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11 DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Custom Storage and Style

If you are looking to build a DIY bathroom vanity, there are lots of bathroom vanity ideas available. You can look to see which design offers you everything you want for your storage needs and style preferences. Here are the 11 DIY bathroom vanity ideas for custom storage and style.

You may decide to refinish something you found at a flea market, update your existing cabinet, or build one from scratch. No matter which route you choose, there are some great options to choose from.

Here are 11 suggestions for DIY bathroom vanities

Vintage Style

Vintage style vanity

This custom build will give you an idea for a one-of-a-kind piece that you can build from the ground up. This design used raw wood from a salvage yard and colored or stained it to suit. The heavy wood can be plumbed for various styles based on your sink and faucet design. Cut pieces to size to fit the space.

Cabinet Style

Cabinet style vanity

This style is a repurposed cabinet. While it has sliding glass cabinet doors, you could also swing out depending on what you find. Add a sink on the top or some repurposed marble and paint it a color you like then you are set. You will have good storage space and smart bathroom addition. The great thing about repurposing a cabinet is your materials list and tools list will be shorter than a full build. Costs should be good as well.

DIY Build

Diy Style vanity

This is a basic wood vanity that can be adjusted to suit those tough spaces or when you want a specific size. It is a straightforward style built from a minimal supplies list. You follow the step-by-step building instructions and then choose the color of high gloss paint or stain.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic style bathroom

This can be done from scratch or with an old vanity or workbench. The style comes more from the raised sink, styled brass faucet and paint job than the piece of furniture. The style of painting may take some practice but once it is complete it is a nice rustic addition to the bathroom.

Dresser vanity

Dresser style bathroom

This is one of the easier bathroom vanity plans. It all starts with an older bedroom dresser. It doesn’t have to be an antique dresser, just one that is well made and at a good height. It takes a little work to take out the inside frame for plumbing but once that is done then the drawer fronts are put on, the paint is applied, and new hardware attached. It is easy to do this design while keeping the bottom drawer in place for storage.

Budget Vanity

Budget style bathroom

Sometimes you can save money by using the furniture you can find in other places in the house. Your bath area can be stylised with this dining room buffet turned vanity. The middle cabinet pieces can be removed for plumbing and then put back on as fronts, but you will still have the side drawers and cabinets for storage as needed. Practical and inexpensive. This would also work with a vintage dresser or larger desk as well.

DIY Wood Vanity

DIY wood bathroom vanity

This type of vanity is versatile, while this one is made from reclaimed wood, you can also come up with other types of wood to use as well so it all works. While plywood board is not nice looking it can be used to reinforce tops as needed. Reclaimed wood can have charm as can raw wood that needs some finish. While the build itself is not complicated, it’s the top and color choice that will take some work. It’s a good way to start a budget bathroom makeover.

Simple Vanity Update

Simple vanity bathroom

If you want to keep expenses down and your shopping list small then redoing the vanity you have can save you time, money and effort. Nice paint and new cabinet hardware are easy to do. The tool list is minimal and it’s simply about choosing new accessories and color.

Small Bathroom Vanity Makeover

Small bathroom vanity

If you want custom storage and style for a small bathroom then this is great. While one like this can be purchased, you could refinish it to suit your small space. It would take some work to remove and replace the drawer fronts, but the design can be made to suit.

Powder Room Vanity

Powder room vanity

Powder rooms are small in space but can still have style. This one comes with step by step instructions to get this small bathroom renovation going. Pick your color, the bathroom mirror and fixtures for a perfect small space vanity.

DIY Splash of Color

DIY Splash vanity bathroom

This DIY plan can work with any basic oak cabinet, vanity or dresser. It can be refreshed by changing out by sanding it and then using a primer and high-gloss paint. The entire cabinet can look sharp with a bright color, new cabinet pulls and accessories. Add some new fixtures, bath linens and mirror for a finishing touch. Stylish and inexpensive through repurposing.

Final Thoughts

DIY projects of any type take some prep work. There will be a shopping list of items even if you are using furniture that is already in your home. When creating a DIY bathroom vanity that has custom storage and style, make sure what you use is good quality.

It doesn’t have to be top of the line but should be durable and for use in an area that tends to be humid.  You don’t want to have to redo the project simply because you used items that were not suited to the project or the place the finished item was going.

Take your time in deciding what you want, how much storage you need and what style suits your bathroom. Drawing up your bath vanity plan needs to be thought through, so you are not having to make changes on the fly. Once you have plans, tools and supplies in order you will be well on your way to having a new bathroom vanity.

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