saw’s blade can be adjusted to fit either a 4-inch chain or a 6-inch chain, both of which are included with the purchase. Alongside blade length, the handle leads into an adjustable joint that allows for 130 degrees of flexibility.

A screwdriver and wrench are included to help with transitioning between chains.

The two included chain lengths are perfect for the easy pruning of branches and dead limbs up to about 6 inches in diameter. Anything larger should be cut with care or a larger chainsaw.

Denqir tool safety

Denqir designed the chainsaw to be held in a single hand. So, they included a few safety features to make it more accessible.

The easiest to spot is the guard on the top side of the blade. The not-so-obvious safety feature is the lock press on the handle.

This button must be held down as well as the trigger for the chainsaw to operate. This method ensures the chainsaw is quickly turned off in a worst-case scenario.

A comfortable to use mini saw

The design handles heat with a well-vented motor casing. This is great for shortcuts, but running the blade with cutting friction for longer than a minute can build up heat.

That heat can cause damage to the handheld chainsaw. If a cut needs longer than a few seconds to make headway, this chainsaw will need planned cuts and cool-down breaks in between them.

If you push a cordless tool too hard, it can overheat and can also be a heavy drain on the battery. 

The good news is that Denqir thought to include an auto-shutdown for when the chainsaw’s motor has overheated. This feature can help to keep the chainsaw from melting or popping crucial components.

LED lights held lighten your work areas 

The chainsaw is equipped with an LED light to help keep vision even in low-light situations. It’s a small bulb, but it does work as a good assistant light to the main light. In dense woods, the light is enough to see in a short-range.

As great as it is to have a light, I would recommend only relying on this light when there is not enough ambient light.

Comes with a warranty for rechargeable batteries 

As far as battery concerns, Denqir offers a 1-year warranty on the included batteries. That being said, you are likely not to see problems with the batteries within a year.

Overall, the problem may still be resolved and included in the product’s 3-year warranty. The only concern I have with the batteries will come down to the overall lifetime. Like all lithium batteries, they won’t hold a charge forever.

With such a high output of 550 W, the chainsaw’s batteries would need to be charged after each heavy use. That could lead to them only lasting for two years before needing to be replaced. 

One single rechargeable battery (two are included) can keep the chainsaw running for about two hours. Which is plenty of time for small jobs.

How long to charge the battery?

For heavy use for things like cutting an overgrowth clearing can take quite a bit longer. The battery length can be remedied by switching batteries and charging the unattached unit at the same time.

It takes between 1.5 hours to 2 hours for the battery to get a full charge.

That means you can keep a constant workflow if you need it.

Denqir toolbox has everything you need included

On top of the device’s performance, it comes with the quality of life care devices like personal protection equipment (goggles and gloves), adjustment tools (wrench and screwdriver), and a carrying box (toolbox).

What’s good about the Denqir Mini Chainsaw?

There’s a lot of good cutting power to get from the Denqir handheld mini chainsaw. It’s a reliable tool for keeping up with the brush and tree pruning.

It comes in handy for cutting lumber and firewood as well. Here’s a quick list of what makes the Denqir chainsaw good:

  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • Feels good when holding and cutting
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable batteries, two included
  • Two hour run time
  • Quick cut on soft and medium wood.

Customers like it

Customers have rated it to be an excellent replacement for traditional yard work needs.  They like that it’s lighter than full-sized gas-powered chainsaws and can be held longer. The one-handed design is an excellent feature.

As further testimony to its performance, customers have reported success in using the chainsaw for destructive purposes like dismantling a shed for replacement.

Most surprisingly, there are no poor customer reviews of the Denqir mini chainsaw. I attribute this to the sturdy design and clear focus.

While there are many purposes to the chainsaw, it is less likely to be used for a purpose that it was not intended for.

Nearly everyone seems to agree that this gardening tool is a perfect addition to the toolbox. It can make tree maintenance quick and easy.

It can even fill in as a board saw in a pinch.

Where does the Denqir Mini Chainsaw fall short?

There is not much to not like about the Denqir Mini Chainsaw.

The downside to a handheld chainsaw is the limit to the size of the objects it can cut. With a little creativity, you can manage to use angled slices to cut through tree trunks.

I would strongly recommend that you do not attempt this. Cutting down trees is a dangerous task already. You do not want to use the wrong tools.

As for the Denqir specifically, the main issues surrounding its longevity. Here’s a quick list of the cons:

  • Rechargeable batteries will fail in two to three years and require replacement.
  • Chains are not impervious to damage. Extended use will cause a need to get replacements. However, replacement chains are available.
  • The motor isn’t strong enough to cut through super-dense materials.

For a handheld chainsaw, that’s not a bad list of downsides. I could go on for a while describing the tasks it can’t handle, but it wasn’t designed for those tasks. It was designed to prune trees, bushes, and wood.

It manages to do just that with ease. With its excellent price point, it’s hard to complain that the rechargeable batteries will eventually fail.


The Denqir Mini Chainsaw is a great handheld power tool for gardening and landscaping. It utilizes a powerful 550W motor to spin either a 4 inch or 6-inch chain for tree limb cutting.

Saftey features are included

With a slew of safety features, it can help you quickly remove problem limbs, buds, and branches from the trees on your property. It can also be used to cut through small width boards like 2” x 4”s.

It comes with everything you could need to start working with the day it arrives. With just a few hours of charging the battery, you’ll be cutting away dead limbs and shaping the bushes in no time.

With the included safety goggles and work gloves, you can even get through the job without picking up a new ‘war scar’. Once you are done, you can store it in the toolbox it ships with.

Denqir Mini Chainsaw is a great value

For as well as its priced, it is a surprisingly valuable package. It gets a solid recommendation from me.

If you have trees or work with wood, you’ll definitely find a good use for this powerful and tiny chainsaw. It retails at very competitive price point and includes a wrench, screwdriver, toolbox, two chains (4” and 6”), safety goggles, work goggles, and a 3-year warranty on the core product.

Plus Denqir backs up their products with excellent service after the sale. 

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