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The Easy and Wonderful Magic of DIY Bubble Art

Valentine’s Day is when I first discovered the wonder of DIY bubble art. Need quick & easy art projects? Learn more of the easy and wonderful magic of DIY bubble art that are great for kids.

For many, this day signifies love and devotion. But, as most parents know, it can also be a rush to pick out the just right cards to prove to all of your kid’s classmates that you’re prepared and have it all together.

But this particular cold February day, I was disheartened by the thought of taking my little one for a swim in the sea of pink and red plastic, cheap trinkets, and cheesy flimsy cards.  I wanted to shield him from the commercial hoopla that started months ago.  

Not only did I want to teach a valuable lesson, but let’s be reaI – I also had no desire to leave the cozy comforts of my home to spend money on overpriced items that will be eternally forgotten come February 15th.

A Better Alternative

So in an effort to show this tiny human of mine that there is more to this holiday than commercial junk, we took to bubble art to create a fun design that we could cut out into hearts!

While this project is not too messy, don’t forget the vengeance of food coloring.  We strategically placed a few towels under the containers in order to catch the overabundance of bubbles that were about to erupt from the straw.

After setup was complete, we took a moment to talk about who we were making cards for and why they would appreciate them (Mom bonus points!).  While he did have a list of fellow students that he was overly excited to make cards for, he was really just ready to start blowing some bubbles!

Son blowing bubbles

The trick was to explain how delicate this process was, so that red food coloring wasn’t splattered across my walls.  Once the design was imprinted, we set the paper off to dry.  I took the time to cut out the shapes, which was much easier once the paper was dried and stacked together.

As with most projects he was quick to move onto the next, but I was able to wrangle him in long enough to write names using colorful markers.

This activity is a win/win for interactiveness and creativity. Let’s get to the bubbles!


How to Make DIY Bubble Art

Level of Difficulty: Super Easy

Time Required: About an hour.


Things You Will Need

Four squares with images of materials including white plate, cup of water, red food coloring and straw

Containers, bowls, etc

Red food coloring


1 Tablespoon of dishwashing liquid




Step 1

White bowl with clear liquid, a drop of red food coloring, and a blue and white straw

Add the liquid ingredients in one of your bowls/containers. Add generous drops of food coloring.  Get creative.  Red coloring is not a necessity.  Any color will work – just be careful mixing together too many colors because we all know what that will look like.


Step 2

White bowl with a swirl of red food coloring and clear liquid with a blue and white striped straw

Mix all the ingredients well. Feel free to add more dishwashing liquid and food color, if necessary.  This is a fun exercise in mixology.


Step 3

White bowl with red liquid, a person blowing air through a blue and white striped straw with bubbles rising from the dish

Blow into the mixture and watch bubbles form. If the bubbles do not pop out instantly, you have the right amount of ingredients in the mixture. If the bubbles disappear as soon as you make them, add more dishwashing liquid. (Note: The deeper the dish, the smaller the bubbles that will form.)


Step 4

White bowl with red liquid and bubbles rising out of the bowl

Lightly tap the front side of your paper onto the bubbles. Watercolor paper works best for this project but a regular bond paper works fine.  Just be careful, as it easily soaks liquid.


Step 5

White piece of paper with imprint of red bubble art print

As the bubbles pop against the paper, they create beautiful round and splashy patterns like this one.


Step 6


cup of red liquid sitting on top of a white piece of paper with red bubble art print on top of a white table

Continue the above steps until you reach the desired pattern, shape, or density of the print. Let it dry. Afterwards, you can use it to cut out whatever shapes you desire.  Maybe you can glue the pieces to a card or bookmark, or make a collage.  Your imagination is the limit.


Not Just for Valentine’s

As anyone who has small children knows, catching and keeping their attention can be fleeting.  This was the perfect activity for a quick project with a little bit of meaning.  And why stop at Valentine’s Day cards?  This same technique can be used year round for cards, bookmarks, gifts, or just fun refrigerator art.

This is a super fun and easy activity to do with your kids, but why should they have all the fun?  This is also a really great technique for adults that are feeling artsy.

I mean really…..who doesn’t love to blow bubbles?


Pin It: The Easy and Wonderful Magic of DIY Bubble Art

As a Mom, I always appreciate when I can put together a project with supplies that I already have at the house. Bubble art is quick to put together, and quick to clean up.

The other parents were probably awed and amazed by the intricate Valentine’s Day cards we produced, or I like to think so at least.  Little do they know how easy it actually was.

I’m happy to let them revel in the idea that we are a family of incredible artistic ability!










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